The Loudest Voice | Official Trailer | Russell Crowe SHOWTIME Series
This seven-part limited series is about Roger Ailes, the founder of Fox News. It focuses on the past decade in which Ailes arguably became the Republican Party's de facto leader, and the sexual harassment accusations that brought his career to an end. Starring Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts, and Sienna Miller. The Loudest Voice premieres Sunday, June 30 at 10/9c only on Showtime.
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  • Salvatore Sparacino
    Salvatore Sparacino

    Fast forward to 10/14/19 with Project Veritas dropping an inside whistle blower story exposing CNN for purposefully biased reporting biased for the sake of ratings & personal vendettas.

  • Andre Sienes
    Andre Sienes

    Damn, Naomi Watts is really unrecognizable here. But I hope Nicole Kidman does justice the same thing Naomi did for Ms. Carlson.

  • Christian's Reviews
    Christian's Reviews

    I'm very fascinated to see what Seth McFarlane can do with a role that goes against type, like this shows.

  • hughjarrse

    Just finished watching it, Much better than I expected, But you do feel there will be a lot of Trump supporters watching it saying to themselves "I don't get it, what did Roger do wrong?" Miller is a real stand out in a cast of stand out performances

    • RedLightMax

      hughjarrse I think that there will be very few Trump supporters watching it in the first place.


    Can’t even recognise russell Crowe, same guy who Did gladiator


    Vice now this.... man you liberals are desperate

    • hughjarrse

      "man you liberals are desperate" Or maybe they have a slightly different view on sexual abuse than the right Trump wing supporters, You know the one's who didn't bat an eyelid when they heard Trump bragging about sexually abusing women...... Hey! just a thought. You ought to watch it you could learn something ....... hold on, scratch that

  • Kenneth Wiedemeier
    Kenneth Wiedemeier

    Russell Crowe plays Tom Cruise as Les Grossman!

  • ankur shrivastava
    ankur shrivastava

    Why don't they make a series like that in India!!? Arnab goswami is, may be, perhaps India's Roger!!? He is not married!!? Is he??!

  • Dark Knight Light
    Dark Knight Light

    When are they going to make a movie about Bill Clinton and his raping of women and having sex with his intern as president, while Hillary just stood by and let it happen. Now that is a movie everyone should be asking to be made.

  • CineMedia PRODUCTION
    CineMedia PRODUCTION

    "People don't want to be informed, they want to feel informed" As someone who works in TV Industry, I can confirm that, this line above is so true!!

    • Tiki80

      Its like a million pieces of glass just shattered down

  • Google Mailbox
    Google Mailbox

    This looks excellent. I’m in...some serious actors in this.

  • suneal patel
    suneal patel

    Who else is here after BOMBSHELL teaser?

    • Andre Sienes
      Andre Sienes


  • Pied Piper
    Pied Piper

    showtime RULLZ !!

  • Bendy And His Friendzzz
    Bendy And His Friendzzz

    Fox News is part of pay cable tv which in some way makes all of us responsible for feeding the sharks.

    • RedLightMax

      Bendi And His Friends I don't have cable TV, so I ain't responsible for it.

  • Mr9mann

    Ugh. It should've been about CNN or other fake new factory. As of now, they are by far faker than Fox News have ever been.

  • Dustin Breithaupt
    Dustin Breithaupt

    anyone who watches Fox news on the regular should be considered legally retarded

  • Anmol Krishana
    Anmol Krishana

    Finally Brian got a real job.

  • ahmed sidiq
    ahmed sidiq

    OMG Seth Macfarlane. Genius detected!! I'm so seeing this series

  • miss dior
    miss dior


  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis

    No idea how accurate it is since lots of scenes there is nobody but Ailes & his wife, and I know she hasn't said anything bad about him. Plus while he was of out of control and I basically hate Fox Entertainment, those women are just as bad because they support the lies they tell. So I don't really care, plus they got super rich and planned it all ahead of time to sue. They aren't and never are as perfect as shown on shows like this. Usually they do everything they can to get their face on camera and get close to rich men, then flip the other way as perfect little girls because its their agenda. The show itself is interesting and Fox Entertainment has cause a lot of problems with their lying news. Also, they try to say the Murdoch's kind of backed away from Ailes and didn't really agree sometimes. Fox Entertainment is worse now than when Ailes was alive, and they put a wahman in charge supposedly. So, the thing is they are all fake, they all lie and still support all to of that for the big money they supposedly take in. That son of Murdock is kind of weird always hanging around Hollywood when they cannot stand him, but they changed nothing on how Fox operates. So I feel no pity for those women, they knew what was going on and still support Fox. That southern base loves what they say and Ailes told them how insane/dumb they really are. Just mention a few words over & over that trigger them and you have their vote and support. All their news comes from Fox, talk radio, preachers, etc.

