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    Nightmare Tales

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    • ROSY Yan
      ROSY Yan

      wow im soo scared i guess

    • ROSY Yan
      ROSY Yan

      i was like ....aaAaaaaaaaAAAAAA. AAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH . BIG BRO !!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAGH : at the end . Hhahahah Ehhhhehehehehe omg 😅😅😅 at the first in the whole movie 😑

    • Nctzxn X-Exol
      Nctzxn X-Exol

      You really know how to impress me with these stories🤗💕

    • Kindly Keyin Fan
      Kindly Keyin Fan

      OF course I love it and I love your voice it really puts in the scary mood of the story!

    • Kevin Bell
      Kevin Bell

      That was good, felt like you read a story from an actual book

  • Brood Gamer
    Brood Gamer

    How could be a first person POV is the one that is not a Victim in the story

  • Dark Motion Studios
    Dark Motion Studios

    Beware Of The Shapeshift Monster. TRUST... NO ONE.

  • Fatima Aquino
    Fatima Aquino

    That George kid was really getting on my nerves. How rude to be like that when you are the guest of the house smh, bet he was the school bully.

  • Echo Nudalo
    Echo Nudalo

    I was waiting for the scary part....yikes

  • otz minions
    otz minions

    So are we going to ignore the BB8 toy in his room?

  • isaac guerra
    isaac guerra

    I see a Slayer poster

  • Slumpy Lean
    Slumpy Lean

    Is what happened

  • Maddman

    That was a plot twist

  • Emely

    These stories are so good 😊

  • Temperance Petcher
    Temperance Petcher

    Why was this not scary

  • •Zeenah• .•playz•
    •Zeenah• .•playz•

    You are

  • CozyClaire

    I just shit my pants..

  • CJ Plays
    CJ Plays

    they killed the kid didn't they....

  • History Boy
    History Boy

    I have been a supporter of the channel since your very first video, and have loved to see the channel grow and thrive! Keep it up!

  • Kyuubi

    I don't get his risk though, so what if he didn't want to hear any scary stories?

  • Lovely's Vlog
    Lovely's Vlog

    tbh ur drawing is so ugly im so sorry but the eye i wws just saying not all only the eye i can draw the eye tho

  • Zer0 8921
    Zer0 8921

    11:44 as soon as he said “nothing I lied” I knew he was screwed

    • Kyuubi

      Soon as he said that's why he picked him because of his watch

  • Sienna Sadie
    Sienna Sadie


  • Railey Gamer221
    Railey Gamer221

    Hmmm...great tell my friend.

  • Aryonna Jefferson
    Aryonna Jefferson

    I been figured it out when the little boy told the story 😂🙄

  • Tori Philips
    Tori Philips

    I drink to hide the pain


    5:57 BMO from adventure time

  • ExiLe 1758
    ExiLe 1758

    There is actually a story like this in the Philippines but the family does not move around and instead of the other kid eaten it was their daughter being eaten

  • Colton Baumann
    Colton Baumann

    Poor kids gotta margwa in his house

  • Dark Ranger
    Dark Ranger

    No One: Kid with Gray Shirt:GrRrRrrr!!!!

  • Aneela Khawaja
    Aneela Khawaja

    Now i’m scared to have a sleepover tomorrow at my friends house

  • King Trusty
    King Trusty

    Hey is that bemo from adventure time

  • Caitlyn Drawz with gacha
    Caitlyn Drawz with gacha

    If it was true why would you say it then everybody will search for that family might be yours so-

  • Criss Reznor
    Criss Reznor

    Poor George 😵

  • The Big Man Joe
    The Big Man Joe

    If I was George I would be flying out that window like Batman as soon as I heard the first creak.

