The Bonfyre - "U Say" ft. 6LACK (Official Audio)
The Bonfyre
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  • asanda londeka buthelezi
    asanda londeka buthelezi

    This song has been on repeat😭😭. Can't stop listening to it❤❤

  • l c
    l c

    On fuckin repeat! 🖤

  • Sedan Land
    Sedan Land

    This my new fav 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Laboratorio 048
    Laboratorio 048


    Real shit

  • Shuga Plum
    Shuga Plum

    1:16-1:32...yasss!!😍🔥her whole album is lit!👌🏾

  • Bryana Curtis
    Bryana Curtis

    i have a crush one this boy.. he use to be mean to me but he has changed its like he is a whole new person and we became best friends he doesnt know i like him and im sure he doesn't like me because he tells me the girls he likes who are also my best friends and i dont know what to do every song makes me think of him and i just want to call him mine but i know ill never be able to do that :((( helpppp

  • Alexander Saxton
    Alexander Saxton

    This song sucks!

  • Alexander Saxton
    Alexander Saxton

    This song is too repetitive!!!!!


    Mya on this would be very hot a remix🔥

  • Dcforlife09

    U know a song good when u have to repeat the first :30 secs everytime . 😩🔥✨

  • Pxm

    eu sei a lara tem

  • zDecent

    Haha she spell bonfire wrong.

  • Lily JM.
    Lily JM.

    she hit him with the clown

  • Jennifer Pereira
    Jennifer Pereira

    this song is already my fav song atm

  • Spiritual Fawn
    Spiritual Fawn

    I need this instrumental

  • Laurie Darras
    Laurie Darras


  • Aloui Abdelaziz
    Aloui Abdelaziz

    Goood woork amizing song

  • Weliton Clemente
    Weliton Clemente

    Amei a música ❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Love Peach
    Love Peach

    🎤🎶You want be with me You want to be with me for real🎵🎼 Favorite line😍

  • King Boat
    King Boat

    Where da lyrics at ***

  • Natasha Bey
    Natasha Bey

    "You say a lot of things" YES I DO DEAL WITH IT 😂

    • fahim saimon
      fahim saimon


  • Giada Stuckey
    Giada Stuckey

    *New theme song for my future new youtube*



  • Jakwon Scorpio
    Jakwon Scorpio

    Okay shordy Bonfyre frm Massachusetts Murda Ma$$ Stand up

  • Sara One
    Sara One

    am I the only person getting some Camilla cabelo vibe.

  • A s.
    A s.

    found this song by accident but it’s fire 🔥🔥

  • Justin Oversole
    Justin Oversole

    Yet again found me another female artist who out does herself on every track she puts out

  • Shadowoo Boi
    Shadowoo Boi

    Jeez idk how many times i've but this song on loop but in that idk how many times it played in the loops lmao

  • whatever idc
    whatever idc

    I was a fan of "6lack" some months ago I became a fan of "the bonfyre" and now they made a song together. My ears are blessed 😍

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    how the fuck did I end up here... ?? this is awfull..just horrible.. fuck out...jesus

  • Amir Patel
    Amir Patel

    I don't want this song end. Bonfyre killed it:))

  • Oupa Luda
    Oupa Luda

    Top 5 maybe top2, we all know I'm not 2.

  • Man Dolen
    Man Dolen

    wow can this get more boringlike ffs she just repeats one line over and over over beat so generic siri could generate bettter one

  • Pong Loy9
    Pong Loy9

    Lyrics: you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing you said a lot of thing.

  • NIC

    This is fyeeee

  • Dale Philipé
    Dale Philipé

    U Say its an Easy call for the Water... Thirst 48

  • Slimjimkim

    This song is stuck in my head ; I’m scared

  • vernell green
    vernell green


  • Marvin Polo
    Marvin Polo


  • Andy Brüning
    Andy Brüning

    I was in shock, had a Raichu Short lived like a Raikou

  • Ivana Davids
    Ivana Davids

    first time TR-my recommended actually worked well.

  • Yahav

    shit song

  • Sau Mun C
    Sau Mun C

    Dayum! This girl got black soul! I

  • Sarthak Pathroliya 19
    Sarthak Pathroliya 19

    This Beat is dope.

  • Kristen Carter
    Kristen Carter

    Run it down. Lets run a play now. You know how to kill a vibe. We in and out on a regular. And are you where you really say you are? Lol

  • NH TRIpp
    NH TRIpp


  • Kalicia Smith
    Kalicia Smith

    A vibe

  • Kalicia Smith
    Kalicia Smith

    A vibe

  • N0ir i am N0ir
    N0ir i am N0ir

    This shit got me in my feelings like at 3am just trippin on old shit.

  • Yowie

    How many things do I say? A lot!

  • BOI Treus
    BOI Treus

    2k dislike? This shit fire I dont know why people are dumb

  • nicolas carvalho
    nicolas carvalho

    Wow 🔥🔥🔥

  • Olga Cuadra
    Olga Cuadra


  • MrDwoo

    Melodic 🔥

  • steven otibah
    steven otibah

    6lack keep on blowing my mind✊

  • Kelann x
    Kelann x

    She sounds like Camila Cabello

  • Maria ts
    Maria ts

    Top five, maybe top two, and we all know I am not two... 6lack ❤️❤️❤️

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez

    Intro sounds like the sonic.exe 😂

  • YOU NeeD tO Chill
    YOU NeeD tO Chill

    But the tag in the begging is fire,"maaakes moneeeey"

  • Karen Silva
    Karen Silva

    Wow, very good!



  • Will Mooney
    Will Mooney

    6lack and Ty Dolla $ign make every song better, I swear

  • Meg Thomas
    Meg Thomas

    Want to end up shit faced or in the hospital? Take a drink every time you hear... “you say a lot of things” 👌🏼 lol Thank you 6LACK, another song for my playlist. 🖤

  • Rodrigo Fernety
    Rodrigo Fernety

    camila cabello?

  • Patience Miller
    Patience Miller


  • Stephanie Zephyr
    Stephanie Zephyr

    Who else has this on repeat ❤🔥

    • leilany merino gaspar
      leilany merino gaspar

      Stephanie Zephyr u e kwk3kwk o 00pm q ummm

  • loby crack
    loby crack

    esta música es una caca i es muy fea

  • Kat Gunnoe
    Kat Gunnoe

    You say a lot of things.... don't we all though?

  • yoongiverse. ee
    yoongiverse. ee

    i fw it