The Manga That Breaks People
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Correction - Silence of the lambs did actually win best picture in 1992.
Here’s a video on the heart warming story of a mother and son and their inspirational journey to over come adversity.
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Why Horror Sedueces- by Mathias Clasen (Book)

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  • Super Eyepatch Wolf
    Super Eyepatch Wolf

    Yo yo thanks for watching the video ~~ this is nearly definitely going to run into some monetization trouble, so if you want to kick me over a buck or two on Patreon it would mean I can keep making weird stuff like this - Either way, thank you

    • Brandon Tran
      Brandon Tran

      Thank you for the always solid recommendations. Just caught up to the latest chapter of Trail of Blood and it was exceptional. Stay safe and good luck with future endeavors; will continue to support this channel!

    • X player
      X player

      @Angel Rodriguez Mariani do u know this manga's name pls tell me I want to read it

    • Shwiii _
      Shwiii _

      Love your work but do you know jagaaaan?

    • chris nz
      chris nz

      What’s this song in the beginning of this video

    • Nazia Majid
      Nazia Majid

      Hi just found my new favourite channel would love to know where you've been hiding 😉 but very happy to find you !!🍀

  • Exo Apocalypse
    Exo Apocalypse

    Junji ito is the master of this visual horror.

  • Zxcah vuujm
    Zxcah vuujm

    Daaaamn man i thought it was the whole manga and turn it to a video i fucking loved the idea and your work but after 4 minutes i found out its just a recommendation video...maan you should do something like that with a manga

  • Hwat Wat
    Hwat Wat

    People watching this: HORRIFIED Manga'ers without sound and creept noises: "the art is pretty dope"


    Due to how the Japanese people convey certain things makes Horror/Psychological (sometimes they go hand-on-hand) manga my favourite genre. Simply because it is really different from all the "Mainstream shit". Most if not all Horror movies I don't watch just because I actually find them funny instead of scary especially the older Horror movies. Also, webtoon sites are among the worst sites to comment on saying you don't like something as you just get bombarded with hate and other such similar things, people take stuff to seriously nowadays.

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion

    I read inside Mari the other day, and it stuck with me. Powerful stuff.

  • i Sarart
    i Sarart

    I don't know why this kind of horror reminds me of 20th century boys, this is the first and only manga gave me those creeps and goosebumps!

  • Daniel Santiago
    Daniel Santiago

    I was thinking of lyrics from Purity Ring's song "Silkspun" the whole time. It really fits with the whole "intimate horror". "Fear how the stillness stares back Like it knows what I mean I fear me Forgiveness forget will spread evenly over the dead o'er our death" On the point of horror being thought as cheap (no awards won), I think it has to do more with the taboo aspects of horror. Most praised or favored entertainment tends to be escapist, romanticizing or making some grand statement about the greatness, compassion or resilience of the human condition. That being said, horror media like "Trail of Blood" confronts you with the reality of humanity's "dark side." A side that resides within each and every one of us, a side that isn't beyond us, a side that is as human as our capacity for empathy. Consider that people, in general, much rather avoid uncomfortable subjects and on top of that, entertainment is mainly utilized as a form of escapism. Put those two factors together and it pretty much explains why horror is so undermined as a genre. We could also talk about how the genre has been cheapened by movies that rely mostly on jump scares and gore to convey their "horror" but that's another aspect of the conversation.

  • ahh that's hot
    ahh that's hot

    Thumbnail looks a bit like Pariston from HxH. Creepy.

  • Giovanni Giorgio
    Giovanni Giorgio

    This video convinced me to read the manga and I understand why the following doesn’t fit the tone of the video but the horror of Osube’s horror makes the moments between Osube and his girlfriend unbearably heartwarming by contrast. Amazingly emotional ride.

  • Renni

    When reading this and getting to the cliff scene myself and the action of her simply turning around in a cliff and smilling for me was not only discomforting but actually truamatizing. That is because when I was a kid, I would often have dreams of a woman turning around on a cliffside smiling, I would wake up in a cold sweat traumatized and that would be all that was on my mind for days at a time. No clue as to why, but it really was a traumatizing experience. Having this memory rekindled from reading this irritated something that could be described as naturally supernatural, and begs the question as to whether these memories are real at all. Sometimes you have a dream which reminds you of a dream you had years ago, which was actually just a dream you had the same night, and sometimes an experience can make you recall a false memory, this naturally unnatural expression makes your brain draw similarities, and in doing so creates false memories you believe you had had years prior, but in reality were just reactions of your conscious

  • Renni

    The narration is great and I love the music, but honestly the music tends to act as a jumpscare in my opinion, after the tension the sudden change in tone audibly drastically takes away from the emotional horror portrait by the image taking from the authenticity. Like cutting off a chunk of skin that was itchy, before scratching the disembodied chunk. Otherwise great.

