The Rail Shot Challenge & 7-on-7 Begins at The Opening to Determine the MVP | 2019 Elite 11
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The top high school quarterbacks in the nation compete in the Rail Shot challenge and 7-on7 play begins at The Opening in Episode 5 of the 2019 Elite 11.
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  • Geitro

    I don’t understand. Do these kids go away for fucking months? Why are you crying, you’re at a football camp

  • ryan Gabriel
    ryan Gabriel

    This show got awful....trash ass QBs

  • Chris Wyatt
    Chris Wyatt

    A little tired, come on man.

  • Nick LaFlare
    Nick LaFlare

    Haynes “Baby Goat” King

  • Nick LaFlare
    Nick LaFlare

    Haynes “the truth” King

  • magiesq

    9:44 don't ever do that again...

  • Dylan Fellini
    Dylan Fellini

    14:51 ??

  • I like Music
    I like Music

    Wait. So is it 20 this entire time? Like the winner will be one of the 20? When are they getting into the actual 11? I thought that happened earlier in past years

  • bg147

    The one kid was old school with the short shorts.

  • Farmers Field
    Farmers Field

    Why do the lines look bendy

  • King Filth
    King Filth

    Where is the last video?

  • Andersen Petrazzi
    Andersen Petrazzi

    Does Finley wear his helmet sideways to?

  • The only fam
    The only fam

    If you didn't cry during the end, you're not athlete.

    • Slimjim L
      Slimjim L

      The only fam pretty sure that’s not how it works

  • Jerry Martinez
    Jerry Martinez

    The part where they were reading those letters send chills down my spine

  • Shawn Bullard
    Shawn Bullard

    Idc what anyone says this Is probably the best group I've seen just for the fact it feels more competitive and they show more heart also Trevor is a turnover machine now and is overrated and Tua is playing with 1 round draft pick Receivers

    • Zayne simard moore
      Zayne simard moore

      Shawn Bullard I don’t know what you’re talking about but Tua is the real deal. He’s got it.

  • William Sutton
    William Sutton

    TVD let’s go baby

  • We Love Libraries
    We Love Libraries

    This series production has gotten worse & worse every year - what a waste

  • aregua1

    What the hell is all the crying about? This is supposed to be about fun competition and football. Not emotional over-done drama mush.

    • Justin He
      Justin He


  • JRDN


  • 50 Pence
    50 Pence

    What’s all this crying shit. There ain’t no crying in football.

  • Logan King
    Logan King

    Hudson Card is the QB at the high school I’m going go to

    • Syed Rahman
      Syed Rahman

      Word u deep throat him before or after the games ?

  • Brian Vuong
    Brian Vuong

    Bryce Young isn't a USC commit anymore. Alabama got a good one

    • Justin He
      Justin He

      Good to see him go undrafted due to his stock dropping by playing in Sabans system. Such a mistake for a QB who wants to go pro.

  • Connor Thomas
    Connor Thomas

    Trent is obviously a huge fan of Tua. The rail shot challenge is the exact throw that Tua won the national championship with.

  • Peter Kelsh
    Peter Kelsh

    lmao this is hilarious they made them do some kairos bullshit

  • Charlie_24

    Bama all the way 🐘🐘🐘

  • Jose Roberto Plascencia
    Jose Roberto Plascencia

    Some amazing passes. Stupid negative decisions.

  • Luke Gallivan
    Luke Gallivan

    who are the recievers and why are they there? just local guys or they getting recruited from this too

  • Jeffrey Li
    Jeffrey Li

    the IT factor elite 11 was the best elite 11 series! Class of 2017! Fromm! Tua!

  • hdjdjf qb academyy
    hdjdjf qb academyy

    what happened to dj uiagalelei

  • Miles Lane
    Miles Lane

    Who else stressed for he receivers

  • Harrison Gibraltar
    Harrison Gibraltar

    The old way of doing elite 11 was so much better more about competition not this fluffy bs

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown

    This season is fuckin trash

  • rockey Chaney 3 - roblox
    rockey Chaney 3 - roblox

    rip pressure lol this a cold and flu commercil btw anyone notice the lines i this vid are garbage and sqigly

  • 03 AI
    03 AI

    Clearly the talented QB in the younger generation is decreasing. I think it has something to do with the number of kids playing football.

