TK Kirkland: Tekashi Snitching on Everyone & Coming Home to Millions is Like a Fairytale (Part 4)
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In this clip, TK Kirkland and Vlad discussed Tekashi coming home and stirring up commotion within the music industry. Kirkland also talked about 69 trying to bring up paperwork of Snoop Dogg allegedly snitching on Suge Knight.

From there, Kirkland spoke about the amount of people getting shot in Calabasas or Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. From there, Kirkland and Vlad then talked about Tekashi taking the stand and getting his co-defendants 70 years in prison.

  • the money
    the money

    69 snitching and coming home to millions is exactly what everybody else did too...

  • Kris Rob
    Kris Rob

    Glad brave for having dat camera with no fye on him. Lol

  • Marcenson Paul
    Marcenson Paul

    Success has enemies hard sentence

  • Ray Quan
    Ray Quan

    Meanwhile Alpo somewhere in a penthouse chillin lmao

  • IsmokeHiphop Live
    IsmokeHiphop Live

    i didn't hear one thing about 69 in this video. please change the title Glad wrong title.

  • Youbones

    "I was the one who advised tekashi to rat or face 47 years" TK

  • T Jamal
    T Jamal

    Young Dolph got shot in Beverly Hills

  • powell kevin
    powell kevin

    He looks like a black homer simpson

  • Ken Tucker
    Ken Tucker

    A fairytale played out by a fairy.

  • Cancel-That-Bitch

    TK has common sense coming out of his eyes.....As you should in your 50s

  • ShadowzTV

    If u Vlad has to have security for a guest...DONT invite that guest. That's disrespectful to have security for some and not others.

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee

    Yeah, you always reap what you sow n it's actually a blessing to get it while you're alive and not years and years down the line when you're old. You def don't wanna reap it after you die. Ppl talk about why do the good die young... They're ready. It's really not a blessing to be out here like Donald Trumpkkk, getting away with everything and doing even more, at his age. Doing dirt at his age without "getting what he has coming" is way more a curse than a blessing. Cuz you def don't wanna die without learning your lesson.



  • Rod Royalty 91
    Rod Royalty 91

    Got ppl that hate the camera man..😂😂

  • Mario Zapata
    Mario Zapata

    Vlad when that ross interview coming? Oh wait

  • Chris Spencer
    Chris Spencer

    Fuck this generation

  • Chris Spencer
    Chris Spencer

    Shows you how fucked up society is in 2020.

  • unforgiventv

    Looks like This fool did an interview in the same room that R. Kelly pee'd on that 15 year old...

    • T. Lou
      T. Lou

      Ok.... I actually was thinking the SAMMMMMEEEE thing. Are we sick?

  • Jerome Gage Jr.
    Jerome Gage Jr.

    I swear TK looks like a Boss you gotta beat on Nintendo to get to the next level.

  • Johnathan Fernandez
    Johnathan Fernandez

    Young dolph got shoot in Beverly Hills while shopping

  • FactsCanBeTruth OpinionsMostLikelyLies
    FactsCanBeTruth OpinionsMostLikelyLies

    Vlad love talking about tekashi gahlee

  • Nik B
    Nik B

    Yeah because rich people don't commit violent crimes...where did Phil Spector live?

  • New Era
    New Era

    I know we joke alot on TK, but I'm talkin about success has enemies, that some real shit!!

  • lovely Kissies
    lovely Kissies

    That’s call common sense Lmaoooooo cover yo ass. I am a personal chef subscribe to my TR-my channel.

  • Darrell Bell
    Darrell Bell

    Ain’t no way in hell this would’ve happened in the 90s or early 2000s! This new generation is something else boy I tell ya ! Let a rat come home and still vibing to his music smh..told on his “friends” and they got double digit numbers in the joint!

  • OhWont HeDoIt
    OhWont HeDoIt

    Those grown men tried to get over on a kid

  • Bmovinz

    In all tK is saying failure is the enemy of success FACTS

  • SuperbaDD C
    SuperbaDD C

    👀👂🤫I heard he knocked a man out with a fist he swung out his beard.

  • Jaime Chavez
    Jaime Chavez

    T.k. Kirkland aka "The Black Forrest Gump"

  • Wisdom101

    69 did the right thing Who the hell is going to do 40 years for people on FBI tapes plotting to kill you and fucking his baby mama beat the hell out of him stole lots of his money

  • Fucktrump Supporters
    Fucktrump Supporters

    I told Homer Simpson to look like me he used to be white with long hair -tk

  • Bearded Wavy
    Bearded Wavy

    I hate how Glad listens waiting to speak instead of actually reacting to what was said. You could give Glad your whole life story and he'll continue reading whatever the next question is that he had wrote down

  • Jc King
    Jc King

    I saw mommy kissing santa clause T.K.