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata

    Time to empty my wallet.

  • Pixility

    Doesn't really scare me that much sure its kinda spoopy but Junji Ito has the REAL shit that scares me (Probably depends on the person) I don't remember the name but the one with people inside mountains just shook me to my core i could imagine what it would look like O-O

  • rinbobette weebabobo
    rinbobette weebabobo

    I love drawing horror more than watching horror and since my style is so anime based I can just say it's junji Ito fanart when people ask wtf are you drawing

  • Vattsu

    9:56 that was too loud for me.

  • Polina Burlakova
    Polina Burlakova

    Read till the kiss after confession, and now I feel very uncomfortable to keep reading

  • Rexcor Jungmir
    Rexcor Jungmir

    21:19 That Silent Hill music to perfectly set the somber mood of the topic.

  • Axel

    Lol just caught up on the entire manga after this video and it was insanely good. It really nails the psychological aspect so well. The main character becomes so unlikeable but that's the point his mother is a master manipulator, basically making him feel like she wants him to feel.

  • Annie L
    Annie L

    I'm gonna be honest, the aunt's face did not scare me.

  • Ruby Star 1814
    Ruby Star 1814

    15:25 can someone tell me what this is from?

  • OJKT 1812
    OJKT 1812

    Thank god this guy didn't review happiness.that shit was saddening

  • Jantow

    I mean i see the amazing translation of emotions into drawings. But for real the face of the aunt at 16:55 is just an empty expression compared to all the others in the video. She looks more bored than anything, or the face you do when you see someone doing something dumb and you are just like "uff". But definetly not scary or anything xD

    • YourAverageMachine101

      It look like a derp face not gonna lie

  • Alt Account
    Alt Account

    I cant handle spoopy stuffs but for some reason, im too interested and decided to watch in the middle of the night

  • TimeFliesAway

    Is there an anime?

  • Blair Lavoux
    Blair Lavoux

    So, how did that manga end?

  • ٰ ٰ
    ٰ ٰ

    13:33 whats this Uwu

  • Flopp

    9:52 It's so funny to me that you took this so seriously and expected it to be so frightening that you actually put a jumpscare sound over it. Like we're talking about the most specific obscure horror genres, and how people shouldn't judge horror based on campy popcorn horror films, and then you do this. An orchestra hit over an image of an angry woman. Yikes

  • Flopp

    The intro presentation is so awkward and wince-worthy. It's like creepypasta readings from 2014, and I hope noone dismisses this channel because of it

  • Ku -bearable
    Ku -bearable

    Melvina’s Therapy is a good read, but not if you have a weak stomach

  • Ngân Nguyễn Tuyết
    Ngân Nguyễn Tuyết

    The manga ended. I really want to hear what you think about the ending.

  • Miyamura

    My personality Is a little bit broken

  • MM

    why im i watching this at 4 am fuck im about to have a bad night

  • Robin Prusiak
    Robin Prusiak

    i reccomend uzumaki or tomie by junji ito. its a wild ride, either of them.

  • suzume

    the entire manga is basically 👁👄👁

  • ri

    psychological horror is just the best

  • Jeremy Lee Acunin
    Jeremy Lee Acunin

    whats the name of the manga in the intro

  • HikariNo Yami
    HikariNo Yami

    Why did you not place the title? Lol.

  • Mountain Lion
    Mountain Lion

    Hol up imma read this shi

  • lil' meow meow
    lil' meow meow

    thank you only got so scared i cried a little bit :D

  • SamTheGumMan 117
    SamTheGumMan 117

    Jesus now that is how you do a intro to a vid

  • abigail unknown
    abigail unknown

    Dude..... This shit is scary because it's higkey real

  • V a p o r w a v e C i t y
    V a p o r w a v e C i t y

    Oh! My sister and I love Flowers Of Evil. I really enjoy its unexpected and sometimes unnerving scenes and those parts caused me to read the entire series in a day.

  • PlausiblyMale

    i saw this video in my recommended, and immediately went to go binge read the manga. and after reading it, i came back here and watched the video. and all i gotta say is: aaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Allen Evans
    Allen Evans

    Just finished with it.......Omfg wtf?!

