The Dumbest Heckler - Steve Hofstetter
Steve Hofstetter
The Dumbest Heckler - Steve Hofstetter
This might actually be the dumbest. Featuring Daniel Muggleton
During Steve's first ever comedy show in Belfast, Ireland, he encounters the dumbest heckler of them all. It quickly became clear that the heckler was Australian. Or American? The Irish are simply too polite to do that. Here's hoping he heads back to wherever his fake accent is from.
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  • Steve Hofstetter
    Steve Hofstetter

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  • Gabriella Reyes
    Gabriella Reyes

    Fuck that dude daniel didn't deserve that

  • BloodylocksBathory

    lol I love when the rest of the crowd takes yours and Daniel's side. Especially the guy who said, "stand up!"

  • joseph ryan
    joseph ryan

    I'm actually pissed I didn't know about this cos of job hunting I would have loved to been there

  • Eric Kukuk
    Eric Kukuk

    As much as I enjoy these clips, I’m very glad they’re decreasing in frequency. Both of your sets are awesome without these idiots trying to derail them. It really makes me upset to see these (happy too when you verbally fuck them up) and I’m glad to see most of the recent clips are Q&As or from their sets. I hope you guys keep kicking ass!

  • Ares God Aware
    Ares God Aware

    Does this guy hire hecklers?

  • TheRealBigMan Jõse
    TheRealBigMan Jõse


  • RealityCheck1993

    Lost it at "living here in the 80's was a bit of a gamble". Damn his mind works fast.

  • rodrigo lopez
    rodrigo lopez

    To be fair if the show is shite, good on them for saying , your show sucks. If the crowd ain’t laughing it’s because your jokes suck not because the audience isn’t doing their job. Talk about outing demands on people

  • Andrew Carney
    Andrew Carney

    Dude is trash. Not a real comedian.

  • Teri Bigham
    Teri Bigham

    I was right in front of the arsehole Steve chats about! There can't be enough credit when they leave!! I'm so glad they left!!!

  • Eric Beich
    Eric Beich

    Hey Steve, Thats pretty cool what you said about tipping towards the end. Is that something that you have been doing for awhile and do other comics do that too? and do I need to get out to a comedy club soon ( well, not now...) if I'm asking these questions ? :)

  • Nathaniel S
    Nathaniel S

    I wish it would have been you who got him.

  • Josh Herbel
    Josh Herbel

    Tough decision to leave a like.... Leave a like and increase Steve's popularity, and decrease the chance of him performing in airport bars and broom closets where hecklers abound to give you the content I enjoy. Out of a sense of moral obligation for the success to your career, I will postpone any likes. (J/K I totally left a like. It would be nice if you can start doing jokes in venues that aren't next door to rent-by-hour hotels. Got ur back lol)

  • Mike Allison
    Mike Allison

    These are getting so lame! You didn't even deal with the heckler!

  • Mike Allison
    Mike Allison

    That many shows and the venues are still that small? Dude obviously sucks and is now trying to make a name off of viral videos

  • Mike Allison
    Mike Allison

    Why does this guy keep popping up on my suggested videos? I wouldn't consider it heckling when most of this takes place during question and answering where he picks on people's answer

    • booty_ hunter420
      booty_ hunter420

      You just have to tough it out for a couple days until TR-my FINALLY realizes you dont want to watch it. Just ignore for a while and itll go away

  • Dave Muller
    Dave Muller

    one of my best mates is a ginger - you are a funny bloke mate love watching you destroy hecklers lol

  • Jaxson Browning
    Jaxson Browning

    2:36 am I the only one that thinks that sounds like steve Edit: woah guys.

  • Chris Morgue
    Chris Morgue

    Aww man hadnt a clue you came here! Gutted. Hopefully il catch your next show here

  • Phoenix Flame
    Phoenix Flame

    Cant believe i missed ur belfast show.. please come again..

  • Travis Clower
    Travis Clower

    If Steve spent as much time writing jokes as he does posting ‘heckler’ videos, he might actually be funny. But here we are.

