The Conspiracy Collection Reveal | Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson
The Conspiracy Collection Available This Friday Nov 1st at 10amPST on
We'll be at Mall of America on Nov 2nd to celebrate the palette!
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Marcelo (Director and photographer)
Lipsticknick (Makeup)
Alana Schober (Makeup)
Hair by Jay
List of Items and Prices in the Collection:
Conspiracy Palette - $52
Mini-Controversy Palette - $28
SHANE x JEFFREE Palette Bundle $72
Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection Bundle (All Makeup + Black Imprint Travel Bag) - $210
The Gloss: Shane Glossin’ clear gloss - $18
Diet Shane lip balm - $18

Velour Liquid Lipsticks ($18):
Are You Filming?
Jeffree, What the Fuck?
I Gotta Go
Oh My God
Shane x Jeffree Velour Liquid Lipstick Pig Bundle - $90
Black & Pink Pig Hand Mirrors - $30
Conspiracy Track Jogger - $45
Conspiracy Track Jacket - $55
Shane x Jeffree Imprint Travel Bag - $30
Shane x Jeffree Black Double Zip Makeup Bag - $40
Shane x Jeffree Pink Double Zip Makeup Bag - $40
Shane Dawson Accessory Bag - $30
Shane Dawson Pink Side Bag - $35
Shane Dawson Black Side Bag - $35
Music Featured:
Catie Turner "Prom Queen"
Listen to “Prom Queen” on Spotify
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Ryan Caraveo "Bang"
Ricky Montgomery - My Heart is Buried in Venice
Ricky’s Band, The Honeysticks
Hoodie Allen - No Interruption
Andrew Applepie

Time of the Season - Ben Taylor Band
“Time of the Season”
Written by Rod Argent
Performed by Ben Taylor
Courtesy of Iris Records
Published by Verulam Music Co. Ltd.

  • Discreet Hobo
    Discreet Hobo

    "I wouldn't leave unless Daddy was dying, dying" Little did Jeffree know what was about to come...

  • Gabi Pierson
    Gabi Pierson

    We love you Shane!!

  • Mildred Daradal
    Mildred Daradal

    Shane doesnt even know how to do make up

  • Trippy Izik
    Trippy Izik

    Jefree looks like Millie Bobby browns older sibling lol

  • XxAroura _PlayzxX
    XxAroura _PlayzxX

    Omfg. Shane, you are my favorite youtuber. New merch, and your in TR-my rewind 2019. Your amazing.

  • Mohammed Farhan
    Mohammed Farhan

    Imagine coming out the toilet, seeing a man recording, a another laughing and the CEO of your job who looks female stood up peeing...

  • Ashley Rivera
    Ashley Rivera

    Shane was so skinny when he started TR-my but now he’s fat like Santa

  • Georgiana Alexe
    Georgiana Alexe

    I love them all! Like...Shane is so humble and nice and so insecure and so adorable. Jeffree is one of my favorite people in the world , So genuine so nice.His attitude, personality,he is beautiful ! Funny, and I could go on for hours. Maddison is amazing,imagine taking care of so many important things,she's beautiful and funny.Ryland is the definition of ADORABLE! Morgan is so supportive of everything and sensitive , kind and beautiful. Andrew is so creative and the fact that he designed the palette Oh My God ! They fit so well together. I am hooked and I live for them... !!

  • khushboo khalid
    khushboo khalid

    I love their friendship

  • night sky
    night sky

    Watching the DREAM become REALITY!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG THIS was so inspirational to watch 😭😭😭

  • Courtney Holmes
    Courtney Holmes

    This is a long shot, but my sister needs help raising some money to do something she loves and is passionate about. If someone could just spread the word it would mean a lot.

  • TrAsH LeTtuCE0
    TrAsH LeTtuCE0

    Make a Cheeto dust color inspired by Shane.

  • Jessica Walker
    Jessica Walker

    I'm so sorry for your loss. My dog of 12 years passed away. I had had him since I was 2years old and I love him so much. I miss him everyday, he was my best friend. Love you Jeffree ♥️ RIP diamond and daddy star xx

  • sierra walton
    sierra walton

    U probably won’t get this comment but could u bring back your conspiracy we’re u would take about the illumination etc.

  • Shelby xx
    Shelby xx

    This is when I wish I was a millionaire, so I could buy e v e r y t h i n g😍😭

  • kittybee


  • Lizzy Wise
    Lizzy Wise

    Hey Shane I love your video and I love your makeup put I don’t have it because I’m poor put who care. I was thinking you can make a video about Christmas you can do it but you don’t have to do it. It’s your life I’m not god I don’t Control your life

  • TBT bro
    TBT bro

    are u gay?

