The Quietest and Loudest Sounds in the World
What's the quietest sound imaginable? Okay, nobody can answer this question cause the loudness (or quietness of this sound) is nearly immeasurable. It's the sound of air molecules moving around us. And they move all the time, vibrating, and therefore technically making a sound.
But what about something a bit louder? The sound of the quietest room in the world is around -20dB, which means that it’s 20dB below the hearing threshold of our ears. This room isn’t just quiet; it’s basically swallowing any sound it encounters. This room is called the Microsoft chamber and is found in Redmond, Washington. Interested? Then how about a unique excursion into the world of sounds?
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The sound of air molecules 0:37
The quietest room in the world 1:32
The quietest sound that we could actually hear 2:38
A real comfort zone for our ears 3:31
The rule of thumb for loudness 5:00
Our limit 6:33
The loudest animal 7:15
The loudest sound ever registered on our planet 8:18
How loud objects in space are 8:41
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- The sound of the quietest room in the world is around -20dB, which means that it’s 20dB below the hearing threshold of our ears. This room isn’t just quiet; it’s basically swallowing any sound it encounters.
- What would be the quietest sound that we could actually hear? This is the sound of you calmly breathing, and your heart beating. At just 10 dB, we won’t ever notice it in our everyday life.
- A change of 50 dB may seem drastic, but this level is a real comfort zone for our ears. Turn the volume up another 50 dB, and you’ll run from the source of the noise as fast as you can!
- The key definition of a sound’s loudness is in its pitch and intensity. We’re naturally programmed to hear high pitched sounds as if they were louder than others.
- We also don’t perceive intensity as it actually is. If you raise the intensity of any sound, it won’t make any difference to your ear until a certain point.
- If the source of the sound is multiplied by 10, it’ll sound only twice as loud to our ears. They don’t detect minor changes in volume; this is the reason why it’s easier for us to measure sound in decibels, which is the same as 10 bels.
- At 100 dB, the intensity won’t matter, whether it’s a trombone, an elephant trumpeting, or a helicopter -they’d all sound equally loud because we’re getting closer to our limit.
- But there are a lot of sounds that lie in that dangerous territory that we can explore. For example, in the animal world, there’s no species louder than a sperm whale.
- Another underwater animal that can literally stun with the sound it makes is the tiger-pistol-shrimp. Yep, from one of the biggest animals in the history of our planet to one of the smallest.
- Still, there are even greater powers in our universe than this one. There was a sound detected that’s as powerful as 100 million supernova explosions.
- Normally it’s quite hard to tell how loud objects in space are, because in the vacuum of cosmos, there might only be very thin gas that can’t transfer soundwaves.
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