This Cheesy Movie Would Be 'Cancelled' Nowadays.. (Down To You Review)
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  • Mista GG
    Mista GG

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    • Eddie Cannon
      Eddie Cannon

      So mistake gg I'm a big fan love your content but with that I gotta ask I'm a big fan of some ordinary gamer aswell and I'm just wondering who had the "outro" first? Hope you enjoyed my comment I'm eddie and I am...out lol jk keep making me laugh my dude

    • Zark Muckerberg
      Zark Muckerberg

      Oi chap can you review aerials? It’s on Netflix and it is dogshit. It would be even better if you make a livestream trying to watch all of it. You will not make it

    • Bryant

      Watch this Miata GG it’s called häxan

    • Super Frando
      Super Frando

      Sorry mista, you look like a mexican anime character

    • Professor Breeze
      Professor Breeze

      Dude your hair is rockin' 🤘it suits you so well, hope you keep it after the pandemic.

  • exodus

    vibin heaps with this channel in lockdown, thanks for keeping the misery at bay. appreciate it genuinely man.

  • Elizabeth De Leon
    Elizabeth De Leon

    I love silver linings playbook

  • WaZaBi Dk
    WaZaBi Dk

    Is this man a dad and still wearing headbands

  • Quantum Passport
    Quantum Passport

    The 2000’s were so cringe holy shit

  • Ashlyn Hough
    Ashlyn Hough

    oh, kat stratford..... what happened

  • Melissa S
    Melissa S

    Review Heart Breakers, it may be even worse

  • NavyBratt92

    If you're gonna do manshow you should do manswers

  • FatmanJonesTV

    I looked it up on rotten tomatoes... 3% Still get me with the "double like". Every time. Stay real homie

  • Elliott Nathanson
    Elliott Nathanson

    Speak of the Devil (1989)

  • Jaycie Victory
    Jaycie Victory

    Heyyyyyy! Jars of Clay! That's a great album. Haven't thought about or listened to it on forever.

  • Jaycie Victory
    Jaycie Victory

    I remember watching Down to You in 2000 fresh off my love for Julia Stiles (10 Things I Hate About You, Save The Last Dance) and Freddie Prinze Junior (She's All That) so I fully expected to love it. And it was AWFUL. I don't think I even finished it. Totally unwatchable. Terrible writing. Terrible acting. Zero chemistry. So, no, in 2000, it still wasn't good.

  • Nuck Chorris
    Nuck Chorris

    TWO in the pink, ONE in the stink.

  • CaptenCollinYeah

    Yooooooo the laying down thing is what I’m going through right now

  • Isaac Ramirez
    Isaac Ramirez

    My rayshadow legends came in.

  • George Pet
    George Pet

    Down to you was awesome man. I love those 2000 san fransisco rom coms. So much nostalgia.

  • Emily Shock
    Emily Shock

    I've seen these actors in so many things that I feel like I've seen this movie and I know I haven't.

  • Adam Boudreau
    Adam Boudreau

    You forgot the culture appropriation singing Barry white plus that other song making it theres

  • SalusFuturistics

    As a H Cup, the actress with like no Tits at all is so uncomfortable to watch

  • Annabelle Gowan
    Annabelle Gowan

    You should review “365 Days” on Netflix. Trust me

  • Roxaswright

    Al for a fact is related to bathtub guy

  • joxanne _is_tired
    joxanne _is_tired

    Now i can call him daddy Mista and now i wanna draw mista as mista from jojo

  • Frosty McFly
    Frosty McFly

    “Al’s Clappin’ Cheeks Folks” Killed me.

  • futuredemiurge

    Its weird to watch 'cause Freddie Prince Jr, Julia Stiles, Selma Blair, and a some of the others are actually pretty good actors usually, but no one sounds good in this film

  • Dragonex

    it's literally so hard to believe it's been over a year since the "ice ice baby" meme

  • Jaemin V.
    Jaemin V.

    Hallmark gone wrong

  • aj lange
    aj lange

    Bro no way al is fucking kanan jarus bro that’s crazy😂

  • TinyTeacup

    Why did I think that was David Archuleta in the thumbnail?

  • Alexander Morgan
    Alexander Morgan

    He should do a review on hostel. Might be interesting

  • Canaan Blank
    Canaan Blank love the content snitching on both of us😒😁 u paid attention to rom coms u were invited to/ or u asked 2 ??? In theater😶? But great vid..

  • Taylor Markley
    Taylor Markley

    Dude please please for shit sake please review 365 Days on Netflix. I need a review from you on that mess lol

  • Klueless Channel
    Klueless Channel

    Wait so she cheats and he takes her back??

