STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Trailer Breakdown! Hopper Russia Explained!
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Stranger Things 4 revealed Hopper is ALIVE in Russia in a new trailer scene! How did he get there, and how is the Demogorgon back?
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The new trailer for Stranger Things Season 4, titled "From Russia With Love," gets a frame by frame breakdown for all the details and clues you might have overlooked. Erik Voss explains the deeper meaning of the Russian song and the secret reason for the Siberian railroad Hopper is building. How does this new look for Hopper connect him to Eleven in Stranger Things season 1? Will Hopper and the other Russian prisoners be freed by a Demogorgon breakout? And could the Upside Down have transported Hopper BACK IN TIME?
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Dallas Anderson
Jake Storm
Kelly Hopper
Matthew Salvas
Miguel Mendoza
Pony Stark
Samuel Morse
Todd Slawsby
Producer: Erik Voss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Written by: Erik Voss
Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Editor: Aaron Carrión

  • New Rockstars
    New Rockstars

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    • Bessy Ortiz
      Bessy Ortiz

      Who cares

    • Bessy Ortiz
      Bessy Ortiz

      Lian who cares

    • Bessy Ortiz
      Bessy Ortiz

      I didn’t know..

    • Fin.garland. vlogs
      Fin.garland. vlogs

      i dont think you realised or counted this but the trailer is titled from russia with love maybe something about james bond???, and just so i get attention, AAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU

    • THE MAN
      THE MAN

      the dimgonon is a grown up version of the deimidogs form season 2

  • Ellie Avery
    Ellie Avery

    It's been buffering for so long I could of watched all of stranger things

  • i have a big forhead
    i have a big forhead

    Omg I love ur theory it makes a lot of senss

  • Ur average Kid
    Ur average Kid

    Guys Guys GUYS AT 2:32 you hear someone yell Hopper and then Hopper looks out into the distance it sounded like Mike that might be the scene where they rescue Hopper ?

  • BlueZ 18
    BlueZ 18

    Throughout the video, I can hear the "Frozen Heart" song from the start of Frozen.

  • noob lol
    noob lol

    Hopper hop in the ladder and hop again in the ladder and hop back in scene ok

  • Galactic Girl
    Galactic Girl

    "lives have been ruined" **clicks away**

  • lightskinmontemflmfao

    You cant see hopper standing there anymore whennthe laser thing explodes and You can see ladders there.

  • Jack Wargamer
    Jack Wargamer

    Just note There were eggs in the upside down in season one So maybe A demogorgon survived

  • Midnightleak Horror
    Midnightleak Horror

    The demo dogs could be young demo gorgon and the Russians found one and raised

  • TroubleStreaming


  • Zephyrous 911
    Zephyrous 911

    Smirnoff demogorgan

  • Stephan dsa
    Stephan dsa

    My opinion they’re building the train track bacause everything what’s builded in real life with duplicate in the up side down life that means the russian are driving the train through the up side down life. My opinion

  • Oliver Trott
    Oliver Trott

    Wait what if their using real Russians in the cast and then the Russians take over the cast

  • Prathamesh Jadhav
    Prathamesh Jadhav

    Listen the ending tune of 6th episode of 3rd is just amazing!

  • Miles Anders
    Miles Anders

    You are thinking too hard!

  • Mathew Rj nzy
    Mathew Rj nzy

    Where is this demogorgan scene came from

  • Think Money
    Think Money

    Netflix needs to drop this asap b4 the corona virus gets us

    • Ellie Avery
      Ellie Avery

      2 l8

  • Levan Velijanashvili
    Levan Velijanashvili

    The dog barking callout should have been saying "Blyat"!

  • Joseph O’Leary
    Joseph O’Leary

    The demoGorgan is dart all grown up

  • Leo Cataldo
    Leo Cataldo

    this is hopefully not true. I wanted to have an exciting season although I appreciate the work put into this.

  • Ren Amimiya
    Ren Amimiya

    Why does hopper look like Trevor from gta 5 but he’s T H I C C

  • Souls Mistaken
    Souls Mistaken

    Can we just all enjoy the fact that the demogorgon is dart

  • Schneider Monkey 4 Life
    Schneider Monkey 4 Life

    I don't think this Hopper is in the past. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think it is. I think the upside down theory might be right but not the part about time.

  • Halle Welford
    Halle Welford

    :) :0

  • History Dude
    History Dude

    I live in Indiana, I’m screwed

  • Doodli Person
    Doodli Person

    When is season four coming out?