  • sayyestofairness

    Disney should create their own take on the Roger Ailes saga under their 20th Century Fox banner. At least they would treat his legacy with respect, especially since the channel is named after them.

  • Epic Rants
    Epic Rants

    Christian Bale: I'm the greatest method actor in history Russel Crowe: hold my cigarette

  • General Popcorn
    General Popcorn

    The Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly scandals are the reason that I think that a federal law invalidating ALL nondisclosure and nondisparagement clauses should be passed. Government has the constitutional authority to regulate contract law, and it would be perfectly constitutional to outlaw contractual clauses that harm the common good.

    • hughjarrse

      You're absolutely correct, Imagine if someone you know was raped because an earlier victim wasn't allowed to warn them BY LAW!

  • AngZone 1
    AngZone 1

    Just finished this season. I can say it for sure this is gotta be one of the best mini series ever made.

  • trnod

    is this a movie about Donald Trump???

  • Erich Mutchler
    Erich Mutchler

    Good ole Ohio University boy!

  • Mai Mohamed
    Mai Mohamed


  • Virginia Ipazia
    Virginia Ipazia

    Russell Crowe is mesmerizing.

  • Rajan Sachdeva
    Rajan Sachdeva

    Started Watching yesterday. Got hooked...reminded me House of Cards

  • Adventure Spongbob
    Adventure Spongbob

    I know already

  • Abu Tahir
    Abu Tahir

    Give the emmy to Russell One of the goats

  • Charles Stevenson
    Charles Stevenson

    Cant wait!!!

  • Monokini

    low level man Rogwr

  • Pineapple Pioneer
    Pineapple Pioneer

    Just call this "current social commentary wokeness also I got fat so gimme an Emmy and a Golden globe please"

  • Not the Government
    Not the Government

    It all makes sense now. I hope both sides can learn something from this show.

  • Mildred Harrison
    Mildred Harrison

    Glad he's Dead

  • nunya

    I'm a few episodes in and I just figured out that it's Russell Crowe playing Ailes. Lol

    • nunya

      @Lechiffresix six Yup,had no idea. His fat suit looks so real. He plays a fat man well.

    • Lechiffresix six
      Lechiffresix six

      you figured this out a few episodes in then.. lol!


    Wow this series have heavyweight Actors category, get it lol .... no seriously the cast is incredible.

    • MyIDIsNotAvailable

      @DemoManMLS well OK.. I've got it on HBO

    • DemoManMLS

      @MyIDIsNotAvailable Except this series is on Showtime.

    • MyIDIsNotAvailable

      Yeap. Nicely written too. Smart. Nice series again on HBO.

  • ArNeLiO

    Omg they spin and put lies on everything. They are creating alternate reality wtf I've never seen such deception and distortion of truth and reality. "Ooh FOX News are bad but we give you the truth" said CNN and all this mofos. They are all blinded by hate of Trump, America and all of their values. I see an attempt of ideological subversion of USA by the leftists. FOX is more neutral than any other network all others became puppets of left or vice versa I really don't care. Left, the media and the Hollywood are truly enemies of the people. Isaiah 5:20

    • Laura Willoughby
      Laura Willoughby

      @Jane Doe Jane Doe Exactly. And the poor duped dopes will continue to blame the immigrants for all their problems. And Murdock, Hannity and Carlson will keep getting richer and telling Trump what to do. And spinning conspiracy theories.

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe

      ArNeLiO -no dude, u have it backwards. Fox and all far-right media, think tanks, etc r the alternate reality. Ur being conned out of ur vote by the big money interests and foreign governments. If u don’t do ur own research, actually read the official gov, Court, etc docs, like the Mueller report, u can’t fact check the media u believe is accurate and balanced. The Republican side is the minority bc luckily the majority is better able to decipher fact vs fiction. Fox New’s objective is to cause fear, anger, and rage in enough M&L class suckers that they will vote republican which keeps the wealthy and corporations in control, maintains a government bought by them, to continue shifting income and wealth from the M&L classes up to the upper class and corporations. The more $ they get, the stronger their hold on government becomes and the weaker the M&L classes become decreasing their chances of changing the rigged system.

  • Stefan Coada
    Stefan Coada

    Sa iti violez viitorul

  • T Marshall AKA AL JOHNSON
    T Marshall AKA AL JOHNSON


  • Marlena Sørensen
    Marlena Sørensen

    Russell is back!!!

  • bob gunter
    bob gunter

    The book is interesting too but the way the show is structured so far is better

  • big spoon
    big spoon

    Now the 30% can see how they've been had. Idiom of and for the people.

