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  • jacksepticeye

    If you like a comment that says "only X can like this" you have small PP

    • Meme Head7898
      Meme Head7898

      What about 90’s man

    • random person
      random person

      To the 6.5k people out there who liked this, Jack literally says only x can like this.

    • LaZy_ BANANA
      LaZy_ BANANA

      @Nicholas Shelton the worst part is that I forgot to put the a

    • Vald slayer
      Vald slayer

      13:04 It is a gasping pikachu.

    • L O S T W O R L D
      L O S T W O R L D

      Small PP = BIG BRAIN

  • MechanicalPen

    Omgsh watching this from the future is v v ironic. 2020 hit different... life is cancelled

  • Benjamin Mitchell
    Benjamin Mitchell

    I’m red green color deficient

  • Aly cat
    Aly cat

    Me:.... Nobody : .... Jack : *chAOtiC ENeRGY*

  • LegoCat

    Yeah you were the one that introduced me to subnautica

  • Foxy the Fox Pirate
    Foxy the Fox Pirate

    Jack: I'm not even 14. *Smacks himself* Also jack: that really hurt...

  • Roxy's gacha life animations
    Roxy's gacha life animations

    Mew. uwu

  • Em Advin
    Em Advin

    Its pikachu

  • Romy Kiffen
    Romy Kiffen

    This hits different from quarantine

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus

    I literally saved this intro, from this vid on my device because this intro is THE BEST! ITS MEME TIME BOIIIIIIIS. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Btw love ur work Seán 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃

  • Scaldera

    This was released on my birthday i didnt know that

  • i snez
    i snez

    *King of the Deep Down Deep Dark*

  • ThePridePotato

    That cat looks like my grandma's cat if she actually groomed her cat

  • Lucy Billings
    Lucy Billings

    The intro is my favorite thing ever

  • Jamie Hepplewhite
    Jamie Hepplewhite


  • Dylan

    Kilder bear forgot chase

  • archie Gardner
    archie Gardner

    When your red and green colour blind too and can’t see the video picture 😔😔😂

  • Yūri Katsuki
    Yūri Katsuki

    When you realize Jack is only one year older then you and you didn't know that

  • Ashton Burkett
    Ashton Burkett

    Hi jack

  • Aurora Platt
    Aurora Platt

    oh no Sean all those plans are gonna be cancled :(

  • DominickClay Perrin
    DominickClay Perrin


  • Tammy Bonner
    Tammy Bonner

    you know everyone said| that 2020 would be the best year ever and then the coronavirus was like. corona: oh you want me to mess up ever thing got it and now here we are !!! I never thought I would say this ever in my life but I miss my school and the weird people.

  • Be_Proud_Be_A_Rainbow

    You said that 2020 was gonna be great. Just wait till the quarantine February 19 Jacksepticeye.

  • Get dunked On
    Get dunked On

    I saw SANS

  • Wolf Wind Studios
    Wolf Wind Studios

    Scottish TWINS YA I AM SCOTTISH Jack:is Scottish Me:TWINS

  • Gacha Loki
    Gacha Loki

    (Keep this going) 8:25 The world is spinnin too fast

  • slothbaby

    I never saw Jack as that one kid in school who got bullied for video games, but....that haircut....those glasses....its amazing

  • Spooper Dooper
    Spooper Dooper

    I found subnotica through DanTDM

  • Kelvi Web
    Kelvi Web

    “You got em all” *angus fans didn’t like that*

  • yeetus deletus
    yeetus deletus

    There is going to be a lot of cool tings in 2020 CoRoNaViRuS

  • Ara Dreams
    Ara Dreams

    Jack: this year is gonna be good! Covid19: im about to end this mans whole career Me watching in march where almost the whole world has covid19: You sure about that buddy o boy

  • That random Meme’e Guy
    That random Meme’e Guy

    I love that animated intro more than normal one lamo

  • R-rex Ermantilo
    R-rex Ermantilo

    Jack:i think its gonna be a wonderful year.. (Me.. On corona quarentine):meh..

  • The funny Bros
    The funny Bros

    If Jack is red green color blind, what's the septic eye look like to him?

