The BEST of Season 26 On The Graham Norton Show Part One
The Graham Norton Show
Here's the best moments of Season 26! Part two is coming soon.
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  • Pratika Singh
    Pratika Singh

    -Are you going to Emilia's party? -She hasn't asked yet. -Do you want to? -I'd love to come. That has got to be the quickest invitation ever.

  • Michael Ortt
    Michael Ortt

    Matthew Mc Conaughey also looks like he needs a bath.


    Did at 0:06 Graham reach for handshake and Jason didn't responded?

  • alex gerling
    alex gerling

    Miriam cracks me up just straight up honesty haha love you ..Jim Carrey a ledgend and an icon of mental health my heart's with you, now matthew mcconaughey his voice is so chilled it would send me to sleep too. When I'm looking for relaxation I look for your vids Graham Norton you embody what a talk show should be hope you and all your families are well during this time 😍

  • Laura Carione
    Laura Carione

    oh my god jason momoa praising regina king got me pregnant

  • Zoey Kiritu
    Zoey Kiritu

    Miriam Margoyles is just the best😂😂♥️

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh

    Ricky Gervais is gift from nature

  • Lanre K. Odunlami
    Lanre K. Odunlami

    12:15 🎵"Daniel Kaluuuyaaaaa...🎵😂

  • Vijayaansh Shivgotra
    Vijayaansh Shivgotra

    Dafuq is aquaman is wearing

  • Lal sherlock
    Lal sherlock

    Mathew Macoughney listening to his own voice and still be mesmerize is the biggest self esteem i have ever seen . Much respect

  • Eric Charles
    Eric Charles

    Sir Ian amd Dame Julie amd Dame Judi ❤❤

  • anna

    They sang Baby got back to make the baby laugh, not to stop her from crying...

  • jman415

    Reese sang the theme song wrong😂

  • Carina S
    Carina S

    Oh no, Matthew McConaughey sounds like a serial killer, how could anyone fall asleep to that?!

  • Bryan Jensen
    Bryan Jensen

    "This here's Matthew saying Good night Sleep tight All right all right all right"

  • Damon Milner
    Damon Milner

    Graham Norton is a legend of a talk show host. But was incredibly awesome in the series called, 'father ted' 👍😂

  • Nicole Song
    Nicole Song

    RDJ: “I... sit corrected.” Damn, I love him, he’s humbling.

  • Yona osborne
    Yona osborne

    Jim Carey is just too much

  • Veronika

    nothing better than Jason going to Emilia saying "Hi Baby"

  • kirk jackson
    kirk jackson

    Jason Mamoa could make a bin bag look cool.

  • mareir

    Who's the pregnant woman?

  • TheDeadlyAvenger

    Easily the best talk show hands down

  • Cashelle Cayenne
    Cashelle Cayenne

    We need Cardi B on this show😂

  • Pickle Piper
    Pickle Piper

    Bublé’s impression of Matthew was surprisingly good

  • Kay19 K
    Kay19 K

    Jason is what u ordered online...

  • Marina Herbst
    Marina Herbst

    Jesus Mamoa is huge

  • so tweet
    so tweet

    I got the calm app. It's lovely. They have other actors telling stories as well. Expensive but worth it.

  • Shael Utah
    Shael Utah

    Jennifer looks like a freak. Why would you do that to yourself?

  • Harry GW
    Harry GW

    So much better than all the American chat shows

  • Asa Yagami
    Asa Yagami

    Jim carrey creeps me out

  • TheTradge

    I think the best part of this show is the unlikely friendships and bonds that are formed, who knew Jason Momoa and Ross Noble would get on so well!

  • urbaanidze

    Jason Momoa should play Kraven the hunter in the next spiderman

  • L. Spencer
    L. Spencer

    Norton's a genius at loosening ppl up n the guests really have fun. He uses old Irish trick.... Get them halfway Trollied! Rest is his unique talent n sense of humour. I don't watch any other shows! Boring by comparison! Irish export their best talent. E.g Dermot Morgan! R.I.p

  • Afarro

    The celebrity dress is becoming more and more like hunger games ..

  • bumble bee
    bumble bee

    Jason Jason Jason😍😍😍

  • ShallowDepression

    They all hit the wall in the end.

  • Dream Time
    Dream Time

    he's such a lover but unfortunately, a stoner

  • world _
    world _

    What's a brother lover?

    • Amaya Lynxx
      Amaya Lynxx

      Gay I think!

