The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star
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Rich Lux - Clock it the House
Caleb Hurst - (Baby) Blue
Johnny Guilbert - Song Without A Name
"l u v t e a" by Autumn Keys
Instagram: @autumnkeys
Hoodie Allen - No Interruption
Andrew Applepie

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Kara C
Mary E Makeup
Lauren Godwin
Izzie Raine
Theme Song:
Time of the Season - Ben Taylor Band
“Time of the Season”
Written by Rod Argent
Performed by Ben Taylor
Courtesy of Iris Records
Published by Verulam Music Co. Ltd.

  • Rudiger jones
    Rudiger jones

    Shane is getting fat again😳

  • TheCoolOwen

    Trite BS

  • Payzleblu9 Games
    Payzleblu9 Games

    imagine trying to watch the whole series but it says *video blocked in country* now im sad :(

  • Mary Elisabeth the 2nd
    Mary Elisabeth the 2nd

    You look like billie eilish and that’s a complement

  • Akaashi0.0


  • The Sun Is A Deadly Lazer
    The Sun Is A Deadly Lazer

    Woah woah woah why has Sony blocked the last three videos I’m so confused

  • Sarah Quesnel
    Sarah Quesnel

    Hang in there,

  • Sarah Quesnel
    Sarah Quesnel

    She's amazing...

  • Sarah Quesnel
    Sarah Quesnel

    For inspiration,

  • Violet B-W
    Violet B-W


  • Sarah Quesnel
    Sarah Quesnel

  • Sarah Quesnel
    Sarah Quesnel

  • Sarah Quesnel
    Sarah Quesnel

    I know you have a beautiful soul.

  • Sarah Quesnel
    Sarah Quesnel

    You're lovely and beautiful.... stay strong...

  • Hollerz213
    Hollerz213 Check out my beautiful friend u won’t regret it!

    • Cruzxyz

      Chile she’s ugly

  • Unipotato Princess
    Unipotato Princess

    Are all the new comments being deleted? I'm a little confused

  • Franchie

    Interesting how all the comments are damn old huh


    Damn. Not gonna lie. Kinda was hoping for a conspiracy theory video based on covid-19 and 2020 *sigh

  • Zxch

    Seeing this now like "I'm so disappointed in both of them cause they did not acknowledged/addressed the mess that is happening with their careers right now. It's really discouraging and underwhelming for me, especially now that Shane has Removed most of the series and left only 3 episodes like is he hiding something? Was he lying the whole time?! *The old videos of him that resurfaced made most of us unsubscribe but the whole thing is shady and degrading for him*

    • Zxch

      @Honey Girl I mean yeah he did great documentaries but I don't think his scandals could be forgiven whatsoever.

    • Honey Girl
      Honey Girl

      @Zxch Honestly I don't know... I hope it does cause I really like his documentary series

    • Zxch

      @Honey Girl Do you think that his career could be recovered after this downfall . What do you think

    • Honey Girl
      Honey Girl

      @Zxch I think is because of the music in them

    • Zxch

      @Honey Girl why? And why there is 3 not copyrighted?

  • Rosie Anciola
    Rosie Anciola

    I feel like I'm watching Shane grow up ☺️

    • MrSuperpiff4

      Now you can watch fall down HARD

  • Trishna Varsani
    Trishna Varsani

    I hope this was worth it

  • scarlett O
    scarlett O

    Shane you have been exposed!

  • Adrian Flo
    Adrian Flo

    is that guy incapable of laughing sincerely or is he a yes machine to shane? or is it a gay thing to laugh like a squirrel without a soul.

  • Necugetare

    Also why does Jeffree Star look so much like Voldermort?

  • Necugetare

    This is the longest ad ever created

  • •Nicole Hunt•
    •Nicole Hunt•

    At the start, you could tell Ryland was on the urge of tears 😭💕

  • Demonreich


  • Demonreich


  • Demonreich

    Shane Epstein

  • Demonreich

    Shane Epstein

  • SissyBull TV
    SissyBull TV

    gosh.. these videos...they are really demonetized

  • lauren caskie
    lauren caskie

    Jimmy Savile 2.0

  • Justin Walsh
    Justin Walsh

    Why is there not a shade named "I Have to Pee"???????? :/

  • ionaillu

    this didn’t age well.

