This is a top list of the loudest natural sounds on earth
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Attention: loud volume !!

  • 卄卂乙卂尺ᗪㄖㄩ丂

    Fok man I had earbuds on and now I think I'm deaf

  • xxwhyyou_ bullymexx
    xxwhyyou_ bullymexx

    At 1:14 look at the clouds.

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer

    1. Your teacher when you don’t pay attention

  • The Adventure Family Georgia
    The Adventure Family Georgia

    “These sounds can kill a human” 0:28 Me: turns up volume all the way up

  • Henry Felton
    Henry Felton

    1:52 9 year old with a $5 mic from Walmart joins the lobby

  • It's Just Zachy
    It's Just Zachy

    The loudest noise is... *_stepping on lego_*

  • Helium/ヘリウム

    We are mankind…

  • Joessel Ramos
    Joessel Ramos


  • juregamerpro 341
    juregamerpro 341

    0:30 if they can kill human then how someone recorded it???? 🤨 😕 🧐, maybe SUPERMAN did it

  • ToxicWILY 398
    ToxicWILY 398

    When I first heard that noise that said it can kill a human I heard the noise and picked a different video

  • Criminal

    2:03 twin towers?

  • Ivanna Van
    Ivanna Van

    But how we still can survive?

  • Kaylynn Palmer
    Kaylynn Palmer

    Some1 upset mother nature

  • Mega Xcelerate909
    Mega Xcelerate909

    0:36 It gives you heart attack

  • HaRsHiL PaTeL
    HaRsHiL PaTeL

    2:08 me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa🤣🤣🤣

  • Alan Maya
    Alan Maya

    #1goku #2gohan #3naruto when he says I WILL BE HOKAGE ONE DAY

  • ugly scp tato
    ugly scp tato

    i think you forgot your *mom calling you to pray with her*

  • Eldin Okanovic
    Eldin Okanovic

    Fortnite chapter 2 epic Eldintheboss07

  • Luka Petković
    Luka Petković

    You forgot to add the mechanic keyboard.

  • J Hood
    J Hood

    The number 1 is You being whooped with the belt

  • MoneyBoi941

    That meteor just hit dusty depot and made it a divot

  • Chierstie Braas
    Chierstie Braas

    I think the loudest is me screaming

  • Gamer 001
    Gamer 001

    0:56 That’s why you never stand under a tree during a thunderstorm.

  • Eslam Ayman
    Eslam Ayman

    يال الهووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووول

  • Idham Wazir
    Idham Wazir

    Guys, the most loudest voice is **morning flower alarm song**

  • J

    1:51 qué pasa gente yo soy lolito.

  • Carers

    i flipping jumped out of my seat at 1:51 Comment if you did to

  • FatBunnyGaming & more
    FatBunnyGaming & more


  • Laurie Tierney
    Laurie Tierney

    The asteroid sound scared the crap out of me there

  • Jillian Patton
    Jillian Patton

    No. 1: silently (or so you thought) farting while the class is silent reading

  • Antony Edward
    Antony Edward

    And the loudest goes to The bass boost

  • Jirian PH Gaming
    Jirian PH Gaming

    0:28 how??

    • фёдор

      well, if the sound is loud enough human body can't stand it, so human dies. google about it, it's really interesting, mate!

  • Tsunamipoint1 videos
    Tsunamipoint1 videos

    You know what is the most scariest sound of all? When your teacher calls your name in class while you aren't paying attention

    • Javinho

      Tsunamipoint1 videos facts

  • Tatjana Lika
    Tatjana Lika

    E pa besueshme

  • belalı ayı
    belalı ayı

    ITS not loud beacuse video IF NOG VIDEO JOW MUCH SOUND (PRAY THE EARS LOL)

  • Полезные Советы ! ! !
    Полезные Советы ! ! !

    Dear friend! Jesus wants to save you! Hurry to Him, to the Son of God. He will forgive your sin and give you strength to live in joy and peace, in happiness and love. Only reconcile with God through repentance, let Jesus into your heart. He loves and is waiting for you! “He who believes in Jesus Christ has eternal life” is written in the Bible. Hurry, the time of grace expires, which means when Christ stops intercessing for us in heaven before Heavenly Father, then reconciliation with God will be impossible ... Explore the Bible, through it Heavenly Father speaks personally to each person. In Her you will find answers to all your questions. Observe the 10 commandments, this will be your shield from evil! May God bless you, take courage!

