Top 10 DreamWorks Villains
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Schaff gets to talk about the Verminator again!
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  • shindari

    Interesting fact: "The Prince of Egypt" is actually the REASON Dreamworks became a thing in the first place. Because the guy who founded Dreamworks used to work for Disney. In fact, Dreamworks, itself, was a PART of Disney at the time, and the man in charge of Dreamworks wanted Disney's Animation Studio to make "Prince of Egypt" their next animated film of greatness. Naturally, because it had to do with RELIGION (which, at the time, was in dire straights in pop-culture, due to liberal politics shining as much negativity on Christianity, especially) Disney chickened out, and handed the script back to the guy, shaking their heads (and their "woke" fingers) at him. In anger, he quit Disney, and decided Disney animation needed some legit competition. Enter: DREAMWORKS... THE INDEPENDENT ANIMATION STUDIO!! "The Prince of Egypt," as I recall, was Dreamworks' first independent operation, from out of the Disney "umbrella." And it was a great animation, as you say. One of the very few animated feature films to ever PULL TEARS FROM MY EYES the first time I watched it! Disney missed out on what could have been a goldmine... because they were AFRAID of backlash from the public media! But thanks to their dumb decision, we got independent Dreamworks. And out of that, we got a far more progressive, and daring, animation studio, that hasn't been afraid to give us "Shrek," "Kung-Fu Panda," "How to Train Your Dragon," and "Megamind!" We never would have gotten these films if Dreamworks stayed with Disney! That can't be denied!

  • Даница С
    Даница С

    Honestly I always really liked that white peacock from Kung Fu Panda 😌👌

  • Scorponox93

    God, I've been going all this time trying to get as little spoilers for HTTYD 3 and suddenly this.

  • Niall Campbell
    Niall Campbell

    Finally someone else who agrees Tai lung is the best king Fu Panda antagonist

  • Hermishmer

    When he said "that should satisfy all 4 Sinbad fans out there" I died laughing cause i literally said "dude Sinbad is so good!" I dont even remember the movie its just been so long since I've seen it.

  • John Kim
    John Kim

    the intro was nostalgic

  • Hosemad _hosemad
    Hosemad _hosemad

    That’s a fake laugh

  • Bendy dog
    Bendy dog

    Hey Kung fu panda 3 is good

  • KupoNoodle

    no Mrs. Tweedy. wow.

  • Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf

    I would say vigo from dragon race to the edge series (what is canon) is the best dragons villain. And I prefer tai lung is the best Kung fu panda villain in my opinion but I also like kai and shen

  • Tiny Kat
    Tiny Kat

    i watched the prince of egypt as a child and those half circle blades (idk what they’re called) scared me so much as a child. i was so scared of those blades, even now i get a cool chill when i see one unexpectedly.

  • Nobbe

    Best Villain In My Opinion Is Tai Lung

  • Choco Pudding
    Choco Pudding

    Umm I think that forgetting most evil, like beyond order 66 evil to actual lich king in WoW evil is the man who destroyed his own ships in the America’s to make sure his fellow Spaniards killed off the Incan empire , which is actually Hernan Cortez without a doubt, and well if you got the origins of the references you will understand

  • Demonical Damage
    Demonical Damage

    I personally think nana is more overpowered than duboi, due to her innocent appeal (as an elderly lady/grandmother front, showing more than her ninja like skills) which compares to duboi being instantly recognised as animal control or simply A THREAT. The fact that she is fearless even in her old age, attacking a lion with her purse , A FUCKING LION which realistically could tear you a new asshole. On another note, of course I commend the use of her purse as a bloody bommy knocker (granny knocker pun intended). Personally, I reckon I could write a longer response on how granny outranks duboi but ya'll probably don't want that hah

  • my name is jeff hello
    my name is jeff hello

    I thought I would be number 1..........

  • Nilo_Nyan

    i really love villains like ramses, it depicts what a every human is, a monster in a making

  • SnarlyRiver

    Is anyone gonna talk about how he used an odd1sout clip for number 7 or is it just me?

  • Quintin Bryant
    Quintin Bryant

    where was markiplier

  • Jack'sCrazyVideos


  • Gabby Galloway
    Gabby Galloway


  • Shadowed Dragon Films
    Shadowed Dragon Films

    I completely forgot that the Prince of Egypt was a Dreamworks movie. DAMN I remember how hard those scenes hit as a kid once Moses got back to Egypt itself.

  • megaymind

    Me: Tai lung above Shen??? What??? Me after the video: No no, he's got a point

  • Austin Schulz
    Austin Schulz

    Shen has quite the body count.

  • Generale Delogu
    Generale Delogu

    Gladiator was DreamWorks add Commodus fs

  • Josh Kerr
    Josh Kerr

    Shen was also so well played by Gary Oldman. Absolute master class in voice acting

  • Cabo Vitor
    Cabo Vitor

    Plot Twist: Egyptian Pharaoh never enslaved people, hebrews never were in egypt, all the story of moises is made up and Ramses was actually a great king that is considered the greatest pharaoh of all time on how well he made life in egypt for everybody and is called the King of kings to this day for that

  • Thom Elliott
    Thom Elliott

    So lord sheng is basically DreamWorks frieza?

  • SoulStriker 13
    SoulStriker 13

    Excellent use of windwaker music.

  • your friend you forgot about
    your friend you forgot about

    Y'all remember that penguin that planned a heist and pulled a gun on wallace and gromit?

  • Noxlotl

    Haaaa i didnt know Wallace and Gromit is a Dreamworks movie

  • Seabass SB
    Seabass SB

    Prediction of the sponsorship: raycon

    • Seabass SB
      Seabass SB

      I was right

  • Quivik NotPotato
    Quivik NotPotato

    Rico could shreck Dubois, he could puke an AK47 and a ghillie suit to negate her high HP and tracking abilities. He does need to be banned as an operator in ranked tournaments.

