The loudest chiropractic adjustment on the internet?
Dr. Beau Hightower
MMA fighters get cracked by Dr. Beau Hightower filmed by Mark Aragon

  • Dr. Beau Hightower
    Dr. Beau Hightower Part 2 here!

    • Ailon jutba
      Ailon jutba

      Dok thanks for the video, pardon if it took a month to check your reply.. Im'ma try it.. thanks again.. from the Philippines..

    • Muhammad Adnan Farooq
      Muhammad Adnan Farooq

      What do you charge for an appointment?

    • Ailon jutba
      Ailon jutba

      Dok good day! Im Ailon from the Philippines and a nurse Ive been watching your videos and its amazing.. been a fan since i saw your videos.. My mom has this pain on the shoulder area after sleeping/lying down she felt so much pain on her left shoulder she cant even raise her hand. Can you give some advise or on what area to massage?? It would be a much help. Thank you and have a great day..

    • Yaacov

      How much for an appointment?

  • Surjit Singh
    Surjit Singh

    My right ear is not responds

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  • the dna master
    the dna master

    i just broke my neck trying this...

  • cat

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    Denis Bublik


  • keep thinking
    keep thinking

    DR BEAU would u work on someone like me 10 yrs ago L1 burst frac stable still pain every day t4 and t5 cracked pelvis crack and should arm raise pain. Headache every day from neck and bending over or back cracks mid thoracic plus c.e.s from back

  • 이뇽냥

    나도 받아보고 싶다

  • Rahul Chauhan
    Rahul Chauhan

    I have experienced this...😲 Dafaq it's painfull for an instant..

  • Wayne Kenoff
    Wayne Kenoff

    Full Nelson good way to fuck someone’s neck

  • Samir Khairati
    Samir Khairati

    1:10 Checks if she is looking 1:11 No she isn't

  • Richard Veguilla
    Richard Veguilla

    can you do this sorcery on me?

  • truthpowerknowledge

    Has anyone put dry pasta in their mouth yet? 😂


    1:11 eagle eye hahaha

  • Aj Sky
    Aj Sky

    So everybody's gonna pretend like the hot blonde don't exist?? Am feeling hot under the collar already!

  • freedom of speech
    freedom of speech

    Wow he is A his practice.i wish I was there.getting my honor ajusted by him.

    • Dr. Beau Hightower
      Dr. Beau Hightower


  • Harshith.D.L

    I was wearing my right earphone and it took me 3min to figure out sound is only coming from left earphones.

  • Nasim Ejbaei
    Nasim Ejbaei

    I wish I could crack my neck like that

  • InARow

    Fake as hell

  • joeycracks2011

    Damn I need a Session with this Doctor. I get lower back pain usually after 4hrs of sleep it wakes me up. My back usually feels so tender I can’t sleep. This doctor is the truth. I went to a doctor that didn’t do much unfortunately.

  • Muhammad Miftahul Firdaus
    Muhammad Miftahul Firdaus


  • Юрий Пупкин
    Юрий Пупкин


    My Dr.beau is like a hunchback because of what?

  • IDontLike LisboKate
    IDontLike LisboKate

    That neck thing is way to sketchy

  • Amir Kazemi
    Amir Kazemi

    Dolores getting adjusted - guess robots need to get popped too

  • Brisbae

    This is my new fetish

  • Zuprocvids

    Satisfying asf man love your work This is what I wanna learn

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  • Sa Al
    Sa Al

    قشطه لبنه موزة لوزة

  • DeepHardWork A.Z
    DeepHardWork A.Z

    how can I do to become a chiropractor? i really like this work and i would love to become a chiro. even if im 38 years old and i think it's too late. beside im from Morocco. any replies plzz ?!

    • Dr. Beau Hightower
      Dr. Beau Hightower

  • Bradley Ervin
    Bradley Ervin

    Fuckin perv

  • Fabrice


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    Star Musik21 Offcial



    The last one, deym

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    1:52 lol

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    L Hernandez

    Damn with a chiropractor that sexy, he can pop anything of mine😛😘😍

  • Lazarus Live
    Lazarus Live

    O man. I feel that women tend to carry more stress in our necks.. I wonder if I'm correct. I bet my shoulders would be that loud. Legit

  • Kids Universe
    Kids Universe

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    van v

    My left ear likes this

  • NoeKillz iOS
    NoeKillz iOS

    I thought my earbuds were broken when I started the vid....... 🤦‍♂️

  • DHM

    Why would you amplify the Sound of the Cracks? Sound strange and ruins it

  • Rachel Diane
    Rachel Diane

    1:18 I bet he has a boner

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    Leia Sunflower

    Omg 2:10 🤩

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    Nickbrandon X2

    F*ck Fukge *fudge*


    Where is your clinic doc

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    Vicki Mingus

    he can't stop smiling

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    Happy Dabbz

    Sounds satisfying

  • Chad

    No. It’s not the loudest crack on the Internet. Not even close, dickhead. Get back to posting your thumbnails with fighters mid fight, photoshopped into looking like it’s them getting adjusted.

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    Papa Rao

    Tiik tokk

  • Accident -.-
    Accident -.-

    1:18 Mf bout to body her ass

  • Mr. Madhira
    Mr. Madhira

    Listening to crackling sound give relief to listener. Neck cracklings is my favourite.

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    Silent Magician

    Como llegue aca?

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose

    Enjoyed listening with my left ear only.

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    tammy b

    Y are these doctors so handsome thou😋

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    Lazy Oliveira

    I need this so baddd

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    Rholand Gatdula

    I did that to my sister and now i miss her.

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    Stan Gfriend !!!!

    my left ear is enjoying this so much

  • 1000 subscribers in 24 hours
    1000 subscribers in 24 hours

    1:11 Eye Of Byakugan! :) hahaha

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    svdd sosa

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    يوميات ست البيت

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    robin najera

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    Jeff !

    My word. Have you ever accidentally ripped someones head off?

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black

    Blonde name?

  • Chimmy Chonga
    Chimmy Chonga

    I'm starting to believe these videos are a joke... The noise and how quickly they jump from adjustment to adjustment on a patient isn't how a real trained chiro works. They take time to greatly assess a movement before they perform it

  • Skewed Minds
    Skewed Minds

    Watching that made my back feel better...