The 2020 McLaren GT Is the $250,000 Ultra-Luxury McLaren
Doug DeMuro
The 2020 McLaren GT is the luxury McLaren. Today I'm reviewing the McLaren GT to see how luxurious it is, and I'm going to take you on a tour of the 2020 McLaren GT to show you all around the new luxury McLaren. Then I'm going to drive the new McLaren GT and give it a DougScore.
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  • LeVelle Coley
    LeVelle Coley

    This is exactly what I meant when the Corvette isn’t a corvette anymore. Change the rims and badging. Same car on the outside Smh.

  • TomDeath95

    13:43 oh no he touched the mirror

  • gjh15

    How many times can someone say "Luxury", sounds like a Monty Python sketch. Secondly, although I generally like Doug's reviews I don't think he knows what GT means. This is a grand tourer, not a, look at me while I drive around the city. It's not a rival for an S class Mercedes for creature comfort, it's for long distance driving where the pleasure is the drive, not how easily you can turn on the heated seats.

  • Israel Ayeni
    Israel Ayeni

    I came here cos of MKBHD 😆😆😆

  • ajaunie silpot
    ajaunie silpot

    How many times can one person say luxury in one video. I didn't find out I had to stop watching it to stop listening to him say luxury in every sentence

  • aqeel eid
    aqeel eid

    Mclaren elva i wish give it your score

  • Beefy Beings
    Beefy Beings

    very pretty

  • Oliver Turner
    Oliver Turner

    Those golf clubs want to go through that windscreen SO bad. You can see them moving around during highway driving.

  • MKtagteamer

    "I have a set of golf clubs" *Pulls out a full set of PXGs with matching leather cart bag, nbd* Well it IS the "Luxury McLaren" after all I guess.

  • Ravi Mistry
    Ravi Mistry

    I was here before MKBHD .. and I came back to read ... " who is here after MKBHD"

  • Marsupi X
    Marsupi X


  • J. P.
    J. P.

    102 degrees... Doug's sweating all over the shitty luxury leather...

  • thespecter91

    Doug out here looking like a middle aged dad on vacation.

  • Rita Barker
    Rita Barker

    According to Hoovies garage these McLarens have transmission problems. Are they still yet problematic?

  • maitreya sharma
    maitreya sharma

    A lot of the things have been bough from Merc, like the Magic Sky Control sunroof and the Engine. Good stuff though, will work till you die probably.

  • Drunken Master II
    Drunken Master II

    Who the fuck is MKBHD?

  • N G
    N G

    2019. oh my fucking god ITS 2019! It's 2019 look at fucking calendar!

  • FlankerVT

    No One buys a mclaren for luxury. A true mclaren should be spartan and focused only on the driving experience.

  • Dipto Sarker
    Dipto Sarker

    But does it run on 5G?

  • Tracy Grady
    Tracy Grady

    Golf clubs sliding around almost gets hit ah

  • Joe

    Doug finally started it up and put the AC on.

  • Schrodinger's Cat
    Schrodinger's Cat

    21:50 Hey Doug, those golf clubs are coming for you!!

  • first last
    first last

    looks like an Aston Martin

  • TheDCGuitar13

    Looks like a luxury Ford GT

  • D . B
    D . B

    3:05 so now ppl who forget their keys in the car don't have to worry.

  • Anthony Sacco
    Anthony Sacco

    Why is there swirl marks in the paint!?!?

  • Julian Rime
    Julian Rime

    it's such a beautiful car though

  • Julian Rime
    Julian Rime

    I see a 250,000 dollar mid-life crisis mobile

  • Andres R. Garcia
    Andres R. Garcia

    McLaren needs to learn from Tesla a bit and definitely needs an all electric version, otherwise the New Roadster will take a majority of its target customers.

  • Azaan Ali
    Azaan Ali

    I’m proud to be British but Im disgusted on how you fuilfy Americans put your hands on them beautiful mclarens made by BRITISH

    • Azaan Ali
      Azaan Ali

      This is so right

    • Azaan Ali
      Azaan Ali

      My guy

  • Benz Driver Too
    Benz Driver Too

    Golf clubs are bouncing around in the back. WTF over

  • Benz Driver Too
    Benz Driver Too

    I think Doug accidentally turned on the seat heat! " and now I'll show you Sana mode"

  • Oscar Landa
    Oscar Landa

    Horrific wheels. Looks like they’ve been taken off an Escalade.

