Trying Weird Food Combinations People Love w/ Josh Peck!
so josh peck and i are trying weird food combinations that people love and guys some of these food combinations are so insane!! which one food combo would you try? xo -alisha marie
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**IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "cheetos"

  • Anjani’s Videos
    Anjani’s Videos

    Not hating but I thought you don’t have dairy

  • kate warner
    kate warner

    omg I love josh peck he was on fuller house

  • I V Y S K A I
    I V Y S K A I

    haha some of these are so weird! Inspired by this I've just done a video on my channel...not a good time 😂😂😂

  • Adeline

    Fried Rice and Wassabi. I LOVE IT


    You need to try potato chips with ketchup!! It’s so good

  • Allaura Faydo
    Allaura Faydo

    My grandma used to eat fried eggs and peanut butter, and I thought it was the weirdest thing.

  • Adrieana Hamran
    Adrieana Hamran

    Nutella/ mayonnaise on pickles with bread 😋😋😋D-LICIOUS

  • Goomw Love
    Goomw Love

    I mean you atleast met someone from fuller house he was there in 1 episode! Lucky you!

  • cameron michie
    cameron michie

    you should of done hot cheetos and milk

  • Sean Riddle
    Sean Riddle


  • Grace Carr
    Grace Carr

    **cheetos i rlly want to try the fries with honey

  • Dymond Tanks
    Dymond Tanks

    Is that that the boy off of drake and josh

  • Jordyns camera roll Mooney
    Jordyns camera roll Mooney

    Carrots and ketchup

  • Lexi reavis
    Lexi reavis

    I love your videos will you please follow me

  • RSSAlarms

    What about pop tarts+butter or bagels+mustard?

  • Payton Clucas
    Payton Clucas

    I like peanut butter on pizza as the sauce

  • Payton Clucas
    Payton Clucas

    Also peanut butter on pizza

  • Payton Clucas
    Payton Clucas

    One of my weird food combinations is fries with chocolate shakes most people like that

  • Scott Skinner
    Scott Skinner

    Try pbj sandwich 🥪 with potato chips

  • Kloey Oversmith
    Kloey Oversmith

    I like nuggets and caramel!!!!

  • Jessica Hill
    Jessica Hill

    My science teacher said a woman’s private area is moist..

  • ayitsaleyahh

    haha, i hate tomatoes too!

  • advika ram
    advika ram

    ok but mcdonalds fries w their strawberry milkshakes are sooo fricken good omg

  • Rachel White
    Rachel White

    burger king chicken fries in a cherry icee! or regular nuggets... along with the fries too :)

  • Lucy Foy
    Lucy Foy

    Pringles on pepperoni pizza isss amazing

  • EPCC

    Try oranges and chocolate syrup it’s delicious

  • cho eliza
    cho eliza

    My favorite food combination that I did as a child was waffles with ketchup by itself or with syrup. I loved it as a child and I really want to see your reaction to it! I made my friend try it and she said that she liked it! Lol... ok bye💜

  • Mommy Living
    Mommy Living

    I love hot sauce on regular popcorn but I never thought to try it on kettle corn ever. Now I’ll have to try it 😂

  • p p
    p p

    One piece of toast Nutella cheese bacon strawberry jam so freaking good☺️

  • SavannahGamingHere

    try macaroni and cheese+pickles, bagel with cream cheese+doritos cool ranch

  • Sarah Abbas
    Sarah Abbas

    Chloe and sadbobby forever love you alisha also does anyone else know why I commented this

  • Emily Northedge
    Emily Northedge

    Yo McDonald’s chips (french fries) dipped in McDonald’s strawberry milkshake is where it’s at



  • Brooke Ellison
    Brooke Ellison

    I’m watching this at 1:00 am and I’m over here cracking up and craving food 😂😂

  • Lexie Meyers
    Lexie Meyers

    You should try bbq chips and frosted Cheerios it’s so good

  • 나를아름다운

    bro his beard makes him look like my uncle and jesus combined

  • Laura Mays
    Laura Mays

    My friend and I tried takis soft ice cream and it’s actually so goodd

  • Anna Leone
    Anna Leone

    try pizza with ranch dressing...