  • Fredrick Williams
    Fredrick Williams

    I will never get tired of the TK Kirkland jokes.

  • Messiah Boss
    Messiah Boss

    Whatever he got coming to him gone come.

  • Messiah Boss
    Messiah Boss

    Success has enemy.

  • Johnny Bandz
    Johnny Bandz

    Yall see how He tried to make c.y.a a thing knowing he jus freestyle it😅😂🤣

  • BamBam Jesus
    BamBam Jesus

    69 is great for this generation. Complete fake, snitch, no credibility, zero lyrical gifts, TR-my rapper, complete fruit. Tell me I’m wrong

    • Mr Yo
      Mr Yo

      You get the comment of 2020. You hit it right on the head

    • Ron Talks
      Ron Talks

      Dnt generalize smh then ppl wonder why there is a generation gap

  • Fred Martinez
    Fred Martinez

    Might be all good till someone real pull that tool to his dome.

  • Jamedra A
    Jamedra A

    "Mediocrity alwsys attacks success" - Rev. Michael Beckwith

  • joreist

    Tekashi bout to get blasted 🤣🤣🤣 nobody cares


    😂 get real. This is what we blacks love n pay for

  • Richolas Meuse
    Richolas Meuse

    Young dolph got shot in holly wood

  • RK JE
    RK JE

    Hes thinking straight. Mind right.

  • Jacob Bornowsky
    Jacob Bornowsky

    You couldn’t give me a million dollars to trade places with tekashi

    • Sameer Williams
      Sameer Williams

      Shit you couldn't give me a billion to live like that.👎👎

  • UnPopular Fax
    UnPopular Fax

    Bro said something real then. Success has enemies

  • Bamm Burgendy
    Bamm Burgendy

    Not Formuler

  • Lincoln Sambo
    Lincoln Sambo

    This man looks like HOMER

  • Doug Wright
    Doug Wright

    and you know what they say about fairytales

  • Daniel Golding
    Daniel Golding

    I was with 69 in the bing I used to look after him in the shower- tk Kirkland

  • David Brown
    David Brown

    Yo vlad is definitely OBSESSED WITH 69 FRFR..

  • Generro Jackson
    Generro Jackson

    Awww man rip to that woman who lose her life because of jealous and envy 😔 wow

  • john roberts
    john roberts

    You can tell glad wasn’t in the service..any of us knew what cya meant right off lol

  • Frank Dogg
    Frank Dogg

    This nigga getting interviewed in a sauna??

  • James Carter
    James Carter

    @ 1:18 ...a Lotta part of last year ....lmfao

  • JK number5
    JK number5

    Lil E was probably more worried about the cops

  • Jason Bouphasavanh
    Jason Bouphasavanh

    He looks like homer simpson that got came out of a burned house... lmfao

  • E Bass
    E Bass

    Pop Smoke got killed in the Hills.

  • kardiak 530
    kardiak 530

    Young dolph got shot on melrose and almost died Vlads trippin 😂😂0:14

  • Vickie Ross
    Vickie Ross

    what vlad meant to say was his fellow agents.... utube small c

  • Xavian Donley
    Xavian Donley

    Bet tk won’t take credit 4 69 rating

  • Jay T
    Jay T

    People care more about snitching than police brutality lmao that’s the problem

  • Myke Rich
    Myke Rich

    "Vlad, I mentored Bill Gates. I got Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley to kreate TR-my. Then I got Larry Page and Sergey Brin to kreate Google." -T.K. Kirkland

  • Uptalk1

    Dude will be 60 next year looking 45. Crazy!

  • backspacek11

    TJ Kirkland won’t sweat even while in the sauna.

  • All Worthy
    All Worthy

    Pop smoke

  • Peter Mitchell
    Peter Mitchell

    Didn't that 1 young rapper get killed in the Hollywood hills a few months ago?

  • Captain Insan0 Sh0ws N0 Mercy
    Captain Insan0 Sh0ws N0 Mercy

    Did troy ave snitch?Did T.i snitch?Did snoop snitch?Did 2pac snitch screaming to the world who shot him or who had something to do with it...Did we forget his vibe interview?How about meek snitching on drake???Come on niggaz where's that energy?

  • Kaiu

    Glad you weren't nervous cause you had no pistol, you were nervous being on that block that's all don't tryna sound like having a gun would have changed that 😪 Ain't no shame in not being a thug, dude sounds like he O-Dog who went out without his piece lol

  • Marcus Maxwell
    Marcus Maxwell

    Culture Vulture Glad