'Queens Everywhere’ Performance w/ A'Keria, Brooke, Silky, Yvie & Vanjie | RuPaul's Drag Race S11
RuPaul's Drag Race
A’Keria Chanel Davenport, Brooke Lynn-Hytes, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and Yvie Oddly perform RuPaul’s “Queens Everywhere” with choreography by Todrick Hall.
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  • Dinah Quinn
    Dinah Quinn

    2:24 free replay button :)

  • Lsslie

    Brooke is so amazing

  • maia capleton
    maia capleton

    this season blew but this video smells like ✨💫PRODUCTION VALUE✨💫

  • Arturo Hernandez
    Arturo Hernandez

    Vanjie sometimes can show a disconnect when she’s lip syncing. For whatever reason her eyes just don’t emote (the same issue In the rusical) and I think that’s what got her in trouble. That in addition to her not even lip syncing to all the words. She’s an amazing dancer though just sometimes can be a little dead in the face. and I do love her just saying how I can see what the issue was with her. Not hating at all just simply making an observation.

    • Tamara Winograd
      Tamara Winograd

      I don’t think you’re hating. You can like a queen yet still critique them.

    • Tamara Winograd
      Tamara Winograd

      Agreed. She is a great dancer but she’s often disconnected from the song and doesn’t really lip sync. But she put on a great show at Werq the World. She’s totally enjoyable, but not a lip sync assassin.

  • elsa wikström
    elsa wikström

    i know brooks verse wasnt the best but her final ballerina outfit like🥵 omagad

    • elsa wikström
      elsa wikström

      brooke’s ooppsie

  • Faith Cheri
    Faith Cheri

    I actually like silky's verse but I just wish she wasn't so messy with her dance. This is my opinion.

  • Big Gay
    Big Gay

    man how did silky even make it this far

  • Uma GAYmer
    Uma GAYmer

    Miss Venjiie is back

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins

    I wish this song came in a version where silky isn’t screaming TWIRL TWIRL TWURL! 😂🤣😂

  • kia johnson
    kia johnson

    Sometimes I be forgetting these are men they look very feminine sometimes

  • Nick Peart
    Nick Peart

    How tf did vangie get elimated and Brooklyn didn’t even deserve to be in bottom 2🤦‍♂️

  • Giorgia Boggio
    Giorgia Boggio

    Silky didn't even wear high heels... I'm still asking myself how did she end up in the top three. Vanjie was way better!!

  • Reem

    Vanjie or Nina should've been in the Top 4. And based on this performance if anyone should've lip synced it should've been Silky against A'keria. I though Yvie absolutely killed it and Brooke and Vanjie were runners up. A'keria wasn't bad but she just wasn't very memorable for me in this or it should’ve been Silky v Vanjie

  • LaVisualidad DeSammy
    LaVisualidad DeSammy

    A R T E !!!

  • KaWaiiBuRgEr

    Wonder what this would be like with Shuga

  • Luke Rinderknecht
    Luke Rinderknecht

    Silky WASH YOUR HANDS! 🦠

  • Alexus Garcia
    Alexus Garcia

    She probably already knew she wasn’t gonna be in the top 4, so she just went with it with no energy. Kind of like how Monique was pretty low energy in All Stars 4 for Super Queen (or could’ve been because the song itself was pretty low energy anyway idk)

  • Antonio Hansen
    Antonio Hansen

    The girl with the yellow shirt shes WEEEEEEERRRRRKS! She was in kitty girls also fuckin killed it!!! Anyone know who she is!?!?

  • Something Mischievous
    Something Mischievous

    I have one thing to say bout vanji R O B B E D

  • K Russell
    K Russell

    Silky was a mess and Vanjie looked a bit out of it, but the others' verses were great.

  • Spencer Lyst
    Spencer Lyst

    honestly if Vangie remembered the lyrics this would be the best challenge EVER PERIODT

  • Sam Peng
    Sam Peng

    good lord as much as i disliked yvie in her season, but her part/verse was far above and beyond the best to the others.

  • Kai's Super Random Extravaganza
    Kai's Super Random Extravaganza

    Here’s a little info on my brother - We were watching all stars 5 episode 6 lip sync and he goes “If that was a real girl I’d marry her!” (Talk about Miss Vanjie)

  • Trains account
    Trains account

    Silky: 1:33

  • Luiz Paulo Marques
    Luiz Paulo Marques

    Venjie and Silky were the bottom queens. Damn, this was Vanjies challenge and she was a corpse. But gawd, I still can't stand Silky.

  • IELTS Preparation Ludhiana
    IELTS Preparation Ludhiana

    Somebody pls convince me that these Queens are men. I mean, my mind knows this, but I'm not ready to accept it.

  • IELTS Preparation Ludhiana
    IELTS Preparation Ludhiana

    I love that Akeria thinks these sparkly wigs are cool.

  • Xtafabay

    I'm Yvie Oddly and oddly enough.

  • rebelwithacause666

    I don't like that Silky stayed but if were being real with ourselves Silky had more energy here. This was a live performance, I've seen Vanjie and Brooke perform live and they didn't have the energy they usually do and that the song needed. It's not popular but watching it back after a year and really watching the commitment in their movements Brooke and Vangie were correctly placed in the bottom 2. Regardless of if their moves were right or wrong they needed to commit to the song and they just didn't you could see it in their faces and body.

