Jeff Wittek
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People in this vid:
Trevor Wallace
Ryan (Camera guy)

Montage song:
Freddie Dredd - Opaul
Outro song by
Simon Rex
Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva
Camera man/ Assistant Editor
Nathan Speiser
Assitant to the assistant Editor
Joe Vulpis

  • Jeff Wittek
    Jeff Wittek

    Thanks 4 washn. Sorry the other episode isn’t out yet we had to re-edit some stuff because it has a sponsor in it. I’ll post that one on Thursday 💉

    • Sean 1k
      Sean 1k

      Jeff Wittek Dis foo jeff wittek is a bitch! Dis foo be telling Everyone not to be disrespectful and look what he’s doing! He be making fat jokes about jona ! Damn, imagine shooting a video and it’s only about jona fatass, that shit ain’t right! FUCKING DUMBASS! OTP1 gang! Pull up bitch

    • Meet Lalwani
      Meet Lalwani

      Get logan paul or mike majlak

    • Meet Lalwani
      Meet Lalwani

      Get logan paul next episode

    • Kaffrin Honey
      Kaffrin Honey

      Jeff is so hot fuck

    • Cristian Hernandez
      Cristian Hernandez

      Honestly i like his cholo fit

  • Aiden Jang
    Aiden Jang

    jonah has yeezys on

  • Mathias Perkins
    Mathias Perkins

    poor jhona

  • David Rivera
    David Rivera

    El cuhhhh 😂

  • Truvelo

    so classic

  • Truvelo

    bro your video is so fucking cool HAHAHAHAA

  • Zahra Requenes
    Zahra Requenes

    I’m so sad because I have bangs lmaooo

  • vorxb tm
    vorxb tm

    jonah is fucking annoying, little fat fuck bro

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez

    I just saw the tekuache haircut and I said Yes

  • Ethan Du
    Ethan Du

    This episode confused me

  • Victor Ruiz
    Victor Ruiz

    That’s an ugly bastard

  • noahshively

    "I can't find the center" Legendary 😂😂

  • Noel Rianos
    Noel Rianos

    poor jonah

  • Mario P
    Mario P

    Sad thing is people actually wear jonah’s cut and like it

  • Hi People
    Hi People

    It’s a “Edgar” haircut and where I live every dude has that 😂

  • Itsik Israeli
    Itsik Israeli

    7:35 Hearing Jonah breaking character warms my heart.

  • Nat Whatever
    Nat Whatever

    When he played Freddie Dredd at the end

  • Josh Hobgood
    Josh Hobgood

    This is so weird

  • Ahiko Hunter
    Ahiko Hunter

    Yo the righting

  • Storm Lykke M
    Storm Lykke M

    I fucking love ryan the leader and cherdleys

  • Alberto Varela
    Alberto Varela

    Oliver tree really let himself go 😔😔

  • Cock Roach
    Cock Roach

    “ should have hit him with the helmet “ 😂😂

  • Saucy_ Sam
    Saucy_ Sam

    Homie gave him that Tacuache cut 😂

  • bandzup jay
    bandzup jay

    Dont make fun of my haircut

  • uncold

    Erotic crossover

  • uncold

    Bruh rad to see Jeff bumpin some Memphis Freddie Dredd pimpin shit

  • Elvira Happy
    Elvira Happy

    4:22 Jeff: 😊🌼💞💖🌠🌈

  • Alex Greenlee
    Alex Greenlee

    Best. Cold. Open. Ever.

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    Jonah's a takuache now


    These foos were so out of it💀

  • Emmet Creamer
    Emmet Creamer

    this is the best jeffs barbershop ever. i was like wow trevor wallace is hear

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez

    That dap was gold

  • SoughtYaper

    All the mexican homies have that cut in my school district 😬💀 (alief isd)

  • Lily Orozco
    Lily Orozco

    what the fuck did I just watch

  • X҉o҉t҉i҉c҉ Triped out
    X҉o҉t҉i҉c҉ Triped out

    Trevor and cherdlys has to be in davids videos will make it 2000 times funnier

  • olivia porter
    olivia porter

    looks like oliver tree


    They rlly gave him the Edgar

  • Climate Changed
    Climate Changed

    Lol this shits great bro. Can't wait for next episode

  • SaintCordova

    Is NO ONE pointing out the chemistry between Jonah and Jeff? Jeff treats him like garbage every show. WTF.

