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Top 10 Fighters in Game of Thrones (Season 6)
Before you comment READ THE DESCRIPTION and please remember that everyone has their own opinions, please respect that.
Honourable mentions: Brienne of Tarth, Karl Tanner, Jorah Mormont, Styr, Tormund, Jon Snow, Grey Worm, Ramsay Bolton.
This list is based on the show up to season 6 so NO ARYA
Yes Brienne beat the Hound in single combat but keep in mind: the Hound had been travelling for days, was starving and was also suffering from a nasty infection. He still put up a good fight.
Jaime is considered when he had both hands, and Selmy is at 9 because he is old. In his prime he would be at number 2. Brienne beat Jaime and the Hound but Jaime was malnourished and handcuffed. The Hound had a nasty infection and had been exhausted from traveling for days.
This list is based soley on the TV show. Books are not considered.
Yes, Jon Snow has the most on screen kills but that doesn't prove anything, he is a main character who fights, of course it will be high. Jon Snow was beaten by Karl Tanner, Jon is a good fighter but he is not prodigy level. All the fighters on this list will have a very high chance of beating Jon.
This list is not 100% set in stone except maybe Arthur Dayne, the rest can probably be shifted around a bit. There are so many fighters in Game of Thrones it's really hard to make a list putting them in exact order because we do not have absolute information from the show on what the order really is. Everybody has a different opinion about what the list should be, this is one attempt at ordering them. Also, don't think that the characters at the bottom of the list are weak because they definitely are not! They are in the top 10 strongest fighters in the entire Game of Thrones list, there are probably over a hundred characters that I could've chosen from. So please do not dislike the video if you see a character that is not in the exact position you want them to be, or because your favourite character is toward the bottom of the list. Thanks for watching everyone! Much appreciated :)
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  • Im T3trartist
    Im T3trartist

    Who tf is Ser Arthur and where tf is Jon Snow

  • Karsing Borang
    Karsing Borang

    Ser Barristan Selmy no.9? Wtf like seriously? He was one of the best might rank almost with the sword of the morning.

  • Keqzy

    What about Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Grey Worm, or Ser Jora?

  • d smith
    d smith

    Left out Brianne and Arya and tell me how grey worm is left out of this list. He’s Top 3 for sure

  • J-tarter38

    What about Jon snow

  • onew Shinee
    onew Shinee

    So for the ones who wants the quick list😉 10. Bronn 9. Barriston selmy 8. The hound 7. Daario 6. The Mountain 5. Jaime Lannister 4. Syrio forel 3. Oberyn Martell 2. Khal drogo 1. Arthur Dayne

  • Ra's Al Ghul
    Ra's Al Ghul

    I have wathed TV show. I have read The Book. To my mind Top 10 is 1) Ser Arthur Dayne 2) Ser Barristan Selmy 3) Robert Baratheon 4) Reaghar Targaryen 5) Syrio Forel 6) Ser Jaime Lannister 7) Oberyn Marteli 8) Eddard Stark 9) John Snow 10) Daario Naharis There aren't Khal Drogo and Gray worm. Drogo cant defeat fighters from that top because he dont know how to fight person who has sword and armory. in my top every person are professional fighters. drogos has speed strengh but he fail with them. Drogo never lost in his life but we don't forget that he only fight with dothraks which have only primitive accessories for fight. Gray Worm is good fighter but he can't use sword well. we saw that gray worm would killed without help from Oldmen Barrystan. He can only fight long distance. I think that good swordman can defeat Gray Worm in any distance. we saw many serries where gray worm was degraded. P.S Sorry for my English. But i hope you understand what i mean

  • KTJ Duke
    KTJ Duke

    Barristan should be #1

  • Super Clash
    Super Clash

    1-Arya stark 2-khal drogo 3-oberyn Martell 4-brienne 5-the hound

  • Super Clash
    Super Clash

    Where are Arya, Jon snow Mormont, turco nudho, brienne

  • Clark Westerfeld
    Clark Westerfeld

    I stopped watching when the Hound was number 8. You kidding right?

  • David Kincade
    David Kincade

    Wait wait wait. Where is the big white chick? She beat the hound fair and square. Where is Aryah Stark? She killed the Night King. Where is the leader of the unsullied? Where is John Snow? THUMBS DOWN!!!

  • David Kincade
    David Kincade

    The King slayer is ranked waaay too high


    Syrio is too good though

  • Gaming Buddy
    Gaming Buddy

    Where is Jon Snow

  • Gaming Buddy
    Gaming Buddy

    Where is John Snow

  • Ankit Chapagain
    Ankit Chapagain

    Jon not being

  • Beowolf

    Ser Arthur Dayne! The Yoda of Westeros!

  • samxyx

    U forgot Stannis

  • Di Bergamasco
    Di Bergamasco

    where's Brienne?