  • Cate Benschoter
    Cate Benschoter

    Idk why but I found Akeria's verse really cringy

  • Rot Offgun
    Rot Offgun

    The only one queen yvie oddly his always slayed 💖💖

  • Ryan Stewart
    Ryan Stewart

    ENOUGH WITH THE SILKY HATE!!!!! Damn. lmao. NOT ONLY did she give the best comedic performance ( toilet flushing, bouncing dancers away with her big butt, back splashing onto the ground ), she also had some SICKENING moves ( jumping up from the back flopping and IMMEDIATELY landing in the choreography, her JUMPING KARATE KICK into another back splash onto the ground ), plus her POSITIVE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT ( "you aren't tired yet don't give up", "this is for my big girls", "keep your head up" )!!!!!! YES.....she was a loud mouthed, big personalitied, brown person. But stop letting your dislike for that archetype blind you from her doing well.....at least in this very specific instance. My goodness.

  • Alyson Pelletier
    Alyson Pelletier

    forever wishing vangies verse was longer

  • whwuwu ehejrk
    whwuwu ehejrk

    Imo everyone did good except silky.

  • kjdnyhmghfvb

    Yvie's Word Play... *YES!!*

  • Fey __
    Fey __

    Yvie's was fucking BOMB

  • Guccigucci Pradaprada
    Guccigucci Pradaprada

    0:36 what tf is wrong with akeria’s tongue

  • Dynez Dennis
    Dynez Dennis


  • Mark Angeles
    Mark Angeles


  • Fatti Lapone
    Fatti Lapone

    I just noticed Akeria changed wigs. She went from that chrome thing on her head to a black wig. Like if you saw it.

  • Chi

    the chorus is so bad but the girls did so well

  • Alyson Pelletier
    Alyson Pelletier

    Brooklyn, vangie and evie absolutely killed

  • SaltyPigeey

    Now facts are facts, America. Silky deserved the bottom on that one.

  • I'm a mountain biking vampire Witch from the future
    I'm a mountain biking vampire Witch from the future

    Silky used splash !

  • Lidia S
    Lidia S



    i must be the only one that actually like silkys part

  • Noé Erazo
    Noé Erazo

    More SIlky Nutmeg!

  • xiomarys michelle
    xiomarys michelle

    Can we talk about the dancers in the beginning 🤩

  • KrazyTM Q.C.K
    KrazyTM Q.C.K

    I love Yvie's entrance sm

  • Steeven Hyde
    Steeven Hyde

    This was a mess.

  • Ashley Thompson
    Ashley Thompson

    I literally cannot stop listening to this song...

  • Lixx Z
    Lixx Z

    There’s a reason that silky came out of the toilet for her verse... 🤭🤫

  • Kati Dube
    Kati Dube

    Yvie the best one

  • TeRina Te Poono
    TeRina Te Poono

    Vanjie looks bothred

  • Jonathan Polanco
    Jonathan Polanco

    Miss Vanjie, miss Vanjie, misssss van, van, van

  • anna

    silky was chaotic and messy, her lyrics were weak (and i couldn't even understand what she was saying lol), her clothes were falling off and everything looked very lazily done. i don't even know how silky made past the first three episodes, i always found her way too loud and she looked like she was trying to force herself down our throats 24/7.

  • Vildan Köse
    Vildan Köse

    Yvie kalp

  • Ricky Peeler
    Ricky Peeler

    Silky got lucky. There’s no possible way she should have made it to the top four. Her drag is so messy and she’s no unlikable.

    • Camela Cockburn
      Camela Cockburn

      Sliky didn't get lucky. She worked hard for it

  • Matt Fox TV
    Matt Fox TV

    HYPE brought me here and I'm reminded how great Yvie is!

  • aleatoriamente aleatório
    aleatoriamente aleatório

    do not accept drinks from @shotwithsoju

  • Amber Angel
    Amber Angel

    The only problem with this video is that there's not enough Akeria

  • Leonel Castroo
    Leonel Castroo


  • RamiArtwork

    Yvie 🔥

  • Mario Vargas
    Mario Vargas

    Silky should of been in the bottom over Brooklyn

  • Artur Sem H
    Artur Sem H

    A Yvie falando "rariú" é tudo pra mim

  • Legendary | NitroRetribution
    Legendary | NitroRetribution

    Its a shame Drag Race used the double crowning for AS4 They should have saved for this season Brooke and Yvie as the winners would have been perfect and well deserved

  • Aimee Paige
    Aimee Paige

    I love vanjie was rlly fucking stiff and it didn’t even look like she was lip syncing the words ._.

  • yogscastfan210

    Yall are sleeping on akeria here it was so good 😂

  • Sea Bro
    Sea Bro

    Why does no one clock Brooke Lynn for recycling the same dance moves over and over again? Is y’all blind?

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    Between her figure, outfit and dance moves Yvonne Oddly was giving me such Jack Skellington vibes and I’m livinggg for it

    • Tamara Winograd
      Tamara Winograd

      That’s exactly what I thought at the time.