The Conspiracy Collection Reveal | Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson
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Marcelo (Director and photographer)
Lipsticknick (Makeup)
Alana Schober (Makeup)
Hair by Jay
List of Items and Prices in the Collection:
Conspiracy Palette - $52
Mini-Controversy Palette - $28
SHANE x JEFFREE Palette Bundle $72
Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection Bundle (All Makeup + Black Imprint Travel Bag) - $210
The Gloss: Shane Glossin’ clear gloss - $18
Diet Shane lip balm - $18

Velour Liquid Lipsticks ($18):
Are You Filming?
Jeffree, What the Fuck?
I Gotta Go
Oh My God
Shane x Jeffree Velour Liquid Lipstick Pig Bundle - $90
Black & Pink Pig Hand Mirrors - $30
Conspiracy Track Jogger - $45
Conspiracy Track Jacket - $55
Shane x Jeffree Imprint Travel Bag - $30
Shane x Jeffree Black Double Zip Makeup Bag - $40
Shane x Jeffree Pink Double Zip Makeup Bag - $40
Shane Dawson Accessory Bag - $30
Shane Dawson Pink Side Bag - $35
Shane Dawson Black Side Bag - $35
Music Featured:
Catie Turner "Prom Queen"
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Ryan Caraveo "Bang"
Ricky Montgomery - My Heart is Buried in Venice
Ricky’s Band, The Honeysticks
Hoodie Allen - No Interruption
Andrew Applepie

Time of the Season - Ben Taylor Band
“Time of the Season”
Written by Rod Argent
Performed by Ben Taylor
Courtesy of Iris Records
Published by Verulam Music Co. Ltd.

  • true jacky
    true jacky

    Depression and Anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualize children, Shane you are disgusting and I hope your channel will get shut down

  • Mr Bobbity
    Mr Bobbity

    .... :(

  • Chelsea R.M.
    Chelsea R.M.

    Removing your videos from my liked videos. Not that you care, I've only been watching your channel and supporting your videos for 10 years. It's so disappointing that you got involved with Jeffree Star. Birds of a feather, flock together.

  • Whiteboard Becky
    Whiteboard Becky

    I never watched the series, and now I’m watching the whole thing 🧟‍♀️

  • aideen roberg
    aideen roberg

    Who else is here after shane got canceled..

  • Korea Lover
    Korea Lover

    Fuck u

  • MAX Κ.
    MAX Κ.

    Anyways, who’s here after the drama?

  • danis k
    danis k

    Damn, that song at 58:00 feels wasted on this video.

  • Styles Fam
    Styles Fam


  • Peachyxlila

    I REMEMEBER WHEN THIS PALLETE CAME OUT i was to broke to buy it tho- :(

  • Chanel’s Channel
    Chanel’s Channel

    Sometimes when one reaches the top, too busy to realize there are those, who have been waiting to tear you down. You will rise again Soon , SHANE.

    • Amenah Al-Hadeethi
      Amenah Al-Hadeethi

      Chanel’s Channel relax it is not that deep

    • Amenah Al-Hadeethi
      Amenah Al-Hadeethi

      Chanel’s Channel ok god you can use a chill pill

    • Chanel’s Channel
      Chanel’s Channel

      Amenah Al-Hadeethi whose day? and no shit if you’re referring to Shane , yeah he should apologize!!! Do you not undrestand or see what I wrote? Are you having a hard time grasping what I said? ET ME MAKE IT CLEAR FOR YOU , what’s the difference, you do t seem to know how to read, I’ve already all this!!!

    • Amenah Al-Hadeethi
      Amenah Al-Hadeethi

      Chanel’s Channel we are not perfect and neither is he Some mistakes can be forgiven and accepted but some are just too much

    • Amenah Al-Hadeethi
      Amenah Al-Hadeethi

      Chanel’s Channel Look my problem is with you thinking that we want to take him down I am not pro cancel culture But him not justifying his actions is unacceptable if he took serious accountability that woul have been fine I think he should address a situation and step off TR-my for a while and take time to seek help If he comes back like nothing’s ever happened and not address anything people will not like it

  • Allison Horwitz
    Allison Horwitz

    And look where shane is now... absolutely shook hahaha hell shane. Jeffree is just as bad too!!!!!

  • kiki • 69 years ago
    kiki • 69 years ago

    yeah... um.... glad I decided to not spend my money on these...

    • Cheesy Riceball
      Cheesy Riceball

      Ngl the pallet is kinda ugly imo 🙈🙈

  • i2ay

    Just bought this

  • Claudio Valenzuela
    Claudio Valenzuela

    I love u shane

    • Tania Moreno
      Tania Moreno

      Me to

    • a.person

      Uhhh have you not seen what’s come to light?

