Testing A Viral Dog Car Harness
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  • I Am Not Okayonetta
    I Am Not Okayonetta

    People try 😂... people sure do try. Sad.

  • Neko

    18:20 Is the moment I died oh my fucking God

  • Emily

    when y’all wasting your time calling jenna a dog abuser, meanwhile brooke houts is still in possession of the dog she kicked, slapped and screamed at.

  • Alicat2911

    Trisha is still making videos and y'all are cancelling Jenna for trying to make her dogs safer

  • idc

    if you want something safe buy a car safety belt for dogs and then attach it to a harness :)

  • Tyler Benjamin
    Tyler Benjamin

    I love how during all of this Marbles is just 👁👄👁

  • Nicole Kane
    Nicole Kane

    Girl. Be you. You did nothing wrong. This video shows why you shouldn’t buy the product and that’s what people need. Keep making reviews girl. Be you. You got this shit beeeeeetch

  • Shayla Nina
    Shayla Nina

    Y’all mad that Jenna doesn’t have any scandals you make them, You guys realize that some dogs sit up to eat? Like it’s better for them and yes jennas dogs are going to be upset for being sat up but they aren’t in pain. Your making up shit because you want to see good people be taken down.

    • Princess Brewster
      Princess Brewster

      @Shayla Nina ik people are over reacting

    • Shayla Nina
      Shayla Nina

      Princess Brewster your right but I’m saying a lot of vets recommend dogs to sit up while eating but getting driven around but I’m done with people saying that she’s wrong and that sitting them up is abuse

    • Princess Brewster
      Princess Brewster

      Well they will be in pain if there in there 4 too long but they weren't so people need to stop judging

  • PictureTranquility

    peach looked like a little goblin 90% of this video😅

  • NatureLvr

    Jenna, you and Julian treat your dogs like they are your children (me too) You NEVER have to apologize for trying to make your pets safer. They were not traumatized in any way. They trust you two implicitly. Please don't let anyone make you feel bad. Your true followers know how you are with your dogs ❤🐶🐕💗

  • Aranza Orozco
    Aranza Orozco

    why thos pech look like a chiken

  • Rayel Ferro
    Rayel Ferro

    It’s not made for rat bodies!🤣🤣🤣 OMG 😆 I’m laughing so much!!

  • dracoo 65
    dracoo 65

    Did anyone else see how her dogs have their tongue sticking out😋😂

  • Amelia Phillips
    Amelia Phillips

    Peach is a mini version of bunny

  • abrahamster

    So sad that Jenna had to explain all that stuff after posting the video, people, stop being so cynical we all know Jenna raise her dogs better that everyone else raise their children

  • Bethany Cassettari
    Bethany Cassettari

    Marbles turned into a demon 😂

  • Ms_Maria99

    People need to stop being so nasty. Only Kermit can be nasty.

  • bumb ditch
    bumb ditch

    peach looks so confused while she was being strapped in and her lil eyes were like: 🥺

  • Kaylee Mosier
    Kaylee Mosier

    Honestly, Jenna I love your willingness to be flexible with your viewers. I don’t think people should be telling you how to live your life or how to treat your dogs. They should realize you wouldn’t ever do anything to harm them and or make them uncomfortable. If they watch you and your videos for even a second they would know. But you took it in stride and let them know first hand. Kudos

  • Martin Hardstyle
    Martin Hardstyle

    been scrolling for 5 minutes can't find anyone who say bad things so wtf r u talking about? that 1 in 1000 are saying something bad?....tell me a youtuber who have 0 hate...you probably can't. I'm not hating I'm just stating the fact that I can't find a bad comment, I think she is a great pet owner tho :)

    • H L
      H L

      Martin Hardstyle this is the second time she posted this video. In the original video, and twitter, people were being dumb/commenting.

    • Princess Brewster
      Princess Brewster

      @Martin Hardstyle ye ik

    • Martin Hardstyle
      Martin Hardstyle

      @Princess Brewster that's what I'm saying, she should not care of the 1% bad comments.

    • Princess Brewster
      Princess Brewster

      There r no bad comments that you can see cos so many people have said good things lol

  • Roberto Guzman
    Roberto Guzman

    100% of Comments : “ I cANt BelIvE You GuYs MadE hEr ApoLoGiZE” 0% of comments : “ApOloGiZE BeCauSe U AbuSEd Ur Dog”

    • Princess Brewster
      Princess Brewster

      No there are loads of bad comments it's just cos people are saying DONT TELL HER TO APOLOGIES that the comments are further down

  • April Bresee
    April Bresee

    to anyone who made Jenna feel this way, how? HOW? I literally cry watching her videos about Bunny, it's so beautiful how patient both Jenna and Julien are and how caring and loving they are to Bunny and making her trust and learn how to be a dog...it restores my faith in people. but...all the people trying to push the cancel culture into cancelling Jenna? makes me lose faith. just...poof. I love how she is with her doggos and I love her. she da best

  • Snow Ball
    Snow Ball

    I love your videos and I think this video is awesome! I love watching how much you love your dogs and how great you both treat them! You guys are such a cute couple and your puppy children make for an awesome and adorable little family! Thank you for sharing the love in your home with the rest of us! Keep them coming❤️

  • - h x n e y -
    - h x n e y -

    cermet: **cries once** idiots: *OmG jEnNa Is AbUsInG hEr DoGs*

    • Blue Fox Films
      Blue Fox Films

      bot cermet cri evrytim

  • Theboss

    Trust me we know how much you love your doggies we do too I know you won’t hurt them

  • Persephonede

    What are y’all watching in the disclaimer?