    • monokhem

      @Travis Clower You are doing a great job of making it clear that you have no sense of humour. You attempt to be witty and everything that comes out is a cry for help.

    • Travis Clower
      Travis Clower

      monokhem see you’re already funnier than this dude. Congrats.

    • monokhem

      Yes, "here we are" watching is highly successful TR-my comedy channel. You really got him.

  • Liam Johnson
    Liam Johnson

    I have to say, this Australian guy did very well with what he was given

  • j5jackson878

    I mean you gotta see the comedy in that one LMAO im sorry but that YOU SUCK was perfectly timed and executed! Im nearly crying with laughter right now! He shoulda just said, u got that one and letnit ride! Lmao he was being all nice and emotional and he just comes outta nowhere with that YOU SUCK hard as fk! Hahahahaha he seemed a little butthurt that he was at the ass end of the joke.

  • General Obi Wan Kenobi
    General Obi Wan Kenobi

    LOL "Make it hail."

  • Skull Hunter
    Skull Hunter

    Man I love the heckler slaying video!

  • Chelsea Leonard
    Chelsea Leonard

    Thank you

  • Nilmur

    so out of curiosity, have you made the making it hail joke in Australia since we also don't have dollar notes.

  • Evan MacDonald
    Evan MacDonald

    When your heckling videos are watched more than your comedy.


    My sister is just getting into standup in Massachusetts. How lucrative does it get traveling abroad vs domestically? Just curious. Rock On!!

  • Blaze James
    Blaze James

    That guy gets high on his own farts

  • Willa Herrera
    Willa Herrera

    When Daniel was wrapping up his set I said this to my girl : "OMG Steve is going to rip that stupid roostersucker apart if he doesn't immediately THROW him out" I'm gonna be honest I'm so disappointed the world missed out on Steve burying that pile of crap with intelligence. I feel like we missed out on comedy gold but thank you staff for kicking him out... I guess lol.

  • Willa Herrera
    Willa Herrera

    The best part of the video was when Steve said he was the one that said "SHUT UP" 😆 😆

  • Mouch the Biker
    Mouch the Biker

    steve aka PhD in reading the room

  • Own Designs
    Own Designs

    I hope you come to Dublin again! Didn’t know about you when you were here last year. Sad to have missed you.

  • FPSbrian

    these are so fake why do you post them

  • Tyler Ramer
    Tyler Ramer

    I love your YT content and your comedy overall. You deserve way more subscribers.


    Shit hecklers and shit comedians, "might have literally been the dumbest" I hope you see the irony

  • fishcious333333

    @1:55 "Incoherent takling" Did you tackle the heckler?

  • Danny Landrum
    Danny Landrum

    If you heckle, you get beaten to a pulp by a team of four bouncers. That should be in the fine print on the back of every ticket sold.

  • dale gribble
    dale gribble

    never have a show in St Louis Mo , imagine that ,,,lol

  • dale gribble
    dale gribble

    A NATION ONCE AGAIN , A NATION ONCE AGAIN, a nation once again, A nation once again, and Ireland, long a province, be a nation once again !

  • Dhyan

    "Ireland is so polite!" What fuckin country were you in?

  • Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind
    Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind

    I threw a handful of nickles and dimes at a stripper at the caddy shack in maple ridge BC and I was banned for a week. Totally worth the snap chat

  • Keane Matthews
    Keane Matthews

    Great video, AGAIN. Can't wait to catch your show in person.

  • SiriusMined

    Man, being a comedian is rough. Beyond just being on the road all the time, and having to be funny every night after night, having to deal with dickheads like that. I appreciate what you guys do, and thank you for giving us all a better appreciation for what you have to go through to do it.

  • Re Wi
    Re Wi

    “You’re speaking Irish, I don’t know what you’re saying” hahaha

  • Daniel Muggleton
    Daniel Muggleton

    Thanks for all the kind words, it was an honour to finally handle a heckler for Steve. If you want to see more check out my TR-my channel for more stand-up clips:

  • Paul M
    Paul M

    All this guy ever posts is vids about being hackled maybe he needs better content so he can actually keep people amused instead.