  • Those Vegan Guys
    Those Vegan Guys

    This series was actually our introduction to you both, on TR-my. Can we say obsessed? LOL. LOVED this whole series, love the whole story, you all, the makeup. Still can't get hold of Ryland LL. Thanks for sharing all of this. Much love from us two. xxx

  • SoStinas Here
    SoStinas Here

    Shane secretly thrives off drama and lowkey enjoys it. Jeffrey is very obvious about his bullying bullshit, they both do it. But Shane is better at hiding it. That's why they get along so well together. Hellooo. Can't you see that.

  • T K
    T K

    Jefree is such an amazing friend omg..

  • Hime Hime
    Hime Hime

    Gw kesini gara gara manca, knp dengan orng ini?

  • Jose Antonio Rivera
    Jose Antonio Rivera

  • citrusglue yt
    citrusglue yt

    honestly kinda upset that garrett didn't get a shade or a lipstick named after him, literally nothing at all! and it makes me so sad that garrett said he had no idea most of this was going on:( he named a lipstick after ryland which is understandable because ryland is shane's fiance. andrew even got a lipstick named after him aswell, even though shane has known garrett for longer than he's known andrew. even trisha got a shade named after her and shane and trisha haven't been that close:/ and garrett gets nothing? and he was left out of the whole process and garrett even said shane has been so busy:( shane should have included garrett because garrett has been such a big part of his life.

  • Annie De La Rosa
    Annie De La Rosa

    It's interesting that you showed pallette on my birthday : November ,2nd

  • Angel Ruiz
    Angel Ruiz

    Is Jeffree star making Shane gay

  • Shellone Leslie
    Shellone Leslie

    I WANT THAT PIG BACKPACK😭💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Min Jeonsan
    Min Jeonsan

    10:11 Jeffree:We’re all homeless! 12:17 Jeffree:Biiitchh 17:39 Shane:*gasps loudly* Jeffree:*squeals loudly* My favorite moments

  • Mayuko Neko
    Mayuko Neko

    I really wish i could buy one of those items but i can't afford, I don't have enough even for my bus ticket to college (sad emoji) . But i truly and fully support Shane and his collection with Jeffree! GO! GO!!!! Hugs from a Brazilian fan!

  • TreKronor

    I loooooooooove Mark!

  • Alayna Colston
    Alayna Colston

    So I guess joining the Illuminati did you good 😡

  • Summah The *Vegan*
    Summah The *Vegan*

    You two are so talented but seeing how supportive you two are of one another is beautiful you can see the pure genuine love and friendship. That's beautiful.

  • Melissa Rivera
    Melissa Rivera

    I'm a fan of both Jeffery and Shane. Originally I wanted the items to show support, even though I dont wear makeup. I can't justify keeping them for myself knowing so many fans weren't able to get the eyeshadow set and are actually going to use it. Hope the next fan can truly enjoy the items and not let it go to waste. It's on poshmark Melimel95

  • sneeringlavender

    literally i heard caties voice in the song at the end and i knew exactly who it was i love her so much

  • Agnieszka Lula
    Agnieszka Lula

    you guys, the music is just TOO LOUD. I can't get what's being said.

  • mariana rios
    mariana rios

    Well I have a ? why is their a hair in the diet root beer shade @cloudy.jonny tiktok

  • Kara -
    Kara -

    no one even talk about ryland anymore.....

  • Elisha Marten
    Elisha Marten

    I love you two together such a good due

  • Philippa Cork
    Philippa Cork

    When you notice that one of the colors is named ‘Tanacon’ 😂🧡

  • C OL
    C OL

    Shane, Your the best in the business, your the Oprah of our generation, We need a doc on "Omi in a hellcat". Thank you!

  • sarah Mcardle
    sarah Mcardle

    We need you to do a conspiracy about Kate Yup!!1!!!

  • Miranda Gratz
    Miranda Gratz

    I am currently writing my marketing final on the Conspiracy Collection and how genius the marketing process was for this collection. I just want to say thank you for not only giving me a wonderful palette but giving me a fresh and innovative idea for my paper. BTW my prof loved my rough draft!

  • Zarah Adams
    Zarah Adams

    Anna is a talented queen like wtf

  • Marko

    Shane is the CEO of 50 shades of 'oh my god'

  • Julie Genua
    Julie Genua

    Jeffree you are so sweet and have a heart of gold!

  • Animegirl1823 J
    Animegirl1823 J

    The palette is pretty it’s just sold out and expensive

  • Prince Jay
    Prince Jay

    Who knows where Shane got that from at 12:12

  • Aj Only
    Aj Only

    Yo you should lowkey bring shanaynay back and give her a make over 😱😱😱 that would be amazing and funny af!

