The Worst Typo I Ever Made
Tom Scott
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Written with Sean Elliott
Graphics by William Marler
Audio mix by Graham Haerther
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott

    Thanks to Dashlane for returning to advertise on this video! If you're techie enough to be watching this, you should be using a password manager:

    • Lirei Taichen
      Lirei Taichen

      If im techie enough to be watching this, i dont give away my passwords to some random crappy company.

    • Foop

      And this is why censorship is bad

    • ship another ship
      ship another ship

      Nintendo's "wigger Wednesdays"

    • waptek

      with me it was formatting the source drive & then imaging the blank new drive over it so i RAPIDLY learned to do data recovery

    • Jacob Barnett
      Jacob Barnett

      101 relies your welcome

  • oof publisher
    oof publisher

    Now “onosecond” is the word of the day on urban dictionary


    It's okay Tom your secret is safe with us... Oh, no

  • creationship27


  • Swaraj S. Aggarwal
    Swaraj S. Aggarwal

    SQL typos suck!

  • Vyladence


  • ivory

    I just lost 5 years worth of files from work, college, 2 masters degree thesis drafts, 2000 photos, 1 year worth of lab research and everything else on my computer because it was cold, my hands were shaking and I accidentally dropped my phone on my PC, right where my HD was located. And of course I didn't have a backup. And it would cost around 1000 bucks to *try* to retrieve my files, with little to no guarantee it was work. Aaaaaand I have to buy a new pc. Huh. Guess I learned it the hard way.

  • Akshat Chanana
    Akshat Chanana

    God this gave me anxiety 😰 been there done things like that

  • Yntery

    The whole video I was nervous and suspicious that all the events are going to lead to nuclear reactor meltdown.

  • SohamTheNotSoCoolBoi


  • Dr Mystic
    Dr Mystic

    I thought ono was the typo for one 😂

  • Audrey Jensen
    Audrey Jensen


  • Payday tutorial guy
    Payday tutorial guy

    “The bruh second”

  • Selçuk Başaran
    Selçuk Başaran

    I think your response wasn't "oh,no" it must be something like and then "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" and continue with longest f word you can say with one breathe

  • Daniel Hoefler
    Daniel Hoefler

    I think it's the ohnosecond

  • J•Erik

    I always have backup for my "homework" folder

  • Bilakshan Purohit
    Bilakshan Purohit

    His face after the type ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Dan Wright
    Dan Wright

    I learned from being in music production, way before I ever became a dev: if you don't have it in 3 places you dont really have it.


    for phone photo backups you should use google photos it's free and great

  • Algolei I
    Algolei I

    My biggest mistake was a switching of terms. I told support, "I have transferred all the data from the *large* hard drive to the *small* hard drive. Feel free to reformat the *large* hard drive." But I had it the wrong way around. They did exactly as I said and reformatted the drive with all the data on it. All of it. All the data. All. Years of work. And I didn't find out about it for two weeks. My onosecond came two weeks after my mistake. I guess that makes it an onofortnight.

  • Cat Dragon
    Cat Dragon

    I want to thank you for reminding me to save, just after I did it, my computer crashed, and the animation I spent working on all day today would have been completely lost

  • Hallo! Mijn naam is
    Hallo! Mijn naam is

    The best password manager is a single notebook and a pen.

  • Garrett Lind
    Garrett Lind


  • GG 42 [GER]
    GG 42 [GER]


  • StarParty

    this video is pain

  • A Pillowface Production
    A Pillowface Production

    CONTENT edit: Whoops, had written a 149,647 word, really thoughtful comment but accidentally deleted it.

  • Stephen The Macaroni Penguin
    Stephen The Macaroni Penguin

    content content content content content content

  • panthererousse

    The Coincidence that "onosecond" can also be a typo of "one second".

  • Kai-Uwe Merkel
    Kai-Uwe Merkel

    Told you so. It's a London deal.

  • Plux

    When you accidentally send the answer sheet to your teacher ...onosecond

  • Stray Orion
    Stray Orion

    6:11 About here I started to realize where this was going

  • anniekate76

    Oh buddy. If only the TR-my comments allowed pics I would give you my Reckless In Live badge

  • Forrestbump23

    How old is Tom?

  • D H
    D H


  • Exarpo

    Thats very much oof

  • gamingLegacies

    The examples of "onoseconds" gave me anxiety

  • Денис

    Didn't you have tranlogs?

  • Ratyansh Garg
    Ratyansh Garg

    Tom - My worst typo ever Skeppy - Hold my keyboard

  • Petr Skála
    Petr Skála

    I have to admit there's probably no database with that much content in it.

