Teen Says He Wants Dr. Phil To Change His Family’s Views On Marijuana
Dr. Phil
A teen who admits to smoking marijuana every day says he wants Dr. Phil to change his family’s views on it. His mother acknowledges enabling him.
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  • Brian Is epic
    Brian Is epic

    Boomer talk by dr Phil bro

  • BlocksMC

    the effects *(COUGH COUGH)* the benifits *(WHEEZEEEEEE)*

  • Regan Miller
    Regan Miller

    Every second ya feel me

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    "I'm a kid. I'm the dopest. I'm know everything. I be making that money. How I be in prison? What's this thing that keeps making its way into my bootyhole?"

  • sebastian cuello
    sebastian cuello

    this man needs some time in prison

  • KvngZeus

    shiii he inspired me to sell now. i really want a dirtbike lol

  • Jazzmin

    weed is just not the problem here at all.

  • Toxicc Lion
    Toxicc Lion

    He seems like a normal teenager.

  • Jake Hunter
    Jake Hunter

    The irony when he tells dr Phil to say the benefits of weed as he’s having the longest cough session ever

  • Julyan Dagenais
    Julyan Dagenais

    Honestly weed isn’t bad, at all its the person.

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt Kelly

    This teens an idiot, and so is Dr. Phil. lmfao


    Weed? Addict? LMFAO -5000 respect

  • Aubry

    He can’t even take a hit tf he smoking.

  • Ke’una K
    Ke’una K

    Some people don’t have a natural happiness! Weed gives you a temporary feeling that’s not explainable....

  • Cuppy Robertson
    Cuppy Robertson

    Lady have you ever heard the expression "a good a$s whoopin"?

  • Lotto Edits
    Lotto Edits

    Okay okay Dr. Phill trynna learn the business so he can move that pack back stage lmaooo

  • James Snyder
    James Snyder

    This dude inspires me to quit. Very millennial...

  • AVS

    No Flex Zone!

  • Jay

    Dats her son bro

  • Roberto Garcia
    Roberto Garcia

    Better watch tf he say

  • Naif

    This is fake nobody would snitch on themselves like that

  • mob

    Lmao imagine throwing a fit about this kid sparking up a J

  • Ted. t
    Ted. t

    He has a punchable face for sum reason

  • Kadence McGuire
    Kadence McGuire

    He’s hot but like he says bro to much

  • Smiley Dave
    Smiley Dave

    I'm pro pit but not pro idiots like this young man.

  • Andre Jackson
    Andre Jackson

    He faken how he sell dope but mama had to give him weed money gtfoh

  • Cole Morrison
    Cole Morrison

    This kid be arguing smoking is fine while hacking up a lung

  • Victoria Taylor
    Victoria Taylor

    bruh the editors did him dirty in that clip of him coughing hella while talking about how he wanted to change his grandmother’s opinion on weed

  • TEZ Gaming
    TEZ Gaming

    Nitty ticking for a splif

  • Thibaud GIRARD
    Thibaud GIRARD

    My boy snitchin on himself on tv that’s too much 😂😭

  • mckenna kelly
    mckenna kelly

    hes just some kid who thinks smoking makes him look cool. hes not “addicted to marjuana” hes addicted to the clout he thinks he has.

  • PreHD

    Selling dope 1000$ a day but borrows hes moms money

  • Kamil_boy

    he should take some acid, if he really wants change the acid will provide it

  • Sifa Mwendwa
    Sifa Mwendwa

    Weed is a drug and it’s never ever good for your body many who take it for long periods suffer depression anxiety financial problems no stability in life and mental health issues. I’ve worked with teens and seen how devastating it is

  • Isabella Rose
    Isabella Rose

    ew why did dr phil get so mad at her at the beginning like u knew she didn’t mean it like that

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales

    Bro this kid does not need Dr.Phil’s help he needs the Scared Straight program to help him

  • hcwcane

    Bro just chasin the bag let him do him on granny

  • Big Dave
    Big Dave

    Philip McGraw, you deserve better than this.

  • Kacper Witas
    Kacper Witas

    soo hes a supposed "drug dealer" but moms throw him money for tree?? wuut am i missing here

  • SimmyJai

    He’s abusing marijuana definitely. I’m just laughing at the fact Phil was like he was in his room rolling up some DOPE 😂

  • hokage grace
    hokage grace

    this man literally coughing and he still smoking

  • Jacob Kennedy
    Jacob Kennedy

    “Addict” isn’t this man a doctor? Weed has 0 physical addictive properties

  • Sam is short
    Sam is short

    Stop hogging all the weed

  • Kxngg.markis

    U can tell this kid ain’t hard he literally just snitched on himself about everything

  • _ Real1ne
    _ Real1ne

    The way he held and lit that blunt he on one

  • Ri No
    Ri No


  • Chris Mequet
    Chris Mequet

    Cops about to run game on the kids house tomorrow

  • microwave Uup the butt
    microwave Uup the butt

    Him saying bro make it seem like real stupidity 😂

  • Douglas Norrie
    Douglas Norrie

    On national TV in America, where locking up dealers is a billion dollar business....... 'I sell drugs bro.' Makes Corey and Trevor look clever.

  • Merrick Poo37
    Merrick Poo37

    So the camera man just kinda watched the kid smoke weed and filmed?

  • Jill Amoroso
    Jill Amoroso

    Well now the world knows he a drug dealer. Better watch out he keeps that up he’s headed for the big house.

  • Jenna Baily
    Jenna Baily

    His mom looks so disappointed. I feel so bad for her.

  • Dan Macleavy
    Dan Macleavy

    Imagine English

  • Tommy Ferrigno
    Tommy Ferrigno


  • I. Cruz
    I. Cruz

    idiot throwing his life away.

  • DNUK manchester
    DNUK manchester


  • Irian Andrews
    Irian Andrews

    If he starts a rap career he dont really have to worry much about smoking much as he want

  • Geon R6
    Geon R6

    Weed is not dangerous.

  • Emmaphant

    heeeel yeah

  • Vegard dahl
    Vegard dahl

    "THC is very, very sticky! And when that sticky stuff get in your brain.. wow..! U are finished" Really?

  • Jack Squat
    Jack Squat

    You feel me?

  • dub beats
    dub beats

    O hold on let me just incriminate myself on national tv

  • juicethekidd unreleased
    juicethekidd unreleased

    my boyyyyy

  • oxy

    “ Dr. Phil need to talk to my grandma about letting me smoke in the garage” I’m wheezing 😂😂

  • verseful is Bae xD
    verseful is Bae xD

    Weed helps me in class

  • B B
    B B

    Does anyone the update on what happen at the end of the episode

  • renegadethedestroyer

    You can’t be addicted to weed. Nothing is wrong with pot

  • Because Ican
    Because Ican

    “I want doctor Phil to change they views” *coughs* “on marijuana”*coughs* “how it’s used” *coughs**cough**cough* “the effects” *coughs* “the benefits” *coughs* *cough* “everything bro”

  • Dolan

    big thrax n my mans banged a nice ghost

  • MuvaDearest Xx
    MuvaDearest Xx

    Aside from the addiction and/or substance abuse.. that’s parenting. And lack there of at a young age. I have a son and he wouldn’t THINK of being that disrespectful.. no “bro” this or “you feel me” that.. you can see the disgust on his mother’s face, full of regret.