Top 10 Fighters in Game of Thrones (Season 6)
Before you comment READ THE DESCRIPTION and please remember that everyone has their own opinions, please respect that.
Honourable mentions: Brienne of Tarth, Karl Tanner, Jorah Mormont, Styr, Tormund, Jon Snow, Grey Worm, Ramsay Bolton.
This list is based on the show up to season 6 so NO ARYA
Yes Brienne beat the Hound in single combat but keep in mind: the Hound had been travelling for days, was starving and was also suffering from a nasty infection. He still put up a good fight.
Jaime is considered when he had both hands, and Selmy is at 9 because he is old. In his prime he would be at number 2. Brienne beat Jaime and the Hound but Jaime was malnourished and handcuffed. The Hound had a nasty infection and had been exhausted from traveling for days.
This list is based soley on the TV show. Books are not considered.
Yes, Jon Snow has the most on screen kills but that doesn't prove anything, he is a main character who fights, of course it will be high. Jon Snow was beaten by Karl Tanner, Jon is a good fighter but he is not prodigy level. All the fighters on this list will have a very high chance of beating Jon.
This list is not 100% set in stone except maybe Arthur Dayne, the rest can probably be shifted around a bit. There are so many fighters in Game of Thrones it's really hard to make a list putting them in exact order because we do not have absolute information from the show on what the order really is. Everybody has a different opinion about what the list should be, this is one attempt at ordering them. Also, don't think that the characters at the bottom of the list are weak because they definitely are not! They are in the top 10 strongest fighters in the entire Game of Thrones list, there are probably over a hundred characters that I could've chosen from. So please do not dislike the video if you see a character that is not in the exact position you want them to be, or because your favourite character is toward the bottom of the list. Thanks for watching everyone! Much appreciated :)
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  • Rafi

    In the series I always rank them in tiers Tier 1 1. Arthur Dayne 2. Barristan Selmy (prime) Tier 2 3. King Robert Baratheon (prime) 4. Jaime Lannister (both hands) 5. Oberyn Martell 6. Khal Drogo (he is the hardest to rank tbh) Tier 3 7. Sandor Clegane 8. Gregor Clegane 9. Brienne of Tarth 10. Bronn of the Blackwater (he's OP in the show) Honorable mention: Jon Snow

  • Wael Magdy
    Wael Magdy

    Brienne of Tarth beat the Hound then Arya Stark bested her in the end, I thought they were gonna be on the list.

  • Xcorpion Xyed
    Xcorpion Xyed

    List was going 2 gud until the last 2

  • Alaa Abuhussain
    Alaa Abuhussain

    Where is john snow and bireana This is stuibed

  • Maneesh Tharappel
    Maneesh Tharappel

    Where is jon snow

  • Aditya Pawar
    Aditya Pawar

    Ser Barristan Selmy at 9 .......r u kdding......

  • Curious Person
    Curious Person

    Absolutely nothing appreciable fun in it ..

  • harsh nayi
    harsh nayi

    The hound make me cry when he said Arya:-you know where the heart is..

  • Erik Lewis
    Erik Lewis

    Where my boi tormund

  • Persians Panjshir
    Persians Panjshir

    where is arya and jaqqen

  • Alvaro Cerritos
    Alvaro Cerritos

    im mexican but i loveth the game of the trones

  • nexuss ll
    nexuss ll

    Barristian the Bold at #9 yea okay.

  • Tooba Abid
    Tooba Abid

    U cant just cut out john snow and sir jorah mormont😂

  • Jig SâW
    Jig SâW

    The hound fuck the raagar

  • Inam noob Gaming
    Inam noob Gaming

    Where instarth of breine

  • Nemwaang Limboo
    Nemwaang Limboo

    To me Khal drogo was the best

  • Golden Ghost
    Golden Ghost

    You know, I don’t necessary think the mountain is all that good of a swordsman, I just think he is unnaturally strong which gives him an edge in most fights

  • Sky _
    Sky _

    I’m looking through everyone’s comments saying they forgot so and so but we’re forgetting the greatest fighter westeros has ever seen. Jaqen H’ghar. We never truly seen him fight but we saw the aftermath of it and by god he’s good at what he does.

  • FrostyWolf

    At least you were right with Arthur Dayne but Ser Barristan Selmy should not be no.9.

  • Teskas21 Teskas21
    Teskas21 Teskas21

    Grey worm?

  • Teskas21 Teskas21
    Teskas21 Teskas21

    Wtf jon snow?

  • Prakhar Shukla
    Prakhar Shukla

    What about jon snow . He is the best swordsman in show

    • J C
      J C

      No he's not at all


    Just imagine khal drogo vs the mountain instead of oberyn :3


    Dont forget about Arya

  • Lukas Lambraia
    Lukas Lambraia

    If Syrio had armor and an actual sword he would have been nearly unstoppable, even someone like Arthur Dayne or Obeyrn would have trouble with him

  • kjbjupiter

    the hound should be #1 100%, only lost to brienne because of the giant infected hole on his neck

  • Bad Brain71
    Bad Brain71

    The Hound is my fave🥰

  • A.R tube
    A.R tube

    What about John Snow , Ned Stark ,Arya Stark Jorah Mormont and Brienne

  • Cody Joseph
    Cody Joseph

    Where is yoren...the brother of the nights watch he cut down lanister troops with a arrow in his chest smh

  • Bernat Pou
    Bernat Pou

    You forgoted eddard stark

  • walter carillo
    walter carillo

    theres a pattern i saw. you may be good, but never be arrogant to think your invincible.

