The Finale - Justin Bieber: Seasons
Justin Bieber
On the verge of the album release and stadium tour, Justin, his friends and family, and a hall of fame cast of artists that he’s collaborated with reflect on the incredible journey he has taken and how far he’s come. We finally catch up in real-time to the long anticipated release of “Changes”.

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Justin's new album 'Changes' out now:

  • Nehal Nakib
    Nehal Nakib

    damn this docuseries was amazing

  • Kimberly Watson
    Kimberly Watson


  • AudioMan2k7

    This series was fire🔥🔥🔥

  • halsey gomez
    halsey gomez

    People are watching Netflix, lion King in quarantine and I'm watching Justin Bieber's Seasons, we ain't the same bro..

  • Fizzxh Yusuf
    Fizzxh Yusuf

    We love you♥️ no matter what. Whether we meet or not. Big time love

  • Katja xxx
    Katja xxx

    I love it when he is crying and letting his emotions out, he is a very nice guy and human being and his voice is like one of an angel, correct?

  • Bree Phoenix
    Bree Phoenix

    That smile at the end.....cutest. Stay healthy and happy Justin and Hailey.

  • Marina Cavanhaque
    Marina Cavanhaque

    Sou uma belieber orgulhosa ❤

  • Leanne Robertson
    Leanne Robertson

    I was s fan from the beginning but when he started drinking & being SO disrespectful to his fans I'll admit I thought u jerk they put you where you are, they love you! Then when he did purpose & started to grow up I believed in him again as an artist as a gentleman, selena. G messed him up so badly we had no idea😪. I came back to being a bieleber & when he found the woman who he adores & adores him Hailey & they got married my 💓 heart was so full for them both, I'd never seen him or her smile so much & be so incredibly happy, they are definitely made 4 each other. He loves EVERYONE on his team & INCLUDED them all to prove that love, I cried my eyes out when he got chocked up. He's an incredible human being & I wish him & Hailey eternal happiness. LIKE IF YOU DO TO💗💗

  • said fagriche
    said fagriche


  • allthingsbgi

    cool stuff, imma go listen on Tidal

  • Kevin Acuff
    Kevin Acuff

    Just praying for the Usher and Justin Bieber sane girl remix 🙌🏼

  • Rebecca Rodrigues
    Rebecca Rodrigues

    Eu amei o álbum quando ouvi pela primeira vez, e agora, depois de ver tanta dedicação, esforço e amor, se tornou um álbum mais que especial. Não tenho palavras pra mensurar o que senti com esse documentário. Justin, você é uma pessoa incrível e merece tudo e todas as coisas mais lindas em sua vida, e sei que terá uma carreira mais brilhante ainda. Com grande carinho, de uma bieliver 2010. I love you

  • Alois Laffitte
    Alois Laffitte

    What a special moments for me... I don’t know what I feel but it’s so special. I know a little bit of him but I know I would to be like that one day in me life. Just have a big heart and love.

  • Nur Shazeila
    Nur Shazeila

    Love it do❤️

  • Prince Melsi
    Prince Melsi

    Billie Eilish is disgusting how can you say IDC if he pooped and put it on a plate like who even thinks up shit like that.

    • 5 Verse
      5 Verse

      Billie thinks stuff like that

  • Joselis Moreno
    Joselis Moreno


  • Joselis Moreno
    Joselis Moreno


  • Joselis Moreno
    Joselis Moreno

    Soy Billie jajajajaja

  • luana rojas chamorro
    luana rojas chamorro

    It’s Matthew Espinosa 13:13?

  • Jackeline Borges
    Jackeline Borges

    esse homem é TUDO as pessoas deveriam conhecer o justin que conhecemos

  • Shadow youtube
    Shadow youtube

    This “series” was so good, it was so cool to see what you’ve been going through and how you’ve changed, I was upset when the last episode ended I was like that’s it? Lol hopefully you create another masterpiece like this! Another season would be great.

  • Lindsay N
    Lindsay N

    Great series, so many wonderful, talented and kind souls. Thanks for letting us glimpse into your world for a small moment in time. It was a blessing.

  • jhosy paulina choc quej
    jhosy paulina choc quej

    Ya no puede.por el covid pero suerte no soy artista como salir de una manera muy efectiva de momentos muy duros pero animo #believerforever

  • Darius Hanes
    Darius Hanes

    Just finished watching the whole documentary and honestly it hit me so hard! So much emotion in this and so much love! Justin I am really glad for your evolution, we all have our ups and down but its important to move on and become a better person. The part with wedding and the finale made me cry alot! In the end I wanna wish you and Haley a happy blessed marriage! God bless you both and I wish you guys the best! May the Lord bless you guys! You two are adorable!!!!!

  • Shiloh Barrett
    Shiloh Barrett

    Justin Bieber is finally happy he's married to Hailey I don't know her but she's nice . One question wasn't she the one you cheated on Selena with , well those things happen he's happy so I'm happy wish you and Selena could've at least be friends like why do you guys hate each other , sorry but they're my favorite artist and I hate these type a things keep on hateing each other is just😑😑😑😑

  • Anete Marga
    Anete Marga

    This is probably one of the most beautiful documentaries I have ever seen. I have never been a huge fan but something about people pouring their hearts out always gets to me. Thank you so much for all of your pure emotions. U and Hailey are perfect! Lots of love to you and be safe!