  • saurav raj Singh
    saurav raj Singh

    Swords and spears couldn't kill Drogo.. but a damn infection did hahah love the writing

  • Razvi. 04
    Razvi. 04

    Brienne? Arya??? Remember,Brienne beat Jaime(who was in the top) ,and Arya beat Brienne...

    • i love tempura
      i love tempura

      Brienne beat a worn down jaime. True list is 1.dayne 2. selmy. 3. stark. 4. jaime.

  • MohammadHossin pourrabi
    MohammadHossin pourrabi

    Where is jon snow where is statks thats absolotly not true

  • Gezza 77
    Gezza 77

    Arya is now in the top 10

  • Daniel Vasilev
    Daniel Vasilev

    I liked very much oberyn martell but i was pissed of when he died ...

  • Bastian Schmitt
    Bastian Schmitt

    John snow?

  • KOD2005 Ahmed
    KOD2005 Ahmed

    WHAT you are saying that ober is better than the mountain literally the mountain puffed ober head like a cupcake

    • KOD2005 Ahmed
      KOD2005 Ahmed

      trobber kah ok so your saying that the hound is beater than the mountain literally the mountain almost killed the hound and he is way better

    • trobber kah
      trobber kah

      Oberyn is deffinately a better fighter as you can clearly see. He just bad Made a mistake

  • Kuna bez oguna 3zł
    Kuna bez oguna 3zł

    Wjere is Tormun and Mormont and Briene from Tarth.

    • Official williams
      Official williams

      Kuna bez oguna 3zł it’s up to season 6, this video wasn’t made when these characters were shown beating people.

  • chimera916

    Yes, maybe... but you forget the best fighters of all: 3) Jaquen the Feceless Assassin (come on guys, that man is a super human being). 2) Ghost the Direwolf (he can fight for an entire night in the middle of a zombie horde, survive the experience and be ready to fight again the next day if necessary) 3) The Nightking (He can control an entire army of undead, defeat dragons and is immune to everithing but Obsidian and Valiria Steel forged weapon, if you have not one of these two weapons you are more than dead)...

  • Salman Alwatban
    Salman Alwatban

    Where is brienne and jon

  • James Madden
    James Madden

    John snow? At least top 3

  • Brandon Hahn
    Brandon Hahn

    Barristan selmy should have been much higher on the list

  • Arkar Kyawsaw
    Arkar Kyawsaw

    I wanna see the mountain vs khal drogo

  • Jeffo marquez
    Jeffo marquez

    jaqen h'ghar, Brianne of Tarth.....?

  • S G
    S G

    Where the hell is Tormund Giantsbain???

  • Steve Palpatine
    Steve Palpatine

    Man Lyssa Arryn was a bitch. Bronn even waited and looked to her to give her a chance call an to end it, the crowd were shouting for mercy and she let Ser Vardis die after he volunteered to fight for her. She should have conceeded, he was already beaten, and Bronn gave her more than enough time to stop it. Kudos to Bronn for making it quick at least.

  • TheDzudas

    Selmy is no. 2 Young one even no. 1. Arthur is no. 1 but for lack of scenese in show we will not put him. Jamie, Oberyn and Khal Drogo from 3-5 place

  • Jacob iype jacob
    Jacob iype jacob

    I am sorry how do you not have Arya and Jon snow!

    • Hi I'm Kyco
      Hi I'm Kyco

      because season 6 ariah and jon snow werent top fighters. Look when it was posted

  • Laxmiprasanna jillepally
    Laxmiprasanna jillepally


  • Leopold Schaefer
    Leopold Schaefer

    Ned stark should have been on here

  • crow armando
    crow armando

    El único sudamericano en esta gran serie 🇨🇱🤘

  • Faith Rox
    Faith Rox

    You can literally hear the splash on the ground as Daario winks at Dany.

  • Prière Panda
    Prière Panda

    ... Brienne ?

  • Superfly 11234
    Superfly 11234

    Barristan Selmy has to be on 3.!!!

  • mwangi maina
    mwangi maina

    i think khal drogo would crush anyone in the list and this is why; any average dothraki warrior can take out two or three well trained knights in westeros with ease and we also saw how devastating the dothraki can be in season 7 against the lanister's army and considering drogo is the best fighter among the dothraki that makes him almost unbeatable. ignoring the nightking who is supernatural,and can kill with only his weird stare maybe authur dayne or a younger version of barriston selmy can to some extent match drogo but in the end it will only end with drogo's curved sword on their throats

  • Xerxes Animations
    Xerxes Animations

    16:33 rip

  • f u google no real name
    f u google no real name

    Drogo vs dayne would be good

  • D Rock
    D Rock

    Should have shown Sir Gregor ripping the guys head off.

