The Try Guys Become TikTokers For A Week ft. Noen Eubanks
The Try Guys
We tried becoming #TikTokers for the week with some help from our friend #Noen! Check him out on #TikTok (@noeneubanks) and follow our brand new TikTok account!
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  • Ainin Sofiya
    Ainin Sofiya

    They look like dads watching short videos 😂 so cutee

  • Kelley Rose
    Kelley Rose

    Can we PLEASE get Eugene and Claire together for an episode one day??

  • Jackie Lynn
    Jackie Lynn

    ned should've just placed a whole avocado on his toast on the other tiktok

  • TaeJae

    noen is like kinda shy and cute irl I'm lowkey crying

  • TaeJae

    noen is the definition of an eboy

  • Katie Awesomeshirt
    Katie Awesomeshirt

    Did any one els see Noen in the thumb nail and click on it

    • Katie Awesomeshirt
      Katie Awesomeshirt

      The funny thing is I did not know he was on tic tok but I watch him on TR-my lol 😂

  • Emma

    I‘m five minutes in and cringing 😂 but it’s also fun so whatever

  • Simply Laila
    Simply Laila

    I freaking love noen so much

  • Brianna Walker
    Brianna Walker

    To this Day Neds Tik Tok has 12.9 million views

  • Dagmar Velez
    Dagmar Velez

    Noen is the Chad Michael Murray of 2020

  • Abby Wolffe
    Abby Wolffe

    Honestly I was cackling watching them make these

  • pinku

    kinda ashamed i knew the sound of the tiktok they made with noen just by looking at the lipsyncing

  • Susanna Osinski
    Susanna Osinski

    The kid had like no emotion...ok

  • stamatia


  • Jacinta Reilly
    Jacinta Reilly

    Who does Rachel look like it’s bugging me!!

  • ploo Plaap
    ploo Plaap

    "and thats comedy, so.."

  • Tati Hernandez
    Tati Hernandez


  • Amy Guerrero
    Amy Guerrero

    He is the most beautiful creature ive ever seen. I'm in love with him.

  • Lily Farr
    Lily Farr

    Me on tiktok: wow I have 96 followers Keth: only 25.k

  • delanie

    eugene: i must do this and that so it has this element and mood keith: i like instagram's filter *infinite mouth*

  • delanie

    ned is 70 and i love it

  • Rosa Altamirano
    Rosa Altamirano

    TikTok is like a giant inside joke. You wouldn’t understand unless you’ve been on the app

  • Dom Mesta
    Dom Mesta

    This tik tok kid is kidding right. 😂

  • Scarlet Herrera
    Scarlet Herrera

    damn, I find more handsome a 30-year-old man than a guy my age, lol

  • ClairePlays Games
    ClairePlays Games

    my name is Claire too!

  • Andriy Bazhaluk
    Andriy Bazhaluk

    "People like FRIENDS for some reason." Eugene 2020

  • Phonché

    I laughed way too hard at Ned's mask lmao

  • Jaz Megan
    Jaz Megan

    Noen is so attractive 😍

  • Emmy Gilbert
    Emmy Gilbert

    muisic . l y oh god im crying

  • Gibs Lewiston
    Gibs Lewiston


  • Eloïse Verhagen
    Eloïse Verhagen

    Eugene could have just made a gay tiktok thing and be pretty and would have had millions of views

  • Golden Rose
    Golden Rose

    Noen! Yay

  • okayajrenne

    noen is actually funny and has a good personality wasn’t expecting that💀

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    Boomers trying to be zoomers

  • Uzma M
    Uzma M

    I love that intro clip! I love the colors! Ahh and that black sweater with all the try guy colors 😭

  • pea xhy
    pea xhy


  • gizzy youngman
    gizzy youngman

    👍👍the tik toks that the try guys did were pretty good✌👍

  • ShYLaH tHe PoTaTo
    ShYLaH tHe PoTaTo

    I feel whenever noen is on any type of show he just looks depressed idk why he is just like emotionless and blushing the whole time (no hate i looove him)

  • skiddz stone
    skiddz stone

    i love these guys so much, they make me smile (and im depressed so i don't smile that much)

  • noelle swartzendruber
    noelle swartzendruber

    I love how they still have the closet Eugene built and Keiths drawers.

  • •JellyBean Bear•
    •JellyBean Bear•

    noen kinda a combination of justin bieber vs billie eilish

  • Your Average Sad Art Child HaHa
    Your Average Sad Art Child HaHa

    This video is hilarious and I love it. Also Omg noen is AHHH I can't. He's CuTe. ;-; I'm in love with his style cause yes.

  • Ka’Shae

    Idk who this Noen guy is but he is GORGEOUS

  • mc Sour
    mc Sour

    Why is no one talking about that jump split

  • Short Person
    Short Person

    I use tik tok for art lmaaaooooo

  • Leon Desmond
    Leon Desmond

    what trend is shown at 3:35??

  • Jessica Shin
    Jessica Shin

    Love Try Guys but not a fan of "TikTokers"

  • Very Average Girl
    Very Average Girl

    This kid understands the massive obsession with 90’s cute guy culture( reference Bop magazine for millennials ) and anime!

  • Chad Pfohl
    Chad Pfohl

    None seems annoyed at them

  • Riley Koller XD
    Riley Koller XD

    “When I’m in an environment I’m not that familiar with, I look for things that are about this tall, and this area..... that I can put my phone on” why is this actually me lmao I’ve never related to something more 😂

  • Denise Louis
    Denise Louis

    Zac is a SIMP

  • Hannah Rae
    Hannah Rae

    I love that Keith is wearing the same shirt through the entire video. Everyone else wears different clothes sometimes, but not Keith lmao

  • Malkavian

    Noen is an Anime character

  • Meaghan Setterbo
    Meaghan Setterbo

    I just read that Noen was born in 2001... Damn, do I feel old. And I was born in 99 💀

  • Acavado Soup
    Acavado Soup

    Ned's tiktok has more likes and views than this video

  • Sophia Martinez
    Sophia Martinez

    Norms tik tok video has more views than the try guys video

  • Sera - Marie
    Sera - Marie

    That guy Noen's hair is amazing! It's like 15 different colours that blend beautifully to look like 1 glorious oil spill of meaningless. But on hair. What is this magic called?

  • Not So Daily R
    Not So Daily R

    Why have a always read “Noen” as “Neon”..?

  • Maeve Sloan
    Maeve Sloan

    speaking of tiktok i haven’t been in in a while sooo bye youtube

  • jord4004 jord4004
    jord4004 jord4004

    I got danny Gonzalez vibes from tiktalk

  • Kinga Lew
    Kinga Lew

    Ned used a magic the gatheirng spindown d20! Love it!

  • Josephine Boudreau
    Josephine Boudreau

    Eugene is literally my spirit animal when he did the jump split I don't know what it was but I could not stop laughing

  • caroline robert
    caroline robert

    Keith did the funiest tik toks XD

  • Dennis1414


  • Ella Davis
    Ella Davis

    noen is the cutest human ever. periodt.🥺

  • itsAriJustAri

    Noen in very over these 30yr olds. I'm at the same amount of hype with me fellow 30yr olds...

  • Patrick Queen
    Patrick Queen

    helppppp i get secondhand embarrassment

  • MaK Tv
    MaK Tv

    18:49 he starts to explain Charli demelio

  • Reese's

    eugene's already a tiktoker, he's a hot dancer.


    Let me roll the dice i always no matter what get crit fails always... every... single... time.