The Rail Shot Challenge & 7-on-7 Begins at The Opening to Determine the MVP | 2019 Elite 11
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The top high school quarterbacks in the nation compete in the Rail Shot challenge and 7-on7 play begins at The Opening in Episode 5 of the 2019 Elite 11.
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  • Maggiegr 05
    Maggiegr 05

    Please explain how after his performance throwing tj Finley wasn’t in the top 10

  • Sgt Studda
    Sgt Studda

    Can’t wait to see King play for A&M

  • EJ Monteagudo
    EJ Monteagudo

    How did DJ uiagaleliah not make it

  • TDO

    Wait I wasn't supposed to cry watching this!

  • Killin DaGame
    Killin DaGame

    Those receivers ass as Fuxk bruh

  • Emmanuel Cruz
    Emmanuel Cruz

    These QB are trashhhh

  • Emmanuel Cruz
    Emmanuel Cruz

    The receivers are assssss

  • Ooweee 424
    Ooweee 424

    Yesssir Y'all See Haynes King Out There. Longview Lobo State Champ 💪🏾💪🏾🖤💚🐺


    felt this..

  • Big Homie the Podcast Juice and Yahlik
    Big Homie the Podcast Juice and Yahlik

    Haynes King will be the goat one day.

  • Adam Youmans Jr
    Adam Youmans Jr

    14:03 is just tuff tbh

  • RealisticNMotion

    The King ladies and gentlemen.

  • kh7955

    Trent Dilfer was the worst qb to win a super bowl and now he's a qb guru?

  • kh7955

    This a popularity contest not a true competition unfortunately

  • Sau Tafao
    Sau Tafao

    Great show, loved the overall talent and production esp the end when they read their letters.

  • Riley Corcoran
    Riley Corcoran

    who doesn’t love a good chase garbers “se go”.

  • Mr. Muun
    Mr. Muun

    I've never played football for a team, mostly because i live in Norway.. But i have a better hand than most these guys... like for real, this is the elite, the throws should be near perfect every time, considering there's no defense.

    • mm

      @Mr. Muun The gear doesn't even come close to preventing injuries and neurological damage. Those hits are no joke. So, until a player has taken multiple hits you have no idea how good that player will be. Personally, i would not let my child play even though i played when i was younger. These players are still in high school. They need to develop their bodies physically. When they start playing major college football, they will have to sustain those car crash type hits i am talking about. If they are not able to take those types of hits, they wont play. Period. Same thing with the throws. If they dont complete their passes, they wont play either. The fact one is in the elite 11 doesn't mean you are the best necessarily. It just means you were good and that you got exposure. Plenty of players not in the elite 11 will go on to be great college and in some case NFL players.

    • Mr. Muun
      Mr. Muun

      @mm Well for the ''taking hits'', NFL players use gear to protect them from it. And taking a hit isn't something football players practise spesificly. Handball can get rough, at some points it's basically wrestling, and they wear no protection at all. And looking at this episode of ''elite 11'', noone of those players could take a hit with equal force and impact to a car crash, unless the car is comming at them in walking speed. I said handball and football shared equal atributes, not that it's the same sport, we've seen on many occations that rugby players make great football players. And if you remember my first comment, my point wasn't to shame every player there is, i'm just saying that if a high end school is going to pay for your education, 85-90% of those passes shoud be dimes, many of their throws missed the WR by quite the distance, especially when there is no defense at all blocking them from making the throw, and i get there is pressure, but there is pressure in every sport. And I've never played football seriously before, but i know the best QBs in college throw the ball about 70yd (64meters), me then throwing it about the same length says something about how sports are connected and that these players in the ''ELITE 11'' should be able to throw 40yd passes perfectly without error.

    • mm

      @Mr. Muun But could a handball player take a hit? Thats the question. Some of these hits are literally equivalent to being in a car crash. They can cause major neurological and brain damage in the later years. You think you can do it but when you are actually on the field its a totally different story. And it takes more than being fast and having a good arm to be good. Plenty of players with those attributes fail. For example, many professional rugby players thought they could be good in the NFL. They wound up being a average to below average players.

    • Mr. Muun
      Mr. Muun

      @mm no but we produce the best handball players in the world, and handball and american football share alot of the same atributes. you have to be physical, fast-ish, good stamina and have a good arm. Norway don't produce any NFL players because there's only 5000 who play it here. i'm sure that if Norway had the same amount of young players as the US, we'd have lots of hot prospects. Not saying that all norwegians are Tom Brady level players. but im sure a GOOD norwegian handball player would be a decent football player IMO.

    • mm

      Are you sure you are that good? I mean its not like Norway produces great American football players.

  • Gridiron Generation
    Gridiron Generation

    Haynes King >>>>> Hudson Card

  • Payton Harper
    Payton Harper

    Who else cried at the end

  • Ex’s number one supporter
    Ex’s number one supporter

    I don’t even play football 😂

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox

    Demond Demas is not top ranked receiver. That’s Julian Fleming

    • Gridiron Generation
      Gridiron Generation

      yeah except Demas is better lolol

  • jak moran
    jak moran

    bryce young the best qb overall in hs football

  • Eazy E
    Eazy E

    Oh hey i didnt know Jerrod Johnson did this now!

  • txaggie95

    Gig 'Em King!