  • coolcat Ali
    coolcat Ali

    what Shane Dawson did was disgusting and the younger audience condone that disgusting behavior there just as bad as him if they support him. Both of them need to get the fuck of TR-my.

  • Sarah Quesnel
    Sarah Quesnel

    Could be in the realm of possibilities because they are a delicate breed. You just need to relay info to your vet.... and if they don't want to help... get a second opinion promptly. Take care.

  • Sarah Quesnel
    Sarah Quesnel

    Anything to do with autoimmune diseases? Joints?

  • Sarah Quesnel
    Sarah Quesnel

    Ask your vet about that... maybe predisposition to that for Pomeranians?

  • Sarah Quesnel
    Sarah Quesnel

    Anti-nmda receptor encephalitis

  • Beth Bryant
    Beth Bryant

    This whole thing is stupid af & I bet its all for attention & money. You people are adults, act like it

  • Monika Hossain
    Monika Hossain

    Take a break or come back with real change because right now 🤮 and btw there are people dying right now so step up

  • Monika Hossain
    Monika Hossain

    Take a break or come back with real change because right now 🤮 and btw there are people dying right now so they both need to step up

  • Becca

    Makes me sad to watch this now after all the crap hit the fan and people all turning their backs

    • Amenah Al-Hadeethi
      Amenah Al-Hadeethi

      Becca omg seriously I know you were being sarcastic i swear it’s okay 😂

    • Becca

      Amenah Al-Hadeethi I’m sorry I don’t mean to come across rude

    • Amenah Al-Hadeethi
      Amenah Al-Hadeethi

      Becca Ok ☺️

    • Becca

      Amenah Al-Hadeethi I am aware of this so go on with your wonderful wisdom

    • Amenah Al-Hadeethi
      Amenah Al-Hadeethi

      Becca then ?people are just choosing not to support his behavior anymore

  • chris obrero
    chris obrero


  • AmethystEyes

    The longest ad I have ever seen. Lol

  • Sara Mj
    Sara Mj

    Fuck you Shane!!!!!!!!!

  • Faith Nisbet
    Faith Nisbet

    Miss garret

  • Lucy Bremridge
    Lucy Bremridge

    I have a strong hated for cancel culture it’s not ok you see what it did to James Charles so why repeat it doesn’t make sense

    • Amenah Al-Hadeethi
      Amenah Al-Hadeethi

      Lucy Bremridge See what happened to James was so sad People jumped on and pre judged him and believed false accusations without proof But people have proof over Shane it’s all over the internet

    • Izzy C.
      Izzy C.

      It's more than just cAncEL CuLtuRe. He needs to be investigated for the child related crap HE put up on the internet and admitted to. Or would you rather wait until he gets caught touching a child to call him out??

    • coolcat Ali
      coolcat Ali

      what Shane Dawson did was disgusting and you condone that disgusting behavior your just as bad as him if you support him.

  • ShanboShow’ s
    ShanboShow’ s

    I know I’m the only one who thinks this but Jeffery REALLY like Andrew (again I’m the only one thinks this) 💝😌👌😗

  • ZLine

    This video is apparently blocked in certain countries. Glad it ain’t blocked in UK

  • Staples Giftbag
    Staples Giftbag

    I can’t believe people are seriously pressed about Shane being “racist”. No he’s not, 9 years ago Shane was being racist. Nobody said anything about it then because they enjoyed the the content, the entertainment. If something bad that you did that many years ago resurfaced, you would defend yourself by saying “that’s not who I am now”. We’re human we make mistakes and we make changes in our life based on our mistakes. You want to ruin his life because of something that didn’t harm anyone, it wasn’t in malicious intent, he was trying to make content and funny skits. You demand an apology, he takes full accountability and apologizes yet you are all still upset. Don’t ask for an apology if you’re not willing to accept it.

    • Amenah Al-Hadeethi
      Amenah Al-Hadeethi

      Staples Giftbag Are you sure that he behavior harmed no one ? Seriously? What about the smith’s it traumatizing

    • Izzy C.
      Izzy C.

      Forget about the racism for 1 sec.... focus on the child predator behavior that HE admitted to. He either needs to be institutionalized or in jail. 🙄

    • Kelly Drummond
      Kelly Drummond

      He's a pedophile. Literally.

    • Lucy Bremridge
      Lucy Bremridge

      Staples Giftbag yesss preach

  • Qvalka

    Shane stay strong. I think I know what were you trying to say in that non popular interview, it came out as it did, unfortunatelly. It seems that the internet is now full of people with high morals, that want youtube be the clean safe space, but the result is, that youtube is now much more toxic than it had ever been. And one would think that people have real problems in their lives that need to be solved.

