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  • Nancy Aguilar
    Nancy Aguilar


  • XxTifaanyxX key
    XxTifaanyxX key

    Reminds me if earth is gonna be like dis if u know ....... the *virus*.....will be in every country in the world now....*and ppl will have to move to mars* ???

  • Elfu Studios :3
    Elfu Studios :3

    Why do the wolves hate humans anyway they did nothing to the wolves the wolves just started attacking from the info I gathered

  • John Freeman
    John Freeman


  • Madelynn Serna
    Madelynn Serna

    Turn this to blue if u want part 2. ⏬

  • Ishika Patil
    Ishika Patil

    I loved it don't be sad

  • •*GalaxyMarie *•
    •*GalaxyMarie *•

    NUUUu Cliffhanger!!

  • Pink._. Diamond
    Pink._. Diamond

    Gacha life: wolf crisis Reality : corona virus

  • Galaxy Fire
    Galaxy Fire


  • Galaxy Fire
    Galaxy Fire


  • Galaxy Fire
    Galaxy Fire


  • Magical GatchaGamer
    Magical GatchaGamer

    Me:sees “the last human on earth” Than me sees: humans right next to her Me again:🤔😑🧐umm how is she the last human on earth if there are humans right next to her Me again sees: oh there wolfs.. OoPsEY!!😂😂🥺

  • Sembrano Addi
    Sembrano Addi

    Ya humans and wolvs dont smell alike cuz humans smell beter wolvs they stink😎😏

  • Felip

    when wolf humens eats me: thats just racist

  • Ur mom Evelyn
    Ur mom Evelyn

    Kennedy: why did you say we’re dating? What Corbin said: so you could work here (or something like that) What I WISH Corbin said: CuZ uR hOt

  • TheRealEhify GD
    TheRealEhify GD

    Last human dont you mean girl?

  • Strawberry Jam qwq
    Strawberry Jam qwq

    Uhm your mini movies are my favorite... i literally watch a lot of you oml

  • Stella Crigler
    Stella Crigler


  • 「 peachiimilk 」
    「 peachiimilk 」

    What editing apps do you use?

  • RandomSynesthesia girl
    RandomSynesthesia girl


  • breasia Spalding
    breasia Spalding

    But why didn't all the would take out the whole accomplishment and that is really cool how you make them all wipe it out 😉

  • Carissa Caedo
    Carissa Caedo

    15:13 "She's a Virgo! Just like us" i thought he said "She's a VIRGIN!" 😂

  • Georgia Johnson
    Georgia Johnson

    COME BACK HERE! YOU CAN"T RUN FOREVER! Neither can you...I just have to outlast you.

  • Cookie Gacha
    Cookie Gacha

    Phew! When Kennedy was exercising with Lane.. I completely thought the ears ad tail would come off and she would be exposed but thank god she didnt!

  • Audzel Fernandez
    Audzel Fernandez

    The "LAST" human on earth Also finds 2 other humans

  • Claire The cookie
    Claire The cookie

    Lol my mom is a Virgo ♍️ She should be an Aquarius ♒️ uwu

  • Kian Carl Balictar
    Kian Carl Balictar

    Inaccurate, if this was a real situation, the wolves would get mauled by state-of-the-art weaponry.

  • Maybe

    Everyones getting all these likes for saying a random word Potato

  • Family sousa
    Family sousa


  • Chorine


  • Maggie Zelaya
    Maggie Zelaya

    Don’t you just hate cliffhangers Me too Part two UwU

  • Slyced

    I saw the sentence on 1:43 but (Do not read this when read bottom up) You Have To Playback The Time To 0.5 times Like To Activate Now read bottom up

  • ratenaa sahak
    ratenaa sahak

    This video is perfect and more than perfect😍😍😍

  • Stupid Gamer
    Stupid Gamer

    Title last human on Earth Because of wolf's Military:I am joke to you? We will send nukes on you

  • Halie_ Potterhead
    Halie_ Potterhead

    Makes it 8 minutes in Looks at clock Shi..... I can’t burst out in laughter What am I supposed to do!?!?!?! I want to die laughing

  • Albana TheGamer
    Albana TheGamer

    If it was me, I'd make it like granny, want to play hide and seek?!?!

