The Last of Us 2 in a Nutshell
Overall, I actually really liked The Last of Us 2, but that's not gonna stop me from making fun of it!
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  • CircleToonsHD

    Funny thing is, I actually really liked the last of us 2, it just had so many story moments that are worth making fun of! Now go play the first one, one of my favorite things to have ever existed.

    • Ralph b
      Ralph b

      I already played th first but I'm looking forward to playing part 2

    • Ralph b
      Ralph b

      @Stefan Andrejevic me too

    • Priya Marita
      Priya Marita

      Okay yeah its amazing but have u played the first one to.

    • Máximo Espindola
      Máximo Espindola

      A youtuber adapts your videos to Spanish and he never said they were your videos, his name is Ugonce, he has a couple of your videos on his channel

    • Tiziano Calzoni
      Tiziano Calzoni

      So you enjoyed it and made fun of the whole plot in your video... guess you're better off with a million views than making a video where you really have your say

  • Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin
    Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin

    Joel should have pulled a Germanic and said: "Yoel"

  • spompofleks

    Still better story then Twilight

  • Frog

    Fucking hell😂😂 I can't believe how they managed to turn one of the best games ever to a fucking meme lmao

  • Juno

    Abby is pretty much the same build as younger Joel, it just shows how pathetic you are.

  • Power Amulets
    Power Amulets


  • Jacopo Nuccitelli
    Jacopo Nuccitelli

    1:27 put subtitle Subtitle: is this tlou2 or a damn Disney movie What a kid you are bruh Tlou2 is not for these persons

  • Bartosz

    0:17 I wonder who is that 1.3% of people, who are not a male, but has name "Joel"

  • Sean McEuen
    Sean McEuen

    I wanna send this to my best friend, but it’d piss him off and he’d never let me here the end of how dumb I am for not liking the game.

  • samirleandro rodriguez
    samirleandro rodriguez

    Remember when Tess died believing that they were going to do the right thing for once and sabe humanity? Yeah... And people are mad that Jesse died and Ellie didnt kill Abby

  • CyberRonin

    Til this day, I still don't get how the writing could of been so bad..

  • Shanny K
    Shanny K

    All this fcking talk from both sides of the argument is getting so old now. Look they took the narrative down a shitty path that tarnished the true masterpiece, the original. The sequels retail success is off the back of the original. Make no mistake about that Good luck with part 3

  • Lawrence Cummings
    Lawrence Cummings

    that was fucking hilarious. I loved the last of us 2 but that was funny af

  • DRK

    Wht? Legenda em português não tá funcionando...

  • Kwaku Obeng
    Kwaku Obeng


  • zakone

  • quacks 1
    quacks 1

    Ghost of tsushima is better.....fite me

  • KiddyPhoenix Alvero
    KiddyPhoenix Alvero

    Dont You Just Hate It When Your Favourite Charecter Gets Killed AT THE START OF THE GAME.

  • SuperSaiyan3985

    Kneel Cuckmann made this game for one person and one person only, ANITA SARKEESIAN.

  • lots of cats
    lots of cats


  • Keychaine

    I LOST it at garlic bread, lol!

  • wonder T&C
    wonder T&C

    พระเจ้าาา hehe

  • John Vizsla
    John Vizsla

    I love these parodies.

  • Selffy CZ
    Selffy CZ

    F for joel

  • melancholy

    funny how everyone forgot that it was actually Tommy who revealed their names to Abby

  • Hawk Cyber Gear
    Hawk Cyber Gear


  • Dill Pickle
    Dill Pickle

    JoJo in a nutshell??

  • Quirke

    Alright, I mean that’s not why Ellie didn’t kill her but whatever


    Wow I played both of the games and if you saw Joel die how I did you would be very sad I cant even watch that cutscene anymore

  • Lost_Places _Global
    Lost_Places _Global

    Smol Ellie got me trippin😂

  • Joe Fernandes
    Joe Fernandes

    That many people named Joel ? In the post apocalyptic world ?.

  • Finn

    Whats the sound @ 0:30 sound familiar

  • KikeTayMar 164
    KikeTayMar 164

    Basycally yes

  • 2d

    Ay virgencita el doblaje español es mucho mejor que esto

  • Mr Mr
    Mr Mr

    (Smol Ellie) LoL

  • 3ND3RM4N _777
    3ND3RM4N _777

    Cascara de nueza

  • Amber Dossett
    Amber Dossett

    0/10 story sucks

  • Thegoldenm95

    Nobody: The captions:(his brain be vibing doe)dead joel at 0:32

  • Decu Rebe
    Decu Rebe

    Omg this is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Prithvi Production
    Prithvi Production

    God y did i watch this😭😭. U just spoiled everything aaaaahhh

  • Railen Herman
    Railen Herman

    The game was bad, but these figurine caricatures are just too cute to hate.