  • Rafael Esparza
    Rafael Esparza

    What if Shane did a house giveaway lmao

  • kim !
    kim !

    well this didnt age well

  • Beomgyus WaEnG
    Beomgyus WaEnG

    R👻r👾r👹roll🧑🏾‍🎓up🕎to🥖the🚚party💽with🖥my💂🏼‍♂️crazy🤪pink💘wig🦔but🐁i👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨cant🙅‍♀️get🪔thru🔌the🔮door🚪because⚰️my⚙️bootys🍑to🔕big🟡1🔛%↘️is🙅‍♀️human 🔰9️⃣9️⃣⚠️is♿️plas-tic🖤just✒️a🇨🇾sec🧚🏻‍♂️I🕋gotta🛴fix🥣my🍣lips👄these🍔hoes🍭are🌏jealous🌜cuz🌝 their🌟manz🦈want🙈me🐮I🧤cant❌belive💭it🧚🏻‍♂️that💇🏽‍♀️girl👼🏼so🦋sexy🐤dude🐛are🙈you🙊crazy🐒i🐵think🙉thats😹a😼trannie😻what?😿check😺me😸out😽check✅me❗️out♻️check✅me❗️out❔check✅me🚳out♓️check⛎me🆚out🅱️check💮me⚓️out✈️check🚦me🤩out🙈check✨me🤩out🥺check♻️her😭out☢️dude😔u🤯can😐see📳it📌poppin💥out⛄️check✨me🤩out🥺check✨me🤩out🥺check✨me🤩out🥺

  • UnknøwnFurr

    Hey shane im a minor but you probably like me because of that

  • Kosmetics Queen
    Kosmetics Queen

    Ryland acting like he lived there all those years 😂 like he can relate to Shane’s pain who actually bought the house and lived in it for years longer, did ALL his content and crying there.

  • Kosmetics Queen
    Kosmetics Queen

    Those first logos looked like the advertisements for scooby doo snacks.

  • Christopher Burbidge
    Christopher Burbidge

    It’s time for appropriate snippers to use their skills for appropriate means! That’s what I feel!

  • StxmyWaffles xD
    StxmyWaffles xD

    Honestly didn’t use to like Jeffree or Shane rlly :/ but this showed a lot about there business relationship and friendship like what business queens

  • raja from Zaki school
    raja from Zaki school

    Shane sucks wish gets jumped

    • Sequoia Alison
      Sequoia Alison

      We all hate him

    • Sequoia Alison
      Sequoia Alison


    • Epic Marsh
      Epic Marsh

      I agree with you I'm going to come to his house and jumping and Jeffree Star

  • Hug_GoldenDoggos

    Oh how sweet the turntables

  • tesla model x p100d
    tesla model x p100d

    now, this is great-

  • peharda.a on IG
    peharda.a on IG

    Umm well....this is akward.

  • Lucrezia Morganti
    Lucrezia Morganti

    The beauty community should definitely be renamed as the “ugly community”.

    • JT

      Around the 25 min mark James was going to release a pallette in November.....

    • Aaliyah Stark
      Aaliyah Stark

      The beauty community is actually decent. Please don’t associate an entire community with the 5 clowns that keep running around creating drama

  • Cryrp

    This has 20 million views for 20 million dollars

  • Megan Shepard
    Megan Shepard

    Where did the rest of the series go!?

    • Kainoa Griffin
      Kainoa Griffin

      UMG claimed all the music in this series cause his channel is demonitized

  • Adri Gonzales
    Adri Gonzales

    Shane part 4 and 5 a copy right 😡

  • true jacky
    true jacky

    Depression and Anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualize children, Shane you are disgusting and I hope your channel will get shut down ! I regret that I supported you

  • Horror Comics
    Horror Comics

    I never knew who Shane Dawson was until I saw a Philip DeFranco show today. So I decided to come over and "jump right into it".

  • Ivan Ramos
    Ivan Ramos

    racist bottom feeder

  • Reva Pink
    Reva Pink

    I support u Shane I’m sorry this is happened I uploaded a video that I know you will never see and it’s just my thoughts on the situation I don’t love you in a weird way but I love you in a human way and I hope you’re OK

  • kelly

    anyways hi

  • kae marie
    kae marie

    fuck Sony smh

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee

    Why is absolutely no one talk8ng about the illuminati signs in this video that shane has been supporting.

    • Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee

      @NoOT NoOt yeah, really weird

    • NoOT NoOt
      NoOT NoOt

      But that is really weird

    • NoOT NoOt
      NoOT NoOt

      Shane makes conspiracy’s about illuminati so why the hell would he be a part of it

  • Tonya Brummett
    Tonya Brummett

    I live Shane Dawson and Jeffrey star

  • Sharon Binns
    Sharon Binns

    I need one of these palettes xx

  • Avery Boudreau
    Avery Boudreau

    r-r-r-roll💿up⬆️to2️⃣the🤩party🥳with🧶my🧚crazy🤪pink💝wig💇🏼‍♀️but I☺️cant🙄get through😍the door✨because my🏡booties🎂too😚big 1 ☝️percent 😍 is 🤩 human 💨 99 🤪 is 🎉 plastic 😧just😂a😼sec🤭i🕴gotta😳fix😭my🐷lips🐱

  • KitCat22

    Pathetic manchildren.

  • Peachetton

    maan the apology palette is gonna sell out now fast huh

  • Aanya srivastava
    Aanya srivastava

    The comments under this video really didnt age well.

    • Caroline Judge
      Caroline Judge

      Elderly milk comes to mind

  • Belja Ons
    Belja Ons

    Jeffree is sooooo funny , he s got extremely eccentric sense of humor and mannerisms,,

    • Belja Ons
      Belja Ons

      @Aaliyah Stark I keep talking about this episode in particular and u keep bringing up the current drama ..... smh

    • Belja Ons
      Belja Ons

      @Aaliyah Stark talking to you is tedious , girl he s a fierce businessman, this episode was about business, that's what interested me in the first place , why do u fail to understand that ?? I like how he engaged morphe rep in that business call and how he kept throwing jokes , unlike u I can like one aspect of a human being without it being "showing support" , and girl fix that dead look in your eyes 💀💀

    • Aaliyah Stark
      Aaliyah Stark

      sazuki konohahime he’s not fierce he’s an absolute coward. He and Shane Dawson were getting dragged for false accusations of James Charles and Jeffree hasn’t said A THING. He claimed to be Shane’s best friend who would do anything for him and hasn’t said a THING about Shane. He’s a loser

    • Belja Ons
      Belja Ons

      @Aaliyah Stark Am glad to hear that and i hope u loose the rest of ur "brain cells" , am sure 50 brain cells are about half of what u have inside that big head so... almost there :D , and yeah i like his humor, tho I dont support racism cause I think that all of the human race is pure scum , but I like him , I like his fierceness, and u can go to hell for all i care , bye Felicia .

    • Aaliyah Stark
      Aaliyah Stark

      sazuki konohahime I’m talking about your reply. “I like Jeffree I like the dude” “can’t u plz just fck off” your reply made me lose about 50 brain cells like Jesus learn how to spell .

  • Amanda Cabrera
    Amanda Cabrera

    so we gonna talk about how 3 episodes are missing

    • Wendy Palumbo Garwood
      Wendy Palumbo Garwood

      dramatic virghoe thank u very much ! I thought they pulled some craziness like they used Sony products or something

    • dramatic virghoe
      dramatic virghoe

      Wendy Palumbo Garwood i think it's bc of all the p*do and racism drama, so someone probably reported the videos. here's the tweet

    • Wendy Palumbo Garwood
      Wendy Palumbo Garwood

      dramatic virghoe I asked u a question n didn’t tag u it’s right above this one :)

    • Wendy Palumbo Garwood
      Wendy Palumbo Garwood

      dramatic virghoe can u tell me why and how Sony was able to copyright © those videos ?

    • dramatic virghoe
      dramatic virghoe

      they got copyrighted and taken down 💀

  • angela turpin
    angela turpin

    20M dollars and 20M Views

  • Eesha Arshad
    Eesha Arshad

    shame and jar jar really do deserve each other uwu, two narcissistic compulsive liars making each other feel better how touching

  • Anna S.N.
    Anna S.N.

    Sony didn’t copyright this one?

  • kyla gallant
    kyla gallant


  • dylan

    Hi scandalous Shane