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Donald Trump visits India for the first time since taking office and gets a surprisingly warm welcome from India’s people. #TheDailyShow

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  • Naseef Naseef
    Naseef Naseef

  • raleppa

    India ain't supporting Trump. It's just that the rally was held in Gujarat. And only sensible Indians would get this.

  • Crazy stuff
    Crazy stuff

    Trump Says:- Narendra Mudi Modi says:- Dolund Trump The Meaning Of this word in Indian Launguage Is Two Dick Trump 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dr Jaikal
    Dr Jaikal

    Why is western media using google as a source of information the wall for instance was started before Trump decided to visit India or maybe these people just like to shame India

  • Abram Khureshi Abram
    Abram Khureshi Abram

  • anoopsivanpillai

    Get lost man.... U need to respect a nation like India and its people. Horrible anchoring... Pity on u

    • anoopsivanpillai

      @Abram Khureshi Abram u need not be sad broad minded fake person

    • Abram Khureshi Abram
      Abram Khureshi Abram

      @anoopsivanpillai Sad about you narrow minded.

    • anoopsivanpillai

      @Abram Khureshi Abram did u watched the full video.. he is making reference here and there and making fun of India with his attitude and the way he talks. I am proud of my nation

    • Abram Khureshi Abram
      Abram Khureshi Abram

      He didn't say anything wrong on India

  • Chandan Kumar
    Chandan Kumar

    I love the line about tika masala

  • GAddict

    All pronounciations were wrong But you spoke hindi very well

  • Arcane

    Doland Trump

  • Kaveri Gojare
    Kaveri Gojare


  • Everything Everywhere
    Everything Everywhere

    His face looks like chicken masala lol

  • Vijay Pratap
    Vijay Pratap

    This bluddy man never seen beautiful india.We own company like jaguar and Landrover automobile but he still showing epic pic cows with old maruti 800 which is rarely seen in india now.

  • Md junaid Ahmed
    Md junaid Ahmed

    Tika masala that's really hatts of


    Commentator should respect his own country

  • Psychology nanana
    Psychology nanana

    Yo Trevor got a whole sentence of hindi correctly . Damn that shit dope. Pound that 👊

  • Mithun Kayi
    Mithun Kayi

    Trump really try ....I love him ....

  • prashant hulamani
    prashant hulamani

    #racist remark brown people Pls reconsider it

  • Trollika Devi
    Trollika Devi

    As an Indian Im angry and embarassed tht my govt spent so much money to spruce up areas just so tht they could 'welcome' this despicable creature who shouldnt even be allowed to wait tables at a burger joint in the middle of nowhere . On the other hand Americansmust be more embarassed to have anything to do with him

  • Deepak Chouhan
    Deepak Chouhan

    Watch from 5:00 it's hilarious

  • Aditya Tiwari
    Aditya Tiwari

    Man Trevor, did you take Hindi lessons in school?


    OMG, you Americans, people should learn how to rost our president from Americans.

  • Adnan Sami
    Adnan Sami

    Hahaha I love this guy

  • Swazti Xaikia
    Swazti Xaikia

    Why would you use the term country of brown people? If only one could find humour out of racism

  • AmitHaltingVids gaming world
    AmitHaltingVids gaming world

    Trevor u r a asshole....😏😆😆

  • Subodh Kumar
    Subodh Kumar

    Not trump india takes trump fool

    • Subodh Kumar
      Subodh Kumar


  • Praveen Raja
    Praveen Raja

    I think daily show don't like trump

  • a guy sense
    a guy sense

    13k people buthurt rn

  • Shootasaurus Rex
    Shootasaurus Rex

    Donald Trump should make a country music cd...

  • DexteR Gaming
    DexteR Gaming

    Yes.. Its 7 million... You don't know that Bitch.... We Indians Can See how Foolish America Journalism is..... Kama sutra,Burger 🤦‍♂️😏Seriously Gys Like This Moron need go to Mental Asylum Institution

  • aadarsh chaturvedi
    aadarsh chaturvedi

    How many of you were shocked when Trevor start spoken Hindi. And how many of you agree that Trevor’s Hindi is awesome??

  • Channel H
    Channel H

    So amazing dude

  • Shebin Siby
    Shebin Siby

    1:30 Sure! That's the reason top American firms like Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo etc require an Indian to head them. 😂

  • Gopi Moyeson
    Gopi Moyeson

    Daily show is very worst show.. there is a worst comedies ever.. don't tease the great president 🙏 he is good man

    • Diana Diara
      Diana Diara

      Wtf idiot??

  • Kapil Sharma
    Kapil Sharma

    What's the name of this anchor

  • Kajal Mehta
    Kajal Mehta

    No no, not all Indians are blinded!

  • sindhu shri
    sindhu shri

    Really I love ur voice and pronunciation from India.

  • Can

    So that's how liberal circlejerk sounds like after all. Drumpfff.... B A D!