  • Sam Afgan
    Sam Afgan

    I love the fact marbles is literally just a nugget or a little chunk of loving meat. So freaking unbelievably adorable and beautiful all of them all the dogs and animals of the world are beautiful we must keep them away from China.

  • milesaph

    I don't think you should stop product reviews :( maybe do a little research or don't try something that seems dangerous, but here you didn't know better. Sometimes it's good to learn from comments

  • Lex Wilson
    Lex Wilson

    I like how when people get upset she offers to take the video down, but there a people out there getting dogs and putting them in VERY dangerous situations to record it and say, “We rescued this cute puppy, Give us praise!” And they won’t take it down when people call them out on their BS

  • MontyTZ

    If Jenna is a “Dog Abuser”, that means everyone else on this platform is a literal warlord.

    • MontyTZ

      Love you Jenna! Don’t listen to what people say.

  • Miss Aubrey
    Miss Aubrey


  • Ghøstįe Gåchå
    Ghøstįe Gåchå

    My older sister uses a seat belt that just hooks onto her dog's collar.

  • his_and_hers

    Make a foot soap mold like the @the_girl_fieri on TikTok

  • Caroline Crastz
    Caroline Crastz

    Anyone remember joeyvlogz?? Just me ok

  • Kim M
    Kim M

    Can everyone not clearly see Jenna is the sweetest person in the world. End of

  • Arturo Ramirez
    Arturo Ramirez

    Jenna loves her dogs and is wonderful and I think she is too much of a genuinely wholesome person to abuse anyone much less her dogs

  • Jessika Havill
    Jessika Havill

    Poor dogs

  • Rattus Norvegicus
    Rattus Norvegicus

    16:55 wealch in the vibe chair

  • Ashlynn Kirk
    Ashlynn Kirk

    if jenna and julien ever broke up i would genuinely be heart broken.

  • Gamer Girl716
    Gamer Girl716

    Hey Jenna or any other dog owners, if you want a way to keep your dog safe in the car or at least to keep your dog in the back seat check out the link at the bottom of the comment and don't forget to read the rest of the comment. It is like a seatbelt leash for dogs, I got one a few years ago for my miniature poodle because anytime we took her somewhere in the car she would find a way to put the windows down one day she got sucked out of the window because she's around 15-20 lbs and she had a few scratches and a chipped tooth, I will say use a harness for your dog as if you were taking them on a walk because if you do get into a crash it could choke them if you use just a collar, and it keeps my dog in the back seat so she can't climb up into the driver seat and distract the driver, so far it seems to be the safest thing for her when we take her anywhere. It also comes in different colors. www.lunaandcoco.com/products/adjustable-car-safety-belt-for-your-dog?variant=31794032509027 Hope it helps, and have a wonderful day!

  • wes stark
    wes stark

    OMG wizard of bargeeeee shirt yesssssssss

  • TopoftheGlist

    Peach escaping that harness while Kermit and Bobby just cried nonstop is my energy

  • Denise Schiop
    Denise Schiop

    It angers me that people genuinely thought they found a scandal in a Jenna Marbles video. Even if you don’t WATCH her it’s impossible to not know that Jenna Marbles would never and could never intentionally put her dogs in harms way. Every person who has a pet has made mistakes, it’s part of learning. Jenna should not have to apologize because she tested a product that she was even skeptical about from the beginning.

  • Kayli Stone
    Kayli Stone

    jenna and julien i love you ❤️ keep being yourselves because i absolutely love everything y’all do. keep continuing to make others happy!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Danny Phantom
    Danny Phantom

    Why is everyone suddenly a genius when Jenna does stuff with her dogs

  • Diana1121

    So down to earth. They’re the best.

  • Kaitlyn B
    Kaitlyn B

    Jenna is such a pure wonderful person and THE WORLDS BEST dog mama. It is fantastic that she tried something to keep the puppers safer in the car, and even more fantastic that she very quickly realized that it wasnt a great product for them and respected that. I think the current system that they have is great and I'm glad they are sticking with it.

  • Aoife Scott
    Aoife Scott

    We all can see how much you love your dogs. I am so sorry they made you feel negatively about your precious dogs when they are so obviously a huge part of your life. You are amazing and so kind and hilarious. I’ve been watching you since the very beginning and you are pure and self aware and such an amazing person.

  • Janette B
    Janette B

    Money shot @18:18

  • Christina C
    Christina C

    Peach legit looks like a baby kangaroo

  • Alaska Girl
    Alaska Girl

    Jenna. You have absolutely no reason to apologize. People “Kermit is crying boohoo” is a bunch of stupid shit. We still think you’re an amazing dog parent. 20 seconds of them sitting up isn’t going to hurt them in anyway. You’re just testing a product that’s it. And it’s ok to test things.

