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  • The Envy Family
    The Envy Family

    Hey y’all. Not trying to be rude or anything because it’s such a beautiful time for me & Von right now. But if anyone comments that we should’ve waited to tell the world, I’m sorry but you are getting blocked. We don’t need that type of energy on our page or to see it. We don’t feel like our baby is unsafe in anyway. God is protecting our baby at all costs. So if anyone has something negative to say, your getting blocked. So please think before you type. Thank you ❤️

    • Nagida Lennon
      Nagida Lennon

      Tweezys reaction killed me 😭💀

    • Kayla Reacts
      Kayla Reacts


    • Marie jayy
      Marie jayy

      I'm so happy for yall can't wait to see the baby

    • K Lo
      K Lo

      So so happy for you guys and I am praying for a blessed and safe and healthy happy pregnancy for you all. Also, a blessed and healthy happy baby boy, girl or both. Amen. Love you guys. 🙏🏽❤️

    • SweetVibez

      Nyree & Von congrats y’all!!! Y’all are so blessed!! I wish y’all nothing but success and true happiness!!💯❤️🙌

  • Azaria Rice
    Azaria Rice


  • Kid Samurai
    Kid Samurai


  • Just Jolissa
    Just Jolissa

    who else watching this when they already had there daughter ?

  • Lionel Capalott
    Lionel Capalott

    I had to come back to this memorie that they can share

  • Tays Way
    Tays Way

    This was beautiful... I loved. Ty, charc, n tweezy reaction.

  • Donald Jiles
    Donald Jiles

    Watching this video I realize every guy looked at von von help he was going to say save me 😂

  • empty. 2
    empty. 2

    Make TY THE GODFATHER!! everyone spam “Make ty the godfather” if you want him to be the god father!!

  • Crowned Perfection Tv
    Crowned Perfection Tv

    Tweeezy Funny He Said “bro look this is little”

  • Valerie

    Lol, the music made me laugh for some reason.

  • Valerie

    DDG 😂 “is it pee on this??”

  • Kaydee Thomas
    Kaydee Thomas

    Change my name to father Von 😭 ahwww y’all baby is going to be sooo cute baby Nyree😍

  • Jennifer Terry
    Jennifer Terry

    You both are so blessed with a great family..Lil baby girl is going to be beautiful. I have been watching all of your channels the whole squad aka Family 4 Life...

  • TheBestUni!

    🥰🥰😢 congratulations

  • Melanin Room
    Melanin Room

    If my friends don’t react like this we can’t be friends no more😭😩their friends energy is the type of energy you need around you🥺💙

  • chellarise mendoza
    chellarise mendoza

    He love her like crazy he went back home to bring her to LA to her pregnant so sweet but they are so young

  • Allassan Sankara
    Allassan Sankara

    Dang yah both pregnant

  • BIG MMM8
    BIG MMM8

    Ty had the best reaction 💕💕

  • Kingpin Lmg
    Kingpin Lmg

    I'm sooo happy for yall

  • XVII Sacred
    XVII Sacred

    Yes ty's reaction was the only person who actually seemed to truly care.

  • Nick Will
    Nick Will

    Ty and dr.twetty had the best reaction 😔❤️

  • HaireyZairey LaGrone
    HaireyZairey LaGrone

    Bro Ty’s face

  • Slide Slick
    Slide Slick

    I love ty reaction

  • SnowyGrinds

    This Is Blue Your A OG Nyree & Von $ubscriber🤤💝 👇(You can Be An OG Of Mine Today😍)

  • Tamela Robinson
    Tamela Robinson

    This was nice 😍

  • Tamela Robinson
    Tamela Robinson

    Von pregenate too 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • iDestinee

    Congratulations you guys!!! Many blessings and healthy babies ❤️

  • iDestinee

    Somebody send Ty my number NEEEOOOOW!!!

