Trump In India: Cricket, Vegetarian Food, Fun With Pronunciation
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
President Trump, who began his visit to India with an address to a massive crowd, is expected to have as much trouble with that country's vegetarian cuisine as he did with pronouncing Indian places and names in his speech. #Monologue #Comedy #Colbert
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  • Abhinav Kumar Choudhary
    Abhinav Kumar Choudhary

    Cheap Show...🙄

  • Drop Out
    Drop Out

    When I watched trump's video for the first I was at utter dispute........... jk I laughed and kept replaying it

  • Abhishek Dasgupta
    Abhishek Dasgupta

    Trump: Swami Vivekamonno Swami Vivekananda after coming back to life: Am I a joke to u?

  • serious

    Awww...I miss this...

  • VegasLowBlower

    guaranteed someone in audience has coronavirus

  • om pandey
    om pandey

    Why American media is "Dumbest"..? Second place goes to " British " media.

  • sancho

    US is lucky to have such an entertaining president.

  • mysterious forest
    mysterious forest

  • mysterious forest
    mysterious forest

  • no one
    no one

    Look a person and subjects deserve nothing

  • Kush Dhuvad
    Kush Dhuvad

    We indian had great fun listening to that speech it was like your stand up

  • Chris Petersen
    Chris Petersen

    Holy crap! Republicans MUST be among the top 5% most retarded on the planet, backing up a massive orange tool instead of just kicking him to the curbe!

  • Jonathan Grabban
    Jonathan Grabban

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    In Sanatan Dharma(vedanta) everything has a scientific significance, some time people don't understand it clearly or misinterpret it


    Namaste has two aspects one is scientific and one is socio-cultural , Scientific - when we shake hands with others we may take infection we never know whose hand is clean or not ,and when we shake hand we lose some energy ,while in namaste we are safe from direct contact and at the same time we save our energy , Socio-cultural- we do namaste because ,it shows you respect others and show your love and submission with your both hands ,by doing this you give a message that your love and affection is clear

  • Lawson Currie
    Lawson Currie

    10:12 omg that fucking killed me

  • Bullet Club
    Bullet Club


  • Christy B
    Christy B

    Ayres: The ultimate Canadian Cinderella story ❤

  • Abhirut Gupta
    Abhirut Gupta


  • Molly Spurgeon
    Molly Spurgeon

    Okay I did not realize what Joy Trump singing luck be a lady tonight could actually bring me.

  • Molly Spurgeon
    Molly Spurgeon

    You know when he said he was the stadium he was going to say it's a great honor to go on to be the new beautiful Center of your applause or something like that and then realized that sounded wrong so he complemented the honor of being in the stadium. You just know that's his line of thinking. Like that totally substitutes and would make sense and just be good enough.

  • Md Shamim Shek
    Md Shamim Shek

    Donald trump : swami bibekamundan Modi feku: do lund trump

  • JG

    my next tattoo: just don’t overdo it.

  • sudipta Samaddar
    sudipta Samaddar

    Is there a real audience? Laughter and cheers in the background sound too fake!

    • sudipta Samaddar
      sudipta Samaddar

      @i like turdles You like turdles?

    • i like turdles
      i like turdles

      Fake like your life?

  • SexyPornStar

    So ironic that they went to Gandhi's home when multiple members of the Prime Minister's party have praised the one who murdered him.

  • Medha Singh
    Medha Singh

    No one's surprised you dislike Bernie, but at least be less transparent. Throughout this campaign you've never once pointed out that Warren was a republican till forty, voted against abortion twice, voted in favour of Trump expanding the military budget and took a job passing off as a coloured woman while moving in the world as white. You can check all of this online.

    • BALD CAT
      BALD CAT

      Ik while Bernie has never changed his values and always stuck to them that's why people love the man

  • Rupesh Jadhav
    Rupesh Jadhav

    He can call those liar words.

  • Itz aman jot Cyngh
    Itz aman jot Cyngh

    5:53 You will like this comment

  • keshav kashyap
    keshav kashyap

    Trump 2020

  • madhuri bhadoria
    madhuri bhadoria

    I am indian n I must say..trump is hilarious..I rilli enjoyed his pronunciation...namaste trump...🙏🙏😀😁😄😃

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    BTW Taj Mahal has nothing to do with Hindu Prayers, This is built by Muslim King.

  • Elfeis Ojeis
    Elfeis Ojeis know who else did, do and will keep doing killings..? do we really need to say it..?

  • Dustin Harford
    Dustin Harford

    5:30 COMEDY GOLD

  • Raven Elmasri
    Raven Elmasri

    Wow, food that doesn’t kill anyone or destroy the planet?!? That’s so radical!!! 😱

  • R P
    R P

    TRUMP 💪 MODI 💪

  • Darcy Bhaiwala
    Darcy Bhaiwala

    Vivekananda ... pronounced exactly at his has spelled

    • Flamin Mongrel
      Flamin Mongrel


  • Al

    I wonder if Colbert could do a whole show without talking politics.