  • Elellta Feleke
    Elellta Feleke

    someone needs to tell me if i'm the only one who saw Shawn Mendes sitting on the couch at 9:15

  • las hermanas rivera Rivera
    las hermanas rivera Rivera

    Quiero ir a sus conciertos

  • Gyalpo production
    Gyalpo production

    Great human and great Justin

  • Nazmina R
    Nazmina R


  • Nazmina R
    Nazmina R

    He’s such a good person he loves his fans so much 😖made me so happy that he surprised the fan I remember one best thing about his concerts were the ollg being chosen everyone wanted to be chosen

  • Michael Eckley
    Michael Eckley

    my mom say i sound like you

  • andyyvy

    my goodness hailey looks at with him with just so much love. she’s so incredible and justin is so lucky that he has her. im not the biggest justin bieber fan but this gave me so much new respect for him and i can’t wait for his growth and i pray he finds peace and happiness. i love this album and can’t wait to see him on tour.

  • dyn arl
    dyn arl

    you are good bieber

  • Melissa Valenzuela Felix
    Melissa Valenzuela Felix

    From seeing him as a young kid, listening to his music, having posters of him to now a young man is so sad and prouding but happy because you can tell how much he’s change but how happy he’s become and he really deserves it, but I hope he’s doing good right now I hope anyone seeing this or reading this has amazing day, stay safe ❤️

  • 면라

    love youu justin

  • Ryagela Atazan
    Ryagela Atazan

    9:16 is that Shawn Mendes?

  • owentong

    9:15 Shawn Mendes

  • Joyel Samuel
    Joyel Samuel

    He is working really hard. ..

  • eduardo calderon
    eduardo calderon

    La wea buena hermano !

  • Norah Claùsen Tverborgvik
    Norah Claùsen Tverborgvik

    I just love that he is him self!!!!!

  • Amanda Holen
    Amanda Holen

    What title the last song? Any one?


    Like si t'es fr

  • Melissa Flores
    Melissa Flores

    A good last chapter, because I ended up crying everything, and loving it more than I love it.

  • asyiqin nazri
    asyiqin nazri

    I love him

  • Kelli Hoffman
    Kelli Hoffman

    VERY raw and real!!! I'm 33 years old and suffer from mental health issues. I think its awesome you're bringing mental health awareness to light. We are ALL human!!! Thanks for being YOU! This helps us get a small glimpse and a better understanding about you and the things you were/ are going through. Thank you for being REAL!!! And keep doing what you're doing, I'm loving the new music lol

  • MiuMiu TV
    MiuMiu TV

    JUSTIN we love you ❤️❤️

  • ??

    I would rather see 2013 jb forever.

  • Raquel Fantasia
    Raquel Fantasia

    Liking or not his songs, these videos are good to think about life, mental health, being human, ... I liked this a lot.

  • Prince Melsi
    Prince Melsi

    Great series - good to know drug and emotional issues can be overcome. Keep your loved ones close, count your blessings, and remember money and fame are not the answer to happiness. Although it couldn't hurt lol

  • Daniela Leone
    Daniela Leone

    Beh sei riuscito ad emozionarmi!!!!

  • Adelia Agustine
    Adelia Agustine

    after watching all videos, everyone's got the right to deal with sad and happy, not knowing he's the artist or anything else, all the same. Justin and team, god bless u all. lov u guys! 😢❣️

  • Jaimin Parmar
    Jaimin Parmar

    whats "once a belieber, always a belieber" ??

  • weareavacado

    The love Billie have for Justin is just so pure❤️🙏🏻

  • Pri Gomez
    Pri Gomez

    I love this documentary, it really shows that those who criticized him had no idea about his lifestyle or everything he had to go

  • Pri Gomez
    Pri Gomez

    I loved when Billie showed up and said she cared about Justin more than anyone else, maybe even herself, I still believe that Billie is like any Belieber who gets excited about everything he does😂 I love her, and he much more❤ ... Ooh and I love hailey too💜✨

  • Kaytlynn & Graciee Tv
    Kaytlynn & Graciee Tv

    The ending 🤍🤍🤍

  • Kaytlynn & Graciee Tv
    Kaytlynn & Graciee Tv

    I love you

  • JintaL lnR
    JintaL lnR

    I love you forever ❤️❤️

  • maria machado
    maria machado

    I want hug him so bad such a good guy wishing him love

  • DJ社長

    どんなに才能に満ち溢れてる天才でも 1人だけじゃ大成はしない Justinでさえこれだけ多くの人に支えられているんだから。 運命の愛する人に出会え 沢山の仲間に支えられ やっぱりJustin Birberは世界一の男だ

  • One & Only Empress
    One & Only Empress

    I never had a childhood experience but at least he had good people and wonderful energy around him

  • Ian Tung
    Ian Tung

    This album taught me so many things. Thank you Justin 🙏🏼

  • Nadwa Azzam
    Nadwa Azzam

    Te amo por siempre

  • Laura Martin
    Laura Martin

    I know I can be annoying saying that but it’s true

  • Laura Martin
    Laura Martin

    Let’s all please please post nice comments and btw request all his songs

  • Laura Martin
    Laura Martin

    This makes me feel selfless in a big way 😁

  • Camylla Del Bosco
    Camylla Del Bosco

    omg.. i'ts so...

  • Faiza Brh
    Faiza Brh

    I don't know why i can't LIKE this hailey .. u can tell that even that he has it all ..still something missing ..i can see me in him .im missing somebody ..its been 4 y.o since i saw him and i cant move on !

    • Amber B
      Amber B

      I think you have a personal problem. Your ignorant or probably downright refusing to see what a blessing Hailey is on Justin's life. They are so in love, it's ridiculous to think otherwise. They are truly meant for one another. She supports him, through sickness & heath.. She loves him for who he is, flaws and all. She keeps him calm and gives his crazy lifestyle stability. I think you have something against her.. She is a sweetheart & I am so happy for them.