Travis Kelce & Richard Sherman Madden 20 Showdown!
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Travis Kelce and Richard Sherman join Xbox Sessions for Game Before the Game, and face off in Madden 20 before Super Bowl LIV!
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  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson

    I play it all the time

  • Sidney Hamlett
    Sidney Hamlett

    Let’s SF boooo kc

    • Sidney Hamlett
      Sidney Hamlett


    • Sidney Hamlett
      Sidney Hamlett

      Sf is the best team

    • Sidney Hamlett
      Sidney Hamlett

      Sidney Hamlett 🥯🥓

  • Isaiah B
    Isaiah B

    Travis definitely had that 'dumb jock' persona in high school😂

  • TheDriftingStig

    4:21 Richard Sherman trying his hardest not to say that Madden is garbage

  • Alberto DeLeon
    Alberto DeLeon

    The jukes are real😂🤣

  • Hemperor Kush
    Hemperor Kush

    Painful to watch! The host did a terrible job. I'm sure he'll get better with experience but this was awful...

  • Conor Boyle
    Conor Boyle

    Im trying to watch this game and the host out here trying to sell xbox. smh

  • 1B subs with no Videos challenge
    1B subs with no Videos challenge

    I wish Sherman played as the Seahawks in this game

  • mark SHIN
    mark SHIN

    I really hoped they chose diffrent person..

  • xBananaTERROR

    this is how the 2020 season will be played.

  • Tyler Evans
    Tyler Evans

    Why does the dude talk so much let them play they game🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Bricksolot

    It's nice to know there are no hard feelings between these guys.

  • Quan Henry
    Quan Henry

    The two biggest dbags in the league.

  • Jerrius Slaughter
    Jerrius Slaughter

    He had some ok questions but if he would of been a lil more silent the video would have been a lot better vid still good tho.

  • Ade Cassell
    Ade Cassell

    I love Madden 20

  • Rex Clyde
    Rex Clyde

    And then they would be versing in the Super Bowl

  • London Wells
    London Wells

    Happy early 31st birthday to the successful Richard Shrman!

  • semaj JONES
    semaj JONES

    So Richard wants to give Xbox ones to 87 year olds😭. 87 and running

  • Birdzo X
    Birdzo X

    I hope you all find your passion

  • Jonah Lee
    Jonah Lee


  • TGMDom

    22:15 bruh look at X lmao

  • Nick Ridic
    Nick Ridic

    y are they playing on rookie setting?

  • Colin Coniglio
    Colin Coniglio

    Good video to chiefs to Travis melds

  • Ryder Miller
    Ryder Miller

    Do they know how to hit stick 😂

  • Cristiana R
    Cristiana R


  • C N
    C N

    I’m surprised they’re not trying to fight over the Super Bowl

  • Julian Barajas
    Julian Barajas

    Richard cheese

  • Dick Lopez
    Dick Lopez

    Did Sherman get beat like the Superbowl?

  • GlueTy

    22:16 X and Y were so wide open, they legit said “social distancing”

  • Cameron Padron
    Cameron Padron

    How does someone who makes All-State in baseball not play in college? He could have been a triple threat in college! He's gotta be a first baseman.

  • 100 subs challenge
    100 subs challenge

    22:15 x and y are wide

  • robert whitis
    robert whitis


  • Dark Spear
    Dark Spear

    I loved this!

  • Russell Ewart Arnold
    Russell Ewart Arnold

    So I'm curious...

  • Carolan Crehan
    Carolan Crehan

    So cool

  • Shane & Megan Laleman
    Shane & Megan Laleman

    Sherman you lost the super bowl

  • Insta Crash
    Insta Crash

    This video got shrem sounding like an Aaron Rodgers fan lmao

  • NoctemAeternusMusic

    I’d be like “Bro, stop fuckin talking to me. Im tryin to fuckin play” lolol

  • Kari Palmer-Lawton
    Kari Palmer-Lawton

    I Ugly

  • Brett Levin
    Brett Levin

    Was about to buy an Xbox one, but then I realized that its made in China. #fuckthat

  • dane boom
    dane boom

    3:28 looking at b

  • Candi Posey
    Candi Posey

    send me a Xbox one

  • Bryce Dillard
    Bryce Dillard

    ok first half travis should had that pic

  • Josh CA G Vlogs & Gaming
    Josh CA G Vlogs & Gaming

    Reminder that’s actually the previous roster before Sanders and Deebo started

  • jordan_ vlogs
    jordan_ vlogs

    why the hell they playing on arcade

  • Tristen Kuhn
    Tristen Kuhn

    2 minute quarters. Make it like 5

  • Nolan Dingley
    Nolan Dingley

    Who actually kicks field goals

  • G -
    G -

    This interview is so intense lmao

  • Andrea Hunter
    Andrea Hunter

    Travis is going to be a trash defensive player on madden if he doesn't foucus

  • Joey Quesada
    Joey Quesada

    They playing on rookie 😂

  • Callum Layton
    Callum Layton

    Kelce is the best tight end in the game

  • Hasan Elenanzih
    Hasan Elenanzih

    They both suck at madden 😳😳😳😰

  • Los Outlaw
    Los Outlaw

    "It's just not making it realistic it what it seems like" -Sherman.... Just like all madden games now

  • KIP

    So Richard won 50 Xbox Ones and Travis won the Super Bowl. It truly was a win win

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez

    no hate tho Kelce

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez

    Richard Sherman 49ers were suposed to win that but my opinion the refs help the chefs

  • Ashtonn Powell
    Ashtonn Powell

    They was playing rookie and arcade

  • Diallo Miller
    Diallo Miller

    this is definitely on arcade 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Gianluca Tkach
    Gianluca Tkach

    7:15 "RICHARRRRDDD" lmfao

  • Mike reading
    Mike reading


  • Skiturbo

    *please help* I'm new to madden 20 and I only really play exhibition but my question is how do I get the "formation" Option in my play calls? So I can do like pistols and gun passes PLZ HELP!!

  • Matthew Istrash
    Matthew Istrash

    I’m bored

  • Jackson Parker
    Jackson Parker

    Seahawks are my fav

  • Jackson Parker
    Jackson Parker

    Sherman will always be a true seahawk

  • Davesw19

    Aquí al menos no perdió el super bowl

  • James Armstrong
    James Armstrong


  • James Armstrong
    James Armstrong

    Captcha score

  • Lesley Conklin
    Lesley Conklin

    Go Chiefs your amazing

    • Lesley Conklin
      Lesley Conklin


  • Jacob Owen
    Jacob Owen

    richard sucks baltimore beat them

  • Deshawn Forest Jr.
    Deshawn Forest Jr.

    Aye man look at the field goal meter, these niggas playin on rookie