This Will Never Happen Again
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  • JxmyHighroller

    Still recovering from that Spencer Freedman 1V1. 🤒

    • M Laws
      M Laws

      He didn’t even broke ur ankles properly relax

    • Alex S
      Alex S

      3 weeks to recover? Hope everything's ok

    • IO Dennis
      IO Dennis

      Aye Jxmy why haven't you been up loading i keep searching your name up every day and i see nothing bro your my only source of entertainment

    • frank wixon
      frank wixon

      I was wondering can you make a video about comparing mikey williams 77 point game to lamelo balls 92 point game?

    • Jukebois

      Flight Said He Drop U Off 1v1

  • Marc Kevin Rosales
    Marc Kevin Rosales

    What if the team Chino Hills is in the nba

  • Jordan White
    Jordan White

    Imagine if those 5 went to go pro and all went on the same team

  • BonerSoup 94
    BonerSoup 94

    Can you imagine these 5 on an NBA squad.. RIP

  • timothy palopalo
    timothy palopalo

    Is no one gonna mention that Mater Dei’s logo on the scoreboard is a picture of Tow Mater from Cars???

  • Dan Dan Suy
    Dan Dan Suy

  • Spicey Spicer
    Spicey Spicer

    I got chills watching this.

  • Pat Mahomes
    Pat Mahomes

    It's 2020 this guy still on they jock smh

  • Jalen Hall
    Jalen Hall

    You should ask the the question why didn't play against U of D 28-0 and if they did what might have been the outcome? P.S I went there at the time that's why I ask.

  • Logan Hobgood
    Logan Hobgood

    this was the play right before that awesome buzzer beater, but the refs were terrible also

  • Logan Hobgood
    Logan Hobgood

    Some how no one remembers that clutch three from Marcus Paige, I mean bro he shot it on the way down and swished it

  • Logan Hobgood
    Logan Hobgood

    they were better and had Marcus Paige, Brice Johnson, Justin Jackson, And Joel Berry

  • Logan Hobgood
    Logan Hobgood

    Unc should have beat villanova

  • LaserTheLaser

    Imagine being stuck in a time loop, and the only way to escape it, is to win against Chino hills in it's prime.

  • LRD-Vexxy

    Imagine if they somehow got Zion Williamson to play on Chino Hills for high school

  • Lee Jondi
    Lee Jondi

    1:39 lamelo looked so cute and nervous

  • Ryan Levis
    Ryan Levis

    2020 montverde is beating them.....

  • asif

    Eli Scott is their cousin

  • Chicken Little
    Chicken Little

    I'm just waiting for them to all sign with the same team and see what happens

    • *-XxOriginal_ _AvengerxX-*
      *-XxOriginal_ _AvengerxX-*

      Chicken Little oh man

  • Gary Peterson
    Gary Peterson

    Anybody watching this when this NBA season is cancelled in 2020

  • Leroy Yau
    Leroy Yau

    Andre Ball off the bench was hella underrated

  • Jo Jones
    Jo Jones

    Chino Hills had 3 NBA lottery picks. The other team zero...

  • Michael DeNunzio
    Michael DeNunzio

    I actually somehow never even knew about this. Thanks so much for sharing. I think it would be so cool if they somehow managed to on get on an nba tram.

  • Corey Barnett
    Corey Barnett

    This should be espn ... felt like a nba playoff title flashback

  • Silver

    How is it that children have better percentages than some 2k characters

  • Silver

    Is there an official recording of the match

  • sucribe to me for no reason
    sucribe to me for no reason

    You need to become a narrator you have a great voice for entertaining

  • dawit lencha 5
    dawit lencha 5

    This man lamelo was already a 5 star reqruit as a freshman!!!?

  • Kaden Washington
    Kaden Washington

    I hope they all team up in the league cuz they all finna go

  • Centence

    Why is there no 'Ligma Ball'

  • Chris CBM
    Chris CBM

    They had mr Carter over there.

  • MintDre

    6:20 That 14 year old... yea.. he now bought a professional Basketball team.