  • Tanner Eckmann
    Tanner Eckmann

    Horror can sometimes be enlightening and good or it can often just be used as entertainment. (I don't think it's good for people to use horror as "entertainment")

  • sakurashounen

    I am trully intrigued by this manga now! I must read it! You have a very creepy, scary way of introducing the plot. Super entertaining video!

  • Eliza Heintzelman
    Eliza Heintzelman

    I play DnD with some of my friends, usually late at night since that's when we're all free I had was horror related. Our DM set the mood with some notes that would pop up where they weren't before. Eventually, we were on the deck of our ship, told that there is a thick fog coming over and that the captain will be wearing something that will "help him focus on getting through the fog." This gear would effectively block the party from the captain. As the fog settled, we couldn't see each other. We started hearing creaks and scratching, as the notes started appearing again. The notes told us everything was fine. I don't know what happened to my friends, but I know that they had to face actual monsters. While the DM left me to the mercy of my imagination. Around me, I heard my friends grunt and yell with frustration and fear. I just sat there wondering, "What is going to happen to me." The lingering terror of isolation, unable to communicate or help, yet able to hear the suffering of my friends. It was one of the most exhilarating yet silent moments of my life.

  • Amelia Lee
    Amelia Lee

    I feel like I’ve not seen many analysis of horror in the form of solely audio storytelling.. like not a book read aloud or the audio of a horror movie.. I mean like podcasts or stories. My friend likes to read this horror story to us and although it’s technically written down on her phone, when she reads it aloud there’s something so eerie about it that you don’t get reading it silently. The pauses she makes and the tension.. when you are processing something by hearing it it lets your eyes and brain wander to different things other than words or pictures on a screen... idk it’s a really interesting way to consume horror

  • KpopFeels MyJams
    KpopFeels MyJams

    The jump scares aren't even scary anymore. This type is horror is better. I also like to horror of reality and the ones you have to question is it real or not.

  • Allen Evans
    Allen Evans

    You quick question, the way he talks sometimes he studders or whatever that is, did he do that normally before or is he traumatized About what happened?

  • MF Rex
    MF Rex

    But not like Femur Breaker.

  • Daniel Justin
    Daniel Justin

    This is why I personally would rather choose Oshimi Shuuzou's work rather than Itou Junji's work. The reason is quite simple, the atmospheric scenes and the realistic characters are absolutely brilliant. Not to mention the camera angle is also what makes this scary, in a sense that we are hopeless by the tension itself. That makes us uncomfortable because we know something is coming. I personally really like horror genre that has something to do with psychology especially like an anime called "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" which is extremely scary and mysterious. I'm actually surprised Oshimi Shuuzou's work doesn't get enough credit as Itou Junji's work which is sad.

  • Matt Mitchell
    Matt Mitchell

    This manga is extremely scary and creepy.

  • Unknow0059

    I agree that horror can be good. I disagree that people have a misconception of horror as it is represented in movies. They have the right conception. It's a matter of not letting it cloud all your judgement.

  • M. Farrel Akbar
    M. Farrel Akbar

    i am scared

  • Anya Rr
    Anya Rr

    After watching the beginning of the video I had to go and read all the available chapters. Now I'm back. :D

  • MoonCherryLove

    Wait till you see the one where a loving father finds a way to bring his daughter and dog together~

  • Sam Long
    Sam Long it bad I actually kinda relate to a horror manga?

  • Horatio Miller
    Horatio Miller

    bro Im sorry maybe I didnt come to the right place but god holy fuck its annoying how he slows his words and repeast them then explaining shit we already know like oh my fuckin god

  • Sam Long
    Sam Long

    I wasn't scared by the park scene, but I'm terrified easily. I think I'm more scared that I didn't react than the moms face.

  • Lode Bore
    Lode Bore

    I've read so much horror and psychological shit, I've lost all feeling for it and it makes me so depressed... I literally hate the way I look and think about horror now. I've read all of Oshimi's manga's. :( Also, they ruined Grudge 2020 by making it all jump scares and just got done watching that, kind of pissed me off.