  • AKA 10
    AKA 10

    Sala modi to india ki izzat ko dhajjya kre pade h pure world me

  • Jerin Alisha
    Jerin Alisha

    He is sooo gooood at changing his voice to trump🔥the one from daily show he also used do it well it looks like a lot of ppl can do it

  • Dipanjan Biswas
    Dipanjan Biswas

    Why Americans laughing alltime on trump

  • Rajesh ch
    Rajesh ch

    Modi: Doland trump

  • Gaurav Issar
    Gaurav Issar

    Only Stephen thinks he is funny! He has no clue he is pathetic

  • NeoBandit

    Funny how liberals think Donald Trump is so bad but when asked to give examples of this they can't. All states and cities that are run by liberals are crime infested and high taxes and high cost of living. When they can't take it anymore they leave and want to bring them same policies that caused them to leave that don't work to the new place they are moving to. That doesn't make any sense. What that means is liberal polices even though they sound good to some just don't work. free healthcare free this and free that. Who is going to pay for it? Healthcare is not right it is a privilege it is something you earn. if you want free stuff than go some where else that offers the crap for free and you will find out really fast that it isn't good. Bernie Sander is not good for your country. and is not good for you even if you don't realize it yet.

  • Shawn C.A.
    Shawn C.A.

    Modi doesn't even know how to pronounce Donald. Idiot.

  • Basant Kumar
    Basant Kumar

    Great USA.pls vot Donald j Trump for bright future

  • Rajeev

    Democrats are just as same as leftist Indians.. To win the next election they will insult and miniscule the awesome welcome their own president received in India..I am an Indian I have never seen any american president greeted like this before.

  • k.b ravindra
    k.b ravindra

    It is not fun with pronunciations. It is difficulty with pronunciations . Please use correct phrases. It is advisable for Heads of nations to get trained in these matters before embarking on foreign visits.

  • ShaeShae

    Stephen u will be exposed too

  • Anna Vajda
    Anna Vajda

    How bout Colbert goes to India so we can see how many millions of people DON'T come out to his rally lmao.

  • Avick Saha
    Avick Saha

    #NamasteTrump #HowdyModi 🇮🇳🇺🇲

  • F. O.
    F. O.


  • YuiHritsua

    Im watching and hearing him say things.....all i can think is how ignorant is this guy about India...... And then i read the comment section and realise there are even more ignorant ppl in the world 😅. No wonder this dude has a show....😅

  • sonyahannah

    Say, maybe we could hire that Zamboni driver to help clear out the sludge after Flump is booted out of the White House??

  • Pieter Niemandt
    Pieter Niemandt

    Trump drew a crowd of 129000 in lndia! Amazing.

  • Linn Specialist
    Linn Specialist

    The truth about Trump people meeting the Russia, [spy] lawyer at Trump Tower: that spy lawyer lady showed before them hard evidence that Trump is Putin's slave. Adoption of children is just BS. From that day on, Trump knew he has become Putin's asset. That's the best explanation of Trump's behavior inclining to Putin for the past four years.

  • Pakistan First TM
    Pakistan First TM

    I’m convinced Trump is coming back in 2020.

  • Abhinav Sinha
    Abhinav Sinha

    we love trump and hate bernie sanders,from all you want about trump but he will be your president again.jai hind,jai bharat.

    • BALD CAT
      BALD CAT

      Na Bernie lit God save america

  • Suresh Nair
    Suresh Nair

    - Trump - - no pandering - just doing what is the best for his country -

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin

    Interesting Mr. Cobert! Castro's literacy program is overshadowed by his bad things BOO! Psychopath Trump's presidential illegitimacy being put in by the Russians led by murderous Putin ACCEPTED and TOLERATED!

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin

    Choice Joe Public? More Socialist with Sanders? Or Banana Republic with Trump! Or can't you tell the damn difference!😬

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin

    Socialist? We have a somewhat socialist society now with programs started, run, controlled by Government that YOU the people LOVE! Social Security! Disability payments! Unemployment benefits! Forced ACA that politicians DON'T use!

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin

    Sanders yells and tirades like Trump! Ew!

  • Byju P S
    Byju P S

    We have Italian mummy and son still struggling to speak hindi after 50 years

    • SIDDHARTH gupta
      SIDDHARTH gupta

      Only a few would understand this....😂😂😁

    • Ankit Bhardwaj
      Ankit Bhardwaj


  • remy benosa
    remy benosa

    Stephen colbert must be cancelled disrespectful host but example for young generations.. of America (IDT) unknown who cares America USA

  • Inuyasha TT
    Inuyasha TT

    when stephen pulled out the water

  • LIVing son
    LIVing son

    Trump visited to india for trump tower ...Basically trump will not pay the tax of trump tower to modi government

  • Aved Real Real Debbarma
    Aved Real Real Debbarma

    Indians were in the dying inside after listening to Trump speak those names.

  • Ali Ibrahim
    Ali Ibrahim

    Who brought a peacock at this night !

  • Anil kumar
    Anil kumar

    We are honored you visit india , and nice speach given by him