This Week in Sportsball: NFL Week Two Edition (2019)
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I can already say this season has gotten ugly and fast. Injuries, injuries, and more injuries complemented by slogfests and blowouts. Just how I've always wanted my NFL seasons to go. While I become an old man yelling at a cloud, this week told us more about the franchises in for a long season than it did any true Super Bowl contenders. That and the injuries, which may have derailed a team or two.
What else ensued? This video will let you know. Excluding a certain Pittsburgh-based team. They had too much happen to be contained in Sportsball... again.

  • Alex

    But mono is a virus. It isn’t even a living thing but it still knows a buttfumble when it sees one.

  • A kid name Ed
    A kid name Ed

    We both know those raycons ain’t it but I get it you getting that bag

  • Daniel Meeker
    Daniel Meeker


  • El3PH4NTE M4N
    El3PH4NTE M4N

    Fuck you spanos...

  • SiX

    We need a dolphins Tank side show. (Also I'm a dolphins fan)

  • Mathtron 5000
    Mathtron 5000

    11:00 Hey man, don't hate on McCown. He's a great player and a veteran at this point

  • Alex Snitzer
    Alex Snitzer

    Raycons, huh? Interesting. I'll stick with my Sennheisers, though. Sennheiser does not fuck around when it comes to sound quality.

  • Dks. Titan
    Dks. Titan

    Tree called the charlton trade holy fuck

  • David Hall
    David Hall

    Realistically the Jets should tank for help for Darnold but... yeah

  • Sturmtruppen_Bob

    Raycon you had me at snoop

  • OscillatorDubzz

    Seriously, how am I supposed to dance and shit all over the Steelers grave when that Subhuman piece of dogshit Rapelesberger won't even be on the field to laugh at? Fat fuck probably faked that injury because his ego can't handle being responsible for a losing season.

  • Rick C-189
    Rick C-189

    "let's roll play, you are the Giants" ........I'll pass.

  • Matt Level 2512
    Matt Level 2512

    As a panthers fan I hate to say this but... trade Cam Newton and build a better OL around a new rookie QB for next year

  • TheLogan47

    9:32 - music name?

  • Laurka SkyTiMber
    Laurka SkyTiMber

    Love this channel man. Always makes me laugh.

  • Nicholas Owen
    Nicholas Owen


  • bjtgaming

    Wait a minute did I just see Michael Jordan on the injury list holy crap he's playing in the NFL now

  • Zimmerman

    Dolphins are going to need an actual tank to get through this season.

  • Weed Wizard
    Weed Wizard

    Haha he mad at the Eagles 😎 no fucks given tho keep the critic coming

  • Ichy Nipz423
    Ichy Nipz423

    I’m not even offended by him anymore cuz he’s a Steelers fan

  • Todd Williams
    Todd Williams

    Mark your calendars folks. We have two games of Jets vs Dolphins coming up this season. Two.

  • im the best bean
    im the best bean

    i appreciate the spongebob music during the saints rams part

  • ladyfire44

    LMAO. Jets Butfumble Detector.

  • Ethan Dawkster
    Ethan Dawkster

    Poor Yinzer, having to deal with Days of our Steelers.

  • Steve L
    Steve L

    The Football will never show mercy Amen!

  • Andrew Fish
    Andrew Fish

    nah bears deserved to win, they called that same play on floyd and goldman which cost the bears 3 too, not saying i agree with the calls its been fucked since last year

  • ProteanGreninja

    UrinatingTree is gonna be so happy about that Antonio Brown cutting.

  • Matthew Marquess
    Matthew Marquess

    Injuries: Exist Thursday Night Football: Exists Urinating Tree: This is gonna be fun

  • Matthew Shortle
    Matthew Shortle

    AB has been released by the Patriots!

    • goldeneve

      Matthew Shortle the football gods show no mercy and I don’t mean injury players

  • Raider For Life
    Raider For Life

    Famous jameis is back

  • Joshua

    Raycon pushing their 6hr battery life. My wired headphones have an infinite battery life. Eff off with that wireless garbage.