  • Drake Cleland
    Drake Cleland

    Definitely an onosecond

  • Wet Mote
    Wet Mote


  • Oscar Cowie
    Oscar Cowie

    Why is this so hard to stop watching? I literally know the Smallest bit about programming which wouldn't put me ahead of anyone in any way but I can't look away! I just can`t.

    • Oscar Cowie
      Oscar Cowie

      See if you can spot the Easter Egg related to this Video.

  • Super réalisateur Trop cool
    Super réalisateur Trop cool

    Why does this just sound like him justifying himself

  • 1 Subscriber Before December
    1 Subscriber Before December

    Oh no second is genius!

  • PKMNCharitard - stick nodes and rough animator
    PKMNCharitard - stick nodes and rough animator


  • Daniel Ogunleye
    Daniel Ogunleye

    Im always scared that my backups could stop working when I need them because I only could afford an external hardisk as a backup, so I was thinking about having a backup for the backup but that would make me anxious all over again... It's painful...

  • Toasted Gameing
    Toasted Gameing

    Oof size large

  • The Technocrats
    The Technocrats


  • Minty_Choc

    Life lesson: NEVER PUT THE EMAIL RECIPIENT IN BEFORE YOU WRITE THE EMAIL. I ended up sending the email “sup sheidow lady” to the principal of my school.

  • Mariella Cusano
    Mariella Cusano

    This is the most realistic greenscreen I’ve ever seen.

  • Terrence Koeman
    Terrence Koeman

    Protip: learn how to dump *all* (both kernel & user) memory to a file on every machine you work on in a single command. That has saved my life a few times. Chances are good that you could have dug up most of your content that way, as memory is usually not emptied, but kept around until overwritten or until garbage collection runs. This works for databases, form fields in browsers, etc. Everything has to be stored somewhere :) And if it's not in memory then the same goes for disk storage (although be sure to know when to dump memory or raw disk, so that you don't overwrite your stuff on disk with your memory dump).

  • Gabriel Rodrigues de Araujo
    Gabriel Rodrigues de Araujo

    That's always this kind of story in Computer Science courses (or similar courses), and what I've always heard from these was that it was easy to restore the data using the database log

  • Zoë Mackay
    Zoë Mackay

    The thing is, you can divide software developers into two categories: Ones who have made that kind of mistake, and ones who are going to. Because the _only_ thing that stops you doing that is personal exposure to that visceral feeling of your stomach trying to exit your body by both routes simultaneously.

  • Jerry 0
    Jerry 0


  • Jerry 0
    Jerry 0

    What about OwOSecond?

  • Ryan Stallard
    Ryan Stallard

    should definitely be "ohnosecond"

  • Buneon check channel discription
    Buneon check channel discription

    content? content content! content..?

  • Manuel G
    Manuel G

    Last year I was working on a rom hack of an old video game. Using a tool I accidentally change a parameter out of range, now the tool I used to modify the parameter can’t find it (because it’s over the parameters its looking for) and the part of the game I modified is unplayable. I lost months of work just because I never took the time to make a backup.

  • TobbAnimations

    content content content content content content content content

  • BrickHabitat Productions
    BrickHabitat Productions

    I used to lose my stop-motions all the time because I never backed them up. :(

  • Goodname21


  • Fuzzywhale27

    Onosecond is just a synonym of bruh moment

    • Giovanni Miguel
      Giovanni Miguel

      T r u e .

  • Shadz

    Oh so this was green screened

  • Treecap Treecap Treecap Treecap Treecap Treecap
    Treecap Treecap Treecap Treecap Treecap Treecap

    Sorry But Why Do People Speak Like This It Is Very Annoying ; - ;

  • Sim Prasad
    Sim Prasad

    The more i listen to him talk the more i realise i dont know a lot of stuff

  • Turkey A.Al-Bazei
    Turkey A.Al-Bazei


  • Turkey A.Al-Bazei
    Turkey A.Al-Bazei

    content content content

  • Feel The Hertz
    Feel The Hertz

    8:55 Damn maybe you should've used Apple's Time Machine ;)

  • LeighAnn Ritzenthaler
    LeighAnn Ritzenthaler

    One memorable onosecond of mine was when I finished a PHP script at 2:00 AM. I guess it was because I was tired, but somehow I managed to screw up so hard that the server crashed every time someone submitted a form. Awful time I had the next day.

  • A Adams
    A Adams

    I'm constantly backing up my stuff. And generally whatever program I'm using is set to automatically back up. But I'm really paranoid.