Throwback Thursday: I Make Sounds When I Eat Burgers | Gabriel Iglesias
Gabriel Iglesias
Happy throwback Thursday from 2014!

  • A Youtuber
    A Youtuber

    You can tell it works, if you look at one of the old videos, he looks about twice the size he is now. Mad props man, Mad props

  • R.S.Karthik Venkatesh
    R.S.Karthik Venkatesh

    Life couldn't be better #burger

  • C Dio00426
    C Dio00426

    I am a man who loves burgers 🍔 and I can confirm that this is 100% true

  • the one and only
    the one and only

    I'm trying to lose 5 kg, and I'm pissed off.

  • alan koza
    alan koza

    Fluffy is simply the best comedian !!!!

  • Cely Avila
    Cely Avila

    You eat your sadlad and I'll eat my happyburger 😁

  • hanz wurst
    hanz wurst

    Buffy the Joke Slayer.

  • Jaime Lopez
    Jaime Lopez

    FLUFFY BUFFY!!!!!!

  • Shareef Alsayed
    Shareef Alsayed

    Why is this guy not funny anymore.

  • LadyDragon11135

    Fluffy I cried over cake, I get you That cake was so fucking good

  • Jood Badri
    Jood Badri

    If you do I would other comedians will we have? Mr. Bean is dying Kevin Hart’s not even funny basically you’re the best one in my opinion. My cousin is sitting next to me and he’s like respect brother respect and it’s been six hours of us sitting upstairs in my room watching fluffy videos on my laptop my grandma loves you even though she hates comedy plus you make me happy when I’m sad like when my grandpa passed away. I don’t know how much I can thank you you have help me through my hardest times. My grandpa died on my birthday and I was the saddest person ever. You don’t know how much you’ve made me happy. Again I don’t know how much I can thank you maybe even 1 billion times if I can. Thank you so much fluffy or should I call you Buffy😂😂😂 PS congrats on losing 100 pounds I think you used to be like 600 pounds and now you’re like 300 pounds I wish you the best of luck in life thank you so much Fluffy you’re so fluffy I’m gonna die love you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️💕

  • Eric Bommarito
    Eric Bommarito

    I hate when doctors tell you that "you have X amount of time" to live. Doctors don't know shit. According to my doctors I was going to be dead by age 18. I just turned 50.

  • Kieran Xion92
    Kieran Xion92

    This guy needs to come back to the UK so I can see him live!

  • schris413

    Me me me

  • Claytoons Animations
    Claytoons Animations

    scared for fluffy

  • Lisa Skaggs
    Lisa Skaggs


  • Sean Griffith
    Sean Griffith

    Fluffy he hardly use bad language and yet he is so FUCKIN hilarious 😍 we love you fluffy guy 😆😌

  • Dubz Yt
    Dubz Yt

    Look Gabe just take some breaks and stick to the program shrink the stomach we would rather you take a few years off then have you dead and never listen to your life stories just stay alive anyway you can we need you alive then have you gone too early

  • Leno Mendez
    Leno Mendez

    Wise decision bro taking care of yourself but eating good i like that!

  • americanbeast 51
    americanbeast 51

    1like=1true Buffy fan

  • Tigerman1138

    Fluffy ➕➖➗✖️

  • Tigerman1138

    🥗 = 🙁 🍔 = 😀

  • Prince Fronzo
    Prince Fronzo


  • Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson

    Fluffy found dirty Keto

  • Sanjay Thapa
    Sanjay Thapa

    Plz show some love and like, and subscribe here

  • Utama Raj Nathan
    Utama Raj Nathan

    Time to go vegan.. you will be fine

  • Oscar L Lopez
    Oscar L Lopez

    That is why i go to the gym bro thank you fluffy you just put it in words why i keep going

  • Gianella Nanokira
    Gianella Nanokira

    Are you eating that or are you eating *that* ?

  • Johnny KS
    Johnny KS

    Subtitles spoiling it


    Once fluffy gets really skinny we should call him fan favorite “high school reunion” name... flaco

  • Noah Roblox
    Noah Roblox

    And I still weigh 120.00 it used too be 127.27

  • Noah Roblox
    Noah Roblox

    Boi I get 5 pounds of eating fast food this is what I eat a triple cheese burger and large fries and large drink and 10 piece chicken nuggets and a Mc flurry

  • Bat23


  • Gs_8#!2-2 Fvbn
    Gs_8#!2-2 Fvbn

    Gabriel, when are you going to propose to your girlfriend?

