Teens Share Their First Date Horror Stories
"He kind of hugged me. Didn't talk to me at all. And just left?"
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  • The Crissy show
    The Crissy show

    He’s still your boyfriend but you liked his brother 😭

  • kathryn_ obvious
    kathryn_ obvious

    so youre telling me that the second girl was 14 in her sophomore year of high school?

  • Mili Rodriguez
    Mili Rodriguez

    Wait wasnt the second girl from another video called something like "first kiss"?

  • Jackson Beamer
    Jackson Beamer

    Shouldn’t they have done a boy too?

  • Nevena S.
    Nevena S.

    14 in 2nd year of highschool?

  • Emi Lou
    Emi Lou

    I can’t even remember my first date

  • not me
    not me

    My ex-girlfriend and I decided to go to the movies, when we were still dating. I took her to CinemaWorld, paid for tickets and snacks and whatnot, (we watched IT: Second Chapter) but around 3/4 of the way through the movie, she says she feels like shes having a small anxiety attack. So I take her into the ladies bathroom and calmed her down, bought her a water, called her mom to pick her up. I apologised for making her mom pick her up, and I gave her another hug and told her to get some rest. And the next day, she broke up with me. :/

  • Sweet Otaku
    Sweet Otaku

    My first date was literally with a guy I barely knew. We went to see a cool movie and the whole time, we just either silently watched it or cracked jokes or guessed who would die next. But he was so awkward, poor guy. I'm a person that's really chill and acts like everything is fine, so he was awkward and I was nervous, but acting fine.

  • Davan Rainey
    Davan Rainey

    The Asian one looks 15 not to be rude

  • Marsha Q
    Marsha Q

    Ya'll must have been really struggling the horror stories cuz that last one definitely was not a Horror Story not even close to 1

  • elsie whelan
    elsie whelan

    Awww omg when she said he’s still her boyfriend after 5 years 🥺💖💖💖

  • chlloe. _
    chlloe. _

    ‘he’s still my boyfriend’ AWWWW 🥺

  • brokenmoon wing
    brokenmoon wing

    Yasssssss marching band girl, marching band hype

  • Grace Sigler
    Grace Sigler


  • jennTwaambo

    Damn she was dating at 14. I was still wildly invested in the power rangers,swimming and my ballet class. 😂😂😂😂

  • Juliana Linker Eq
    Juliana Linker Eq

    14 and sophomore year wait what

  • norma manzo
    norma manzo

    i live in oregon

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams

    Does the boyfriend’s parents approve/like you now? Very cool that you're still together!

  • musics3in1my6soul

    14 in sophomore year? Girl must have skipped some grades. I skipped kindergarten, so I was 14 in freshman year and still younger than everyone else. Would have been weird to graduate at 16 with 18 year olds

  • M o o n X s t a r
    M o o n X s t a r

    14 years old had a date while me being 15 years old laying on a bed, thinking weather if fish can see water

  • Kymber Nichols
    Kymber Nichols


  • Cami Lita
    Cami Lita


  • The LonelyDimsum
    The LonelyDimsum

    My name is ANGELA

  • iva

    this first girl’s story turned out like that just because of her

  • Faith Arata
    Faith Arata

    Band kids do it right

  • Galactic Lava Lamp
    Galactic Lava Lamp

    I don’t know if I’ve had a date. I just went to my “friends” house after we agreed we would be friends and he rested his head on my shoulder and we basically hung out all summer and it was just gross. It was a weird August. He was my first kiss and let me tell you, first kisses are overrated. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a date actually

  • ishita roy
    ishita roy

    You guys are getting to go on dates??? Lmao I am 20 and had never gone on any date... Life is cruel 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Anusha Kshirsagar
    Anusha Kshirsagar

    "He's still my boyfriend.. so.." First of all, what a savage!! Secondly, awww how cute:)

  • Kat Mak
    Kat Mak

    angela was 14 in softmore year?

  • Audrey Mann
    Audrey Mann

    WAIT she was 14 and a SOPHOMORE? ok.

