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29-year-old Patton had been stabbed to death in a frenzied attack that had left more than 60 wounds from her head to her feet. She had multiple bruises and broken bones and it was clear she had bravely fought back against a sustained attack. What followed were years of difficult investigations plagued by numerous false leads based mainly on gossip.
Hosted by respected journalist, Steve Liebmann, CIA uncovers the true stories behind these cases through chilling re-enactments and access to the key detectives, family members and witnesses involved.
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  • Grace Noah
    Grace Noah

    What does he mean by he does not want to shock him, he inflicted the injuries on her, he should look at them. Monster, monster that is what this man is.

  • ReligiousZombie

    They said she was having "multiple love affairs." I wonder whether she could have been having an affair with the killer, and then things soured, so he killed her.

  • knotty1966

    I wouldn't clap for 24 years. He looks in his 30's so in his mid 50's he'll be a free man!

  • Gary Doyle
    Gary Doyle

    Its great when murderers think they got away with it and have a new life and that knock comes and you're off to jail for 20+ years lol charge the wife too for lying

  • Wilford Fraser
    Wilford Fraser

    She would have had a better chance at surviving had she been calm and cooperated

  • Zoran Ignjatovic ́
    Zoran Ignjatovic ́

    What's the fokken point of putting him in jail - execute the garbage!

  • apirl castro
    apirl castro

    We have to stop upgrading unnecessary stuff, we need to upgrade detective mind and the technology around them that they need.

  • Kari Gross
    Kari Gross

    24 YEARS? Are you KIDDING ME?

  • A man with a biGHeart
    A man with a biGHeart

    He took a life but he gets comfortable 24 years in jail! *ridiculous!*

  • Neil Legacy
    Neil Legacy

    24 years u kidding.

  • Muna Mazen
    Muna Mazen

    He should have been executed 👿

  • Mt. Baldwin
    Mt. Baldwin

    Hmm, he might have hit her with the car. I'm not buying his story, he's a nut job, but the fractured pelvis is an indication of being run over by a vehicle and not of a beating. In fact there's another crime show on here where a fractured pelvis was used as evidence that a suspect had run over the victim and had not just beaten her. I think he hit her, freaked out and threw what he thought was her dead body in the trunk and when she came out swinging from the trunk he stabbed and beat her to death.

  • seidel gauss
    seidel gauss

    24 years ??

  • Sukumar Devaguptapu
    Sukumar Devaguptapu

    This is such a docile investigation.! Why should we get a "likely scenario" -- to crown the impotent investigators and forget the tears of the victim ! When he could use force, which was apparent (we do not need the investigation to tell us), why the law enforcement could not use force to get the truth. So sickening..this investigation ! To the victim and her parents: sorry, forgive -- us, ..people and the sickening system !

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar
    Jyotirmoy Sarkar


  • Deb InPEI
    Deb InPEI

    I hope her dear parents don't watch this, the reanacment at the end was brutal.

  • Skull Rose.
    Skull Rose.

    How heartbreaking,been told a young girl has been found & they need to identify if it's your daughter or somebody else's's horrible to think you would be praying it wasn't your baby,cause that means some other parent has lost there baby..R.I.P Angel.

  • lisa free
    lisa free

    It's so frustrating hearing how soft and polite they talk to these murderers in Australia...the cop goes " I don't want to shock you or horrify you when I show you these pictures" what?!?!?! Who gives a flying eff about shocking him he is the one who killed her. And why does Australia keep giving these murderers only 24 years? They don't have sentences with 50 years to life over there?

  • Stephen Meek
    Stephen Meek

    He should have got Life!!

  • Mo Salah
    Mo Salah

    So unfortunate and needless. A sweet young life taken for nothing. This guy is a completely deluded monster who should have got a full life sentence. Just heartbreaking for the parents. R. I. P. Sweet Janelle.

  • Lily Ann Adoration
    Lily Ann Adoration

    Why not make camera or CCTV on the Norfolk Island and all the streets there!.. He killed her, so death penalty for him.

  • errol kim
    errol kim

    How do they know he beat her up in an argument over a drink??

  • Puja Keshri
    Puja Keshri

    ise hindi me ...debut karo..

  • cynthia jones
    cynthia jones

    He gets out in 25 years? Your country is too easy on murderers. Here it would be life in prison, or the death penalty.

  • Alberto Baudino
    Alberto Baudino

    Orribile ..riposa in pace woman angel.....

  • Vandalo68

    Could have gladly done without the photos of the injuries.

    • Zulu Immortal
      Zulu Immortal

      Glad i read your comment so I could avert my eyes. My imagination holds on to this dark stuff.

  • Jesse Bradshaw
    Jesse Bradshaw

    he should get the death penalty

  • Space Cadet 69
    Space Cadet 69

    Gotta love a copper that wears shorts.

  • The Christicorn
    The Christicorn

    Yeah, running over a cow, dog, or person all would feel like the same impact🤣

  • Michael Phelan
    Michael Phelan

    You sneeze at 2 in the morning and people will tell you that you need MEDICINE at 8 in the morning sounds like people need to mind there own business

  • Sandy Carroll
    Sandy Carroll

    Whats wrong with people? 😭

  • The Blue Hotel
    The Blue Hotel

    O'Neill claimed it was steroids.

  • Diane Farr
    Diane Farr

    This poor girl really fought to try and stay alive. He needed to be put to death!

    • luis de la rosa
      luis de la rosa

      a very very slow and unimaginable painful death.

  • Russel Devries
    Russel Devries

    Come to America and do this .. . And we ll end you ...