  • Gabriel Eduria
    Gabriel Eduria

    Generation of miracles 💀

  • Joe Garrison
    Joe Garrison

    NBA players vs D1.

  • [A]lva

    For sure didn't search for this but what a video, I don't understand anything about bball but even then, those guys are absolute beasts. Holy shit

  • yt studios
    yt studios


  • josh rivaca
    josh rivaca

    I watched this video again because my head keeps replaying 6:17 on loop

  • Khuram Farooq
    Khuram Farooq

    send marter dei to the gulag

  • Jake Stewart
    Jake Stewart

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  • Jake Doyle
    Jake Doyle

    Those two freshmen are both gonna go top 10 in this draft

  • Jpriest13

    ....which goes to explaining the crazy attitude of their father and the boy's seeming indifference or inability to have empathy or moral spines. I'm sure I'm wrong and they will go on to be pillars of their community.😐

  • The Matrix
    The Matrix

    what song is this


    When they beat Bam Adebayo that hit different

  • Joe LeSwede
    Joe LeSwede

    Fantastic players, fantastically interesting video that I've found. Good job !

  • Bumpin

    Is that how mater dei is pronounced? I always thought it was may-ter dee. Mat-ter day sounds Australian

  • C Sack
    C Sack

    I'm a NBA fan for the most part. Don't pay attention to high school at all, and only follow NCAA basketball here and there. I didn't know about the Ball brothers until Lonzo started getting a lot of notice as a high lottery pick and Lavar ended up in all the interviews and what not. Even after watching Lonzo with the Lakers for a couple seasons I was underwhelmed and wondered why all the hype. This video actually helped me understand how they became so hyped (and rightfully so at least from an early on perspective at the HS level).

  • Birdzo X
    Birdzo X

    God is with you

  • Y. U. Cryin
    Y. U. Cryin

    Was at this game as well as the Osos Massacre. No matter if they just completed an alley oop or if they were fouled or even if a call didnt go their way... they showed no emotion. Those three together on the court were confident cold robots- - - bred to play and dominate

  • Nick

    Bishop Gorman has a bomb football team

  • Randos

    LaVar Ball is the goat? Is that a running gag or something?

  • Kris 39
    Kris 39

    Someone make a movie bout this please

  • SCAR

    Man sounds like Young Don The Sauce God

  • Aaron ruther
    Aaron ruther

    83 ranking lost by one and 30 ranked lost by 58

  • Automatic Slim
    Automatic Slim

    That team definitely had chemistry - just not as one of their classes.

  • Hazard x Slayer
    Hazard x Slayer

    Are these the irl generations of miracles

  • R3nting 3arth
    R3nting 3arth

    Lookin foward to the movie

  • lil gassoline
    lil gassoline

    Lamelos now number 1 on the mock draft

  • HBK Evan
    HBK Evan

    Lonzo Ball is one of the most underrated players in the league. He almost averages a double double and practically runs the pelicans offsense. Can’t forget that he’s one of the best defending point guards in the league too.

  • Logic. 23
    Logic. 23

    F**k the ball brothers no cap🤢

  • Jace Weekley
    Jace Weekley


  • Samuel Johnson
    Samuel Johnson

    This website has the hottest takes from around the NBA

  • George Sfakianakis
    George Sfakianakis

    We want the old introooooo🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • LeviathanGamePlays

    Tf how does Jimmy do it. I don’t even like basketball but when watching Jimmy, it is so interesting. Keep up the work

  • Malik Garrett
    Malik Garrett

    But that 14 year old is going to be a future NBA player. 😁😁

  • emilio palac
    emilio palac

    Without lamar the ball brothers will be great. With lamar they are shits. Lonzo better than steph? 2 teams in 3 years leads to dumbness. No sympathy because of stupid lamar.

  • winefredo germs
    winefredo germs

    Did they win the championship trophy 🏆?

  • Caleb Flores
    Caleb Flores

    2:47 XD

  • Astroshine

    Man this is your best video I actually watched it twice. I never even heard of this story being from Canada!

  • Schnitzel

    Why did he say that every single player was the heart of the team

  • Landon Boomsma
    Landon Boomsma

    12:07 is fucking insane