The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review
HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out Lady Gaga's new makeup line, Haus Laboratories! This Amazon exclusive release has several products and I'm trying them all to see what the tea is on the formula, packaging and price!
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  • Charlotte Berry
    Charlotte Berry

    Did anyone else notice he said "aphrodite" wrong

  • Ruby Berry
    Ruby Berry

    I love ur makeup 💄 review and everything

  • Messillah Dobrodoli
    Messillah Dobrodoli

    I would love to know what hairs are used for natural haired brushes. Because all I think of are those poor animals being plucked for your profit. I'm not saying that's what you use in particular, but it would be nice to know since I'm sure I'm not the only consumer wondering.

  • Maddee Heely
    Maddee Heely

    I want to try the lil face tattoo, put a gradient shadow over it, then peel it off and see how that looks :o Anyone tried yet?

  • Vanessa O
    Vanessa O

    I’m learning English... what it means when he says “drag” ?

    • Smiley Emoji
      Smiley Emoji

      Dressing up as the opposite gender for comedy

  • ba shnee shnee
    ba shnee shnee

    Oh no no no honieee

  • Zelm x
    Zelm x

    I love that jeffree did what every girl does Touched up eyeliner Fucked it up lil bit Then made it huge 😂❤️ LOVE THAT

  • Tiffanie McGalliard
    Tiffanie McGalliard

    Lip gloss makes me the think of huda packaging

  • drishti hirani
    drishti hirani

    15:29 😂

  • Brenda Arce
    Brenda Arce


  • Frank

    There’s a high pitched whirring sounds throughout the whole video. You can hear it around 8:35-8:40

  • Colleen Frankle
    Colleen Frankle

    Eye shadow is great wow so bold

  • Colleen Frankle
    Colleen Frankle

    Nice full lips jeffree nice

  • Kbaby Sexy
    Kbaby Sexy

    Love him so much the goat of makeup period pooh

  • Yvonne Chaboya
    Yvonne Chaboya

    I just came back it's been a long time by Jeffery. Thank you. Love your channel. And I love and want your nails! I love everything it all looked like something I'd use.

  • Lara


  • Nadia

    Jeffree reminds me of Eleven from Stranger Things. Also, I need me those long fingers.

  • omgXALYSSAXomg

    Quality is absolutely a must, however, it’s so ridiculous the price of makeup! I still get it, I love it. However I wish I could keep buying more. I’m not rich. Paycheck to paycheck but some things are absolutely worth getting. Your bronzers and highlighters are two of them. Can’t forget lips, so 3. Thanks so much. It looks like some of those items I’d try.

  • kawaiikinki

    Jeffree: winged out to Jesus! i love that literary i was about to do that BUT i do have to go visit Nate's grandma later. eventually Jeffree ended doing a biazarre look. LOL

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc
    Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

    I’d love to see Cardi B and Jeffree together 🤩

  • Tianna Mortis
    Tianna Mortis

    The face lace looks amazing on you with the black smokey eyeshadow! The top one could be shifted a bit towards your temple for a bit more symmetry, but I’m anal like that, lol.

  • Devon Forman
    Devon Forman

    Blew off your page for a while, started watching because of Shane Dawson and I ended up becoming a fan. I fuck with your attitude and love the non biased opinions. Very respectable.

  • Evil Warrior9078
    Evil Warrior9078


  • TheUnitedSardines

    This collection is so not fashion forward, the eyestickers idem old sh*t grabbed together into a “line”, no packaging, no thoughts, poor pigments, just a quick moneymaking attempt disapproved 💥

  • Ranggapadni Nariswari
    Ranggapadni Nariswari

    3:28 is like... me. everytime i cannot afford anything!

  • Quintessential

    I think if you've got the lacing tattoo it would limit like some of your crazy makeup designs that you could do like it wouldn't have looked that good with the make up done for conspiracy? But it's up 2 u boo

  • audrey1053

    *Just bought the haus holiday set of chained ballerina and retro liquid eyeshadow.* *Just wow, easier than putting dark lipstick.*

  • hong zhang
    hong zhang

    i now understand people say " white dude pretend himself is a black woman."

  • Chad Self
    Chad Self

    Isn't most products bought online counterfeit or made from across sea products which are just unsafe??? Only on Amazon Prime

  • mebeamber

    I just really need to point out that the song in the background is unbearable

    • Samantha Weber
      Samantha Weber

      mebeamber matter of opinion

  • Christina

    “What’s the tip look like” OHHH

  • Quintessential

    Is the new family member reaveled yet?! I swear I seen ever video after this! Omg show me Jeffree plssss~

  • Kassie Nieves
    Kassie Nieves

    I love Shane Dawson even more for putting me on to you❤️ love you guys 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I cant wait to order the Conspiracy Pallet 😍 and Shane glossing ❤️❤️

  • Nancy Jacobs
    Nancy Jacobs

    I’m so glad you loved her because I love love love her and I love love love you too. Wouldn’t it be great if you and Lady got together for a song? Sooo awesome for sure!