  • Entertainment Style
    Entertainment Style

    watch my crime scene movie with english subtitled.

  • Mikey

    24 years with a minimum of 18. Sheesh!

    • Russel Devries
      Russel Devries

      Come to America and do this ...we ll end you...

  • Binharb1 A
    Binharb1 A

    Formers lovers. With how many lovers she was fucking

  • dangreaux jerome
    dangreaux jerome

    motherfucker i'm not proud but i took heroin, cocaine, XTC, LSD and MaryJane and never hurt a fly...but without drugs as a small kid, i'd tortured ants and flies, so fuck off with drug's excuse

  • Meagan Smith
    Meagan Smith

    Omg this is so sad rip janelle I’m so sorry. He a horrible monster and I hope his wife leaves him and that she doesn’t get mustered either. Drugs should never be a reason to kill someone.

  • pooja dhoni7781
    pooja dhoni7781


  • Maureen Schorsch
    Maureen Schorsch


  • Raymond long
    Raymond long

    AUSTRAILA LAW You murder you get 2 years in jail you steal a slice of bread you get hung

  • Cole Ritter
    Cole Ritter

    You say that justice has been done. What a load of crap! You bleeding heart liberal piles of trash sicken me. This evil jackal cold bloodedly murdered a young woman for no reason and he gets a lousy prison sentence. You spineless bastards should have sentenced him to death. His victim received the death penalty with no moment of restraint or compassion from her executioner. Put this filth to death.

  • RJ FP
    RJ FP

    Violent felons need to be put away together so they only have each other to prey upon. People that commit these violent crimes do not change unless forced to change. The recidivism rate for violent felons is around 90% ? There’s centuries of proof that they will continue committing violence until imprisoned or they’re dead.

  • Selfimpact Chao
    Selfimpact Chao

    I don’t get it why she is walking by herself ‼️😳 what a sad sad and unfortunate event 😢😢

  • Brandon Greenleaf
    Brandon Greenleaf

    What’s a cut lunch lol. Also is it Norfolk or norfok

    • manic hairdo
      manic hairdo

      It's NORFOLK .As seen at 11 plus. Or do you Lol.

  • Kelly Jordan
    Kelly Jordan

    Great video and scary! Australia crime did it again, had me gripping the rails of my treadmill.

    • Donna Roguski
      Donna Roguski

      Kelly Jordan I love this show. I never realized the crime Australia has had through the years. Very tragic this case.

  • Jennifer Adams
    Jennifer Adams

    Australia seems like the place to go if you want to kill someone. The sentences are incredibly light and disproportionate to the crime itself. I've seen Australian sentences for murder ranging from less than 10 years to barely over 25 years. Is the value of a human life in that country so small?


    clicked cuz of picture of the hot chick near water

  • Zechariah Prince
    Zechariah Prince

    Send this pile of human waste over to me. I have something he will enjoy.

  • alex mwangi
    alex mwangi

    That was murder if was in my country should have received death wallant

  • alex mwangi
    alex mwangi

    Eccution is best punishment

  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
    GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

    I wonder did she trigger some jealous woman as they stated that she had multiple love affairs on the island. She's young and pretty, but still a newcomer/outsider. Someone may have felt she took too many liberties and been jealous. She was also a manager at her job. Could someone have been jealous of her career success on the island and felt that she wasn't worthy of favor? This is so sad.

  • Saoirse Go Deo 1986
    Saoirse Go Deo 1986

    Steve and Randal Christian probably did it.

  • Colleen

    Gee what I brave guy. The scumbag

  • ohrabbits

    So terrible for her parents.

  • C C
    C C

    Wow poor girl 😞

  • Pockets MacCartney
    Pockets MacCartney

    If I had heard that scream, I'd call the cops and then start running a great circle. At least there'd be a chance I'd run near the commotion and perhaps could come to her aid. I couldnt just sit there.

    • tomerph

      then you'd be a ''rare'' hero

  • KM

    24 years ... so he’s out when he’s still young enough to hurt someone else...

    • julie spader
      julie spader

      Right and more than likely he will.

  • Lynne Huff
    Lynne Huff

    This is really bad, poor Jennelle

  • violingurl37

    About 5 minutes in and the sexist narration is just too much..

  • Rafaqat Hussain
    Rafaqat Hussain

    Although the killer has been found but don't say that justice has been done. He would've have been made to face the same fate and live the same pain 😔 that the innocent murdered soul lived. How on earth could you impose your will on an individual and deny them space to have their own? Dealing with one such mind set would set an example for the rest of the assholes who take an innocent life away 😭 merely because the opponent has disagreed. But then comes the rules and procedures ......

  • Pam Bergner
    Pam Bergner

    While her parents were there, no less... :( On Easter. Very sad.

  • Deez Frenzy Nutz
    Deez Frenzy Nutz

    This monster must be the only prisoner on Norfolk Island.

  • anon 24
    anon 24

    WTF? Craziest most lame confession ever! Yeah I hit her with my car put her in the boot waited two hours and went out and stabbed her... If his first confession wasn't murder In cold blood what the hell was it?

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie

    Another example of how women should NEVER WALK ALONE. Why is this under entertainment? It should only be under tragedy.

  • birdy elke
    birdy elke

    Some idiot think just because they're too much of a man, and whatever they said, women should bowed to them...what a fucking loser. poor parent....

  • cic m
    cic m

    Wow so sad 😢

  • varinder jeet
    varinder jeet

    God bless her parents

  • varinder jeet
    varinder jeet

    but the most of phsyco in australia they dont have a value of life