    The fact that I find this manga disturbing is that the art is really almost real, like for example the auntie; her skin, it almost you can touch and feel it where the part she smiles

  • Ian Tophernicus
    Ian Tophernicus

    Warning: This’ll probs turn into a mini essay. While Jump Scares can be overused and end up inciting annoyance, as opposed to fear, the one instance of media that uses it properly, is one I coincidentally have not been able to stop thinking about, every single time I walk down a hallway. P.T. is a game I will never get to experience firsthand, but the thing that scares me is not about the endless hallway or the change of lights. Instead, the scariest part of the game is Lisa herself. The moment that scares me the most is over in about two seconds, but it has stuck with me, years after I allowed myself to see it. When you turn around, Lisa appears, in all of her disfigured glory, before smashing her face into the camera three times, only to end it with a sickening crunch of the neck, allowing you o slip from her grasp, to tumble to the floor. This is all truly horrifying on its own, but the worst part of the encounter, for me at least, is the wild and manic gleam in her eye, the sickening gleeful smile. There’s a theory that the three father’s announced on the radio are the three people that you switch between, unknowingly, while playing. Whether this is true, I can’t say. I don’t know if Lisa looks so obscenely happy as a result of catching the person who had done this to her, or if she is satisfied with having someone to vent through, but that wild gleam in her eyes has followed me down more dark hallways than her shaking walk ever has. When I saw the Boundary Break episode, where they slipped the camera under the footpath at the end of the game, only to show Lisa waiting to kill you at the bottom of the skybox, I openly screamed. Being trapped in a house with a monstrous creature is nightmare-inducing enough. To find out that her power extends past the house, that she will forever be one step behind you, waiting for you to slip up, before pouncing, that is soul-wrenchingly chilling. Side note: As of late, I’ve become fascinated with the horror presented in movies, compared to video games. Not knocking either medium at all, but I find that many horror movies don’t feel as scary, when a character walks down a hallway, something jumps out and goes ‘Boogiedeboo!’ and the character reacts. In games, you have to be brave enough to walk down that hallway and face whatever pops out. Even after watching multiple let’s play’s of Resi 7 and Little Nightmares, I felt disconnected from the horror, shielded behind the barrier of my screen. While playing those games? It doesn’t matter that I know where and when the scares are coming. In fact, it makes things even worse. On Resi 7 alone, my save file is perpetually waiting in the room above the stairs, knowing that Mia will burst through the doors, but I am so scared of actually seeing it play out, with me behind the controls, that the game just sits there. Waiting for me to pick it up. Might even happen one day. But even when playing with a room of other people, that panic and the weight of responsibility, to be brave enough to continue, is the most pure sense of horror I can come close to. If you made it this far, please pay respects. *F*

  • Mintii Mochi
    Mintii Mochi

    its 3 am haha...