  • Pavel Malý
    Pavel Malý

    as a non american... SERIOUSLY???

    • Lechiffresix six
      Lechiffresix six

      pasha, why not.

  • Dj Luminol
    Dj Luminol

    😂 🤣Produced by Blumhouse.😂 🤣

  • RonPaulOrDie

    what's the name of the kind of glasses he's wearing?

    • Martin Woad
      Martin Woad


  • bill bixby
    bill bixby


  • Pseudoposter

    gIVe mE a LitTLe tWIrL

  • Poppa J Walker
    Poppa J Walker

    He died about a year ago. I guess that’s long enough to demonize and disrespect the hell out of a dead man

  • vdarte

    Good show. Makes me glad that Ailes is dead, rotting and burning. Should have happened at least 30 years sooner to the bloated psychopath.

  • Dolena Robinson
    Dolena Robinson

    if only everyone would watch they would finally see how fox duped them and owns them it shows how people can be taught to believe anything especially lies.

    • SethMcFartlane

      Right, because CNN and MSNBC didn't copy FOX NEWS at all.

    • Florentina Weber
      Florentina Weber

      If people will just stop watching tv and just use that little machine inside their head named brain .

  • Rohar Baconmoo
    Rohar Baconmoo

    Whatever Showtime and HBO has to do in order to bolster the reputations of the likes of CNN and MSNBC, they will do- since they all want the same political outcome.

  • Matt G
    Matt G

    Got anything anyone can verify other than how successful Ailes was?

    • General Popcorn
      General Popcorn

      Gretchen Carlson recorded the sexual harrassment, moron.

  • Muhamad Faisal Ibrahim
    Muhamad Faisal Ibrahim

    Its like 80s fashion

  • Newsflash

    Ha ha, Gretchen is way too thin, she was never like that, nice try guys, looks ridiculous. The real Fox women looked way better than these ugly actresses.

  • James Randi Zététicien
    James Randi Zététicien


  • Cathy Meadows
    Cathy Meadows

    This movie started off great from the get go. Watching the formation of Fox News as a political tool being used for a TV ratings war flipped the script. Then when he slides into his "America the Great" spiel to inspire his people to work their rear ends off to get good ratings and be successful, you really get the feeling of how Fox started. Rating wars are normal and acceptable but he went beyond the pale. Ailes was a force and he changed history, for better or worse. Russell Crowe is the best. He's able to portray the raw, loud, take no prisoners, veneer of Ailes. Can't wait for the next one. Fabulous. Kudos

  • bloodrunsclear

    Congrats on your ratings flop Showtime


    When are we going to get a series on Corrupt Obama's Iran deal and on Hillary's email scandal?!? 😂

    • T T
      T T

      And movie about Trump. Even a 3 hour movie wouldnt cover all his misdeeds.

  • pCeLobster


  • Jack Evans
    Jack Evans

    More liberal nonsense...

  • Blu Ray
    Blu Ray

    playing a Monster isn't a perfomance. It's a choice.

  • Kube Dog
    Kube Dog

    Obvious hit piece. Ailes as a two-dimensional villain. Pass.

    • Laura Willoughby
      Laura Willoughby

      He WAS a two dimensional villain.

  • am__15 1515
    am__15 1515

    Is it good? Rotten tomatoes reviews are devastating

    • Marydancer33

      It is excellent

    • Poppa J Walker
      Poppa J Walker

      Well considering they’re disrespecting the hell out of a dead man i wouldn’t even watch

  • brian keenan
    brian keenan

    A brilliant man

    • Laura Willoughby
      Laura Willoughby

      @karl bernz An evil pig.

    • karl bernz
      karl bernz

      a brilliant pig

  • this guy
    this guy

    Im not gonna watch a movie about fox news made by leftists who watch cnn

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby

    Naomi Watts is making the same mistake she made with Diana and Vice. Is this suppose to be a comedy?

    • bill bixby
      bill bixby

      @Ronkyort0dox Take a guess...

    • Ronkyort0dox

      Who did she play in Vice?

  • christopher langston
    christopher langston

    CNN, MSNBC, ABC etc all that is legit though : )

    • bill bixby
      bill bixby

      @Laura Willoughby FOX didn't ruins a child's life like CNN, the Post and NBC did.

    • christopher langston
      christopher langston

      @Laura Willoughby Oh please! They are all garbage

    • Laura Willoughby
      Laura Willoughby

      Compared to Fox they are.

    • bill bixby
      bill bixby

      It's called Liberal Double Standard 101.

  • Elephants Are Cool
    Elephants Are Cool

    Nothing suspicious about the timing.