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Star Wars
Check out this special look at #TheMandalorian and start streaming the series tomorrow, only on #DisneyPlus.

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton

    I'll watch it online on ScreenVariety Tv this time. I think it's the best live TV option this year.

  • Arafat Hossain
    Arafat Hossain

    The Looney Tunes seems better with light sabers

  • CuRtIs TiSbeRgEr
    CuRtIs TiSbeRgEr

    Walt Disney was a known pedophile folks thanks for supporting that

  • Deebo Jones
    Deebo Jones

    @ 1:09: The same sound Jabba the Hut makes when he’s getting choked out by Princess Leia in ROTJ

  • Mile Antic
    Mile Antic

    Add the disney plus to serbia

  • YT Omni
    YT Omni

    I can watch this pirated but I will give Disney my money for making this instead

  • Cliff Owens
    Cliff Owens

    Hope they put this series on dvd.

  • NinjaCat

    I really wanna know if that guy gets cut in half on camera or not

    • Private Zussman
      Private Zussman

      He doesn't


    Alien "You spilled my drink. " Mandalorian "Hold my beer!"

  • patelowski

    The 4th episode is so good

  • Woah Woah
    Woah Woah

    The sound effects are like placeholders in this trailer. This scene is a lot sharper in the episode.

  • ぺぺ

    Disney+ と Disney DELUXE 日本じゃこれダルいぞ...

  • Lowkey Arki
    Lowkey Arki

    To be fair if opening a door makes you spill your drink, maybe you shouldn't pick a fight with a guy wearing armor.

  • Phontheva Pholsena
    Phontheva Pholsena

    Why can’t the last two star war films be this good!!!!

  • Siddharth Patel
    Siddharth Patel

    Guy : You spilled my drink! Mandalorian : I can bring you in warm...or I can bring you in cold.

  • Mad Hadder
    Mad Hadder

    Bartender : you spilled his drink. Mandolorian : It was necessary.

  • mlouwagie

    what the hell who cares... its too dark... its too dark ...its too dark ...its too dark ...whats with these movies .... ITS TOO DARK . . . WHAT THE HELL ...why spend millions on it !?and people cant see it!!?

  • Apenas Mais Games
    Apenas Mais Games

    Looks like a commercial

  • Sauvage Ascension
    Sauvage Ascension

    This show kinda sucks.

  • Daniel Alexa
    Daniel Alexa

    Very cool and very Epic one of the best TV Series ever exist 👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Zach Redpath
    Zach Redpath

    the shot at 0:44 is playing in reverse.

  • Ironax3

    Alien: *scratches mandolorians armor* Mandolorian: yOu sEE WhAt hAPPenEd wAS..!

  • Rizki Aryo
    Rizki Aryo

    0:46 is he a yondue ?

  • Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo
    Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo

    Which show is better? The Clone Wars or The Mandalorian?

  • shivam vishwakarma
    shivam vishwakarma

    Looks like star wars is getting better. This series and the new game is amazing. And I am so happy as the awful sequels are coming to end. 😑

  • hksrb25s16

    The Mandalorian is Awesome, love the music.

  • max ray
    max ray

    You spilled my drink Mando: hold my beer

  • DoesNotInhale

    Tait as an alien lol

  • J

    The language is rearranged letters of English words.

  • DR møfø
    DR møfø

    Me : I wanna buy Disney+ Mom:Why Me:I have spoken

  • Yub Nub
    Yub Nub

    A male Protagonist *Feminists Triggered*

  • max ray
    max ray

    I thought this was a buf light commercial 🤣🤣🤣 and how could he spill is drink when he just walked in 🤔🤔🤔

  • Plymouth Die-Cast Replicas
    Plymouth Die-Cast Replicas


  • S R
    S R

    This looks pretty good. A lot of us Star Wars fans have been turned away from their unrealistic use of female heroines in the recent past. Yes this is fantasy, but using women for tough, violent roles is way too much fantasy.

  • Filipe S. S.
    Filipe S. S.

    Ubarrasa mi ocola

  • BarbarianShadow 117
    BarbarianShadow 117

    1:17 that shot from the Mandalorian was so slick

  • nick larkin
    nick larkin

    what's the release scedule episode 1 came out when the service launched and now episode 2 on friday few days later I love this show

  • dannyyong75

    Now, this 2 min clip is so much more Star Wars than what JJ Abrams can dream of in his movie version.