  • timespaice

    Drogo should be number one by far, btw Brienne deserve to be there as well, she beat the Hound quite easily.

  • Pakshal Bagrecha
    Pakshal Bagrecha

    arthur dayne = atleast number 1 or 2, he fought and killed the best of pit fighters. Only the best pit fighters were there up against him

    • Steve Palpatine
      Steve Palpatine

      @Pakshal Bagrecha All good bro I wondered if u meant him, when you said about reading the books I was trying to think if Dayne ever fought Pit Fighters, like did Maelys Blackfire have Pit Fighter mercenaries or something? Did Dayne end up in a fighting pit during a trip to Mereen, etc? Now _that_ would have been good, actually.

    • Pakshal Bagrecha
      Pakshal Bagrecha

      yeah sorry, I meant Selmy😅😅😅

    • Steve Palpatine
      Steve Palpatine

      @Pakshal Bagrecha Course Ive read the books lol. _Arthur Dayne is not Barristan Selmy._ I think youve confused the two. _Where did Arthur Dayne fight Pit Fighters?_ You meen the guy Barristan fought when he went to confront Hizdahr, Kraaz or something, who he had as a body guard? Thats one guy. Not Pit Fighters plural. You cant conflate books with the show, whatever the Sons of the Harpy may have been on the show, they werent Mereens best Pit Fighters, this was never stated. The books and the show are two different canons, you cant draw assumptions on one based off the other. Barristan is alive where we left him in the books. The stone men live on the Rhoyne etc. They arent the same at all

    • Pakshal Bagrecha
      Pakshal Bagrecha

      @Steve Palpatine So I think you've not read the books then, The sons of the Harpy that fought Selmy and Grey Worm were previously pit fighters and the best of them at that.

    • Steve Palpatine
      Steve Palpatine

      Arthur Dayne fought pit fighters?? When?

  • Seizmos

    ned vs jamie best fight in got

  • NuclearBAM

    Ned stark in his prime would smoke Jaime's ass

  • Ryan P
    Ryan P


  • Tapiwa Chida
    Tapiwa Chida

    The night's watch man who drank from mormont's skull beats some here

  • Sandor Avagour
    Sandor Avagour

    Jaqen H'ghar is unreachable

  • Blesson ALUMKAL
    Blesson ALUMKAL

    1.arthur dayne 2.Drago 3.Oberyn 4.garlan tyrel(books) 5.Stannis 6.Syrio 7.Sandor clegane 8.mountain 9.Brienne of tarth 10.jon snow 11.Thoros of myr/Bronze yohan 12.Qhorin 13.Areo hotah 14.Baristan 15.Jorah mormont My list is this...

  • Naveen raj
    Naveen raj

    Didn't mention the teacher of Arya stark

  • Blesson ALUMKAL
    Blesson ALUMKAL

    Where is jon snow? White walkers arent no joke. Also i think sandor is better fighter than mountain. Ned stark is a better fighter than the sister fucker.. Whers is stannis? Where is brienne of tarth who alomost killed the hound? Bronze yohn ? Jorah mormont is better fighter than Darius And personally Where the fuck is torus of Myr?

  • Harsh Rathore
    Harsh Rathore

    No grey worm


    What the fuck !!?? Where is jon snow ??

  • KingZ Poseidon43
    KingZ Poseidon43

    Arthur dayne world have killed ned if howland reed didn’t backstab him

  • Karamboot

    Jaime isn't that good.. Daario would fuck him

  • Anan Deek
    Anan Deek

    Great list 👍

  • mondo796

    put the list in the description

  • Adrish Roy
    Adrish Roy

    Oberyon was my favourite ......but the fuckers got him killed .. He almost killed a mountain

  • Fredj Anis
    Fredj Anis

    12 years old arya stark : has left the chat

  • eternal rebel
    eternal rebel

    So brienne beat the hound. And arya beat brienne. But somehow hound is on this list, and the other two aren't.

    • Matthew Nicoud
      Matthew Nicoud

      this was made as of season 6 so it isnt updated

  • Samy

    I am sure the strongest fighter is Jaqen H'ghar

    • king muizz
      king muizz

      Dayne or Jaime (hand still attached) or Barristan could wipe him.

    • Total War Is Fun
      Total War Is Fun

      Samy but he is magical not fair

  • Yusuf Çavuş
    Yusuf Çavuş

    I think best is khal drago but we didnt see his skills so much

  • Fanris92

    Ser Barristan 9?? Thats bullshit

  • vasi sultan
    vasi sultan

    Where is Jon snow? He even fought with Walkers...

  • Melle Supreme
    Melle Supreme

    The moutain is not good, he is just big

    • Joku Äijä
      Joku Äijä

      Melle Supreme yeah true but because he’s so big he makes a really tough opponent to literally anyone, any fighter in the show would still have to give their best to be able to beat the mountain.