  • FleOfficial

    The blurry effect when a touchdown is thrown is messing with my eyes.


    Drew Pyne or Pine throws the ball like a female. No disrespect the dude can clearly play or game manage or he wouldn't be there, but 6 year olds have better form than that

  • Jake cassidy
    Jake cassidy

    Elite 11 is a joke

  • Abdel Chowdhury
    Abdel Chowdhury

    I don't like this voting system they have... I liked it better when it was just about football...

  • caleb

    okay but the first and second throw weren’t even that different?

  • x D
    x D

    The field got waves

  • Alan Song
    Alan Song

    Those receivers wouldnt be able to catch a sexual assault case if they were Antonio Brown... wait what?

  • Dylan Herndon
    Dylan Herndon

    Chandler Morris wasn’t even in the rankings?😂 although he’s consistently been at the top other than this episode.

  • Hubalubalu

    Like to deinterlace that footage?? Lines on a football field ...

  • Spencer Berklite
    Spencer Berklite

    Finley built like Dwayne Haskins

  • Emilio Garcia
    Emilio Garcia

    If the ball was an std I bet they would’ve caught it

  • Nicholas Rye
    Nicholas Rye

    6:23 when did NBA Youngboy start playing qb?

    • Jimmie Rustler
      Jimmie Rustler

      NFL Youngboy next?

  • Jayden WV
    Jayden WV


  • Boy Wonder
    Boy Wonder

    Catch the fucking ball

  • Lil Jayy
    Lil Jayy

    These receivers couldn’t even catch a cold in the winter🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Marshall Anderson
    Marshall Anderson

    All of the good throws are dropped passes I dont understand that. Come on receivers

  • L.J Solo
    L.J Solo

    Mike Winchell aged well.

  • Tommaso Alì
    Tommaso Alì

    tj finley bol bol lookin ass guap college advisor nelly lookin ass

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark

    Trent calling out these alliances like these QB's are on Big Brother

  • Brandon Bermudez
    Brandon Bermudez

    Audio was trash

  • Mckay Lyons
    Mckay Lyons

    The letters portion was awesome I loved seeing that about them

  • Mckay Lyons
    Mckay Lyons

    Hudson card is THAT DUDE

  • Jackson Slater
    Jackson Slater

    That ending hit so hard

  • Xavier Julian Ruiz
    Xavier Julian Ruiz

    @14:24 my guy really just left him hanging LMAO

  • Raymundo Perez
    Raymundo Perez

    Haynes King, not bad. well done.

  • Joseph Jeong
    Joseph Jeong

    "they give full scholarships to catch passes like that" XD lmao

  • Oscar Guerrero
    Oscar Guerrero

    These WR are buns

  • Jair West
    Jair West

    They rushed this season faster than the last season of GOT.

  • Kaedon Anderson
    Kaedon Anderson

    Anyone else feel like they were in trouble when Trent called them out for the alliances😂

    • GhostDaddy

      We'll they should have known it was gonna go like that with that style of voting.

  • Ruben Soto
    Ruben Soto

    Vid made me think I was high when they threw it

  • ImSoHappy343

    why is the main head coach a cringe god in this episode

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee

    Bro at 14:25 got left hanging😔

  • idk

    Why does Hanes King look like a school shooter?

    • Nick LaFlare
      Nick LaFlare

      idk he shoots WRs with bullet passes

  • Nick Builds
    Nick Builds


  • Nick Builds
    Nick Builds

    9:05 (for me)

  • Dominick Castillo
    Dominick Castillo

    elite 11 not the same this year

    • Chris Ortega
      Chris Ortega

      Facts, I bet u 1 of these guys will be in the league, back then it was like 3-5 of them We're draftable

    • Fiji Water Zzz
      Fiji Water Zzz

      sda casl better then last year though imo

    • sda casl
      sda casl

      Production value doesn't seem as high