  • Kim Bang Nguyen
    Kim Bang Nguyen

    Awesome top ten. I completely forgot about No.1 Ser Arthur, but he looks so calm and efficient with his 2 swords style. He, Oberyn and the teacher are very smooth with their move. Other people at this time seem to struggle with the swords as they are too heavy. One miss hit and they can be in trouble.

  • Lorcan Browne
    Lorcan Browne

    If this was just for the show, it is not a bad list, although I think the rankings are a bit out of order, Barristan Selmy should be much higher, it should also have Jon Snow and King Robert on the list (but considering we never see Robert in his prime on-screen maybe that is why he was left off). The Hound should be higher than the Mountain, Brienne should be on the list and potentially characters like Loral Tyrell, Qhorin Halfhand, Tormund etc.

  • Umut

    Arya or Oberyn

  • Elsa of Arendelle
    Elsa of Arendelle

    Drogo probably would have slain every fighter in Westeros with ease (except for Sir Arthur Dayne), what a shame he died because of such a small wound ...

  • AARON Leonard
    AARON Leonard

    Yes Grey worm should definitely have had made the list. Silly

  • notis kouk
    notis kouk

    i see grey worm doesnt deserve a place in top 10..(i think some in top 10 coyld kill them in a blink of an eye..)

  • Lucian Ene
    Lucian Ene

    Arthur Dayne first, Oberyn second. Pretty much on the same level in skill, but Ser Arthur gets a plus since he never shows any hubris or emotion. Too bad we didn't see more of him in the series.

  • Гоша На копье дракоша
    Гоша На копье дракоша

    на первом месте рыжий гад

  • Omkar Tripathi
    Omkar Tripathi

    Did you forgot Ned stark

  • Carlo Monteferrante
    Carlo Monteferrante

    where the fuck is Jon Snow?

  • Tomoko Kuroki
    Tomoko Kuroki

    Syrio dude, just take a real sword from the lannister men you just knocked out.

  • Stugots

    Weak sauce. Aim small, miss small. Are You not entertained? Is there no one else? These were fights. those who know, know.

  • Sunia Katosawau
    Sunia Katosawau

    No John Snow ?

  • Redondowarrior

    All I need is my Glock 9 and I’m smoking everyone on this list! 😃

    • Leandro Belizan
      Leandro Belizan


  • AmericanThunder

    You forgot the mightiest fighter in the whole show. DROGON the black dragon.

  • theodoros meliadis
    theodoros meliadis

    The Better is the guy who invented the green fire

  • theodoros meliadis
    theodoros meliadis

    Drogo second in my opinion forel must be 2

  • ganesh pathare
    ganesh pathare

    John snow and brieen derserves the spot

  • TrileX_

    Oberyn vs Mountain is so frustrating, because he fought against the mountain who raped and murdered Oberyns sister. The mountain deserved to die, and Oberyn only wanted Justice, and the show lets us think that Oberyn has the upper hand, just to let Oberyn die, because of the inhuman Resistance of the Mountain. The whole fight was a lie, I think it was a on purpose made disappointment, to let us know, that men of honor die in most cases in GoT, and those without honor win.

  • Retro MouseX
    Retro MouseX

    I like the part when The Hound kneels just before The Mountain sword passes over his head.. Epic.

  • Hưng Tin Học
    Hưng Tin Học


  • esmeman :0
    esmeman :0

    I guess Arya stark isn’t that great

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    13:16 to be fair, if i were the mountain I would’ve slashed Oberyn in half right there. I mean he’s got his back turned to me. Great opportunity for me haha

  • The Original
    The Original

    Jon Snow is not in your list.

  • S.M Abbas Ali
    S.M Abbas Ali

    Jon snow? Brienne?

  • Jimmy Rustling
    Jimmy Rustling

    Next: Top Ten Incest Rapes on GoT.

  • Emre Kadir
    Emre Kadir

    Best fighter grey worm 💪🏻

  • ZHW 07
    ZHW 07

    I threw up tooooooooo mmmmmmmuuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhh blooooooooooooood

  • Santana Senpai
    Santana Senpai

    Brienne deserved to be in the top 10

  • Akira

    Some honourable mentions: Jon Snow Grey Worm Robb Stark Rhaegar Targaryen Brienne

    • Andreas Vasiliou
      Andreas Vasiliou

      Styr Tormumd Jorah Mormont

  • Zeth Crystal
    Zeth Crystal

    The Mountain is a top fighter? Hahaha who is Edard Stark? 🙄

  • Anurag Maski
    Anurag Maski

    Where's jon snow

  • Alex

    Hello brianne of tarth who beat Jaime and the hound

  • You Fuck
    You Fuck

    How could be Oberin better fighter then mountain, when mountain killed him??

  • Comrade Che
    Comrade Che

    Karl tanner? Brienne?

  • finnikkjo

    Oberyn was the best!

  • Nenad Podjebavić
    Nenad Podjebavić

    that bravos moron could take real sword before he fought with merin, they were all over the place

  • Petes Thename
    Petes Thename

    Jaime Lannister (s1) was regarded as the single best swords fighter in Westeros. Bariston Selmy was above Jaime in his prime, but was too old.

  • True Delirious
    True Delirious

    Might be an unpopular opinion but I actually enjoyed season 8 was it the best no but is it as bad as everyone loves to say it it no