  • Kumaran S
    Kumaran S

    What about Arya stark??

  • valar morghulis
    valar morghulis

    Where is Jon snow tormund brienne ned stark

  • Blu Viiperzz
    Blu Viiperzz

    Where’s Ned?

  • Rory McCarthy
    Rory McCarthy

    Loras tyrell beat Jaime Lannister and the mountain. #snubbed

    • Joku Äijä
      Joku Äijä

      Rory McCarthy ”jousting, you’re talking about jousting” words of that pirate who captured Tyrion and Jorah

  • erin g.
    erin g.

    aye but what about brienne? she beat the hound and he’s on this list :/

  • Viper ッKingsman
    Viper ッKingsman

    Where is Jon snow

  • Jakob Egenter
    Jakob Egenter

    Arya? Tormund? Brienne?

    • Mani M
      Mani M

      john snow?

  • T- raw
    T- raw

    Wtf where is Arya?

  • Sujit Mendon
    Sujit Mendon

    Brienne and Arya could have made the list easily. Only happy with top 3. They were the best

    • Joku Äijä
      Joku Äijä

      Sujit Mendon Brienne yes, but I don’t know about Arya, she’s a brilliant fighter yes but 1v1 against a good fighter, I don’t know if she would win because she’s so small, which is huge disadvantage and she uses needle which won’t pierce through armor, if the fight against Brienne would have been a real fight, Brienne would have won.

  • Games of Sky
    Games of Sky

    And Robb Stark are good figher, i wish what in GoT don't show this

  • Aniksh Badole
    Aniksh Badole

    No brienne ?? No jon snow??

  • - Algerino -
    - Algerino -

    So, bronn is on the list and not jon snow ? and what about sir jorah ?

  • Ujjwal Gupta
    Ujjwal Gupta

    Sir barrister selmy should be 2nd after Arthur dayne go read the book first

    • Ujjwal Gupta
      Ujjwal Gupta

      @Joku Äijä totally agree with u

    • Joku Äijä
      Joku Äijä

      Piotr Maj the scene where he died tells us pretty much what we needed to know. + he was really old but still managed to do what he did.

    • Piotr Maj
      Piotr Maj

      ok but look at his skills in the show, not one impressive move they only talked how good

  • Toxic Frost
    Toxic Frost

    Jon snow should make the list.

  • Detroiter18

    Jaime with both hands should be #2. GRRM has said that he was the best until the old choporoo. But good list; Jon is just a really good soldier like Ned, but not as good of a natural swordsman as you point out.

  • Elsa Sarcez
    Elsa Sarcez

    Rhaegar also good one

  • Total info.
    Total info.

    (The No One girl)Arya stark is no.1 fighter

    • Adrish Roy
      Adrish Roy

      No one can beat Arthur. In a battle ..he's the sword of the morning

    • Ümit Can Arslan
      Ümit Can Arslan

      She is killer, These guys are better fighter i guess.

  • J_perk 60
    J_perk 60

    This list is hot garbage besides for the number one spot

  • mariushub HD
    mariushub HD

    Top 1 arya

    • Joku Äijä
      Joku Äijä

      mariushub HD nah, Arya against Drogo, Arthur Dayne, Barristan, the mountain, Oberyn, Jaime(with both hands) she would definitely lose against them, she’s a brilliant fighter yes but not the best. + she’s so small which is a huge didadvantage and she uses needle which won’t pierce through armor.

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones

    Hound should be no 1. Quite easily.

  • Rebellion 8
    Rebellion 8

    Jon snow ?!!!

  • Fariha Ansari
    Fariha Ansari

    Send, Oberyn Martell, Ser Arthur , Drogo and syrio forel beyond the wall and then just grab some popcorns they could finish all the wights in a single season lol

  • حكم بيگ الناصري
    حكم بيگ الناصري

    Barristan selmy should be top second or third fighter in wistros Not the 9th

    • حكم بيگ الناصري
      حكم بيگ الناصري

      nano hanina he fought 14 man and killed 13 from them alone .. at that age He told the kings guard (even now i can cut five of you like carving a cake) at that age! And we both know he could do it

    • nano hanina
      nano hanina

      حكم بيگ الناصري why the fuck? Definitely not at that age

  • Saurabh Singh
    Saurabh Singh

    Where is ser jorah mormont.. He was also one of the best i think..

  • Shahzaib Ishaq
    Shahzaib Ishaq

    Oberyn Martell deserves to be number 2..

    • Shmummins

      Shahzaib Ishaq well you know he got killed so...........

  • Kleber Xavier do Nascimento
    Kleber Xavier do Nascimento

    And the Brien????

  • arthurspooner


  • aftab ali khan
    aftab ali khan

    You forget the arya stark