  • Ryder Roth
    Ryder Roth

    u ever think that the have an extra gate in Russia and took a demodog like in stranger things 2 and evolved into a regular demogorgon. In stranger things 2 we saw the demodogs evolve very quickly

  • HMS 007
    HMS 007

    The Demogorgon is probably just a demo dog molted fully.

  • Mystery Station
    Mystery Station

    Am I the only one who feels sorry for Hopper? :(

  • little.miss.leon-chick

    They didn't want the U.S.A to find out so they took all witnesses

  • marlene g
    marlene g


  • jeffery woods
    jeffery woods

    It could have been dart

  • edgegamer

    You can also hear some one scream "HOPPER" when the camera was panning to hopper

  • 1v1meidarey0u Anderson
    1v1meidarey0u Anderson

    No no no this is actually what happened I think do you know how the Russians have tons of tunnels they went into the room and grabbed hopper and took them out before the explosion happened

  • Ana Penas
    Ana Penas

    OMG you are so funny

  • Foreign Blood
    Foreign Blood

    Hopper jumped into the Upside down portal before the Electric blast went off

  • Spaghetti Savers
    Spaghetti Savers

    The demo-dog could be DART coming to save hopper 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Jaden Foltz
    Jaden Foltz

    There's more then one demidog

  • Elaina Moore
    Elaina Moore

    How do we know that Hopper the American they were talking about?

  • You name
    You name

    5:13 when you Said:”dont look away!” I was looking away.....

  • Lickeluck Lawther
    Lickeluck Lawther

    They got the demagorgen from the freezer at season 1-2

  • Jakdup Jackson
    Jakdup Jackson

    What!? He’s alive???? 🥴

  • Conner Swan
    Conner Swan

    What if the upside down is the fucher

  • Syrus 88
    Syrus 88

    When “The Demogorgan” becomes “A Demogorgan”

  • Bobby Vinson
    Bobby Vinson

    Watch it be hoppers secret brother

  • Clark

    00:31 demodog*

  • Logicated

    Jim hoppers bizarre adventure

  • Logicated

    No that American is dr brenner

  • Allie Hensley
    Allie Hensley

    honestly idk wtf is gonna happen. WAIT- IS HOPPER 11'S DAD????

  • Wot is up my dudes ;3
    Wot is up my dudes ;3

    Hopper:*Disapears* Will: nOt FuN iS iT BuDdY?!

  • Blanca Hernandez
    Blanca Hernandez

    i havent seen seanson 4

  • Mahish Dwarka
    Mahish Dwarka

    Hey guys what if it's a different gender demogorgon , like in season 1 the demogorgon was a male and the in the post credit scene is female or vice-versa

  • Sweet n’ Sassy
    Sweet n’ Sassy

    This bid is cool but my real question is.... HOW DID HOPPER BECOME ALMOST BALD???

    • Sweet n’ Sassy
      Sweet n’ Sassy

      Vid I meant

  • IeatFudlol Waves
    IeatFudlol Waves

    Hopper is secretly eleven that's the plot twist

  • Christian Cisneros
    Christian Cisneros

    Actually we see the Demogorgon basically begin to stand back up. We saw Demogorgon like dogs in season 2/3 making it highly possibly one dog survived and was able to "mature" into a actual adult Demogorgon

  • skaiste Brilyte
    skaiste Brilyte

    This traler filming in Lithuania

  • Arielle Schnepp
    Arielle Schnepp

    Let's not forget that Stranger Things was inspired by the German series Dark, in which time travel is the main plot!

  • Strinks 8
    Strinks 8

    i wanna fist fight between billy and hopper

  • Gamer john
    Gamer john

    The demagorgan could also be a demodog that evolved into a demogorgan

  • Egg with 50k subs
    Egg with 50k subs

    There are many demogorgons, when the demodogs shed.

  • claudiu carlig
    claudiu carlig

    Explained ? Imagining possible scenarios and remembering old seasons is not explaining the trailer. Other than that all good.

  • Dylan Sobkowicz
    Dylan Sobkowicz

    It's fack

  • iamAlexander05

    Or there’s multiple demogorgans

  • Tony Spark-Plummer
    Tony Spark-Plummer

    That’s a different demogorgon

  • One Shot /dumb
    One Shot /dumb


  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson

    What if Hopper is actually dead, and this is just a flashback that foreshadows how the upside down came to be, and how Hopper was related 🤯

  • RedTy70

    With the demogorgon it is a species not just an individual

  • Mario’s gaming
    Mario’s gaming

    OR the demogorgan was the first of many

  • Daniel Bone
    Daniel Bone

    There is more demagorgans