The World's Hardest Flexer (with Danny Gonzalez)
Drew Gooden
WARNING: this video gets pretty gross at times, maybe don't watch this if you're like 12 or wanted to watch a youtube video with your parents. You will be very uncomfortable.
Now that that's out of the way, I hope the rest of you stick around to enjoy this video about a very insane person named Hard Rock Nick.
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  • Tayler Packard
    Tayler Packard

    My man those are lash extensions and you know it. Get those shits touched up every 3 weeks it's too obvious. Your fuckin eyebrows are clearly threaded or micrbladed but are still somehow so unalike even through professionally done. I'm confused. And maybe he doesn't have a gf because he records videos of himself in his pickup truck with his racing stripes lookin facial hair.

  • Toxic Masculinity Shock Syndrome Bunyan
    Toxic Masculinity Shock Syndrome Bunyan

    You know, I don't see anything wrong with this guy. Seems like a good dude.

  • Toxic Masculinity Shock Syndrome Bunyan
    Toxic Masculinity Shock Syndrome Bunyan

    That face looms over your bed at night, ladies. He smuggles one of your panties to wear on his head like a Spiderman mask.

  • Emanu Garnheim
    Emanu Garnheim

    That guy is so deep in the closet he is in Narnia

  • Logan Elkins
    Logan Elkins

    There are plenty of reasons to assume that this guy is gay before knowing anything about him. He wears eye makeup, he shaves his legs, and he makes kissy lips in his photos. AKA things that girls do

    • Tayler Packard
      Tayler Packard

      In this year it makes no sense to assume a man is gay because he shaves his legs and wears make-up. Fuck, my dad shaves his legs and he's in the military. Hairy legs aren't for everyone

  • Rbunebula_15

    17:47 Danny said the n-word

  • Gretchen Scarseth
    Gretchen Scarseth

    ok we need a follow up vid cuz hard rock nick's instagram is so much weirder now

  • anik3120 anik3120
    anik3120 anik3120

    The only reason people killed them Seles after being with him is because he was so ugly

  • 🧸Annabell.mouse🧸

    So, it’s basically like if Jackson galaxy, Gordon ramsay, James Charles, and Onision has a child.

  • g

    grateful that i’m hispanic because I never want anything to do with this guy

  • Biscuit Gidoni
    Biscuit Gidoni

    How in sync these two are is amazing

  • Biscuit Gidoni
    Biscuit Gidoni

    I want to see a background story on who this guy really is and where he lives

  • mark ostrowski
    mark ostrowski

    This dude didn't fuck anybody in the hotel

  • Kathy Victoria
    Kathy Victoria

    The only sex he has is when he pays for it.. most likely when he goes to Vegas.

  • Liv Osenenko
    Liv Osenenko

    hard rock nick has a tik tok!!!! PLEASE REVIEW IT LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Ross Bucklar
    Ross Bucklar

    I'm 7 minutes in and i don't think you've mentioned his eyebrows. Pick your game up.

  • annabanana191

    Sorry thats the sound of my vagina zipping close looking at hardrockNick

  • A Corndog's Life
    A Corndog's Life

    I entered this video gay and exited straight.

  • RacoonofCancun

    at least the guy’s got some pretty nice lashes, but he does have some 2017-esque eyebrows which are a little horrific

  • Mark Lowney
    Mark Lowney


  • Everett Simone
    Everett Simone

    He looks like hes from the capital.

  • crabby candor
    crabby candor

    I think I know why girls don’t date you. NO WOMEN IS PURE AMERICAN. YOU CALLED THEM CUNTS

  • Spoogity

    haha his favorite team is the 49ers they lost the super bowl 💀

  • thisisnotapplejuice

    what mascara does he use tho???

  • Leonardo DiCaprio Stuff
    Leonardo DiCaprio Stuff

    Oh no I’m Canadian can’t date hard rock nick. iM sO sAd *cRiEs*

  • Tyrone the Pyromancer
    Tyrone the Pyromancer

    hard rock incel

  • damn skippies
    damn skippies

    this man is the reason im a lesbian

  • This is a name
    This is a name

    “You’re a motherfucking stinker.” Lmao I laughed so hard my eyes leaked a bit. He said it so seriously🤣

  • Cake with a hat
    Cake with a hat

    Drew: Hey welcome back to the first and only channel on youtube hosted by my butt Danny: hey whats up greg welcome back to another episode of beggers CAN be choosers

  • Chance Martinez
    Chance Martinez

    Okay. So......bullshit. He didn't spend 100 grand on engine upgrades. That was probably an S10 GMC Sierra. Assuming it came with the V8, at best, he was working with a sub par engine that no one made parts for. Back when the S10 was still in production, the LS motor was only available in the Corvette. It's really difficult to spend that much money on an engine unless you race in a formula series. That kind of money would include a raised redline by 2,000 to 3,000 rpm, better flowing headers and exhaust, basically converting it into a race engine. bull fucking shit. He probably spent MAYBE 20 grand. The only kind of people who charge 100 grand for a total drivetrain upgrade is Brabus, the Mercedes tuning shop. And while they do custom cars, their prices are so high for custom jobs that you would be better off just buying a McLaren outright, cash in hand. It's also incredibly suspicious that he would blow that much money on a shitty pickup truck, and not show off the engine bay in any form. Like.......I upgraded my intercooler on my WRX and I show that off to all my friends. If I had a full blown indy car V8, I would never shut up about it

  • x_Party_Poison_x

    I would be seriously concerned for his children 😬

  • Judah Osboja
    Judah Osboja

    "Let's talk about why badass good looking rich guys don't have girlfriends. Like me!" Why does this smell like Elliot Rodger?