  • bamagal shanmuganathan
    bamagal shanmuganathan

    This was so boring....I’m sorry 😐

  • Prajas Wadekar
    Prajas Wadekar

    Watching this on a sleepover with friends I was kicked out of the house

  • Coat Clan
    Coat Clan

    I knew where it was going once he said the kid does it

  • Eli Vibes
    Eli Vibes

    *Take a shot everytime George rolls his eyes*

  • monaaa

    guys it was just chewbacca it’s okay

  • cee wood
    cee wood

    DAAAAANNNG.....ain't that a blip??!!!

  • Giovanni Ocelotl
    Giovanni Ocelotl

    Wait wait ? So the kid with the Gray shirt ate George?

  • Versed

    That was a great story


    Pretty deep voice for these kids

  • Joe Barbaro
    Joe Barbaro

    3:51 did anyone get the reference?

  • Alain Yapi
    Alain Yapi

    You should have given him your watch my friend ...

  • Mochie the sweet pet Butler
    Mochie the sweet pet Butler

    Do more like my scary dog

  • Guillo Ramiro
    Guillo Ramiro

    Damn! Nice one!

  • DāwN

    0:14 if you know the toy on the right shelf Your childhood was awesome

  • Lyssa Konter
    Lyssa Konter

    My mom never let me sleep over at my friends house . I use too get mad . Now that I’m older . I understand 100%. And agreed An due to Bc of shit like this .

  • awesome girl
    awesome girl

    The characters look like monkeys

    • awesome girl
      awesome girl

      And also george has a bmo in his room 5:29


    OK OK people know that was just sad why you gotta to kill George like that Man that was good

  • Abdul Kadir
    Abdul Kadir


  • Tylehtheshortiee 02
    Tylehtheshortiee 02

    And I also like the narrroator

  • Raychale Reid
    Raychale Reid

    nice video


    Does anybody hear this CREEPYPASTA on the youtube channel CREEPSmcPASTA..?

  • SS 1sH0t
    SS 1sH0t

    when the kid that was telling the story say, that watch would look good on me that hit me sooo hard

  • Lucky Basilik
    Lucky Basilik

    bruh im black. i wouldA been out the house as soon as i heard the door slam lol

  • Velociraptom

    On the end they watched jurrasic park.

  • Alec Phillips
    Alec Phillips

    I feel like it would’ve been scarier if the main character was the friend coming over.

  • Sanjaya Kumar Burma
    Sanjaya Kumar Burma

    Not even stories that are true.... This was scary

  • dead hungryme
    dead hungryme

    What happen to kid???

  • Queen Alexandra The Great
    Queen Alexandra The Great

    Using this story on my friends 😆

  • y0lk

    Everyone: tHaTs wHy m pArEnTs dOnT lEt mE sPeNd tHe NiGhT aT nObOdYs hOuSe Bitch uhm I be jumpin out that open window like bye

  • DefinitelyAbstract Art //
    DefinitelyAbstract Art //

    That was not scary no offense

  • DefinitelyAbstract Art //
    DefinitelyAbstract Art //

    I’m not afraid of anything I’m a savage fourth grader Sees parent going to bathroom Screams

  • Great potato gacha I potato
    Great potato gacha I potato

    This story took a twist at the end... I knew the kid with the brown hair was evil, I just knew it, The way he smiled at George...

  • Dark Stories To Watch At Night
    Dark Stories To Watch At Night

    George bragging about R rated movies made me want to slap him across the face. 🙄 Bratty kids like him really annoy me.

  • Dark Stories To Watch At Night
    Dark Stories To Watch At Night

    0:13 BMO!

  • Sky lar!a
    Sky lar!a

    I see Beemo lol

  • Adarius Crawford
    Adarius Crawford

    The blonde should’ve had a rifle

  • Junzhuo Zhong
    Junzhuo Zhong

    Hold up, is this just a variation of creepsmcpasta’s “We took at my sleepover trying to tell the scariest story; I think I won.”

  • gamer lover
    gamer lover

    5:18 it’s bemo from adventure time

  • gamer lover
    gamer lover

    Thank u exactly 13:00 min thank u