    • SaintCordova

      Paperclip Either he’s reallyyyy good at acting or he’s actually being a little bullied. I don’t know why he sticks around maybe he needs to get paid? He thinks he can put up with it maybe? Who knows. The point is, pay attention when everyone in the squad is talking to Jonah.

    • Paperclip

      Lmao it’s all jokes if Jonah wasn’t cool with it he wouldn’t show up for the vids he’s not their slave

    • SaintCordova

      NoMoreGod Doesn’t make it a good thing lol

    • NoMoreGod

      Thats what the whole show revolves around

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez

    That haircut is normal in Texas.

  • Warren Sun
    Warren Sun

    wait wtf the door is a green screen

  • Accuzations

    "I appreciate you coming to me on such short notice" "that's what she says when I watch her porn" ☠☠☠☠

  • Bryce Koehler
    Bryce Koehler

    Is he like 48 or 17?😂😂

  • channel with no subscribers
    channel with no subscribers

    If weed was an youtube channel.

  • Gevorg VANETSYAN
    Gevorg VANETSYAN

    That guy was bajancanadian I remember his Minecraft shit

    • Paperclip

      Gevorg VANETSYAN lmao no he wasn’t that’s a totally different dude

  • Pandiush69 69
    Pandiush69 69

    Why jonnas gotta be a real bitch

  • dzsidu

    People saying this is like the Eric Andre show are right, but I'm gonna go a step further and say that this video has the same energy as the Dennis Rodman episode

  • Armando Sánchez
    Armando Sánchez

    El cuhh 😂😂

  • angel ortega
    angel ortega


  • Amanda Esther
    Amanda Esther

    i know jonahs whole thing is to be unlikeable but BOY is he way too good at it i cannot stand him lmaooooo

  • TheTylamo

    you could just like talk really loud

  • Kerin Larin
    Kerin Larin

    why does the second dude look like ned from the try guys?

  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez


  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez

    Another homeless man makeover hahahahah

  • Jose C
    Jose C

    Damn cuhh you didn’t have to do me like that calling my haircut a helmet Nd shit damn .. smh

  • Chris Falzone
    Chris Falzone

    Nick truly doesn’t like them shit to funny, coke co host

  • Egor Mc
    Egor Mc

    That guest looks like Iilya and cody kos love child

  • James Buckley
    James Buckley

    Cannot believe you labelled these guys as "instagram comedians". I almost didn't look them up because of it and holy shit I'm so glad I did. They both make hilarious content on TR-my.


    “bro, did we just die and go to hooters?” “yup” “i- i mean heaven?”

  • Insta:mr_empty666

    Y’all are dicks to him

  • ep23

    Haircuts fire on big guy

  • Luc Brink-Morrison
    Luc Brink-Morrison

    This is like the only time that Jeff got out weirded

  • Jack Wright
    Jack Wright

    I love this combo

  • Jazmin Quezada
    Jazmin Quezada

    This is the funniest shit ever omg

  • Matt Knight
    Matt Knight

    This might be the worst episode only because of those stupid ass guests

  • Snap Reports
    Snap Reports

    I swear I love Jeff

  • gilbert v
    gilbert v

    Aye😳 not gon lie but 🌚 that haircut is kinda fresh doe


    No QUEMA cuh he got the edgar cut

  • 冬Winter

    god, this is so chaotic

  • cara22

    cherdleys is my favorite person on the planet this feels like two different worlds of youtube are colliding. of course trevor is amazing as well wow i just love those guys