  • Miguel Salguero
    Miguel Salguero


  • RobloxQween Natalie
    RobloxQween Natalie

    I used to love Shane bc him and Garrett and ryland and the rest of the crew and the same thing that happens to everyone when they become famous is they leave there friends and hang out with other rich famous friends shane changed

  • Mathew Flott
    Mathew Flott

    Damn this is sad... total entertainment forever...

  • Drown Soda
    Drown Soda

    Bet y'all feel dumb wasting your money on this ugly ass palette now

    • Narin

      @Qvalka I know that you feel completely fine lining the pockets of racist p*dos and that's all I need to know. I'll pray for you sweetie 🙏

    • Drown Soda
      Drown Soda

      @Fallenheart88 good for you girl, not from morphe unfortunately 🤷‍♀️

    • Fallenheart88

      I love it myself 🤷🏽‍♀️. I’ll buy it again

    • 5K37CH!!!

      I'm so glad that on that day I wasn't able to get onto the site cause otherwise I'd have it right now. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

    • Lucy Bremridge
      Lucy Bremridge

      Narin how is she racisttttt girl get your facts straight and the pallet lowkey looks sick I would be it just to look at it

  • Nazirul Farhan
    Nazirul Farhan

    Jeffree i hope you can respond to what Tati is saying and NO MATTER what happens..we and i as your fan will always support you. I love you so much Jeffree..because of you and all your videos it makes me alive..i am HIV positive man and have fall into a dark world of depression but through your video i see the light..through your video i stay strong.. I really hope that you will stay strong and healthy..i love you jeffree

  • Bubblymia

    Depression and anxiety isn't an excuse to sexualize children, Shane.

  • Taylor Winkler
    Taylor Winkler

    I request Shane Dawson to post all drama from series to be posted UNEDITED. That is the only way we will get the TRUTH. Everyone knows Shane has kept everything that he recorded

  • Milca Sosa
    Milca Sosa

    Well... gotta give this video an unlike:)

  • Sugar Sprinkles
    Sugar Sprinkles

    So wat if it was stolen it’s done perfectly because u kno .... Andrew 🥰 #Isaidwatisaid

  • BostonEmily

    The comment to view ratio is so off I can't believe it

  • Leonie Xx
    Leonie Xx

    i love how this started as shane saying it as a joke and now its happened like woooaahhh x

  • momolicious

    Literally hits different watching this now after they getting exposed

  • Elektra de la torre
    Elektra de la torre

    I love you Shane. Please be strong and patient

  • Vinicius Blezins
    Vinicius Blezins

    I love this video. I hope Shane and Jeffre could still be friends after what is happening rg. Love this memmory. Sending love from Brazil

  • liv

    i'm so sad, they let me down. shane let me down. i've watched shane since i was 11 years old. i'm now 23. i'm heartbroken. i knew making friends with jeffree would come back to hurt him.

    • S4765

      Anyone who falls for Tati’s fraudulent claims is DUMB and shouldn’t be a fan in the first place.

    • Steve Vigilante
      Steve Vigilante

      @Vinicius Blezins idk man, maybe not this time.

    • Vinicius Blezins
      Vinicius Blezins

      It's ok. He's still a good person. This gonna pass. I still love Shane and apreciate whatching jefree. Sending love <3

  • Brenda Morales
    Brenda Morales

    demonetized 🧜🏼‍♀️

    • mean gruls
      mean gruls

      Do you know when they put the vid back up last time o checked it was taken down

  • Animeguy03


    • S4765

      Steve Vigilante they got #cancelled for the 50th time again 😂 it’s so predictable at this point. People love taking down successful, happy people.

    • Steve Vigilante
      Steve Vigilante

      @Alegria Vargas sorry, I don't mean to sound dumb. Please forgive me

    • Steve Vigilante
      Steve Vigilante

      @Alegria Vargas sorry

    • Alegria Vargas
      Alegria Vargas

      @Steve Vigilante 😂 not you LOL

    • Steve Vigilante
      Steve Vigilante

      @Alegria Vargas what did I do? :(

  • Tiffany Howard
    Tiffany Howard

    Shane got a good deal he hook him up for sure! Congratulations

  • Tiffany Howard
    Tiffany Howard

    Wow love the colors nudes with color too I want to dip into that wow color green

  • Brooke A. Seider
    Brooke A. Seider

    Jeffree and shane stole the "creating a makeup pallette," idea from James charles.. look up Peter Monn

    • Kayla ann
      Kayla ann

      Creating a makeup pallet isnt copying someone lol lots of people create pallets doesnt mean that they are copying james charels

  • Jwan Manuel
    Jwan Manuel

    This whole series was a stolen idea from James Charles 2 years ago!!!