  • daniel1974c

    Its really good. Problem is the service buffers like crazy on every show. I switched from wifi to data and different devices and have the bandwidth. Its terrible

    • Slap shot Studios1708
      Slap shot Studios1708

      daniel1974c Disney + just came out so I think it’s gonna be fixed later

  • nyaagoma


  • Mike C.
    Mike C.

    I have spoken...

  • Lillian Shii
    Lillian Shii

    Oh great. More trash Star Wars expansion media.

    • Slap shot Studios1708
      Slap shot Studios1708

      Lillian Shii the mandolorian is actually a really good show

  • stupid

    Yay more toys!

  • Tornado Colin
    Tornado Colin

    *kid after watching trailer: DAAAADDDYYYYYYY BUY ME DISNEY +! *in unclear voice* dad: *thinks hmmm* *thinks of kid disney* yea sure dad sees kid watch Mandalorian: AHHHHHH WHAT IS THIS GUYS BONE CRACKED

  • Gary W-l-o-t
    Gary W-l-o-t

    The most important part of the show isn't plot, story or dialog, it's the Mandalorian's voice. His voice doesn't match the character; it's too high-pitched and he sounds green.

  • Terry Taylor
    Terry Taylor

    Cant wait to finally stream this show on disney+. ☺☺

  • (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I just love Werner Herzog speaking english

  • Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Salceda
    Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Salceda


  • Aiden Pettigrew
    Aiden Pettigrew

    Prepare for the same jokes with different punch lines! ⬇️

  • Nemanja Jovanovic
    Nemanja Jovanovic

    What a cliche scene.

  • Alexander Malt
    Alexander Malt

    Guess that armor is a little tough to move around in. Looks like a Monty Python knight.

  • Signor Nessuno
    Signor Nessuno

    How does he drink through his helmet?

  • poMocnyMichal

    What a piece of junk...

    • Slap shot Studios1708
      Slap shot Studios1708


  • ZAIN Mohammad
    ZAIN Mohammad

    Should i watch even Tho im not a star Wars fan?

    • Slap shot Studios1708
      Slap shot Studios1708

      ZAIN Mohammad yes

  • Gus Handler
    Gus Handler

    Powerful Tait Fletcher.

  • Stubsy13

    Alien: *Scratches armour* Also Alien: “Where’s my super suit?!”


    (I have spoken)

  • ZappeD

    He’s like space John Wick

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    Werner Herzog character: says something different each trailer. Also Werner Herzog: “Don’t you agree?”

  • Semi-Average

    1:45 he got that lego wrench on him for good luck

  • Ahsoka Tano
    Ahsoka Tano

    Its perfect 😍

  • CV16

    Can someone please tell me what instrument starts playing at 0:14 when he walks into the bar? It sounds like a flute but lower pitched, almost violin-like.

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      Отличный сериал , очень понравился , желаю сериалу много сезонов :)

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    You will not get a home theater system that can reproduce a 70 mm 1000cc theater

  • Love GOD, Times Square Media Productions
    Love GOD, Times Square Media Productions

    Streaming or beaming what's the difference

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      Just watched the first episode and this show is AMAZING!!!!!! I HAVE SPOKEN.

  • Danielle Dukkette
    Danielle Dukkette


    • Danielle Dukkette
      Danielle Dukkette

      @bilishu aliss probably because the main character was sitting in a bar then some random alien didn't like him then they got it a fight. Sound familiar? Clearly playing on ppls nostalgia

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      This feels like Star Wars. No political agenda, just Star Wars.

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    Alien: scratches armor The Mandalorian: Order 66

  • SevenDeMagnus

    I would bet this Mandalorian is the mentor of Bobba Fett after Bobba's father died. Bobba Fett since he's busy with the empire at this time, would would most likely just have cameos.

  • Ernesto HG
    Ernesto HG

    Very nice! Excited to see the first episode this March!!! : )

  • Puma of Africa
    Puma of Africa

    0:26 He said the 'm' word

    • Puma of Africa
      Puma of Africa

      @wnnalis cioov More like Django

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Mandolorian = basically Star Wars Clint Eastwood