The Match | Matt VS Stephen | 9 Holes Match Play
It's finally here! This is a long one so grab your popcorn and enjoy the match between Stephen and Matt!
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  • gm__golf

    What a match

    • Jay Luerman
      Jay Luerman

      I want to see a 5 hole WORST BALL challenge with you and Brodie!

    • Gus

      Do a challenge 9 holes match play only 1 club a DRIVER lol all around to putt to chip and on the fairway the whole round just 1 driver lol get an old one don't beat up your new equipment hope to see this challenge keep up the great work you guys and can't wait for BROFIVE VIDEOS 😎

    • Merck

      We need a rematch

  • sophia kurtz
    sophia kurtz

    I’m in love with Matt.

  • Ryan Dante
    Ryan Dante

    great rounds guys, congrats!

  • Kyle Knoblauch
    Kyle Knoblauch

    Definitely need a stroke play rematch

  • Mercy Empirez
    Mercy Empirez

    Currently watching this because I’m on the side of the road since my car just got hit

  • Syon Cheung
    Syon Cheung

    Matt is sooo funny LOL 4:16

  • Slot Stoner
    Slot Stoner

    Matt tries a little hard, but entertaining nonetheless

  • TheBoyDuddus *
    TheBoyDuddus *

    Let’s get a rematch boys

  • Enoch Rinehart
    Enoch Rinehart

    “where connor my gregor is kind of getting the job done that way, and people are like what’s going on” “but then maywether in the back is like, ik how to win, and gets the job done that way” I laughed so hard 😂

  • Ben Harding
    Ben Harding

    Stroke play rematch!!

  • Catalyst Network Solutions
    Catalyst Network Solutions

    He. Stopped. Gaining. Weight. Hahahahahahhaha

  • Colton Gerber
    Colton Gerber

    Matt hitting a P wedge 160 lol wtf... My 5 handicap ass sitting over here hitting my P wedge 125-130. #gottahitthegym

  • Nick Marcello
    Nick Marcello

    Matt didn’t move his ball marker back on 7. DQ. Steven wins.

  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher

    18:38 - I thought that was a cigarette, but pausing the video in the right place, I can see that as far as smoking goes, he's tee total.

  • The Truth has been Determined to be a Lie
    The Truth has been Determined to be a Lie

    Between the 4 of you you guys have like 12 irrelevant channels.....

  • Devin Mirch
    Devin Mirch

    Stephen's putting legit bothered me

  • Logan Hutchins
    Logan Hutchins

    22:00 when you forget what day it is

  • Mark Tagerman
    Mark Tagerman

    This rematch needs to happen soon

  • Lindsey Pak
    Lindsey Pak

    Honestly wha did you expect. Stephen did way better than I thought. Matt is a college golfer. Step then only golfs because of Garrett

  • Jeremy Ernst
    Jeremy Ernst

    Rematch Please! Garrett v. Brodie match as well. Get the job done that way!

  • DeDums YT
    DeDums YT

    “Descriptions will be in the link”

  • theo ledonge
    theo ledonge

    do you guys live together?

  • buggub buggub
    buggub buggub

    Stephens swing is almost as bad as mine

  • gillettecrackers

    This is how you get weird amoeba brain-eating diseases.

  • gillettecrackers

    I don't dislike this.

  • Dave Norman
    Dave Norman

    Why play the ladies tees?

  • SuperRayrobinson

    This is like a scene from entourage, except with more bogies

  • Christopher Hassinger
    Christopher Hassinger

    We all want a rematch!!!!

  • Dalton Barrett
    Dalton Barrett

    I definitely wanted Matt to win after Stephen bragged about playing soccer. The wussiest sport ever

  • rob isselbaecher
    rob isselbaecher

    So stealing that Walmart joke!

  • Matt Bourgault
    Matt Bourgault

    I would be so annoyed playing with Brodie and hearing him say shit like “THAT NEEDS TO SETTLE!!!” every time I mess up a shot

  • Michael Bastian
    Michael Bastian

    YES rematch

  • Jesse Bittel
    Jesse Bittel

    Didn’t Matt and Steven tie?