  • y/n lifeu
    y/n lifeu

    Aww poor tree..

  • Caycee Leviste
    Caycee Leviste

    The sound of the sperm whale can kill a human Me: lowers volume Edit 1 thanks for 1 like .

  • Benjamin Burkowski
    Benjamin Burkowski

    0:30 o hell knawwwwwwawwwwww

  • aaadanoob

    I dare you to subscribe to me This is how desperate I am

  • ???

    When ur teacher licks the paper before turning the page

  • GMD Sixty
    GMD Sixty

    The whale sounds did not kill me

  • Marco Hernandez
    Marco Hernandez

    number 1: Darth vader breathing

  • Stevenvo .17
    Stevenvo .17

    I can’t even hear the volcano one nigga is using a android so all I hear is wind

  • Anahi Marroquin
    Anahi Marroquin

    These sounds can kill a human Me*leaves the video*

  • Sutphen Gaming
    Sutphen Gaming

    None of this is as loud as when you drop the empty soap bottle in the shower

  • OpiumVEVO

    - These sounds can kill a human. *do you promise?*


    The loudest thing is when the *BUILDING FALLS APART*

  • Jacob Squadrito
    Jacob Squadrito

    1:52 BOOM

    • Jacob Squadrito
      Jacob Squadrito

      2:09 BAM

  • Dont_spill_my_TE4 !
    Dont_spill_my_TE4 !

    2:00 are those the twon towers in the corner?

  • Xavier McKay
    Xavier McKay

    0:30 why?

  • DodgeChallengerRTYt _
    DodgeChallengerRTYt _

    Wotch out for tha shok it’s comin. Gotta love Australians

  • Lalalisa M
    Lalalisa M

    The scariest is when u are shouted on

  • jchinel

    Warning Headphones

  • Rosalie Potato
    Rosalie Potato

    0:25 i love how u play a sound that could kill me :’)

    • Rosalie Potato
      Rosalie Potato

      Alonzo Craig its called “sarcasm” if you didnt know.

    • Alonzo Craig
      Alonzo Craig

      R u dead yet Common sense do you go to school.

    • Con_tagious

      you dead yet?

  • Maynkhu gurung
    Maynkhu gurung

    How can it kill a human

  • Dooday Seguero
    Dooday Seguero

    This is the Sign of mother earth or nature is Angry of us killing her

  • Callum Peters
    Callum Peters

    At 1:13 you can see the shock wave move the clouds Mother Nature is Badass

  • HipHopBoyArda YT
    HipHopBoyArda YT

    When These whale sounds can kill Us why doesnt the Filmer died then?

  • Falcon Doip
    Falcon Doip

    Thunder! Not lightning

  • Kansier Adventure Gaming Gacha
    Kansier Adventure Gaming Gacha

    Father nature?

  • Nomercy Fouryoub:v
    Nomercy Fouryoub:v

    The loudes sound is when your mom is mad when you have pear fff shet thats loud

  • Nomercy Fouryoub:v
    Nomercy Fouryoub:v

    They loudest sound is when tour mom is más couse you fight on school shet por when Tho hace eff in school shet thats Louder

    • Nomercy Fouryoub:v
      Nomercy Fouryoub:v

      I don't spellet right

  • Million Lego
    Million Lego

    This is his only vid

    • S W A T Officer Jake
      S W A T Officer Jake

      lol so tru


    Нихуя се, это че такое

  • R̶O̶B̶L̶O̶X̶Í̶K̶ ̶C̶Z̶
    R̶O̶B̶L̶O̶X̶Í̶K̶ ̶C̶Z̶

    Me: Looks To The End Of The Video Also Me: Video Not Available

  • Amu pok
    Amu pok

    The loudest sound is my mother shouting at my dad for no reason

  • Ver Tag
    Ver Tag

    *My dad's belt is louder*

  • Alissa Huerta
    Alissa Huerta

    why would you put a sound that can kill humans in a videox😐😂😂

  • steven stables
    steven stables