  • Iron Angeles
    Iron Angeles

    Looks like a bmw

  • Gmail Account
    Gmail Account

    0:02 a waste of money

  • Donald Jones
    Donald Jones

    Get that man an A/C

  • Magnoler Riccardo
    Magnoler Riccardo

    OMG ! golf clubs moves so dangerously!

  • Steffen Frost
    Steffen Frost

    I was just waiting for the golf clubs to hit the windscreen....

  • Promotions Only
    Promotions Only

    Holy shit that’s a lot of sweat

  • Dylan Olson
    Dylan Olson

    Those golf clubs tho... just exploring all that space 😂

  • Kyle Pirko
    Kyle Pirko

    I'm sorry but that's not a tailgate. Technically that is a hatchback. 4:10 you even call it a hatchback at 7:15!

  • Esco bestdro
    Esco bestdro

    How much you had to pay for messing up the leather with the golf clubs lol they sliding around everywhere 😂

  • Arbab Azhar
    Arbab Azhar

    plezz make videos in 18:9 aspect ratio

  • Moriguchi Mark
    Moriguchi Mark

    I would rather go to golf with my Tesla with auto pilot because I will be tired after golfing lol.

  • Joe Amor
    Joe Amor

    Emergency breaking will give your head a hole in one... second!

  • Emily Gutierrez
    Emily Gutierrez

    After years Doug crititazing McLaren small cargo spaces .....they finally listen to him ....I bet there is like 5 cup holders hidden inside the car

  • Octapus Dude
    Octapus Dude

    He's wearing two shirts in 120 degree . Why didn't they make the back glass tint to hide the stuff?

  • muchsin iskandar
    muchsin iskandar

    | | this is how much doug said the "Luxury" | | V

  • Oryen Meave
    Oryen Meave

    why he sweating inside that car😂

  • Nick Leach
    Nick Leach

    The golf club fell out 22:06

  • daniel souza
    daniel souza

    i can see those golf clubs flying out the window

  • Jaden Jahci
    Jaden Jahci

    Next up for those that own this McClarin!. ..A Luxury McCoffin Best Wishes, 72 Virgins

  • Nathan A.
    Nathan A.

    I just wish they would’ve done a different taillight design

  • IRMacGuyver

    This car should have had three seats

  • Mind Funked
    Mind Funked

    FORE!! outta put the tinting feature of sunroof on hatchback glass!!!

  • w35t51d369

    The Tesla model 3 performance is faster at 0-60 than this McLaren, it’s also 1/4 the price.

  • NotTheStatusQuo

    So where you fill your oil and coolant is right next to a leather lined trunk? Great idea.

  • theoriginalshew

    Doug is the only one who thinks a hatch is a tailgate. By tailgate I thought he meant like on trucks, which is where "tailgating" at sports games come from. Also I was waiting for him to get wacked by that golf club

  • R d
    R d

    Why are the headlights so ugly?

  • Ho_zay_ Lo
    Ho_zay_ Lo

    Come on Doug... you got the seats dirty... big Ol stain right by the passenger seatbelt!!

  • Billy McGee
    Billy McGee

    I can afford golf clubs! Hopefully one day I can afford this beaut

  • Syafiq Khir
    Syafiq Khir

    I’m a fan of both you and MKBHD. Definitely came here to see a Doug score.

  • DwFritz23

    Those golf clubs in the back moving around and sliding out while he was driving made me nervous.

  • Mikhail Hunter
    Mikhail Hunter

    "supple ride"

  • Юрий Урбан
    Юрий Урбан

    Пидарас потный,подсветку салона не показал

  • Nissan370Z

    How much is the leather sweated all over by Doug package?

  • Nissan370Z

    Tailgate? I would call it a hatchback.

  • Dominick Taylor
    Dominick Taylor

    Turn the AC on man.

  • Clash with Pokéfan
    Clash with Pokéfan


  • Shreyas Wadbudhe
    Shreyas Wadbudhe

    60% :- MKBHD 30% :- his sweat 10% :- about McLaren