the old jeffree star being an iconic legend
Offensive Tea
The old Jeffree Star being iconic for over 5 minutes

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  • Offensive Tea
    Offensive Tea

    *"um hi do you want to die tonight?"*

    • 《 SugarBeest 》
      《 SugarBeest 》


    • Colt Cooper
      Colt Cooper

      Offensive Tea no

    • Lumi Hernandez
      Lumi Hernandez

      Thought that Jeffree who commented that 😂

    • Sergio Huerta
      Sergio Huerta

      YES !!!!

    • badgirl ciara
      badgirl ciara

      I don’t mind please

  • Duke Horndrake
    Duke Horndrake

    Hmmm in 3:03 he sais he has cheek implants. But didn't he say in the taco bell mukbang with Trisha that his cheeks are real?^^

  • tt tsibi
    tt tsibi

    "i wish there were mlre than 2 genders" 2020: hold my beer

  • Uchiha Dilini
    Uchiha Dilini

    Ok that dog is pink😑

  • The Principled Hypocrite B
    The Principled Hypocrite B

    I wont be surprised that Jefree would be a serial killer that kills men in auto erotic asphyxia..

  • tem tem
    tem tem

    Im glad hes a classy queen, not a toxic queen now

  • Adrian At And T
    Adrian At And T

    I think hes a narsicitic and with so idiopathic. Tendendsies.

  • Alex Raindell
    Alex Raindell

    Ok but I wanna make out with Jeffree too

  • Brooke Boyne
    Brooke Boyne

    When he was turning in dem chairs with the spice girls playing in the back ICONIC

  • Breno Franco
    Breno Franco

    I'm tired being homosexual

  • Sara Loughran
    Sara Loughran

    Your vids kill me I am crying at the eel vid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vivienne Blue
    Vivienne Blue

    what did I just witness?

  • What do I put here
    What do I put here

    It said u had 35M for a sec and I got scared

  • Maria Gabriella
    Maria Gabriella

    Hum yeah cringe compilation

  • peach boba
    peach boba


  • Genesis Osorio
    Genesis Osorio

    It’s so insane looking back at this and seeing how much he’s grown and matured.

  • Kenndra Benoit
    Kenndra Benoit

    Oh shit Jefree was HORD

  • Hannah Lé nana ba
    Hannah Lé nana ba


  • Maya Playz
    Maya Playz

    *i hear more bleeps than words lol*

  • Cat N
    Cat N

    Himitsu? Who else saw the ad?

  • Stephanie Aviles
    Stephanie Aviles

    That was scary

  • peje peje
    peje peje

    jeffree have change and grown up .. he was like many young boys immature and rebellious

  • ItsCiaraVu

    I can spend 6 hours doing my mascara 😜totally gurl

  • vegetable Prom
    vegetable Prom

    This is weird

  • amy emily
    amy emily

    i cant believe his dogs were there

  • monica delgado murillo
    monica delgado murillo

    He looked like a clown

  • Long Night Moon
    Long Night Moon

    no wonder anna nicole's dead, i'm fucking over this shit

  • Laura White
    Laura White

    Ugly bitch get yo face fixed

  • barbara waser
    barbara waser


  • ValorAllTheWay

    1:17 Me: 😐 im no sh*t scared right now

  • tianna southern
    tianna southern

    i honestly couldnt laugh at when he had a tazer and threw the drink.... he was in pain emotionally not just angry af :/

  • Abree Anderson
    Abree Anderson

    Lol I remember the video of the little kid saying C U NEXT TUESDAY! Iconic !

  • Irene Zimmerman
    Irene Zimmerman

    Really that's him? What a ass. Glad I didn't see this before I became a fan, he's way hotter now to. where was Nate at the time? Or did Nate bring out his good side 😊

  • Futurecyber01

    Jeffree Star was on the center of the tornadoes 🌪 of Drama

  • Futurecyber01

    I can’t believe this was the old jeffree that new jeffree don’t want to be anymore

  • Wild Flower
    Wild Flower

    Seriously how is this offensive if your offended by jeffree being jeffree past or present your a powderpuff

  • queen_thiccymemes

    why is old jeffree lowkey scary.

  • Liam McGreehan
    Liam McGreehan

    When he said he was broke

  • *Billie Elish Tingzz*
    *Billie Elish Tingzz*


  • Shalamar Greer
    Shalamar Greer

    ok that beat in the very beginning was so dope

  • Drusila

    omg why does he remind me of nickdominates xD

  • Bohn Noble
    Bohn Noble

    iconic legend?....did ur mom drop u as a baby?

  • IvyP

    Jeffrey was so fucking punk like omg

  • Sergio B vazuez
    Sergio B vazuez

    Your not ugly just poor

  • Leslie Hernandez
    Leslie Hernandez

    This Jeffree I supported from a distance, his ass was wild, the new Jeffree is so much better and changed.

  • Kaitlin Pepin
    Kaitlin Pepin


  • Christiana Collings
    Christiana Collings

    Can’t believe how much he CLASSED UP & became such a great person ❤️

  • Avaa Kayy
    Avaa Kayy

    He seems so much happier now! He made such a good life for himself 💕

  • jeremy J
    jeremy J

    a true scorpio

  • Bobby Crissman
    Bobby Crissman

    Old Jeffree is like William Belli's mother

  • Elyssa Prpich
    Elyssa Prpich


  • Cute Turkey
    Cute Turkey

    What editing software/app do you use, I haven't had any luck...

  • Sol

    **sIgh** *DEAR DIARY.*

  • sleepystreets

    "no wonder Anna Nicole is dead im over this shit" *FUCK LOLLLL*

  • Sergio Huerta
    Sergio Huerta

    No one: Literally no one : Jeffree : SiNcE I Was A LiTtLe Girl I LOvED THInGs In mY mOuTH

  • GoldieLoxx

    He's so different now. Wow.

  • Lingo Deer
    Lingo Deer

    “I don’t need fake hair” Wears wigs like 80% of the time

  • clothilde_ hwt
    clothilde_ hwt

    the ultimate bad bitch

  • CorginautCreations

    Poor Old Jeffree just needed hug:

  • Kyuluvchang

    Its just the start and I already laugh

  • iiOreoDealerii


  • Kylie Matthews
    Kylie Matthews

    2:25 Flipper from Daisy of Love??

  • Jessica France
    Jessica France

    😭😭😭 diva

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo

    please dont tell me I'm gonna have to- nope. I'm gonna have to. *flips phone every five seconds to watch the damn video*

  • Amanda Contreras
    Amanda Contreras

    Just why would anybody post this? This is what he has grown from.....smh

  • Cloudy

    the music is atrocious...

  • allison g
    allison g

    holy shit I can't believe this is him

  • Jada Lynn
    Jada Lynn

    @3:40 broke my heart cuz I grew up with a mom like this and she used to try to make me think her ways were normal... it really messed me up for a long time.

  • Lisa Perez
    Lisa Perez

    Wow oh my I did not even know about Jeffree 🌟. I am glad I found out about him now. Bc back then I would have never liked him at all to b honest. Today I really luv Jeffree 🌟. He has surely grown

  • Lucas Darch
    Lucas Darch

    Ugh I hate that theme song