  • ndlondlo mabuya
    ndlondlo mabuya

    Regina King ❤️ love her. Thank you @Graham Norton

  • Amy Kepler
    Amy Kepler

    We have Belted Galloway on a farm down the road 5 miles. Saw them today driving. We live just North of Huntsville, Alabama. They are beautiful healthy stock. First time seeing them. I wondered what they were.

  • Lazslo de Vaal
    Lazslo de Vaal

    LIFE, NOT IT Fake fan

  • Walt Locke
    Walt Locke

    I love Ricky Gervais! 🤣

  • HMat

    For real, Matthew McConaughey's voice is very soothing

  • Matt Wix
    Matt Wix

    Jason Momoa looks like Ross Noble's avatar from a video game

  • Pratiksha SH
    Pratiksha SH

    He's huge.. Oh my God I love him. He's so precious

  • Piyush Lahekar
    Piyush Lahekar

    His SORRRyyyyyy at 11:46 was so good!

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown

    I didn't expect I'd get to see Tony Stark and Dr. House having a conversation but here we are.

    • Aodhan Fitzgerald
      Aodhan Fitzgerald

      Beauty of Graham Norton

    • Alex Smith
      Alex Smith

      House would've been like "check his chest cavity for plastic forks" and somehow Tony's shrapnel would actually be a damn fork.

    • urbaanidze

      And doctor House outsmarts Tony

  • kcielyn kcielyn
    kcielyn kcielyn

    Jason is just a vortex of charm

  • 83Jude

    We should have Miriam ALL YEAR LONG!

  • CJ and Auntie Yaya
    CJ and Auntie Yaya

    Sorry, but if I had Matthew's app playing while I was in bed, sleeping would NOT be what I'm doing... Gonna have to turn the volume up to drown out the buzzing noise for sure!


    Am I the only one to rewind and count the 15 seconds he held that note? LMFAO

  • Mr Magician junior
    Mr Magician junior

    she got the opening theme wrong its so no one told you life was gonna be this way but she said so no one told you its gonna be this way

  • Camembert d'Alembert
    Camembert d'Alembert

    I spent months to understand english accent (mainly london accent) and getting my ears used to it, then I started learning american accent... Now I am back to english accent and I can't understand it any more :-(

    • Serena Blue
      Serena Blue

      Awww that's so sweet. Keep trying 🇬🇧

  • Carlos Hugo Esteban Martinez de Montoya
    Carlos Hugo Esteban Martinez de Montoya

    "Everytime I England."

  • S S
    S S

    Jason Mamoa what a hunk! 👍🏽😇😍🥰😜💖💝❤️💙💚💜💛💕

  • Mitchell Weiner
    Mitchell Weiner

    I see Emilia Clarke and Reese Witherspoon,I watch. Some of the best clickbait on the Internet ever!

  • Linda Rosenkranz
    Linda Rosenkranz

    *so no one told you life was gonna be this way... smh

  • Jay

    Jason Momoa is the ultimate snacc. I would say that Jennifer Aniston is eternally beautiful but she's only 51yrs old so of course she is still BEAUTIFUL & SEXY. Daniel Radcliffe looks better than EVER and The world is a beautiful place. Have a nice day for you all!

  • HawkHardstylez

    Aniston should sttop the plastic now!

  • Kathy Childress
    Kathy Childress

    I hope that's a faux fur coat

  • Tima Glam
    Tima Glam

    Jim carrey a living Gem😍😍😍😂😂😂😂

  • Manvir Sahota
    Manvir Sahota

    But in the show it WAS beef

  • ahmed aliraqi
    ahmed aliraqi

    Why just Jennifer Aniston ? I mean matt leblanc is great man

  • Kerem Ardicli
    Kerem Ardicli

    No.. I should not start watching again... cause i cannot stop...

  • J C
    J C

    Does Jason actually wear a white PJ top underneath his coat?? 😳

  • コヨミ Koyomi
    コヨミ Koyomi

    Even straight men become gay after hearing Matthew asmr

  • Let’s Play with Aayden
    Let’s Play with Aayden

    Graham Norton has the best show to get celebrities to act so unprofessional and let loose. They have a lot of fun and so does the audience.

  • Karl B. Tilleman
    Karl B. Tilleman

    Is it me or does Jennifer Aniston look like she's having an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting in her face? #HadToSayIt

  • Sophie Mitchell
    Sophie Mitchell

    This needs to be 30 minutes longer, I can’t get enough of this show

  • michelles4

    Love Julie Andrews!!! She is the best!!!😍