    • Lucy Bremridge
      Lucy Bremridge

      Jwan Manuel yeah but if James had that idea 2 years ago he would have done it already like come on

  • Tiffany Howard
    Tiffany Howard

    Gloss pump get one of them! Congratulations shane

  • Rylee McDougall
    Rylee McDougall

    We need help my mother died and my little brother got handed to his abusive father who hasn't seen him in over 3 years, we need a platform to spread the word about our story

    • Qvalka

      @Steve Vigilante Grow up

    • Steve Vigilante
      Steve Vigilante

      Why here? Especially on a pedo and racist youtuve channel?

  • Bea Chanel
    Bea Chanel

    Who’s here during all the Shane drama?

    • Crystal White
      Crystal White

      Well I personally haven't seen any proof of what people were saying until a few hours ago. It's sad that people aren't always what you thought they were

    • pls adore me harry
      pls adore me harry

      Crystal White what do you mean accusations? x

    • Crystal White
      Crystal White

      My question is all these people making accusations where are their proof?

    • beatrizhuesca20

      I'm more curious to know why someone of the videos were taken down momentarily?

  • Ami A
    Ami A


    • Kayla ann
      Kayla ann

      I dont lol I still stan him

  • Marki-Sparki

    Who else is watching this bc the palette is cancelled on morphe and the drama has exploded?!?!?!

  • _Sleepy Sakura_
    _Sleepy Sakura_

    i wanna cry this ah my heart :(


    And....................... Its gone

  • Emmanuel

    BAN from TR-my

  • Brad C
    Brad C



    U gay bro? I didn't know that

    • Megan Weaver
      Megan Weaver

      he is bisexual

  • Customer Fuckin Service
    Customer Fuckin Service

    This dude is def a nasty slob.

    • A Chicken nugget
      A Chicken nugget

      @Alegria Vargas 🖕🤣

    • Alegria Vargas
      Alegria Vargas


    • A Chicken nugget
      A Chicken nugget

      Nope you are the one watching 14 year olds you fucking sico @customer service

  • HellaCrayy

    This was crazy. And I see Mark has a Milwaukee shirt on. I'm from Milwaukee so basically I'll be rich like Jeffree.

  • Danielle Magerowski
    Danielle Magerowski

    My palette came in today. I’m dieing to try it out. I love you and jeffree,Shane. We are all people who make mistakes. Thank you for the inspiration. Please don’t leave us

    • Danielle Magerowski
      Danielle Magerowski

      I just wish they would get their ducks in a row and stop hiding. Life moves on. everyone that’s superficial enough to invest themselves in this drama deserve closure. I think we are far from it

    • Danielle Magerowski
      Danielle Magerowski

      Most definitely! Even it I gotta call it my regret palette

    • Steve Schwallie
      Steve Schwallie

      u stil gonna keep it gurl?

  • Roblox Reviews
    Roblox Reviews

    Who else is watching this cause you are afraid that Shane isn’t going to be posting anymore because of his Mistakes, but you still I’ve him till the end.

    • Roblox Reviews
      Roblox Reviews

      Cher Mil I am sorry to make you angry, I am sorry please don’t hurt me

    • Cher Mil
      Cher Mil

      Shane isn't the victim and his past and what he's doing presently is way too serious for him to relax and drink beer. Honestly, he should be charged for some of the shit he's done especially the pedophilic shit.

    • Roblox Reviews
      Roblox Reviews

      We love you Shane, we know that you have make mistakes. It will pass, just drink your root beer, work on your movie and maybe you should invite drew and garret over. I know that they will make you feel better.

  • Owen Cash
    Owen Cash


  • drixpy- _drixp
    drixpy- _drixp


    • drixpy- _drixp
      drixpy- _drixp

      Misha that’s wtf i’m saying people r ughhhh like wtf sickening asf

    • Misha

      Alegria Vargas damn, if you’re idol is Shane, then your bar must be low LOL. Imagine idolizing a racist and a pedophile that sexualized kids ffs, could never be me

    • drixpy- _drixp
      drixpy- _drixp

      Alegria Vargas well ig ain’t my problem his racist and a disgusting person tf

    • Misha

      Alegria Vargas sort the comments by new, find a comment that says “gross” and you replied the same thing LOLOL

    • Alegria Vargas
      Alegria Vargas

      @Misha 🖕🖕🖕 cuz why tf not ?? And wdym this isn't the first time??