  • Knew Tube
    Knew Tube

    Good coverage but bro. Don't try to hurt emotions of Indian people , if ur president is not so good that's ur mistakes coz it is elected by us peoples , it's goodness of our indians that we indians do respect & gives warm welcome to any person which comes to india "atithi devo bhavah",and listen bro. We not only teach kamasutra we teach so many living standards it's capabilities of ur mind that which things attract you more ,next time if you will trying to make fun on india or indian people first read and understand about india's goodness and wisdom , And now when all world is got affected by corona I think the world is trying to understand why we do care of life of every annimal and avoid non veg and why we give respect to environment and nature .... Last but not least namastey bro...

  • Chaudhary Kartik
    Chaudhary Kartik

    They love trump😍

  • Arpan Abinaswar
    Arpan Abinaswar

    1:35 the image you showed is of Bangladesh


    You killed it man 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • New Tiktok Channel
    New Tiktok Channel

    You spread hate about India.U have no right to make fun of Donald Trump and Indian.....U tell shit for being Popular....U have no right to make fun of any person in the World..... Respect to all,,,damm it

  • Sumee

    I'm Indian and I loved this SO much!

  • Pushparaj Krishnan
    Pushparaj Krishnan

    You look like son of Trump.

  • Nabam tani hina
    Nabam tani hina


  • Yogendra Rajpoot
    Yogendra Rajpoot

    Still laughing

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma

    Nobody likes trump in India trevor....its just a hoax been fed to you guys in america to make you feel good... Only memes were made post he left🤣🤣😜

    • Ankita Pr
      Ankita Pr

      @Rahul Sharma which Obama did not ,Obama use to give millions of aid to Pak

    • Ankita Pr
      Ankita Pr

      @Rahul Sharma huh , uncle don't u understand simple fact of stopping funding to Pak ,it does not matter he meet with Pak pm ,it's America policy to interfere but Trump stop every funding to Pak

    • Rahul Sharma
      Rahul Sharma

      @Ankita Pr thr is a difference between blabbering something and actually doing something....Trump has done nothing but talks....he even invited pak PM for discussion and gave him more that how someone takes a toll on terrorism??

    • Ankita Pr
      Ankita Pr

      @Rahul Sharma I hate every American president equally anyway, but only thing which I like about Trump is he is harsh on terrorism , and it's good for India

    • Ankita Pr
      Ankita Pr

      U r asking that u r aware very much The first action against Pak and important one was he stop giving big funds for Pak , which Obama was giving , I hate Obama more then Trump in that area

  • maxxi blogs
    maxxi blogs

    I like your hindi....not bad...

  • maxxi blogs
    maxxi blogs

    Nyc mimicry buddy..of from India

  • StraightMen God
    StraightMen God

    I’m sorry only like 10% Indians like trump and they are emotionally unstable

  • Semira Mohammed
    Semira Mohammed


  • Mayank Bhardwaj
    Mayank Bhardwaj

    He is a Nigga with Talent Lol ! 😂👍

  • shailesh gujarkar
    shailesh gujarkar

    I said only to you नमस्ते ( namaste)🙏

  • abhishek anand
    abhishek anand

    Hatts off sir I am a Indian but your sarcasm is really awesome. But I request to make a video on Indian pm too

  • Shweta Karande
    Shweta Karande

    This was Hillarious 😀😀Trevor speaking Hindi 😁It was Awesome ❤️ Trevor u make us fall in love with you again and again every day ❤️ Love from India ❤️❤️❤️

  • Surjeet Kamate
    Surjeet Kamate

    We treat our guest as God that's why our government treated him like that k but as u said his language pronouncing was funny

  • End oF StorY
    End oF StorY


  • Somnath Acherjee
    Somnath Acherjee

    Real fun 👌

  • Pramoja Raj P
    Pramoja Raj P

    Good one

  • Kartik Nigam
    Kartik Nigam

    "Swami vivek - Do lund "


    Your hindi is mind blowing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Vinod Kumar
    Vinod Kumar

    Libtards are an issue in both India and USA

  • Divanshu Sharma
    Divanshu Sharma

    Trevor has got such good indian accent while speaking hindi....hatsoff man😂♥️

  • Rishika Dash
    Rishika Dash

    See our tradition is our extreme happiness We were glad of his visit and will show such greet for any foreigner who is a president Don't you clean your homes when any guest comes


    *me watching trump saying indian words* Trump : Deal with it !😎😂 *modi exists* Modi : Mr. DOLAND Trump👻😂

  • Vijay Karhale
    Vijay Karhale

    F u

  • Tando Bleck
    Tando Bleck

    What’s ur issue with president Trump?? Hahahahaha he’s an amazing president

  • Fuck UP
    Fuck UP

    Dis guy is as hilarious as trump🤣

  • ashutosh gaur
    ashutosh gaur

    nailed it donald jaipal trump.

  • Chandan Shaw
    Chandan Shaw