  • Relegain_Paints

    Cancel culture is already extremely toxic enough, we are NOT gonna try and cancel Jenna. She’s probably the chillest and kindest TR-myr we have.

  • earthandfire

    Take care of yourself. I feel like youre tough and you know out of a 20+mil audience theres gonna be people saying a bunch of things, especially calling you out on bad things that arent the truth. Much love!

  • Brooklyn Fitzgerald
    Brooklyn Fitzgerald

    Let me get this straight: So some people made a fuss over a vegan couple (who loves and adores their puppers) test trialing a safety product with their fur babies... Meanwhile, dogs are being strangled and shoved into overcrowded tiny cages to be literally skinned alive, boiled alive, dismembered alive, and burned alive for the dog meat market and for their pelts (some of which were stolen pets) by the millions each year. Other dogs abused are being covered in tar, raised to fight to the death, abandoned and starved, beaten to death, or left to choke on their blood after their throats are cut. I'm pretty damn sure you're attempting to bring mass criticism to the wrong people, social media. There is a real evil in the world, not just petty TR-my tea.

  • Hannah Rohme
    Hannah Rohme

    We love you Jenna. You guys are amazing dog parents and have so much respect for animals. We know you would never put your dogs at risk!

  • Michelle Morse
    Michelle Morse

    Also I thought it was great when you wore it so you could carry peach!! I wanna wear my dog-son like that!! How cute and fun!

  • Michelle Morse
    Michelle Morse

    Haters!! There was nothing wrong with this video!! And Jenna you did a fine job explaining yourself about what this video was and why you wanted to try the damn thing. And it is VERY obvious that you love your dogs in a big way. I am sorry that people made you feel like you anything less than like the wonderful person that you are

  • Silasninja

    You know you should get Kermit tested for breathing problems a lot of dogs that have their tongues out have breathing problems it’s a common thing for dogs that can’t breath very well

    • Natari K
      Natari K

      Kermit had to get his front teeth removed because of medical problems which is why his tongue is out and he also has Cushing's disease which can cause excessive breathing and he is getting treatment for it.

  • Joe Guy
    Joe Guy

    7:20 there you go a skip

  • Hanananan Kingsbury
    Hanananan Kingsbury

    Please get a little tiny microphone and interview the doggos

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S

    Kermit is such a mood😂😂😂

  • sarah salupo
    sarah salupo

    Ok not gonna lie when they were strapped in the harnesses all I kept thinking about was they look like spy dogs from cats and dogs movies 😂

  • Samantha T
    Samantha T

    Anything Cermet does is so f***ing hilarious.

  • Vincent Larkin
    Vincent Larkin

    Jenna, I truly believe you have the best intentions for your dogs and do not abuse them. You and Julien are lovely people from what I see. I've watched your videos for a decade and I grew up watching them. I've only ever seen you and Julien grow as people.

  • BlankNoodle

    They look like doggy carseats! I love this!! Need to try with my baby

    • Princess Brewster
      Princess Brewster

      Ye... Its not really a good idea they can get back problems but it depends on the dog 😊😊

  • Katie Perryman
    Katie Perryman

    she spent 150 dollar per “doggie car seat” she wasn’t trying to harm her animals.

  • Janette B
    Janette B

    Your dogs are adorable! You're such a good dog mom...screw everyone who thins otherwise

  • Ofelia martinez
    Ofelia martinez

    Ya'll really made her spend the first 5 mins of her video making a long winded disclaimer? Stop getting butt hurt and just enjoy the masterpieces she gifts us with!!! Do you jenna!!

  • Fear Kitten
    Fear Kitten

    So I avoided watching this because of all the drama llamas talking about it. Not because I thought you had harmed them, but I just was scared of seeing distressed puppies. So I finally watched it, and OH MY GOODNESS, the Iggy’s were fine! Like yeah, they whined and squirmed, and Peach was like I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need a harness, but the way the people were talking I was expecting pure panic, crying, desperate screams, choked bark, idk. Like as if they were being tortured. Haters need to shut the front door and leave Jenna and Julian alone, and stop spreading misinformation! Like I spent the last 30 minutes upvoting every helpful and supportive comment because I do not want anyone to see the hateful misinformed comments. Thank you Jenna, thank you Julian. I appreciate you both for what you do and for who you are.

  • Colby Thomas
    Colby Thomas

    You can straight up hear in her voice she doesn’t like their reaction to these things. Peach decided she didn’t like it, and got out. Marble did not like it, and Jenna wanted them out immediately. She knew probably before they even set off, she’d never use them again. Jenna does not abuse her dogs. Jenna treats her dogs like her children, because they are. She treats them better than a lot of people actually treat their children. Those of you on here claiming she’s abusive of her dogs, have zero clue of what they’re talking about, and need to chill out. The reaction you’ve forced her into is shameful of you.

    • ladynikkie

      People just looking for an excuse to start some anarchy. you can hear her in her voice she was practically crying to get those things off her dogs.