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous

    Where's 2011 Subway ads

  • TASBot

    abby just happy fuckin gilmore'd it

  • Redddeath

    I really like the way u drew abby

  • Dodilopid

    True ❤️ El final es una mierda

  • Máximo Espindola
    Máximo Espindola

    A youtuber adapts your videos to Spanish and he never said they were your videos, his name is Ugonce, he has a couple of your videos on his channel

  • Sam H.
    Sam H.

    I love this game but like wew it's one hell of a train wreck, plus dina is my fave character

  • LuigiDelRey

    All these comments good lord. If you couldn't make the human connection to these characters and their struggles then you clearly haven't played the game. Can you not see how much pain and struggle ellie goes through even on her first major kill of the game? (Both ellie and abbys sequences need little to no killing outside of the major characters) Neither of them wanted this. Revenge is a bitter, dangerous cycle. THAT'S why they decide to end it at the end. Not for convenience. You can clearly see throughout the game both abby and ellie are stuck in a cycle of doing something they regret, then trying to make up for it. I get that some people won't see it if they aren't actually watching the cut scenes and paying attention to the dialogue, but damn, why even play ANY game if you're not going to give it your undivided attention.

  • Rainbow In b.a.w
    Rainbow In b.a.w


  • Cm Cm
    Cm Cm

    Good thing I dont play last of us or last of us 2. Halo for life.

    • godluisteco

      Your opinion u can keep it we dont really dont need it

  • Dreysun

    Wow, this game is just so bad .---.

  • Hawk Cyber Gear
    Hawk Cyber Gear

    Sounds dark but, would have taken the cake if her finger got cut off cause of the the guitar string

  • n o
    n o

    0:32 turn on subtitles english

  • Benjamín Carvallo.
    Benjamín Carvallo.


  • Ms. Chanandler Bong
    Ms. Chanandler Bong

    Yes the sequel dequel

  • It's Cookie Doe
    It's Cookie Doe

    I play first TLOU recently, and I never saw Joel saved any people besides the one he knew.

  • Master halo Cheese
    Master halo Cheese

    You really did not have to and make this whole entire thing We all know the game is bad

  • :0

    Please, remove The Brazilian Lyrics

  • The Cheese
    The Cheese

    If you want a story that’s probably either better or worse play ai dungeon

  • jack casement
    jack casement

    Really dislike TLOU2, tries to be diverse and have a really boring message instead of having good characters that make sense and a good story

  • the shiny gold
    the shiny gold

    İ dont know but this is i mean can you make your "animations" better i mean you are a guy who moves stickmans by your pencile in your tablet talking and screaming to yourself

  • anime boy
    anime boy

    Everyone is talking about the shitty ending and stuff... And then there's me.... I wanted to see Bill from tlou 1 to hear about that with Joel and go rogue

  • Clive Mercer
    Clive Mercer

    The TR-my captions keep saying Joe instead of Joel.

  • REALITY 100
    REALITY 100

    Hey starved person, let’s have a fair fight.... but I also get a knife

  • Cthuwu

    hah, Mushroom Men.

  • Lard Lover
    Lard Lover

    Ellie: (slices whatserface many times in the arm, and nearly drowns her before sparing her life.) Whatserface: **proceeds to die of blood loss on boat with kid because she decided not to patch up the 30% of her arms turned into grind meat.**

  • cid facetious
    cid facetious

    The Last of Us 2 is a good video game not great same with the first one but what propelled the first one into greatness was it story and that is lacking here

  • Byakuya Togami
    Byakuya Togami

    "Hi, I'm J-" Abby: "That's all ya had to say!" POW! "Hi, I'm...just gonna be disrespected in this game...get it over with..." Abby: "Will do." Stroke 298,754,453 Neil: How many do we win, even though I know it will be 5. ND: 5 Neil: WHAT!?! 5!?!

  • Alvin Wong
    Alvin Wong

    Yall got a towel or anything

  • Kahmar Stathum
    Kahmar Stathum

    I liked the game