  • Way Eze
    Way Eze

    Bryce young has a cannon

  • VorteX Forszy
    VorteX Forszy

    Saw my highschool qb, have a good career hanyes 🤴

    • GetIQ King
      GetIQ King


  • Kasey Jones
    Kasey Jones

    Jacoby that guy come on home. WPS

  • Cade Harris
    Cade Harris

    Haynes King really like that

    • GetIQ King
      GetIQ King


  • atmosphere

    I thought the QB at 2:34 was Patrick Mahomes Lmao

  • Tommy C
    Tommy C

    104 they have a bill on that hat show you don't look Clueless

  • Lil Extane
    Lil Extane

    He might shoot footballs downfield but I wouldn’t be surprised if he shit up the school

  • billy bob
    billy bob

    The guy at 14:24 in the back got rejected

  • Jake Keyes
    Jake Keyes

    Love the letters. That was amazing to watch

  • Who Shot Cupid?
    Who Shot Cupid?

    13:06 definitely a chad

  • Leah Clarke
    Leah Clarke

    I’m done 😂 they named they team Guap 7:30 😭🤣

  • Spaslol

    Me and Haynes king live in the same am city (Longview)

  • Josh Oakley
    Josh Oakley

    They are throwing 30 yards and more than half couldn’t make the throw

  • Purkeyy

    “I hate losing more then I like winning “ that shit don’t even make no fuckin sense to me 😭

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor

    Haynes king going to the NFL

    • GetIQ King
      GetIQ King


  • Billy Bob jr
    Billy Bob jr

    Drew pyne# goat 203

  • Cole Pendarvis
    Cole Pendarvis

    Trent Dilfer = Certified freak

  • Hana aaa
    Hana aaa

    Lmaooooo Guap too funny hahahaha

  • Kushblowing420

    They all cried like bitches at the end LOL

  • Prometheus617

    We need more in-depth perspective of the players. The struggles they had to overcome to get here, how they treat their teammates, the comradery with their new friends/rivals

  • Man Man
    Man Man

    those receivers are trash!

  • Garrett Johnson
    Garrett Johnson

    “I hate losing more than I like winning” ¿nooooooo reallllllly?

  • Jack Neumeyer
    Jack Neumeyer

    Some nice throws. Receivers gotta catch the ball for real, I could catch these passes better than them. But I like the talent from the QBs for sure

  • David Pruden
    David Pruden

    At 14:52 the second string qb for pressure did him dirty. Started to go sit down next to him and as soon as he looked at him he stopped dead in his tracks and sat away from him. The absolute DISRESPECT

    • SouthernState_ Fishing
      SouthernState_ Fishing

      David Pruden his decision making on where he was gonna sit looked like his passing decision making during 7 on 7. TERRIBLE

    • David Pruden
      David Pruden

      @SouthernState_ Fishing You're right man. 100%

    • SouthernState_ Fishing
      SouthernState_ Fishing

      David Pruden thats exactly why he will always be a backup

  • David Pruden
    David Pruden

    Also why only six episodes?

  • David Pruden
    David Pruden

    These receivers are WEAK SAUCE

  • Jorge reyes
    Jorge reyes

    Anyone else see the lines vibrate when they throw the football

  • Serena Goldstein
    Serena Goldstein

    I hate the 2020 class and I’m in it 🙈🙈 I thought it was my school but ummm nooo and 2017 was the best imo unless I’m wrong

  • Yo Money
    Yo Money

    These split ends bruh can’t catch

  • Geitro

    I don’t understand. Do these kids go away for fucking months? Why are you crying, you’re at a football camp

  • ryan Gabriel
    ryan Gabriel

    This show got awful....trash ass QBs

  • Chris Wyatt
    Chris Wyatt

    A little tired, come on man.

  • Nick LaFlare
    Nick LaFlare

    Haynes “Baby Goat” King

  • Nick LaFlare
    Nick LaFlare

    Haynes “the truth” King

  • magiesq

    9:44 don't ever do that again...

  • Dylan Fellini
    Dylan Fellini

    14:51 ??

  • I like Music
    I like Music

    Wait. So is it 20 this entire time? Like the winner will be one of the 20? When are they getting into the actual 11? I thought that happened earlier in past years

    • Jonathan Burns
      Jonathan Burns

      They choose 11 and reward MVP right after.

  • bg147

    The one kid was old school with the short shorts.

  • Farmers Field
    Farmers Field

    Why do the lines look bendy

  • Battle Pope
    Battle Pope

    Where is the last video?

  • Andersen Petrazzi
    Andersen Petrazzi

    Does Finley wear his helmet sideways to?

  • The only fam
    The only fam

    If you didn't cry during the end, you're not athlete.

    • Slimjim L
      Slimjim L

      The only fam pretty sure that’s not how it works

  • Jerry Martinez
    Jerry Martinez

    The part where they were reading those letters send chills down my spine

  • Shawn Bullard
    Shawn Bullard

    Idc what anyone says this Is probably the best group I've seen just for the fact it feels more competitive and they show more heart also Trevor is a turnover machine now and is overrated and Tua is playing with 1 round draft pick Receivers

    • Zayne simard moore
      Zayne simard moore

      Shawn Bullard I don’t know what you’re talking about but Tua is the real deal. He’s got it.

  • William Sutton
    William Sutton

    TVD let’s go baby

  • We Love Libraries
    We Love Libraries

    This series production has gotten worse & worse every year - what a waste