  • Liv Mac
    Liv Mac

    Yay! Imma Virgo too!♍️

  • Rihanna Ahmed
    Rihanna Ahmed

    I swear this person has made all the Gacha vids I know and watch xDDDDD

  • Eevee Playz
    Eevee Playz


  • Austyn Valin
    Austyn Valin

    i loved it

  • Leslie Rogers
    Leslie Rogers

    Wait what the heck that was the end what happened did she leave i mean why Corbin just go with her I don't even know what happened at the end someone please explain!!!!

  • toast bread
    toast bread

    *me sees title* me:your not alone im here too

  • Megan Peiffer
    Megan Peiffer

    this is trash cuz it goes by way toooooo fast and doesnt explain like anything... my brain hurts after watching this

  • gacha.life7

    i thought that was amazing

  • Dejonae Mcfarlane
    Dejonae Mcfarlane

    How dare u end it on a cliffhanger

  • Bailey TV
    Bailey TV

    The end had me weak .😂

  • Mac Attack
    Mac Attack

    I swear dis boss betta fly her ta space boiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!

  • Queena Yang
    Queena Yang

    Lol, I’m a virgo too “Our stars align!” I share a zodiac sign with a killer wolf...

    • 『Smol Commie Ruski』 【Countryhumans fan】
      『Smol Commie Ruski』 【Countryhumans fan】

      Queena Yang Same here...

    • 『Smol Commie Ruski』 【Countryhumans fan】
      『Smol Commie Ruski』 【Countryhumans fan】

      Queena Yang Same here...

  • Marmac GT
    Marmac GT

    We Wiped The Whole Population of "3 Billion" WHAT ARE YOU IN THE 1700s

  • Official Gacha Lisa Lisa
    Official Gacha Lisa Lisa

    So, we are going to Mars. Thank you for this info. Will share with NASA right now.

  • Official Gacha Lisa Lisa
    Official Gacha Lisa Lisa

    So, we are going to Mars. Thank you for this info. Will share with NASA right now.

  • GachaXwolf bronwie
    GachaXwolf bronwie

    Could I ask what app do you use

  • mustache Master
    mustache Master

    hey k the owO

  • LittleGlueMarble

    26:08 make a man hut around Kennedy _ _ ˚ㄥ˚ \/

  • LittleGlueMarble

    Sorry for bothering you but if everyone is scared to go outside she can easily steal money, or dose she have that thing called morals?

  • Itz Nazwa YT OFFICIAL
    Itz Nazwa YT OFFICIAL

    i like this but this a tbc ? are this video tbc i need a part 2

  • M&M Twins
    M&M Twins

    Aaaaawwww I liked it you did your best and now that's what matters

  • Maja Gachaverse
    Maja Gachaverse

    w h a t t h e h e l l ? ! are you seriously going to end the video just like that?! are you kidding me?! if you won't make 2nd part, I'll kill the humans by myself, expect you, and if you'll want to survive, you'll have to make part 2. thanks for attention, xoxo edit: oh okay, I just noticed that you already made part 2... whoops--

  • Then I Freaked it
    Then I Freaked it

    since when was there 9 billion humans on earth????

  • Malak Zaki
    Malak Zaki

    She's Virgo Me:good my sis is a Virgo imma pieces

    • Rayven Jhon T. Arangues
      Rayven Jhon T. Arangues

      Your zodiac is fish right🐟😌

  • ThE PoLiCe
    ThE PoLiCe

    Honestly, I see this a lot since most people's gacha Oc's are furries- No offense

  • A Toast full of Gacha
    A Toast full of Gacha

    There 8 billion people on earth-

  • PastelEevee

    Where are the wolves nozes

  • I3røkenStär

    NOO WE NEED A PART 2 nowwwww

  • ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴ ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ sᴋɪᴇs ッ
    ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴ ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ sᴋɪᴇs ッ

    Okay but like w h y a r e t h e y s o h o t?

  • Elle Paguyo
    Elle Paguyo


  • 20 dollars
    20 dollars

    Wait where did he put her tail..... HMMMMMMM

  • Alnix

    So ur saying the wolves are the coronavirus?

  • Little Mayla
    Little Mayla

    14:41 scared the crap out of me!!

  • Magic In The Air562 Believe
    Magic In The Air562 Believe

    YOU: I think this was bad ME:Whyyyyyyy im gonna die YOU:hope you enjoyed anyways ME:WHERES MEH PART 2!?!?!?! ALSO ME:IF YOU DONT MAKE PART 2 IM DIE ALSO ALSO MEH :*DIES FROM CLIFFHANGER*