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Welcome to the day after Judgment Day. Producer James Cameron returns with director Tim Miller for Terminator: Dark Fate. Watch the official trailer now. In theatres 11.1.19.
Linda Hamilton (“Sarah Connor”) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (“T-800”) return in their iconic roles in Terminator: Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by visionary filmmaker James Cameron and David Ellison. Following the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator: Dark Fate also stars Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, and Diego Boneta.

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  • Maksym Ponomarenko
    Maksym Ponomarenko

    Sorry, Arny. We are fucked up.

  • Stephen Latorella
    Stephen Latorella

    1:03 When your trying to escape class but the teacher see's you

  • Sav Drako
    Sav Drako

    is the terminator going to get his has kicked by Justin Bieber the entire movie? like gee, it's like it poses no threat at all.

  • BDK tv
    BDK tv

    19.390.452 views and exactly 227.000 upvotes and 65.000 downvotes. Yeah. Of course.

  • J T
    J T

    Please terminate The Terminator franchise.

  • nate mullen
    nate mullen

    would like to see skynet send back more than one terminator at a time. they have had plenty of chances and you would think a computer ai would have thought to just send the whole ai awareness back b4 judgement day along with an army of terminators to kill everyone in the way. also, they dont have to create a new form of a terminator every movie. they stopped getting cool after the liquid metal guy. every terminator movie since t2 sucked in my opinion. the only good part about these movies is Arnold.

  • Heidi Vining
    Heidi Vining

    Why does this new terminator guy look like such a wimp?

  • Axel Nilsson
    Axel Nilsson

    *sarcastically clapping* last time someone did a direct sequel to the second movie in a series that one got ignored as well until they decided 2 decades later to make the new one a direct sequel to the original

  • Gio _
    Gio _

    I miss Emilia😓

  • Mostly Entertaining
    Mostly Entertaining

    Am I the only one who is stoked for this movie? Plus, it’s by James Cameron, creator of terminator. I doubt he’s gonna copy his own storyline again.

    • The Sarah Connor Charm School
      The Sarah Connor Charm School

      No, you're not the only one. The real Sarah Connor is back! I didn't believe this would ever happen. So I'm over the moon!

  • Turtleproof

    Say whatever you want about the movie, but holy shit the piloting at 1:36. My uncle was a chopper pilot in Vietnam and he said it was like balancing a dumpster truck on the head of a nail.

  • Butters

    I am completely confused High amounts of hate comments of this sjw fagot trash movie Yet there's 255k likesand 66k dislike Am I missing something here Should it be 255k dislikes And tons of hate comments. I am so confused

  • B.O.J.

    0:26 that has to be possibly the saddest excuse for an evil terminator you could have possibly chosen

  • Orias X
    Orias X

    The only thing i like about this trailer is the music

  • Leonard Payton
    Leonard Payton

    Ain't going to lie, it gave me chills.

  • Nathan Hernandez
    Nathan Hernandez

    I love terminator i'm biggest fan it better than Avengers endgame

  • Roger Ward
    Roger Ward

    Wouldn't tie the shoe laces of T1 and T2

  • Waqar Ahmed
    Waqar Ahmed

    what on earth the FUCK happened to this man-roid franchise called terminator. a 2 and a half minute trailer of which only 1 second dedicated to the guy who the film is entirely built on, shwarzenegger. WTF!!!! to hell with the feminism/lgbt twat shit

  • bonetownchicks

    Welcome back James

    • PeteRoyJackson

      He’s not director, and only 1 of 5 cowriters

  • SlickNick

    It would have been cool if Robert Patrick was in it

  • Michael Blake
    Michael Blake

    Check out our Terminator franchise discussion! tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-Tx8Rhg0zlK8.html



  • CanOwhuppass

    Well this already looks like its going to be SJW shit.

  • Mick Obrien
    Mick Obrien

    It looks like a cartoon. I already hate it. Bring back practical effects. I'm just so sick of CGI. It's lame. Nerds program some generic fight sequence cartoon animation. Big wow!

    • PeteRoyJackson

      Sorry, your comment is from an era when movies made sense. Try again.