    • monokhem

      It looks like you are some heckler he owned out for revenge and much like the first time you tried to get the better of him you are making a fool of yourself.

    • The_Biblioklept

      Paul M dumbass

  • Cody McKenzie
    Cody McKenzie

    That $1 to the bartender thing is amazing. It honestly would change my damn MONTH if that happened. Hilarious per usual.

  • xPreatorianx

    very disappointed. It was pretty much explanations, talking about him, sad excuse for jokes to get the crowd back on track, and nothing else. Where the hell was the destroying? Seriously I know he's dumb as hell, but you have a reputation to uphold and you didn't uphold it.

  • mikemikemike199

    "Just getting in your car could be..." Damn, subtle but genius

  • Franck Lee
    Franck Lee

    I live too far in BC to make it to Kelowna but If the drive was less than 8h I would absolutely come and check you out in person. I only saw you on TR-my but what you post is gold. As the ''funny guy in my group of friends'', I have learned a lot from watching you negotiate hecklers. Something that my absence of stage experience ever exposed me to but was still a tinny part of being the center of attention. You have a Fan in me :) Thx for the great work ( and the patience )

  • Paul TheSkeptic
    Paul TheSkeptic

    There is actually an Irish language called Irish. Great set though. You're the tits man.

  • Rick Collier
    Rick Collier

    Don't worry he's probably eating HIS BABY

  • Garrett Lajoie
    Garrett Lajoie

    Are Ontario dates announced yet?

  • David Douglas
    David Douglas

    Steve when are you back on the UK?

    • Steve Hofstetter
      Steve Hofstetter


  • Dan

    My uncle was an underground bomber for ireland and moved to the USA to get away from it and maybe escape charges.

    • monokhem

      @Steve Hofstetter I am fascinated by the prospective scenario where he should. What would that be like?

    • Steve Hofstetter
      Steve Hofstetter

      You should probably stop telling people that.

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G

    f*** that guy

  • Hatchy

    Your entire shtick is dealing with hecklers, And yet you complain when you get hecklers? Like I don't get it.

    • monokhem

      You don't get it. His schtick is telling jokes on stage. Hecklers screw that up.

    • Hatchy

      @Triple Tael i meant like, because his thing is dealing with hecklers to begin with, why does he act surprised when he gets heckled at his shows?

    • Triple Tael
      Triple Tael

      Well just cause his shtick is dealing with hecklers doesn't mean he's supposed to be jumping up and down when a heckler shows up

  • Ping

    You were in Ireland!? Damnit! I'll have to catch you next time if there is one :(

  • MyBrainEatsEverything

    Please don't lose the suit! At least keep the vest. You're a handsome guy, and you look even more handsome dressed up! It's that tall, lanky build. Just made for wearing nice clothing.

  • Scott Walker
    Scott Walker

    Y’all need to keep a small bat with you. Just walk off stage, bonk some sense into them, and you’re good.

  • Felicity Halsey
    Felicity Halsey

    Dumbass heckler. Shut the fuck up and let the man tell jokes.

  • Aaron Oz
    Aaron Oz

    They deserve what you say to them but if I was at your show, at a certain point itd be nice if you just had them removed or gave them one good fuck off. And then return to your routine, id be pissed if I paid and ten minutes of your show was talking to a heckler or how awkward it now is. Not slamming you but its your job to control your show.

  • Mark o
    Mark o

    Subbed good stuff man thank you

  • Jonah Powell
    Jonah Powell

    Steve Hoffstetter- proving that Gingas do have souls. (I said Ginga because I'm not red headed. I don't have the hard R G-word pass)

  • 4D'S Drone Footage
    4D'S Drone Footage

    You just cant fix stupid haha

  • Petit

    I think the heckler is trying to say something funny.

    • Steve Hofstetter
      Steve Hofstetter


  • Seth Barlage
    Seth Barlage

    Pussy. Get him out