  • franch rod
    franch rod

    At those ages i was more interested in having a tamagoshi

  • Ava L.
    Ava L.

    BUZFEED i have SUCH a good story for this !!!

  • kaydence wilson
    kaydence wilson

    The second girl was 14 as a sophmore? Does she mean a freshmen?

  • Nikk D
    Nikk D

    the last girl gives me hope 🥰🥺

  • Golda Gordon
    Golda Gordon

    Do high school teachers horror stories

  • Maddie M
    Maddie M

    On my 1st date I had to meet his parents

  • sophieleon87

    Oh boy, I have hundreds of first dates horror stories, but my favorite one is this one because of how awkward it was: I was 16 & I met a guy through a MSN group chat (yes, I'm old), he was added by one of my friends and we ended up talking the whole afternoon, I think we chatted for over a week before he asked me out, we went to the movies, he was late, bought just his ticket, then told me he wasn't going to buy popcorn because he didn't believe in capitalism (???), he hid when I said hi to some friends because he didn't like meeting random people, he barely talked to me while we waited for the movie to start, right after it was over he jaywalked to the mall in front of the movie theater and gave me the peace sign... next day he texted me "that was the best date ever, wanna go out again?" I told him he was crazy if he thought I was going to go out with him again and blocked him... surprisingly not the weirdest date I've had

  • sandave dhillon
    sandave dhillon

    You know what is more horrifying, knowing that you going to marry her 10 years later ! Getting married in August this year year and currently raising money by auctioning my domain name gractic.com on GoDaddy..if interested please bid for it :)

  • Kim Haneul
    Kim Haneul

    At least, they went on a date 😭

  • Uni Comixs
    Uni Comixs

    My first official date was to the movies with this person i really liked. We got snacks and everything. It was all fine until after the movie. We were leaving and we just started messing around and i totally dropped a slushies and it got on my pants and shoes and on my dates shoes too. Good thing they were good natured and we laughed it off. I was hella embarrassed.

  • Rory Harper
    Rory Harper

    My boyfriend, of two years, and I were friends at first. We got together on our freshman year band trip. Two weeks later we had our first "official date" where he was going to meet my parents. We had dinner with my family then we got dropped off at the movies. To impress my parents, he made a white chocolate key lime mousse for dessert, so my dad said no candy at the movies (obviously hinting at me). I found a loophole and bought us popcorn. We watched the movie and we were walking back when he starts to be quiet, feeling a little chest pain. We didn't really think anything of it, I just thought he was nervous around my parents. We got back to the house and he excused himself to the bathroom. He was in there for like twenty minutes so we became worried. He told us his heart rate was near 200 and we called his parents. His dad picked him up and took him to urgent care. I was super worried because he didn't text or call me for a solid 45 minutes. Turns out he had an allergic reaction to the butter in the movie theater popcorn which caused chest palpitations. 😬😬 And that's the story of how I almost killed my boyfriend, but we've been together for a while now, so I guess it all worked out

  • daisy cruz
    daisy cruz

    Im notorios for throwing up on first dates especially in cars . 😅

  • Nevena Savic
    Nevena Savic

    5 yearssssss like daaaaaaamnnnnnnn girlll😂😂😂

  • Brittani Smith
    Brittani Smith

    “More than 5 years later and he’s still my boyfriend” wasn’t expecting that 😂😂😂

    • AmazingAshleigh

      Thank god I wasn't the only one! I had to replay it 😂

  • Monica Marie
    Monica Marie

    My first date was with a boy my best friend set me up with. He took me to the Carnival and everything was going pretty good. Until my parents showed up at the carnival, after they followed me there and my date started telling me he wanted to cross the border (we live very close to Mexican border) to go drink in Mexico and my best friend who tagged along had such an attitude the whole time.

  • Andrea

    I’m sorry but I think Angela is lying. I mean who would want to date someone who looks like her!