    I think the things that make us feel this humanly horror is mostly anxiety. These books/manga seemed to be made off our very own fear. Trust me, I’ve seen it myself in real life, and if you wanna see an example, scroll down. When I was in 5th grade, I had very severe selective mutism, even casual human contact made me going teared up and I had panic attacks every day. And my state has a system that also grades your participation and your communication in class. Me and my family are immigrants, but I was good at English enough to understand what people are saying, and I was very good at math. But on that specific grade, I got a 3 plus on math and my speaking grade was 1 plus (VERY LOW), just as I’d expected, but I was never ready to brace my mother’s reaction when she saw my grade. On the day when my grade card arrived in the mail, I got called over to my mom into the living room, I was anxious about what she’s going to say, but she stayed silent, when she looked up, I saw the pure anger and hatred on her face and she was glaring deep into my soul. I was horrified, but I stayed calm. I walked slowly up to her on the sofa, but just when I sat down, she shoved me down with force and punched me on the side. I didn’t resist for fear that it might bring more trouble, so I grabbed her arms and told her to calm down. She was biting her lips in a furious way, and threw the grade card at me and told me to look at it. My first focus was on the speaking grade, which was even lower than my 4th grade grade. My mom barely knew about my selective mutism, and I didn’t know that anxiety even existed at that time, she always told me to shut up and stop bragging her about being lonely at school, because it’s my fault. So I started explained to her about my fear of speaking, but she shuted me down immediately and told me to look at the math. I gained my bravery and and tried to continue to explain my situation on speaking before moving on to talk about math. My she yelled at me instead and told me to do what I’ve been told, so I moved on to math immediately. My math grade was 3 plus, which is very good since 3 is the average grade and 4 is the best grade, I always got 4 before that, so I told her that 3 plus is very good, she was furious. So she yelled and screamed at me and grabbed a knife and waved it at me. I was SO SCARED that I flinched back, I told her to CALM DOWN, and she screamed “IF IT WEREN’T FOR YOU WERE MY DAUGHTER, I WOULD HAVE STABBED YOU TO THE DEATH RIGHT HERE” and I was on adrenaline from the terrifying thing that had came out of her mouth. So I risked it to reach out to grab her knife slowly and put it far away on the other side of the table. And I tried to give her a hug to calm her down but she pushed me away and screamed at me to get away from her and she doesn’t want to see me. Then she said heartbreakingly: “YOU KNOW I HAVE LOW BLOOD PRESSURE” she stopped to take some short breath “YOU KNOW YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL ME WITH THOSE GRADES, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS. I’ve also hit Menopause, women with menopause often go insane and commit suicide. I BET I’LL GO INSANE FROM YOU AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT. DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE?” I was very shaken and replied in a shiver “No, mom! I would never do that, please calm down”. “YOU JUST WANT ME TO SUFFER, DON’T YOU?” She screeched. “PLEASE MOM, CALM DOWN, I LOVE YOU MOM.” I tried my best to convince her to chill. “SOON YOU WON’T HAVE A MOM ANYMORE” I froze, my mind was racing from what she told me, “YOU’LL BE LEFT WITH YOUR SELFISH DAD AND YOU WILL BECOME THE GARBAGE OF SOCIETY BEING RAISED BY HIM.” “MOM! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME” I was tearing up, but I knew that I had to stay calm, so I sucked back that tears from my eyes. “You are going to kill me anyways” She said coldly. I stared at her for a moment, and decided to stay silent, since I can’t make her feel any better. After a while of stillness, she said “If you can’t get your grade up..”, she paused, and I immediately had an idea about what she was going to say next, and my heart was chilled. “...You are going back to China, to live with poor people” She continued quietly yet threateningly. “What.. Poor people? Aren’t we going back to our old city?”. “No” she answered “I am going to live with my mother if we go back, but you are going to a poor city, on your own”. “What about dad?” I asked, but I feared the answer that was going to come from her. “I don’t want to live with that pig anymore, he doesn’t do anything to get money except driving his Uber and laying around all day and wasting his life.” Yes, the answer was exactly what I’ve feared, but I didn’t argue with her about it, instead, I nodded. “Mom. I don’t want to go back to that horrible place again! I can’t live there, PLEASE, I’LL DO ANYTHING TO STAY HERE” I pleaded, all the memories of unfairness flowed through me. “We brought you to America to succeed and have a better life” She said scoldingly “Not to fail like you are now.” “BUT MOM! WHO TOLD YOU THAT I’M GOING TO FAIL?”. She turned away from me and fixed her gaze at the window “Huh, I can tell what you are going to be after 10 years just by looking at you now, a total lazy garbage.”. I was angered by the non-sense that she had said, she had just assumed my future, EVERYTHING that I can be, and what she was doing is RISKING ALL OF MY OPPORTUNITIES IN THE FUTURE, just because of one RIDICULOUS ASSUMPTION. “No one can see the future” I answered calmly. “But I can, and I did” she said, challenging me. “You are not god” I pointed out coldly. Raising my head so that I could see her in a smaller form, the one that her mind was. “I am not god, but I don’t need to be one to see you becoming a garbage man in the future”. “We’ll see” I replied, daring her to say other wise. “You are taking away my can-be-gorgeous future by sending me back to China, mom.” At that point, my mind had already made my life-time decision, if we really have to go back to China, I am not going with them, no matter what. They can’t take me away by force. My future is right here, and not there, where the society was corrupted and so was the government. If I really become anything great in this place, I’ll go back to China and change its communist ways, it has such a great land, but the government there wasn’t as great as it. The people are great, but they are also controlled by the government. “Sure, but I’m not staying here if you fail. I don’t want you to ruin my life, especially when I left everything behind for you to have a better future here” my mom said plainly. The end :DDDD P.S. My mom is still here, and living great. It’s just that I got some PSTD from that and other mind blowing things :DDDD. And I’m still doing fine, being a casual student here. And just so you know, I’m not a racist, but China isn’t really my most favorite country even though I was born there and am Chinese. I respect its culture and people though, just not some of the ways it is in there.



  • Enzo I guess
    Enzo I guess

    I'm currently looking up messed up manga/hentai because I just got done reading Shoujo M and I feel absolutely disgusted with humanity 🙃

  • L A
    L A

    seems like a giant spoiler

  • the running man
    the running man

    Great video I might need to check out this manga soon Even though I heard it’s terrifying