  • Baxter RM
    Baxter RM

    lol that terminator over there is the actor who did ghost rider in marvels agents of shield lol this dude XD

  • Nicholas Portela
    Nicholas Portela

    How does this have 227 likes I'm only 13 and I can tell what's good from bad

  • Nicholas Portela
    Nicholas Portela

    Recorded on the latest iphone

  • QuietGrave

    how do i downvote the imdb page before the movie comes out seriously, this is the worst. hollywood tries to pull that memberberries bullshit on us all the time but this just seems blatant. i mean can you not? we LIKE the past, its nice to us. stop trying to retcon it like some fucked up catholic saint or george lucas that secretly ate children or something. getting the original cast wont win your points or reddit upvotes, it just makes linda hamilton and Schwarzenegger look like cunts. you lost us on genysis, you seriously think this is gonna win us over? welcome to the death of this franchise you brainless cucks. 3 was better than this garbage.

  • Terance H
    Terance H

    FIVE writers and not directed by Cameron is not a good sign.....

  • Rohan James
    Rohan James

    This film is not about Arnie, and it's got no terrifying unstoppable threat. That's what made the first and second awsome!!

  • Hassan Jouhari
    Hassan Jouhari

    I have a bad feeling about this ...

  • Lost Storm
    Lost Storm

    They edited this with Adobe. *ADOBE*

    • Lost Storm
      Lost Storm

      @PeteRoyJackson I'm pretty sure, yeah

    • PeteRoyJackson

      After Effects? Lol

  • akira p2
    akira p2

    Emily Blunt looks so much younger here

  • Darrin Connolly
    Darrin Connolly

    Sarah Connor goes back I time to protect Sarah Connor

  • The Movie Cuhnt
    The Movie Cuhnt

    Terminator 2099: Rise of the Rising of the Riser - FEMALES ONLY EDITION...Why? because we are a "progressive" company.

  • Lance

    Always been a fan of Terminator growing up. Im glad they're continuing the series

    • Chase Kenyon
      Chase Kenyon

      and I am 68 years old with a lifelong crush on linda hamilton. she is so like a girlfriend I grew up with a Patsy Hanmer.Linda is a few years younger but the percentage of difference decreases with each passing year.

  • sarrjel

    I'll buy that for a dollar.

  • Ch Da
    Ch Da

    Am I the only one who likes the trailer??🙋🤷😊

    • PeteRoyJackson

      Or Reality lovers gonna Reality love.

    • The Sarah Connor Charm School
      The Sarah Connor Charm School

      No, you're most certainly not. You can't go by the comments on these things. Haters gonna hate.

    • Terance H
      Terance H

      yes, you are

  • Luis Travieso
    Luis Travieso

    The new John Conor is an immigrant. This is an anti-trump movie. I’m out.

  • veryevilnip

    im just here for the comments :)

  • Sharon V. Melendez Peña
    Sharon V. Melendez Peña

    I'm so proud of Natalia 😢💜🇨🇴

  • Jack .Stravinsky
    Jack .Stravinsky

    For the love of GOD please tell me that Edward Furlong is in the movie & in a big way and that he does not get killed off? I cannot tell you how utterly disappointed I was in T3 Rise of the Machines when Edward Furlong was not in there. It left the movie dry and I was confused & angry. Everything else was in that movie but what tugged on our hearts from T2 and I was enraged. Please tell me Hollywood is not this moronic not to do everything in their power & resources to bring back Edward Furlong and please tell me they are not even dumber to kill John Connor off. This is their one chance to make it right and Edward needs to be there as the main character, or at the very least sequence him to appear at the end & transition his appearance in T4 John Connor lives. Use all your Hollywood might & resources to help Edward get back and it will pull on our emotions for Edward & John Connor. Now that would be the smart thing to do & the proper service us long time fans deserve! I am worried about my most beloved movie of all time, T2.

  • matheus mathechan
    matheus mathechan

    wow a hunter going after a hunter?

  • Anshul Sharma
    Anshul Sharma

    cant wait to see this :0

  • Dimitrios F
    Dimitrios F

    Please cancel this movie!!!!!!!!!!!! We need more DIVERSITY with a larger selection of Terminators. Also what GENDER are these Terminators??? Any victim Terminators join me for a local rioting/looting! TLM! Terminator Lives Matter!