  • charlot h
    charlot h

    weird food combinations idea: takis and nutella

  • chelsea louise
    chelsea louise

    9:26😭😭 ‘i think its just two the boot and the circle’

  • Ava Argitis
    Ava Argitis

    Alisha the boy your sitting next to is that your boyfriend

    • Kaylen Vlog’s
      Kaylen Vlog’s

      Ava Argitis no

  • Ayri Kiral
    Ayri Kiral

    Lays potato chips with cottages cheese(the bomb)

  • Arielize Lugo
    Arielize Lugo

    You guys should try Wendy's fries with the Wendy's frostys dipped together, I love it!! Dip the fries into a vanilla frosty and it will be heaven 😍❤️

  • Campbell McKenzie
    Campbell McKenzie

    The amount of likes this gets is how many times they said “love that”

  • Khaille Chenise
    Khaille Chenise

    you should really try this: mix 1 tbsp ketchup with 1 tbsp mayonaise. then, pop some good `ol buttered popcorn. finally, dip the buttered popcorn in the ketchup and mayo dip. THIS IS ACTUALLY GOOOOOOD

    • allie enderes
      allie enderes

      they make this stuff called mayochup now so you don't have to mix them yourself! love this combo btw

  • Ethel cringe Asmr
    Ethel cringe Asmr

    OMG you ShOULD TRY MANGO AND NUTELLA it is literally the best thing ever

  • Clara Hjorth
    Clara Hjorth

    Try cucumbers with salsa!

  • Mar Ley
    Mar Ley

    Omg you need to try Cheetos with plain humus!! It sounds weird but it tastes so good!! No joke it’s so good!!!

  • Violet Myers
    Violet Myers

    Fries and icecream

  • Amanda Tirri
    Amanda Tirri

    Try doritos with sour cream

  • Sydne Goodlett
    Sydne Goodlett

    Corned beef, cream cheese, and pickle rolled together

  • Ryan


  • Ruttana K
    Ruttana K

    Something really good is salted popcorn with gummy bears

  • Getzemeni lozano
    Getzemeni lozano

    Girl alisha you neeeed to try hot wings with milk and popcorn with ketchup and jelly and crackers please for the next video

  • Alonna P
    Alonna P

    ok so i love your podcasts and they are part of my thursday routine:))

  • Emily Wood
    Emily Wood

    Honestly best video

  • Peyton P.
    Peyton P.

    Where I live we eat sopapillas and honey, so I'm sure fries are very similar. Might have to try that.

  • Rebecca MacPherson
    Rebecca MacPherson

    Please make your summer videos again I miss them

  • Aeknoor G
    Aeknoor G

    Try pasta and original patato lays crunched on top of the pasta

  • Leela Laver
    Leela Laver

    Hummus and chocolate oaties Marmite pasta

  • lulu Contreras
    lulu Contreras

    Omg try spicy Doritos and Nutella it’s actually good 😂😂

  • Eun bi Go
    Eun bi Go

    have you EVER try popcorn and peanut butter IT GOOD

  • Warrior Girl
    Warrior Girl

    Whens schoollisha

  • Ruby Zoll
    Ruby Zoll

    Why was I thinking about all the food they aren’t eating 😂

  • Art by Michelle
    Art by Michelle

    Please do another milaurisha collab?

  • KrisAngel2012

    When the French Fries and honey came up I just cheered! One of my favorite combos

  • Isabelle Risberg
    Isabelle Risberg

    Chicken nuggets in caramel was my life when mcds used to give out the little caramel packet thing. Also pizza with cottage cheese

    • Kiera Desai
      Kiera Desai

      OMG SAME

  • Mia Trujillo
    Mia Trujillo

    white choc chips with goldfish

  • EmmaMarie Barnhart
    EmmaMarie Barnhart

    I ALWAYS put salt on my watermelon

  • Elly Dillon
    Elly Dillon

    Steak and sour cream