Try Not To Laugh Challenge #38 w/ Tom Lennon
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Tom Lennon and Ghostmates Director Jack Henry Robbins are here to try and make is LAUGH!
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  • A Random Ambipom
    A Random Ambipom

    brb shipping courtney and jack

  • IronAhyden

    Love that prince shirt!

  • Ashley Hartin
    Ashley Hartin

    is it just me or does Shayne look good in glasses when courtney was in the hot seat

  • Max Richards
    Max Richards

    10:58 The Weirdest Thing Damien has Ever Said!

  • Wolfqueen 888
    Wolfqueen 888

    love the Glee skit!

  • FoxxxFatal

    I immediately bust out laughing at the "I came here in a really expensive car" bit

  • roblox_awsomeness Michele kane
    roblox_awsomeness Michele kane

    is tom lennon married

  • treyspurge

    How have they never had Tom Green? This screams Freddy Got Fingered!

  • •Agaki spills Tea•
    •Agaki spills Tea•

    15:51 Oh mah god i cought Smosh editors

  • Maddox Moody
    Maddox Moody

    Paul Blart?

  • jeffrey hupp
    jeffrey hupp

    Tom Lennon is on the movie monster trucks

  • Jonny D Reeves
    Jonny D Reeves

    Why did the 2nd to last one fail? Ian spat all his water out... 😯

  • GameAce6

    That Ash Ketchum impression was spot on!

  • Justin Iverson
    Justin Iverson

    With the baby oil! “Cooooool...”

  • Hot-Like-The-Summer Colder-Than-Winter
    Hot-Like-The-Summer Colder-Than-Winter

    10:50 picks up the whole divider.

  • IncorporationXII

    Can we just say how at 8:24 he just sounds like john mulaney so much

  • mac gaither
    mac gaither

    Tom Lennon is the son of John Lennon. Seriously. just the wrong John Lennon

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case

    Why doesn't Tom Lennon age?

  • april sampson
    april sampson


  • Bean Breakers
    Bean Breakers

    Courtney is bad at making people laugh

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Thomas Lennon visited my school to sell a kids book last year and I forgot about him till now.

  • Jamilyn Giberson
    Jamilyn Giberson

    I was really hoping Damien was gonna say “17 again” when mentioning movies Tom was in, that’s one of my favorite movies 😂

  • Susanne Wolf
    Susanne Wolf

    Tom Lennon being Robert Downey jr. for 21 minutes

  • my brooklyn baby
    my brooklyn baby

    Jack is lowkey very cute...

  • Evelyn Leggett
    Evelyn Leggett

    hannah where do u think ur going? give me 1 no 2 no 4 actually 6, 8 ,10 actually hannah baker give me 13 reasons why ur leaving! i kill my self at work almost everyday 😂😂😂 i lose it

  • DeanTastic

    “WOOO” 3:17

  • BlueflameKing1

    10:47, okay, legit, how has that never been done before?

  • Kiwipeach18

    When shane said I make the star wars noises I yelled “YOUR WATCHING DISNEY CHANNEL”

  • dellilah jamees
    dellilah jamees

    when shayne was making the "13 reasons why" joke, he reminded me of Jon Matteson for some reason.

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas

    How was 19:13 a fail? He spit out the water

  • Drew Downs
    Drew Downs

    Don’t forget he played in 17 again

  • Brooke Jacobs
    Brooke Jacobs

    Damien is so underrated i swear-

  • Omg Hi
    Omg Hi

    Courtney has a redhead I APPLAUD your hair!!!

  • Noah Deibler
    Noah Deibler

    I can’t tell what Ian said while doing the Conan impression

  • Violet Cook
    Violet Cook

    I'm starting to not like valley folk anymore...

  • Skull TV
    Skull TV

    Jack: You look like my sister Also Jack: **gets close to Courtney** SWEET HOME ALABAMA

  • Jack Smellington
    Jack Smellington

    Isn’t that the guy from 17 again! I love that movie!!

  • Will Jacks
    Will Jacks

    Jack robbins face and smile makes me laugh hard af just that alone kills me lol

  • Olivia Kirkbride
    Olivia Kirkbride

    D͟i͟d͟ a͟n͟y͟o͟n͟e͟ e͟l͟s͟e͟ s͟e͟e͟ t͟h͟e͟ k͟e͟y͟ n͟o͟t͟e͟

  • Emmalee Arias
    Emmalee Arias

    When Tom Lennon walked out with his mop -o nOo got to clean up her failures

  • Arch M
    Arch M

    Tom Lennon looks like a mix between Paul Blart and Ron Swanson

  • Ron Josh Ytem
    Ron Josh Ytem

    This episode is underrated

  • Neji Hyuuga
    Neji Hyuuga

    I cannot stop watching you guys!

  • Alex Barkley
    Alex Barkley

    where can we find your movie on vhs

  • Awais Hussain
    Awais Hussain

    Tom Lennon looks like Dr Phill but with hair.

  • Coffee Crispy
    Coffee Crispy


  • Ashmit dey
    Ashmit dey

    At 17:45,i had coke in my mouth, Well you know the rest.....

  • Gingy plyz We
    Gingy plyz We

    Nobody: Courtney’s hair:🛑⭕️🛑⭕️⭕️⭕️🛑⭕️⭕️⭕️🛑

  • Andrew Ross
    Andrew Ross

    He put one shirt and said no thanks lol lol that’s pretty good there

  • Sammie1053

    Does Tom Lennon just show up in every comedy thing happening in the LA area?

  • Chris Hromek
    Chris Hromek

    If you guys ever want a fire eater on the show let me know!

  • Hannah Finnegan
    Hannah Finnegan

    Oh My God!!! 😂😂😂

  • Sam Verhaaren
    Sam Verhaaren

    What does ian say at like 4:30 that's not ok for the times

  • Caroline K
    Caroline K

    Tom looked like a skinny paul blart tbh

  • IzZabel123

    I watched it and the part when they promote the movie it said fail but he spat it was a success

  • Damanticore

    I'm so angry Ian spit out the water at hello future but they still said he failed.

  • Asher Aka Emberlynn
    Asher Aka Emberlynn

    Oh my gosh vhyes came out on my 15th birthday

  • Gaby Laboy
    Gaby Laboy

    Does Tom remind anyone of Johnny Depp??..just me?😂

  • Brock Sorrells
    Brock Sorrells

    Not gonna lie I thought Tom was Paul Blart and that was why they had him on.

  • Krissi- Dogz
    Krissi- Dogz

    Mom says it’s my turn for the Xbox needs to be a ringtone 😂

  • DiKottamy

    Now that Supernatural is coming to an end, I think Misha Collins would make a pretty great guest on this show!

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    Wait a minute, Tom Lennon was in that ‘Puppet Master’ movie from 2018!

  • GenesisJade

    So many of these were hilarious but I can’t stop replaying “Mom says it’s my turn for the Xbox”

  • Kandy Peak
    Kandy Peak

    I like how Ian is clean sometimes

  • hines chris
    hines chris

    20:07 so I'll never lose it

  • Cameruption 555
    Cameruption 555

    15:50 jeez demonetisation are knocking at smoshes door

  • Lazer Blazer
    Lazer Blazer

    11:48 if i had a younger sister she would be like that

  • hutchej

    “And we now return to the Viking tennis league “ “yeaghea” agugha” random sounds always get me lol😂😂😂

  • Troy's Thomas
    Troy's Thomas

    Little cus boi it 7:42

  • Troy's Thomas
    Troy's Thomas

    LoL 5:30