  • Marry Goround
    Marry Goround

    The word you were looking for is "embarrassing" or "cringe" but not "horror stories "

  • 10k Subs Before 2021
    10k Subs Before 2021

    Take this *I can never relate to any of this because I have never dated anyone as a teen.* I am sure truck loads of can relate 🤷

  • Lady Pinkymoe
    Lady Pinkymoe

    That first girl with the short brown hair looks like Kate Middleton

  • twat

    dating is cringe

  • Kay Wile
    Kay Wile

    I grew up around boys and had friends that were guys so being with them in public wasn’t a big deal to me. I would say my first actual date with someone I liked was with a friend and then our friends who happened to be dating at the time. We went trick or treating which happened to fall on my birthday that year. So here we are at 13-14 ish walking my grandmas neighbor hood with said friends little sister and brother. SHE SNUCK OFF WITH MY GUYS FRIEND AND LEFT ME WITH HER SIBLINGS. My grandpa comes to the end of his drive way and sees us standing across the street probably too close because it was freezing out there and thought we were alone. He flipped his sh*t but here comes little sister and brother he realizes our friends aren’t there anymore and freaked out and called my mom who called her mom who then called everyone involved mom so my best friend gave a b*** job behind a bush in a random back yard and got us both grounded and we weren’t allowed to be alone with boys anymore. My mom finally realized that I wasn’t the problem and allowed me to see boy again we ended up talking until I was 16. When I was supposed to go home with him after a football game and my now fiancé decided to waltz up beside me at a football game and flirt with me, essentially causing a massive fight and breaking me and other guy of almost three years up. Thank god he did because I dodged a bullet with that one 😂 don’t do drugs kids. I get married in May to the boy I had my second first date with. Which went a million times better besides burning my mouth on hot chocolate. (Ps no I’m not a child I’m 23 with a degree now so this happened quite a while ago almost ten years)

  • Audrey G
    Audrey G

    14!!!!! So young...I’m 17 and haven’t even dated at allll.... I don’t even have any real guy friends....

  • Mirpanda913

    Please keep doing the horror stories series

  • Mr Midnight
    Mr Midnight

    Both stories were cute stories ....why the title says horror?

  • Max Leong
    Max Leong

    the first girl's experience feels like a shopping opportunity for her friend, while the other girl had a difficult time being with her date because of their family but it became a reality for her today. anyone curious why no guys are in this video?

  • Xoxo Mars
    Xoxo Mars

    oh my GOSH I can relate to this one

  • Mayra Rodriguez
    Mayra Rodriguez

    You have kids up in here. Seriously

  • Ela

    The brunette girl at the start looks like a young Kate Middleton

  • Kassie May
    Kassie May

    I was on my first date with a guy and he actually said to me "i don't THINK i was abusive in my last relationship or not" There were many other red flags and i just wanted the date to end lmao Blocked him a few hours after, never spoke to him again.

  • Kassie May
    Kassie May

    Don't date until your like 15 or 16, you'll be glad you waited. And waiting even longer is better tbh.

  • CLB30ROX

    Whoa! He's STILL your boyfriend?! Hello, plot twist. Cool.

  • Massiel Ramirez
    Massiel Ramirez

    Serenas voice is so NICEEEEEEEE ✨

  • Amelia

    How are these horror stories😂😂

  • Amelia

    How are these horror stories😂😂

  • Serena Prillaman
    Serena Prillaman

    She got the same name as me no one ever does 😊

    • serena ward
      serena ward

      Serena Prillaman same 😂

  • Fuzzybucket

    anyone know serena's insta?

    • Sophie Vance
      Sophie Vance

      Fuzzybucket @serenachristianna

  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith

    Is anyone else distracted by the missing nailhead?😂

  • Nightcore Lucy
    Nightcore Lucy

    The first girl kinda looks like Kiernan Shipka

  • Vanessa Walker
    Vanessa Walker

    Serena looks 35

  • martina shoukry
    martina shoukry

    14 year old sophomore?!

    • Alyissity

      Or she could have skipped a grade.

    • recoil53

      Just born late for her school year. It happens.