  • Coop Dawg
    Coop Dawg


  • Coop Dawg
    Coop Dawg


  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith

    The heartbeat addition to the video just made me wanna play tiger woods 😂😂

  • legit skier
    legit skier

    24:04 Garrett is on top of the golf cart

  • James Prather
    James Prather

    Brodie vs. Garrett??? Play the Smiley's course. More irons and wedges... See who has the better short game :-)

  • Harry Liang
    Harry Liang

    More please , please man just please!

  • O'Shay Booth
    O'Shay Booth

    so the teams are basically team twigs and team electric connection

  • Joel Muhs
    Joel Muhs

    bruh the 4 iron is my favorite iron

  • Adam Church
    Adam Church

    Steven shot +4 lol

    • Adam Church
      Adam Church

      2 doubles, a bogey and a birdie

  • Flowee Music
    Flowee Music

    I like Matt way more than Stephen

  • k20ahole

    This was so good. Hats off to all you guys. Video was edited great too. Really really got the job done on this one

  • Squad 0
    Squad 0


  • Nathan Steinmetz
    Nathan Steinmetz

    God damn. A hybrid shot 315 yards

  • real faux
    real faux


  • real faux
    real faux

    Pretty funny. Good job guys.

  • Sidney Vicious
    Sidney Vicious

    dang you guys are so lucky you get to golf with Andrew Luck

  • SavageDezi


  • JakeB88

    Cannot wait to figure out my swing if these twigs are hitting almost 300 yard drives and hitting a 5 iron 197. Shit

  • marlin918

    Anyone else thinks Matt sounds like Mel kiper on draft day???? Lol

  • Max Luisetti
    Max Luisetti

    i hate matt

  • Jon Mccutchan
    Jon Mccutchan

    Great Video!!! Look forward to the rematch, subscribe to JCJ Golf for golf content, I’m gonna say the videos probably aren’t as good as this but we really need some subs

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Why does Matt talk so fast all the time lol 🤣

  • Pedro Guerra
    Pedro Guerra

    I hate mat

  • Ty Hartman
    Ty Hartman

    Do a match of Garrett and Brodie

  • Reggie Gamez
    Reggie Gamez

    Matt is such an idiot, please never film with him ever again, he is ruining the video cuz he is so weird

  • Dennis Cunningham
    Dennis Cunningham

    Love the joke at 27:09 lol

  • vyom 5104
    vyom 5104

    I have been watching since you had 5k subs bro you have earned it well done g

  • Toran Fuglseth
    Toran Fuglseth

    gut says that the beef isn't over, just tried to hide it

  • BillMcGirr

    Fun video... good match.👍

  • J+M Vlogs
    J+M Vlogs

    Btw edit I would be rooting for Garrett

  • J+M Vlogs
    J+M Vlogs

    Garrett vs Brodie they are equal and Matt and Stephen are kinda equal

  • Riley Mitchell
    Riley Mitchell

    You guys should do a garret with a golf ball and Brodie with a frisbee

  • Rod God
    Rod God

    What course is this?

  • Jeremy Carlton
    Jeremy Carlton

    Where was this course at I’m really wanting to play this course

  • YT5AVAGE 21
    YT5AVAGE 21


  • Jared Smith
    Jared Smith

    I love watching the four of you play. It makes for an interesting dynamic. If yall ever get out southwest you should definitley play the Inn of the Mountain Gods championship golf course in Ruidoso NM. Its an amazing course that I play alot and its NOT easy!!. Its up and down throughout the course with plenty of water hazards and laced with 150' plus pines. I posted a link below of the golf course Theres also 5 other courses all within 10 miles of one another. Simply would make for an amzing vacation

  • Raul Laguerre
    Raul Laguerre

    your guys are so lucky to have friends so close respect each other and blessing to all you