  • ash Fox
    ash Fox

    18:50 why shawn Michaels theme?

  • Hannah Spragg
    Hannah Spragg

    Sorry, but Vego tops all other Dreamworks villains.

  • Drake Jenness
    Drake Jenness

    11:08 *pReSoNtAtIoN*

  • The Great Duca
    The Great Duca

    Hell yeah! Lord Shen is a pretty good villain hands down!

  • NA Boi
    NA Boi

    12:12 star war

  • Mon_ Hart
    Mon_ Hart

    Kung fu Panda 2 was so scary 😂

  • Miciso

    affordable. half the price of others still 80 bucks. why so expensive. i got 4 dollar ones. and im not even scared of losing those. the 80 dollar ones sound like a diamond to me. its nearly as expensive as my phone.

  • Renard Dubois
    Renard Dubois

    Kai is such a wasted opportunity.. He really didn’t need much.. He has a cool personality, he’s confident, fun and intimidating, He would be a stellar villain if he wasn’t coming after Shen and Tai Lung. He’s great but we expect more vulnerability from a kung fu panda Villain..

  • Miciso

    shen the one from kung fu panda was basicly a fucking avatar the anime ripoff.. kill all panda's before the ''chosen one panda'' comes to kick my ass. also yes fairy godmother nr1. she rules all of fairy land. gives no crap if she hurts people either.

  • Lluna the Llama
    Lluna the Llama

    I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of prince of Egypt. It’s good but I really don’t like dark, serious movies.

  • Alexiel Krystallion
    Alexiel Krystallion

    Honestly, as a French person i admit i got slightly weirded out by your prononciation of 'Dubois', but, hey, French is a difficult language so i'm not gonna hold any grudge for that. And Thanks for allowing to remember the Loonatics, I've been searching for this cartoon's name for years.

  • Writermist

    This list explains why I love Dreamworks so much. Disney is great too but Dreamworks was great at writing their villains to be as human as the heroes.

  • LoganCraft


  • Sin Bushido
    Sin Bushido


  • The Arcanine Chanellor
    The Arcanine Chanellor

    DreamWorks made Megamind, Shrek & the modern She-Ra show Those alone put them above Disney and Pixar for me

  • Yeetus Feetus
    Yeetus Feetus

    I love how Schaff can go from an almost sad description of an amazing villain, to penis music

  • Jake Tuffin
    Jake Tuffin

    But everything changed when the peacock attached!

  • VickyGotSkills

    Dreamworks seriously needs more appreciation and affection because they have made some of my FAVORITE movies like Megamind and Guardians (I have watched both those movies at least 4 times and intend to watch them even more)

  • Jack-o Gamer
    Jack-o Gamer

    Why does Kai suck in youre opinion, in my opinion Kai is better then Shen. Kai is very threatning and aslo he Stonks

  • Mikee 1234444
    Mikee 1234444

    Both the oddonesout and jaiden animations's voices made an appearance in this video. This pleases me.

  • Julieta Macoritto
    Julieta Macoritto

    god i love Persona 5 Royal music in the background

  • megan mikletic
    megan mikletic

    i love DreamWorks and now i remember some of my favorites like eldorado and over the hedge

  • haleynicole

    “In 24 hours ŠhRøŃk will be dead” 😂💀

  • Skull Pumpkin
    Skull Pumpkin

    Wait... Where's Lord Farquaad?

  • Ani

    FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD PLEASE WATCH THE HTTYD TV SERIES. The first two were on Cartoon Network and immediately follow HTTYD 1, while Race to the Edge was created after HTTYD 2 hence the updated Hiccup design (but it takes place before it). All three of them are amazing and you definitely have to watch Riders and Defenders of Berk because there are characters that are introduced in those series that come back in RTTE. Honestly, I would rank Dagur over Viggo as far as villains go in that franchise. (You can literally fight me on that.)

  • redpandaman 68
    redpandaman 68

    Every song is related to the bad guy. I love it

  • WarTitan77

    I like the original I need a hero more

  • Kennedy Ann Muldoon
    Kennedy Ann Muldoon

    i like how your editing screams "I MAKE YTPS!!!"

  • Aaron Woodman
    Aaron Woodman

    1'16" "Eris isn't in this, don't be mad." *immediately is mad*

  • Katherine DeWald
    Katherine DeWald

    says he going to pick one villain for every series brand, pulls out the fairy god mother and Rumpelstiltskin from shrek

  • Third Eye
    Third Eye

    i hate it whenever disney and pixar do a joint movie, but if it flops theyre like "it was a pixar movie" and then if its sucessful theyre like "disney is great" its so frustrating!

    • weezer fan 90001
      weezer fan 90001

      bro i feel the same!

  • crazy guy
    crazy guy

    the music on 5 is that the kings farwell from the legend of zelda

    • crazy guy
      crazy guy

      i ment 4

  • Namrek Istos
    Namrek Istos

    Number one affects the first three movies. Princess is imprisoned because of them (movie one). Hero is actively worked against directly by them in movie two. And their biggest supporter wants revenge for them in the final movie. They are the villain with the biggest reach. Like Dio from JoJo, their impact is felt throughout the entire series.


    I wish Kai was a fucking dragon

  • GalacticHypernova

    10:26 Meme

  • Shiro Chann
    Shiro Chann

    Lord Shen is awesome.

  • Kianna Bearden
    Kianna Bearden

    Nothing will ever outdo Megamind yelling out "PRESENTATION"

  • Robert Maravelias
    Robert Maravelias

    Shen is cartoon villian hitler