The History of Castlevania World Records
Summoning Salt
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  • JMFC

    I’d love to see a wr progression for other classic games: Zelda 2, Mega Man 2, Castlevania 3.

  • Mr no name
    Mr no name

    Imagine we after the credits kMac decides to beat it again

  • Mr no name
    Mr no name

    Holy this was a really good video

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    Ezy Mythril

    Do one on a link to the past.

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    Sans The Skeleton

    I like the name og the name of the game. CASTLEVANIA - MEGALOVANIA

  • CASE - NES On the Internet
    CASE - NES On the Internet

    Castlevania and Ghost 'n Goblins games (except for Castlevania 4) are some of the most interesting games to watch speedrun. Not just because of the tight and interesting mechanics. These games were designs to be eaten like a cake. Slowly eaten but seeing the better ways to eat it. These were interesting games and still are to this day, primarily meant to be slowly learned but speedrunning is a death run. But that is just how good these games flowwed. It is completely possible to beat these without deaths even without speedunning. It is amazing how these games are, these people were ahead of the time when they made this game, bosses still kinda suck but hey a lot of other games have worse bosses. Just because a game is old does not determine it's quality. Would be cool to see a Megaman or Bomberman episode next

  • Phy

    Thanks for the long video that you worked on. It was wonderful.

  • Jake Adams
    Jake Adams

    The effort you put into making this video was almost as impressive as the speedruns, fantastic job man. Also i was watching JayCee live on his twitch when he got his 11:30 and for the first 40 minutes of this video i was anticipating you dropping that legends name on us viewers

  • karkashan

    Lol all the names for enemies the speedrunners use hurts my soul as a Castlevania fangirl, lol.

  • Rg pro
    Rg pro

    Janthe castlevania hero

  • osakashogun

    Hardcore! I beat the game once, the first time I ever got past Death I went on to beat level 6 and both Dracula forms in that same game. So I beat Dracula utterly my first time getting to him, but that was probably the only time on NES aside from HoD runs with Soma and Muramasa back dash canceling.

  • IncoherentMoron

    that HOME track you use for your intros is the comfiest goddamn music in the universe

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    channing bloom

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    youtube account

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    Beta Ray Dave

    Just watch, in three months we’re gonna hear about some ridiculous single cycle Dracula fight

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    Don't Mind Me I watch this for the third time.....leave TR-my. These need to be on netfix."Speedrunning" 8 episodes per season. About 5 seasons at about 11 months apart. You would destroy viewership. And really bring awareness to the sport.

  • Narmatonia

    I like these longer form videos where he details the strategies behind the exploits and timesaves

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    " *Seemingly* random drops " Nice foreshadowing

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    Ryan Spikowski

    They have to physically hit spacebar to stop the timer? Seems reaction times would interfere with that end number?

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    Sara Holloway

    I swear if you were the narrator for a documentary licensed by any official company it'd be the most successful thing in documentary history.

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    Helpful Gamer

    I love those stories, those should be learn in schools

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    Losing your record and then lowering it by 5 seconds is big whip energy.

  • Don Dante
    Don Dante

    Salt, I'm not a speed runner but I absolutely love your videos. You bring an excitement and depth to these WR histories that is just really enjoyable to watch. Please keep them coming!

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    Pedro Bessa

    You might be my favorite TR-myr by far

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    When I found a pork chop hidden in a wall of my house, it was not beneficial to my health.

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    wayfless cotton

    I read that symphony of the night has a "map glitching" scene where over the last 20 years people have been trying to get a higher and higher map clearance percentage. Might be an interesting video.

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    AdoIf HitIer 卐

    You can’t spell summoning salt without autism

  • Gameplay and Talk
    Gameplay and Talk

    Great video! It's crazy how much this run has evolved over the years. Very daunting for anyone wanting to try to get into it.

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    Alexandru Leoveanu

    I can only get 13:36

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    I cant think of any content creator more relaxing and interesting at the same time, you can have it on in the background or be completely invested. Either way, great videos!

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    Nestor Acosta

    Thank you...and now my day can resume....after I watch 2 more...🤘🤗

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    The Mini Yosshi

    54:30 kinda sounds like Sr Pelo


    Had no idea KMAC was a legend when I used to randomly watch him stream back in 2013 or 14

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    Zevon Scocco

    Love your series on speedrun progression. Would you consider doing Metroid Fusion at some point? It's my favourite game to watch speedruns of.

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    Kyle Mavris

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    Glitterfish the Giant

    Hey, I don't know if you will be able to do this, but my favorite game of all time is Descent from 1995. Would you be able to do a video based off of that? Love the content you provide, and I'm grateful for everything you do as far as showing the real struggle that shaving only a few seconds can end up being.

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    Glen Carpenter Music

    Would really love a video on Ninja Gaiden!

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    Jarvis the Bouncy Dog

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    Blent Porter

    Can someone explain why boosting wasn't allowed on Twin Galaxies? Is that *really* a glitch?

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    Cristhian Asallam Sanchez Ramirez

    funkdoc is a nice guy

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    Саня Впорядке?

    9:03 соотечественник?

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    Lane Blevins

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    Connor Rafferty

    I love how summoning salt is able to get me so I tested into somthing I knew or cared nothing about just an hour ago then at the end of the video have me so amazed by how he tells these stories. Such a great researcher and story teller.

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    Buckaroo Banzai

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    Chuck Taylor

    I remember the first night I played this, in Oahu, with Jay and Jerry Hamell (spell check). If you guys are reading this, thanks for the good games. On another note, this speedrun video is amazing. Thank you for helping me get thru some boring, lonely, uncomfortable times. Just another night or two and I can be better, stronger, happier.

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    Catsarefluffy !!!

    When he said "meet Kmack" and that music starts playing you know that person is good