  • Silva First
    Silva First

    people like this confuse me genuinely

  • Avril Lavender
    Avril Lavender

    Getting my ass eaten out is a saying that gay people say so he’s providing that he is gay

  • Vega Pop
    Vega Pop

    This guy make me scared to be a girl

  • Mike Rodriguez
    Mike Rodriguez

    He's the Hard Rock Hotel plumber in Los Vegas.

  • Logan Schaeffer
    Logan Schaeffer

    He could be a 18 year olds dad

  • Nathan Springer
    Nathan Springer

    This guy is like elliot rodgers level of misogony but from the other side.

  • Hannah_Banana N
    Hannah_Banana N

    “I didn’t steal from my mom , my name isn’t Ally, I’ve never been to jail, and I’ve never hit or cheated on my wife.” Everyone:

  • Ryan Cornwell
    Ryan Cornwell

    Bruh I have an average of about three a week

  • Emelia Roberts
    Emelia Roberts

    Danny and Drew should make another video on this guy XD I've watched this six times already oh no-

  • Tak stop Bullying me
    Tak stop Bullying me

    please keep only dating white women

  • Halo 2 Elite Comrad
    Halo 2 Elite Comrad

    That Face tho

  • Teh Jams
    Teh Jams

    You ever cringe so hard that you shrink into a tiny little ball and live the rest of your life inside a nutsack occasionally getting tugged on? Yeah, me neither.

  • Just a normal person on here
    Just a normal person on here

    Everytime I feel bad about myself I just watch this video again

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis

    One by one ☝🏼 🤮

  • Jack

    These two are definitely blazed

  • Tamila Pavlova
    Tamila Pavlova

    If you Google his TR-my channel he took their advice and called it "hard rock Nick"

  • zoe the grape
    zoe the grape

    i've never been scared to be 100% until i saw this

  • Carlos Castanheira
    Carlos Castanheira

    His beard is crooked and that's not even the worst thing about any of this

  • Kindred1a1

    Textbook Narcissistic personality disorder (and probably a bunch of other things). It's almost tragic

  • Hikari Kitara
    Hikari Kitara

    Still my favorite video. You both match too well.

  • алтос поропн
    алтос поропн

    6 year old complain kinda naggy, cmon looking at the planes is so dope

  • Freyja Lowe
    Freyja Lowe

    I hate this guy because I'm a girl Me:I'm gunna killem My brain:let me at em let me at em I hate this dude so much

  • Ice-_-Ramen

    The thing is, I am like 99% sure he is a virgin based on how he talks, yet also 99% sure he is not because of his age.

  • Skarlet Main
    Skarlet Main

    The real question is, who the fk is eating this guy's asscheeks...

  • Akash Hingu
    Akash Hingu

    He must have gotten his degree from Trump university

  • Skarlet Main
    Skarlet Main

    Sheesh... The *_"My Cat from Hell"_* host has really fallen off...

  • Chris Fletcher
    Chris Fletcher

    My guys eyebrows make his eyes look like interrogation lamps.

  • Mary Mortos
    Mary Mortos

    he’s got some beautiful eyelashes

  • Chelsrat

    I just noticed Drew is wearing a try hards shirt!

  • Frank Paws
    Frank Paws

    whoever the woman is that messed him up so bad ,shes laughing ....

  • Paddy C
    Paddy C

    Gossip pays people nowadays? Wut.

  • JohnFromPhilly Vlogs
    JohnFromPhilly Vlogs

    He’s like Trisha Paytas’ soulmate

  • That Person
    That Person

    Drew and Danny feeding off of eachothers energy and jokes gives me so much life (Also hey! I’m from Dallas!)

  • Sophie Belle
    Sophie Belle


  • Kieran O'Connor
    Kieran O'Connor

    I'm calling him Hard Knock Rick. Because he clearly took some hard knocks to the head and now he has special needs 😂

  • - definitely not a Celestia ludenberg Kinney -
    - definitely not a Celestia ludenberg Kinney -

    If people tell you I am a Celestia Lunenburg Kinney don't listen to them because I definitely am not and I definitely don't post this on every video I watch

  • Kieran O'Connor
    Kieran O'Connor

    Man Denny is Funny AF 😂

  • Amalia Posa
    Amalia Posa

    He looks like a gay egg on steroids