  • Tiba Azher
    Tiba Azher

    From now on his name is Buffy the hamburger Slayer !!!!!!😭😏

  • Tammy James
    Tammy James


  • Jakk Dredd
    Jakk Dredd

    Gotta love a throwback fluffy

  • treasurewithin

    Fluffy Math 🤣

  • Richard Craver
    Richard Craver

    Low carb is in fact a quite healthy way to eat. It is hard too do when eating on the go, everything has added sugar, every dinner combo is about 75% carbs.

  • Animesh Singh
    Animesh Singh

    India loves you fluffy...💕💕

  • AireiSparks Fire
    AireiSparks Fire

    *So... I guess Yagami Yato's stuff isn't that weird*

  • Dusk Night
    Dusk Night

    Its true life is better with a nice, hot, and delicious burger fluffy

  • Saint matthias
    Saint matthias

    I'm sad watching you people eating inferior hamburgers.

  • swagg 3142
    swagg 3142

    When its the 9th year,try to have diabetes and then have high cholesterol to reset the ten year timer

  • FinalFanatic92

    “What are we going to call you when you lose weight?” Who cares?? Even if his body doesn’t match his stage name, he started out as Fluffy the comedian and he will always be Fluffy on the inside. No matter what, he will always be the same Fluffy we know and love for his personality and his comedy. I know he will, for me at the very least.

  • ShadowCat6

    Add one more to the degrees of fatness list “Buffy Fluffy”; definition: Fluffies who get fit!

  • Izzy Alvarez
    Izzy Alvarez

    I have cried while eating fast food

  • Finlay Comber
    Finlay Comber


  • Lord Demonoss
    Lord Demonoss

    When he eats food it is Fluffy porn 😃

  • David Woodard
    David Woodard

    I hit my top weight in 2004 of 600 lbs. I shot right by fluffy and fully embraced "Damn". A doctor told me he was worried about me and give him a little time to talk to my insurance company and he'd get back to me. That was Friday. His nurse called me Monday to schedule my gastric bypass on Thursday. I think he was more than a little worried. Since then, with the surgery and a lot of changes in my diet, I've lost 350 lbs. You do what works for you. Its worth it. We need you around a long time.

  • Dino Harrison
    Dino Harrison

    I don't know about anybody else, but I LOVE your math Dude! God Bless you!!! ✝

  • Brenchong

    try keto!

  • Susan Marie Silburn
    Susan Marie Silburn

    Totally love your comedy! Also totally love you wanting to be healthier for your family, yourself & for your fans. I kind-a did the same thing. It’s totally worth it. I still pig-out but it’s once or twice a month, not once or twice a day. GO FLUFFY/BUFFY!!!!

  • Roberto C Ramirez
    Roberto C Ramirez

    1:41 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  • Kevin best
    Kevin best

    "Fluffy found a loophole" oh yeah he did and that is fluffy math

  • Legatus Lucius
    Legatus Lucius

    LOL are you eating that the burger is moaning

  • Constance Galarza
    Constance Galarza

    His Karen voice is spot on

  • Car Addict
    Car Addict

    "You don't see someone crying eating a burger." Except for Eric Andre acting as Ronald McDonald lmao.

  • Jiovanni Vega
    Jiovanni Vega

    His new name is flaco

  • Luciano Clementi
    Luciano Clementi

    My brader 👍

  • J Gunnels
    J Gunnels

    I don't care he weighs just 150, he still will be Fluffy. He is forever stuck with that name.

  • Patrica Saenz Mendoza Jackson
    Patrica Saenz Mendoza Jackson

    Ain't nothing with eating fast food some times. But. It ain't gud to have fast food like that. Every day. Duh.

  • Nick Ericson
    Nick Ericson

    Funny enough his diet isnt that bad. That is if he cut the diet sodas and maybe try making burger patties rather than going to fast food restaurants for them.

  • Alex Fraser
    Alex Fraser

    He's still got 5 years left before that cholesterol gets him

  • I make beats 202
    I make beats 202


  • geoopa

    There’s a difference between people laughing with you and those laughing at you. You are making fun of your own sad existence and that you will be dead in a few years. Stop eating shit because it is starting to pour out of your mouth.

  • Traveler 412
    Traveler 412

    I make the TF2 Heavy eating a sandwich sounds when I eat anything lmao

  • Montilla Weathersby
    Montilla Weathersby


  • Satsuki Chiruka
    Satsuki Chiruka

    ....I "make noises" whenever I draw so either art very sexy to me or it's the things that I'm drawing that looks sexy🤣

  • Satsuki Chiruka
    Satsuki Chiruka

    ....I "make noises" whenever I draw so either art very sexy to me or it's the things that I'm drawing that looks sexy🤣