  • Mr. R
    Mr. R

    My biggest beef with this movie is the fact that in the credits, all the names are not correctly capitalised

  • Juliana Rumple
    Juliana Rumple

    i loved/hated this movie, it was all so weird. still had it on vhs

  • Blessedup

    The 90s were the best

  • KiD kuDa
    KiD kuDa

    “Not so Happy Days” for “Da Fonz” I’m crackin up 🤣

  • Daymondray taylor
    Daymondray taylor

    What is the song in the intro

  • thunderchild1083

    Nothing wrong with a thumb up the arse as long as it’s a woman doing it

  • Jacob Kubasek
    Jacob Kubasek

    Do a movie review on Hereditary

  • Jan Schlattmann
    Jan Schlattmann

    No wonder Lumen went crazy in Dexter Season 5

  • Brooke Coelho
    Brooke Coelho

    I forgot this movie even existed.

  • boneill1478

    Bruh your ears are red asf

  • Rae Mckinzie
    Rae Mckinzie

    SINCE YOU BROUGHT IT UP we need to see you review the Friday series! Here me out: it's classic, it's hilarious, and we desperately need the laugh.

  • certainly a human
    certainly a human

    you should watch like any chinese drama, although most of them are shows

  • BlackSH0veldeath

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  • nia

    ok but the hair kinda looks cool 😳😳😳

  • ttim2011

    Ok yes I agree it's getting old. OMG!!!! Just show there NAME .

  • Jay S.
    Jay S.

    Man, they've been trying to cancel HP Lovecraft for a hundred years, this shit ain't new!

  • chris fairfield
    chris fairfield

    Died hard asl at the kelso “BURN” 💀 sure I woke my moms up

  • West Ortega
    West Ortega

    A lot of problematic shit in this movie, it's really sad and gross. On a positive note, I've always loved the name Imogen and I'm happy to see it get some spotlight.

  • Bloodanna

    I feel like the things that often makes Rom-Coms fail is 1. Bad comedy and 2. They forget that you are actually meant to like the main characters and want them together.

  • Freedom Smith
    Freedom Smith

    Just ❤💜💙 your content!! You're so funny and your videos are unique and very entertaining. Thanks GG! You're awesome

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz

    Im subscribed to mistah gg but whenever he uploads something i literally dont get any indication in my feed or home page what is this

  • Pylix

    Mista gg I got a movie for you to review, it’s a horror movie called ATM. It’s about 3 people that Is at an atm building and they get stuck inside because a killer is outside and he’s trying to kill them for their money. Can you please review it

  • Sammi Chantelle
    Sammi Chantelle

    I wish he would do a review about the show ‘Dark.’ It’s not TERRIBLE if you’re just watching it to watch it, but there are things that don’t make sense

  • Sorry

    Too bad that I can't like it twice, your seamlessly-delivered use of "wherefore" deserves a thumbs up of its own.

  • Nicolas de Moura
    Nicolas de Moura

    Why does it look like you're always tired?

  • Roger Akhigbe
    Roger Akhigbe

    Broke lives matter.

  • Zark Muckerberg
    Zark Muckerberg

    12:53 when they plant a defused in your v8

  • Velocity Gaming
    Velocity Gaming

    Yo thank you so much for the discount code.I was able to save a lot of money cause of you

  • robbytheking or kingsfourva
    robbytheking or kingsfourva

    Deadpool is the greatest romcom don’t @ me

  • Bouncy Cowgirl
    Bouncy Cowgirl

    I think the whole drink thing was him saying, "We'll let fate decide." But communicated very poorly any concept of fate or even some kind of belief in all that.

  • gordon anderson
    gordon anderson

    Hi MISTA GG a have watched the biggest part of your vids can a ask for a shout out on your next one and you should do a review on this it's crazy slap contest coffin dance

  • W4rlock

    Mista you should make a video about Jake Paul getting arrested for raiding a mall on your second channel, get some more exposure :)

  • Joshua McConaghy
    Joshua McConaghy

    Hey can I please review 13 reasons why seasons 1 2 3 or 4. I really want u to do a video on it since the series came to a close. Btw love u keep it up

  • Edwine 21
    Edwine 21

    10:49 😂

  • Edwine 21
    Edwine 21

    4:17 I mean I loved her in 10 things I hate about you

  • Zark Muckerberg
    Zark Muckerberg

    Please review aerials next. It is on Netflix and it is dogshit. It’s so bad

  • Malachi

    Please do a movie review on Titanic 2 you shall go through the same torture I did

  • Madds C
    Madds C

    not gonna lie the only thing i was watching the whole time was his random neck beard hairs