  • Funk SC
    Funk SC

    The music ruins everything, "If travel is searching and home has been found..............." i mean go fuck yourself, real terminator music only needed synth and awesome simple drum beat and it felt real, this music IS SHIT!!

  • Palash Naskar
    Palash Naskar

    soundtrack is cool

  • William00048

    Don't move or the geriatric gets it.

  • William00048

    That movie were SJWs cancelled John Conner. He said it was cam cream but they knew it was black face. The Straight White Man had to go.

  • pedrorehm

    *Looks promising!* Just, please don't let us down like the last three times.....

  • presetts

    Original cast is awesome but this looks like feminist transformers bullshit

  • Ron Moes
    Ron Moes

    too bad Arnold won't live to see this franchise bloom again, I mean he is getting old. the days of T2 are no more.. the use of Fairlight for soundtrack and liquid metal that blew everyone's mind.. it seems alot of movies just don't take the time to be different and authentic anyone. they just follow a set of rules, how to make money. and do what they think will work/sell.

  • Trololo Inc ®
    Trololo Inc ®

    Terminator: Dark Fart When James Cameron watches the shit follow through.

  • EddieA10

    November release?... Not a good sign...

  • inam khan
    inam khan

    The last two movies were too bad, Now that, original cast is back including original Sarah Connor, I hope and think that this one will be better than the last two.. Although, i dont count t3 as a failure, it was good.

  • Em nyr
    Em nyr

    I rewatched Terminator and Terminator 2 - Seriously SO good. Damn it James Cameron why didn't you finish the story years ago?! (The alternate ending to T2 isn't good enough).

  • de Jay
    de Jay

    We need a all female cast for 3 stooges Mayne

  • Brandon Gomez
    Brandon Gomez


  • Daniel b1uk
    Daniel b1uk

    Terminator 7 atm's go shopping

  • Formula 1st
    Formula 1st

    Now terminator’s a dweeb

  • Jan Jensen
    Jan Jensen

    Another Feminist movie.... so sad that all modern movies are ruined by this stupid Gender stuff :( WE WANT THE REAL TERMINATOR!! ARNOLD! STRONG AND COOL! Not this femi shit movie

  • TheMathMaster

    This movie doesn’t look good at all but it still looks much better than Frozen 2.

  • 碇屋超介

    Looks so CG. Cheap shit. Women vs. men or some shit? Smells fucking Democrat too.

  • Troy May
    Troy May

    Wow. There is no magic in this one, guys. There is no character. That baddie chasing them looks like some kid from the Valley--who may actually be. Without especial character for your enemy, such as how Schwarzenegger immediately established in your first film, the premise becomes lost. We aren't scared of Zippy McGraw. How can we be? Because he/she/it performs some gratuitously harsh violence onscreen? No, without character, all you are left with are stick people going through motions, with perhaps some essence of the original material smelt, but never felt. I wonder if that's what Nicholls' said about my "Goonies, Too" screenplay? I fear we shall never know.

    • PeteRoyJackson

      @Troy May It's all bastardized into oblivion. This is nothing more than a $1B name hijack, pandering to a young culture that has no culture and nothing to say but "give me a selfie and a burger."

    • Troy May
      Troy May

      @PeteRoyJackson I doth humbly agree with thee, sir. But really nothing makes sense in movie world today. Like how Avengers, which wasn't a *bad* film, somehow managed to top out BOTH Jim's epics?! Trump's fixers must have done some handiwork on those numbers, too. I do hope this new T flick will have success. For I am a fan.

    • PeteRoyJackson

      Sorry, your comment is from an era where movies made sense. Please try again.

  • Val

    Really pissed off about this Sjw, Feminism, vegan ... and stuff in Hollywood... just destroy everything

  • ALX Entourage
    ALX Entourage

    I want to see that liquid evil robot on his #mycalvins underwear. Must be so sexy! Got a robot boner!

  • George Costanza
    George Costanza

    Ms. Wang on main st will have a good bootleg...she deserves the money more than SJWwood.

  • William Smith
    William Smith

    I got a joke: What is it called when a Terminator can't kill anyone? An Ex-Terminator 😂😂😂

  • Gavalapally Prasad
    Gavalapally Prasad


  • Zephaniah Aseka
    Zephaniah Aseka

    very nice indeed