  • alissa sharifi
    alissa sharifi

    Nobody’s gonna say how he told all his cousins that they his favorite 😂

  • Jamaal J Smith
    Jamaal J Smith

    awhhhhh ty reaction

  • Harley Scruggs
    Harley Scruggs

    At 3:12 why does that look like baby woo wops dad ??

  • Marie Lewis
    Marie Lewis

    It's a blessing

  • mel

    This freaking gum in the background 🙄 but congratulations you guys! This baby will light your world up when it is born more than it does now❤

  • Q AS
    Q AS

    Idk y’all but I’m happy for y’all 🤗🤗🤗

  • Ashley Mays
    Ashley Mays

    Tweezy Is SO Funny 🤣Who Pregnant? 🤣

  • Abrielle Sonkei得
    Abrielle Sonkei得

    This baby is blessed. They got 85 uncles and aunties. Lol I’m being extra but it’s nice that they are surrounded by such supportive family and friends.

  • the1lique

    It's crazy how she did the prank and then is actually pregnant congratulations

  • SincerelyxShakil

    Ty & Charc’s reaction ...someone was definitely chopping onions 🥺😭😭😭

  • Unique B
    Unique B

    Ty got the best reaction

  • Aja J
    Aja J

    I love y’all sm🖤

  • iiamking11

    Congratulations you guys

  • Ebonee Love
    Ebonee Love

    This video made me so emotional because of how much support your friends showed 😭❤️ congratulations nyree and von

  • Ollie Gray
    Ollie Gray

    A lot of people say stuff about jinxing the pregnancy by telling the world so early, but honestly even if something was to happen y’all have a great support system and at the end of the day God has the last say so. Congratulations again guys !!

  • Qechia Foster
    Qechia Foster


  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    I love ty ❤️ he such a sweetheart

  • Vera Jayne
    Vera Jayne

    I don't know when they actually announced they was pregnant but I thought she was cause yah know thangz was growing all the right places n her skin be looking so good

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    Why u not tell poudii

  • Jay Media
    Jay Media

    David’s reaction was mad white 😂 he mad cool tho

  • EmbracetheFlowers

    Ty reaction was the best 😭😭😭

  • Moni Tv
    Moni Tv

    I love Ty’s reaction he knw what’s up put a ring on it

  • Buhlebethu Buhle
    Buhlebethu Buhle

    Who realizes all these youtubers are related or really close friends😂😂😂💖💖lots of love from South Africa

  • TheRealJermanye

    Ty reaction was so genuine ❤️

  • _kxolaid_ 34
    _kxolaid_ 34

    Von von was clapping cheeks 😂😂😂

  • SC Tee
    SC Tee

    Damn Naree , you couldn’t wear a bra? 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Kayla Reacts
    Kayla Reacts


  • P J
    P J

    TY was raised right! That’s right put the emphasis on “ husband” !

  • Lawrence Anderson
    Lawrence Anderson

    Ty and tweezy got the best reactions❗️😂

  • Jay LightSkin
    Jay LightSkin

    I hope this ain’t no prank

  • Isthatsamaira

    I’m team girllll🥰🥰🥰

  • Jorge Va
    Jorge Va

    Ty reaction is the best lowkey made me cried

  • Tonya Fannings
    Tonya Fannings


  • Shannon Wiley
    Shannon Wiley


  • Eat With Mark The Shark!
    Eat With Mark The Shark!

    "I feel like I'm a better Lover than you" - TyTheGuy - 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mallory Blanding
    Mallory Blanding

    Yall deserve the world my prayers to yall love yall

  • Jei and Fazo
    Jei and Fazo

    Tweezy who dis for😂😂😂😂😂

  • Love Cirr
    Love Cirr

    Congrats ❤️the baby is going to be so beautiful💕

  • Jamaican Trappr
    Jamaican Trappr

    Ty made me tear up

  • _muzy99 Mk
    _muzy99 Mk

    Twizzy though 😎

  • B and B YT6005
    B and B YT6005

    Y’all gotta get ty a special gift for that reaction💯👣

  • Gaseline Marcelin
    Gaseline Marcelin