  • Rockstar Freddy Plays
    Rockstar Freddy Plays

    “Say goodbye To Toilet Paper” I felt that

  • GMD Style
    GMD Style

    Only jacksepticeye fans can like this

  • Suicidal Monkey
    Suicidal Monkey

    Jack just looks like a 10 year old that somehow has a beard.

  • Julian Van Geloven
    Julian Van Geloven

    Jack likes pussy he Putz it in his face and kisses it

  • JustDylan

    Why are the comments ❤️ by jacksepticeye have more likes? /:

  • Isabel Burtis
    Isabel Burtis

    Gorillaz is an amazing band. I am 11 and I've been listening to them for about 6 maybe 7 years, it is just great animation and great singing and thats all I need in life.

  • Zehilewolf Reviews and more
    Zehilewolf Reviews and more

    You can swear all you want if you aren't known by TR-my, fun to be q small channel I can be myself

  • TehMushroomHabibi

    With corona virus going around and toilet paper being wiped off the shelves he will regret dissing the roto wipe

  • PKOB2

    the red green colour blind thing is a surprised pikachu

  • PKOB2

    i found out about subnautica from 8 bitryan

  • Jessica Prescott
    Jessica Prescott

    jack: 2019, yeah did some cool stuff jack: 2020, who knows, whats gonna happen next? me: *its corona time and i cant do my gcses*

  • MadMango Music
    MadMango Music

    I watching this in 2020 and man its not good😓

  • Adan Garcia
    Adan Garcia

    Hold on. Big brain idea. Jack should make a series with all of his alter egos. Jackaboy man could be the main character and he has to solve a murder or some shit. It would be an awesome series

  • Icecream Smoothie
    Icecream Smoothie

    I see surprised Pikachu face 13:19

  • U.S.A

    Video at 12:57 Me: It's a pokemon Jack: WTH IS IT Me: A POKEMON

  • Matsico NL
    Matsico NL

    Hello jack that thing from the efteling is papier hier papier hier hallo hallo papier hier greatings from the netherlands

  • Roblox gamer 69 ._.
    Roblox gamer 69 ._.

    u are the best youtuber u make me cry very sad times i l have been subbed since around 5.5 mil subs i know some people have been subbed longer but u are the ONLY youtuber that makes me laugh ALOT u were the first youtuber to MAKE me laugh there is now another youtuber that makes me happy :D (♥ω♥*) love u jack hope u see this

  • Kaleb Baldry
    Kaleb Baldry

    you are one of the best TR-myr in the world it makes me cry

  • boss

    I used to have a cat allergy but I basically grew out of it.

  • Arcti Star Fox
    Arcti Star Fox

    I can relate to the glasses thing. I’ve worn glasses my entire life. Edit; My parents swear way too often and I’m not color blind.

  • Elliephant!!!

    When Sean said "when I was kids"... I really felt that

  • Misty Beene
    Misty Beene

    Why wold a cat pay rent lol

  • Antonia Desjarlais
    Antonia Desjarlais

    I love his hair cut

  • Shortie Tsdundere
    Shortie Tsdundere

    my b-day is March 17! :3

  • Oliver Dean Vance
    Oliver Dean Vance

    Can I just say. "2020, what's gonna happen????" The corona virus, Seán.

  • JupiterKnight

    MeMe tIME

  • Memper

    Abandoned Wheels....

  • Autophobia

    8:35 Me watching this while the covid19 cases are increasing, and toilet paper stocks are WAY low: "Well, I'm already used to it, so why not."

  • Mac Jess
    Mac Jess


  • Oathlivion

    **M E M E Y T I M E Y**

  • The Man Downstairs
    The Man Downstairs

    8:47 suddenly relevant

  • Brekset XD PL
    Brekset XD PL

    Man, were we naive in the beggining of 2020

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light

    Omg this video was published on my birthday xd

  • Minecraft Brothers
    Minecraft Brothers

    Poor past jack he thinks 2020 was going to be great

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User

    what would you do if you got a shutout in deadpool 3?

  • April Nicole Thompson
    April Nicole Thompson

    Always love meme time and i had that exact face that the cat had by the end of the video. ^_^