  • Only the Truth K2018
    Only the Truth K2018

    Most people are going to hell!

  • ÔwÔ Sënpâi
    ÔwÔ Sënpâi

    I felt bad for Garrett because he didn't even know about the pallette yet Morgan and Ryland got to know about it. Garrett was probably just busy but it still bothers me. He's my favorite, I mean like we both are obsessed with Harry Potter *sorry shane* 😔

  • Kristi M
    Kristi M

    I’ve been following Jeffree since MySpace. Now since this series, I don’t just like Jeffree I love Jeffree. He’s so sweet to Shane and his friends. I’m one of the ones that missed out on the collection because it sold out while it was in my cart. I have all of the other collections by Jeffree and I will soon have this entire collection too. Thank you for sharing this series

  • Random Rabbit
    Random Rabbit

    SHANE do a video on glitter forever 17! i know you had her on your podcast at one point but she has gone insane and nobodys talking about it. i think you should do some reaserch and do a vid PLEASE!!!! 👇 Like if you agree!!

  • Kore Zombie
    Kore Zombie


  • Quintessential

    My cat got put down on Thursday Nov 21st. My birthday is the 23rd of Nov. Its so hard losing a pet. I'm so sorry.

  • Bitchmetoo DaFuq
    Bitchmetoo DaFuq

    he did THAT henny

  • Itzel Ortiz
    Itzel Ortiz

    I really miss his old videos

  • XxGacha JcxX
    XxGacha JcxX

    Omg,snane!you are getting so much bigger!i remeber when you did witty challenges, and selled your underwear,now you are deaing with entier teams, and so many people.And not to mention,the confidenc! Your so happy and like, just wow.good job shane, we truely are proud and love you. ❤️❤️

  • Wassup Homie
    Wassup Homie

    Andrews best laugh : 5:57

  • Aileen Peinado
    Aileen Peinado

    This is honestly so amazing I enjoy watching these series, its so worth the wait and I honestly appreciate all the effort into these videos. So much love Shane❤❤

  • Jewl Rainy
    Jewl Rainy

    Seeing this makes me just want to cry. Im so proud of how far Shane has come!!! He MADE HIS OWN PALLETTE!!!


    I want it..... I got it!!! FINALLY YEEEESSSSS WORK!

  • Ammy Mejía Guerrero
    Ammy Mejía Guerrero

    I really don’t like Shane and his team at all !! So insecure so rude ! Loooveeeeee Jeffree !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gabi Pierson
      Gabi Pierson

      Lol.what a lame opinion

    • JustSomeStuffYt

      They're the best wdym? They're hilarious and I prefer you call them squad not "team" 💁

  • Donovan Watts
    Donovan Watts

    Shane why you so thiccc lol im over here like yassss Shane better work with that fatty in the trunk

  • Nyx Overwatch
    Nyx Overwatch

    I watch shane a long time now, never heard of jeffrey star before him. BUT i am shook! Shane is so greatful, confident and absolutly thankful and i wanted to say: Thank u Jeffrey for helping Shane and becoming finally confident about himself. I know it wont be read by u, but i needed to say it. I identify with shane a lot and hope find a friend like u in my bad times and would never give her away. I love u guys/Gurls so much. U are indeed, THE QUEEN! Love, Lily (who is writing it on her boyfriends account with a redbull in her hands)

  • Elizabeth Vaughn
    Elizabeth Vaughn

    Shane sold his USED underwear for.. what was it like 600k? And he still didn't think he could sell a legit palette. Lol he has no idea how amazing he is ❤️

  • Johnnie Patrick
    Johnnie Patrick

    I saw a documentary where children as young as 6 are going into a hole in ground to mine mica for makeup palettes they say say a prayer because they don’t know if they will die in a cave in oh and they are usually malnurished cause they don’t get enough to eat.but that mica makes that eyeshadow looked real shimmery jeffree and shane.

  • shmick

    Couldn't of happened to a better person huh. Let's hope, Shane gets the help he so desperately requires!! He is Mentality ill, and should be locked away! All self confessed and convicted pedophiles should be!

  • __ Leah_
    __ Leah_

    Shane and jeffree deserve everything they have worked for and more I love these pallets and all the merch. Although I can’t own it :( because it’s all sold out! I live for Shane I really can’t wait for Shane to do more conspiracies they R the BOMB no joke 😂 I love this whole collaboration and yeah lol

  • Chloe B
    Chloe B

    honestly jeffree is the friend to shane everyone wishes they could have like shane jeffrees a keeper!

  • Prince Of Darkness
    Prince Of Darkness

    It's currently 1:30am. My birthday is tomorrow. I'm never going to finish this series in time lol