  • Twitchy Witchy
    Twitchy Witchy

    omg YES GIRL, the struggle of application with long acrylics is so true.

  • Елена Роменская
    Елена Роменская

    Кто из России? Ставь лайк!!!

  • Thi Huỳnh
    Thi Huỳnh


  • Hope Reney
    Hope Reney

    I want Jeffrey to control Shane for a day or two

  • Levi Laremore
    Levi Laremore

    wait who was the new fam member

  • Joanna Joiner
    Joanna Joiner

    I just had to say we don't know if Gaga started her life wanting to get into makeup this may be a lifelong dream come true for what gives anybody the right to judge anybody else!

  • Mia Whitford
    Mia Whitford

    I heard it on the floor

  • Melissa Holloway
    Melissa Holloway

    Thank you I cant wait to try the lip gloss

  • Vans Dy
    Vans Dy

    Ahhhhhh!!! Can’t wait for my 4 le riot lip gloss!!! 💋

  • Luther Burbank
    Luther Burbank

    Judging by the recent guest on jaclyn hills channel, Lady Gaga wasn’t too happy about this.

  • Mouthy Mama
    Mouthy Mama

    Your house in Michigan is amazing. I don’t even have a house in Washington where I live lmao

  • Mouthy Mama
    Mouthy Mama

    I’m a packaging whore. I don’t like this. It looks cheap. Like rimmel or some shit.

  • nah

    I watch these reviews like I’m going to buy them after he approves of them

  • Jacqueline Ordaz
    Jacqueline Ordaz

    Have u ever been into one of those Chinese 1$ and more stores . U know their huge and they have all kinds of crap. But good and interesting crap . It suckers u into buying shit u dont need and they are loaded w crazy off brand beauty products. But get the stuff in the glass cases not the xrap on the shelves.

  • Tracy Fear
    Tracy Fear

    What scares me about buying makeup on Amazon. Watch Netflix "Broken." It covers counterfeit makeup and how it is sold online. Scary stuff.

  • Keri Evans
    Keri Evans

    I absolutely love and adore you

  • Multijugos

    bitch, we want a video with Gaga like NikkieTutorials one

  • molly o
    molly o

    Whos back after lady gaga and nikki??

  • Sonia Devi
    Sonia Devi

    HAUS lavatories 😂

  • India Thundercloud
    India Thundercloud

    What does that felt liner remind you of . . . ? Kat Von D ? 🤥

  • Rene Lounsbery
    Rene Lounsbery

    Thank you for the review. I've been wanting to try LG's stuff. Think I'm gonna take the plunge.

  • Rene Lounsbery
    Rene Lounsbery

    I don't think it's a cash grab. Gaga is a great person and doesn't need the cash period. I think it's something shes wanted to do forever but that woman is busy and can't get to doing it all at once. I enjoyed the Allure interview with her in the Octobee issue. Woman is fire.

  • Dave Sugano
    Dave Sugano


  • Bich Phuc
    Bich Phuc

    I deeply love lady gaga honestly, but we know we trust Jeffrees review

  • Dainty D.
    Dainty D.

    he looks like Taylor Swift in that make up like in a Bad Blood mv

  • Esther Wong
    Esther Wong

    If star don’t fuck with it neither do I 😂

  • ronoel

    Nice products!

  • Seth Watt
    Seth Watt it just me or those liquid eye shadows look like

    • Seth Watt
      Seth Watt

      @Bich Phuc they are faded ASF looking

    • Bich Phuc
      Bich Phuc

      It’s just you

  • Laura Kennedy
    Laura Kennedy

    Jeffree, you are a majestic creature!

  • Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust

    JLo makeup lind flopped??? I’m shocked 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  • Mya Eldridge
    Mya Eldridge

    I love how jefree star is Rich and be living Gucci but doesn't try to rub it in people's face. I love you for that!!! Your amazing jefree and I really can't wait to see the new make-up lines you start bringing out. I really want the conspricay pallette and I also love how Everytime you find something you like your " HIIIUEEEEE how are YAA!!? " OR you'll say HIEEEYA like in ...... A moan? 😂😂😂 And I just love how silly you act. Your just "NOOII NOI NOI NO NOOO HEOBEYYYYAAAA' love u jefree💓

  • Angie Messner
    Angie Messner

    I love how Lady Gaga didn't send a big PR pakege!! They are such a waste and just make more trash It makes me want to buy from her brand more

  • first name last name
    first name last name

    haus in my language is thirst..

  • Hafsa Aissaoui
    Hafsa Aissaoui

    Very kylie 😂😂

  • killerrain gold
    killerrain gold

    I like do your makeup one day im getting pretty good at it and I use your stuff so I know them one best then

  • Mallie jenkins
    Mallie jenkins

    Jeff Dalen looks like the divorce Dad that drinks with his kids