Topsy and Tim Interview BAFTA Children's Awards
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Topsy and Tim Interview BAFTA Children's Awards
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Red Carpet News talks to celebrity guests, nominees and awards winners at the BAFTA Children’s Awards 2016 in London. Winners included Zootropolis, The Amazing World of Gumball, Lego Dimensions, We Bare Bears, Hank Zipzer, Good as Goaled ad Horrible Histories. VIP guests included Tom Fletcher and TR-my superstar Caspar Lee. Check out our other videos for more exclusive interviews and don’t forget to subscribe.
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  • Emily Kilpatrick
    Emily Kilpatrick

    I love you Topsy and Tim like in Righ School

  • K.lalthlamuani Lalthlamuani
    K.lalthlamuani Lalthlamuani

    Topsy is ugly and fully

  • Serkan Isikbas
    Serkan Isikbas

    Kaç yaşındasınız

  • Kamel Boulbadaoui
    Kamel Boulbadaoui

    you two look different and are you really twins cause it don't look like

  • elnab480 Ppp
    elnab480 Ppp

    Haha you are idiots

  • Assene Kul.
    Assene Kul.

    Pour vous, je pense que vous êtes vivant? Et, vous grandisser?

  • Shomu Joseph
    Shomu Joseph

    they are so fun and cute

  • Shomu Joseph
    Shomu Joseph

    i love them sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Ella squieres army
    Ella squieres army


  • Leona Skene
    Leona Skene

    They look so different

  • Michelle Rogerson
    Michelle Rogerson

    Topsy is the best

  • Manha Ali
    Manha Ali

    I’m your biggest fan love you 😘

  • Spencer Maxwell
    Spencer Maxwell

    Topsy looks so different but Tim looks himself

  • Princess julianne Rapi
    Princess julianne Rapi

    topsy look different and tim looks the same

  • Luke mccart smith
    Luke mccart smith

    Tim loces lice tim in the seares but topsy doesnt

  • kıvırcık kız ve atı
    kıvırcık kız ve atı


  • hanif bobo
    hanif bobo

    You guys don't look really like topsy and Tim

  • •GachaMxngø•

    OOF 2020 anybody

  • Lilyana’s World
    Lilyana’s World

    tim looks like someone from my school

  • Milkyas Gezae
    Milkyas Gezae

    you like she is lik yoy curosh

  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor

    I love you where do you live 😃

  • Kawaii Unicorn2215
    Kawaii Unicorn2215

    Tim looks better ;~;

  • Sakeeza Morshed
    Sakeeza Morshed

    2020 anyone

  • Shanti Ajwa
    Shanti Ajwa

    Tim ( Joshua) Is really cute

  • Ayan Farooq
    Ayan Farooq

    Can you make a new topsy and Tim episode

  • sharni k
    sharni k

    Bruv i used topsy and tim that was my fav

  • gaming with stardust
    gaming with stardust

    Literally this was my fav show

  • Aiza Hussain
    Aiza Hussain

    Jocelyn changed so much💕 Josh hasnt Changed at all😒

  • p a s t e l p i x e l s
    p a s t e l p i x e l s

    They look soo different

  • Fluffy bomb
    Fluffy bomb

    Tim looks the same but topsy looks way diffrent

  • Allyma Begum
    Allyma Begum

    we love topsy and tim😘😘😘

  • Louise Stewart
    Louise Stewart

    Are there real names topsy and tim

  • safa alnasrallah
    safa alnasrallah

    Omg topsy is so much bigger and her hair is not haveing a umm idk

  • safa alnasrallah
    safa alnasrallah

    Omg topsy is so much bigger and her hair is not haveing a umm idk

  • mermaid_unicorn slime chanell and fun hahahah
    mermaid_unicorn slime chanell and fun hahahah


  • Alicia Le chalmers
    Alicia Le chalmers

    Topsy looks way older and not as cute as in the episodes but Tim still looks the same

  • Alicia Walker
    Alicia Walker

    Tipsy is the same as she always talked with her head down and still does it is so funny I really miss the show

  • Coel tl
    Coel tl

    I tenner watching topsy and Tim

  • Aleena&Alisha KidsTV
    Aleena&Alisha KidsTV

    We love watching your cartoon s

  • Denise Horisk
    Denise Horisk

    Love you topsy and Tim from Lacey Mcmullan

  • Icey 101
    Icey 101

    2020 anyone ?? 🤪😂

  • Chloe radwan
    Chloe radwan

    Your lucky is it rong to like the hospital ones in ten and I Still wach it

  • Gia & Jude Channel
    Gia & Jude Channel

    Do Josh and Jocelyn play roblox??

  • Abbie Green
    Abbie Green

    Topsy had a big glow up

  • The Gymnast
    The Gymnast

    2020 anyone?

  • Q Liao
    Q Liao

    Topsy doesn’t look like topsy ( I couldn’t reconise her 😱) Tim looks the same!

    • Meme central
      Meme central

      Q Liao she gone bit chubyer

  • Froggy’s adventures
    Froggy’s adventures

    2020 anyone

  • hot air ballooning Northampton
    hot air ballooning Northampton

    Tim sounds the same but topsy sounds a little different

  • ElleXX1 !!!
    ElleXX1 !!!

    2020 anyone???

  • Demi Brockbank
    Demi Brockbank

    I watch you and I think you are really good at acting

  • Steph Plays
    Steph Plays

    Tim looks the same but his face shape is different and Topsy looks *SOO* different

  • Madyson Bailey
    Madyson Bailey

    I'm 10 and I love topsy and tim

  • Amy Summer
    Amy Summer

    Why does topsy look different

  • Faith Tyrassek
    Faith Tyrassek

    Are they brother and sister?

  • Faith Tyrassek
    Faith Tyrassek


  • Hardik Desai
    Hardik Desai

    Topsy looks so different with her hair because it’s down and always it’s in two buns


    Topsy looks so so different but Tim no

  • Yasmin Freeman
    Yasmin Freeman

    Tim hasn't changed but Topsy has soooooo much

  • Carole Clark
    Carole Clark

    Wait are they just twins in the film or both in real life and in film 🤔 hmm

  • Carole Clark
    Carole Clark

    Toppsy sounds so different and looked so different to

  • Louise Richardson
    Louise Richardson

    Sooooo diffrent

  • Queenkk109 123
    Queenkk109 123

    Love ur videos


    This show was literally my childhood cause I was born in 2010

    • Dave O
      Dave O

      So same

    • Dave O
      Dave O

      Well that’s the tea Sis I was born 2009

  • Blue Star Magic
    Blue Star Magic

    Anyone 2019

  • Gacha Winter
    Gacha Winter

    I still wach you and I am 7 itso my birthday on boxing day annd well done in love you so so much

  • Ahmad khan
    Ahmad khan

    Topsy you look so different with your is not in two buns

  • Cranio Kid
    Cranio Kid

    Who are you

  • Ehsan Ahmed
    Ehsan Ahmed

    Josylesn is older

  • Hanna Hermansen
    Hanna Hermansen

    Are they real twins?

  • Isla Picker
    Isla Picker

    You are so cool 😎