  • Crazyman123

    big skins fan there were like 30,000 cowboys fans at that game

  • Hollensworth

    There goes AB again

  • Purple Jam Gaming
    Purple Jam Gaming

    2:38 L O L F I N S

  • CrimsonHuntsman

    Did you just call taco Charlton to miami

  • NorseViking84

    As a Vikings fan...why did we invest in Cousins? Fucking WHY? I'd rather put an injured Teddy Bridgewater on the field instead of Cousins. Why didn't we try to keep Keenum?

  • Lori Krauch
    Lori Krauch

    is this the furthest any week has ever made it through taps??

  • Tytanized

    You're getting classier sponsors these days

  • arjl880

    13:03 I about lost it when I heard that C&C "Unit lost" lol

  • Devron Mania
    Devron Mania

    "You guys are in some serious shit"

  • Gabriel Torres
    Gabriel Torres

    Exciting for the next install of Days of our Steelers but I'm also waiting on season 2 of Jacksonville Abby. 👌👌

  • Gamer Hudson
    Gamer Hudson

    "The next Mike Vick" SO basically Murray will get injured a lot and not win anything?

  • bro-man jensen
    bro-man jensen

    Dude the commercials are killing me.

  • Jarod Armstrong
    Jarod Armstrong

    6:44 god you saying Qualcomm hurt a little more than expected

  • Dr.Souta

    I was searching for good bt inears for some time now. Your sponsor deal just got me some :) but I only bought because of basketballs greatest player in JR motherfkn Smith.

  • The Only Poh
    The Only Poh

    Seriously this season, besides the patriots staying good has been kind of crazy with all that has happened in the first two weeks

  • Christian Navarro
    Christian Navarro

    I don''t watch football; howecer, I do watch this channel though.


    I'm surprised you didn't comment on the amount of penalties on the Vikings. Seriously, almost all of them were on the Vikings. Ridiculous case of refball if you ask me.

  • JägerBlood

    You deserve more views and subscribers

  • hudson eynon
    hudson eynon

    Jesus he hates every team and beats them

  • Reverse Flash
    Reverse Flash

    Patrick is so good the madden curse doesn’t apply to him so therefore it’s attacking everyone else

  • Reverse Flash
    Reverse Flash

    Patrick is so good the madden curse doesn’t apply to him so therefore it’s attacking everyone else

  • Evan Schmitt28
    Evan Schmitt28

    You know its been a bad week for injuries when taps runs long.

  • Dave Richards
    Dave Richards

    Thanks Raycon

  • Ony

    Even just a few seconds of Mahomes... like... omg were the other quarterbacks high schoolers? Are they already grandparents? This is barring Lamar ofc

  • ThePolarBearProductions

    Being a Giants and Mets fan sometimes makes me question life. Then there’s the Rangers Offseason. Then life has hope.

  • James Savik
    James Savik

    *A Saints fan on suicide watch* Bawwww!

  • Nate Burnett
    Nate Burnett

    At least those Panthers uniforms are pretty sick

  • Danny Dorrito
    Danny Dorrito

    The bears got a bs roughing the passer and a bs penalty that lead the broncos to 5 pts they didnt deserve. So it's karma.

  • The Wrestler
    The Wrestler

    What's life like as a professional critic/hater? Is it rich & fulfilling?

  • Landon Meyer
    Landon Meyer

    "For every Philly special there are 6 Indy punt fakes" 😂

  • Eli Hughes
    Eli Hughes

    Days Of Our Steelers...

  • Nile crocodile
    Nile crocodile

    Saints screwed

  • Captain Gr00vy
    Captain Gr00vy

    Absolute state of the NFL's 100th season, eh lol this is what the NFL deserves honestly.

  • Derek Wilkins
    Derek Wilkins

    6hour battery life? Hahahahahaha my 3 year old akg headphones still last over 12 hours. Fuck ya ear buds

  • Jake Barnidge
    Jake Barnidge

    Urinating Tree predicted Taco to Miami

  • inaudible screaming
    inaudible screaming

    did he just call Taco going to MIA

  • Aiden Mckenney
    Aiden Mckenney

    "It's like i'm watching the Phillies with all this disappointment" man i felt that hard.

  • Edward_Kenway532 Gaming
    Edward_Kenway532 Gaming

    I honestly want the Vikes to bench Kirk, like even a shitty backup could at least occasionally beat a good team

  • The ice mask gang
    The ice mask gang

    Where is the buffalo Inebriation meter?