Trying Weird Food Combinations People Love w/ Josh Peck!
so josh peck and i are trying weird food combinations that people love and guys some of these food combinations are so insane!! which one food combo would you try? xo -alisha marie
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**IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "cheetos"

  • Audri Miller
    Audri Miller

    fries with a blue berry slushie but it can only be from mc donalds

  • Sabrina Calisi,
    Sabrina Calisi,

    Watermelon and salt Is sooooooooo good

  • Sabrina Calisi,
    Sabrina Calisi,

    Try bacon and syrup or fruit and syrup

  • OMEGA Banshee
    OMEGA Banshee

    Do Doritos mixed with sour cream

    • OMEGA Banshee
      OMEGA Banshee

      Cheese doeitos

  • Trinity kershaw
    Trinity kershaw

    Cheetos and milk is my fave

  • Angie

    He's from New Hampshire, girls. Love Josh.

  • Camila Jimenez
    Camila Jimenez

    French fries and honey are so good

  • Hannah Glitterstorm
    Hannah Glitterstorm

    you should try ritz crackers with strawberry yogurt, and peces of cheese sticks!!!!! I swear by it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw ❤️ u alisha!

  • TD Courtney
    TD Courtney

    This brings back so many memories from Drake and Josh! ❤

  • Sanja Goceva
    Sanja Goceva

    this made me rewatch frake and joah

  • Dominique Wilkerson
    Dominique Wilkerson

    this isn’t really weird but salmon is really good w A1 sauce and takis are amazing w cream cheese 🥰

  • Torva

    I have a weird food combo that I really want you to try! This was an accident btw. I know this sounds weird but I SWEAR it's good I mean for me but its pickles and Rice Krispies I know it sounds weird but like it kinda makes sense you know like pickles are sweet and sour and Rice Krispies are sweet too and it has to be Rice Krispies with the chocolate drizzle that chocolate just adds a nice chocolate taste to it.

  • Cøtton Sky
    Cøtton Sky

    I love French fries with honey

  • novaleesr world 999
    novaleesr world 999

    Peanut butter and honey sandwich

  • Its yaboi
    Its yaboi

    Me and my mexican family thinking that the popcorn with hot sauce was normal lol

  • Cadence Wood
    Cadence Wood

    You should try strawberries with soy sauce. Even though it sounds kind of gross

  • Vern R
    Vern R

    If you ever do another video like this please try string cheese and ranch dressing. I know it probably sounds gross but I used to eat it all the time😂 Btw I’m a small TR-myr♥️

  • Mallory Hannah
    Mallory Hannah

    Watching this I got so many food cravings.

  • Jocelyn Baeza
    Jocelyn Baeza

    Hot Cheetos and Nutella is my favorite combination😍

  • Random Rainbow
    Random Rainbow

    josh:Tastes like school Translation : It tastes like hell

  • HogwartsLemonDropCreamsicleFloat

    I love this video!!💕

  • Olivia Medina
    Olivia Medina

    omg i relate to joshua i hate tomatoes btw your amazing

  • Ebybeartheonly

    weirdly french fries dipped in frozen coke from mcdonalds. like OMFG ITS AMAZING. luv your vids btw

  • Ryan Mullen
    Ryan Mullen

    You should try pizza crust and sprite! It's soooooo good!

  • Nicole Thomerson
    Nicole Thomerson

    He reminds me of Josh from drake and josh

  • Rebecca Gamble
    Rebecca Gamble

    Try hot Cheeto with pickles

  • Niamh Houldsworth
    Niamh Houldsworth


  • Charlotte Utting
    Charlotte Utting

    i definitely see alisha with an Australian. you know like tall, sporty and tan. kinda like liam or chris hemsworth vibes

  • haley hohn
    haley hohn

    has no one notice thats josh from drake and josh

  • Lacy Bardoner
    Lacy Bardoner

    I feel like josh is kinda like the Ross in friends😂

  • Javine Whitter
    Javine Whitter

    Everyone loves Josh peck like who doesn't

  • Maselle Ivy
    Maselle Ivy

    I always eat apples with salt also water melon and pineapple

  • Sierra Hickam
    Sierra Hickam


  • Janenzy chavez
    Janenzy chavez


  • Janenzy chavez
    Janenzy chavez

    If Alisha was in the vlogsquad I feel like she would just be the girl Jason is always yelling at😂

  • Sarah Linnea
    Sarah Linnea

    You should try French fries with milkshake!

  • Ivy Warner
    Ivy Warner

    Any one else getting a flashback of when Alisha did the same thing with Shane?? Loved both of them❤️

  • Greta the Gymnast
    Greta the Gymnast

    Omg he is so sweet 😊

  • Elizabeth Woodrum
    Elizabeth Woodrum

    carrots peanut butter

  • eMi wOrLeY
    eMi wOrLeY

    Tbh, Franks red hot and strawberry ice cream is sooooooo good. IDK if there's something wrong with me but its delish! :3

  • awesome-ally4

    OMG you need to try a penutbutter sandwich but with pickles and the bread has to be white bread

  • Abigale Holmes
    Abigale Holmes

    my brother dips chicken nuggets in apple sauce

  • Judita Kvederytė
    Judita Kvederytė

    Try rice with oranges or white bread with butter and sugar.

  • Ni

    I’m vietnam some places have butter and sugar served with French fries but u don’t mix the butter and sugar u just put one on each side of the sauce bowl. Try it

  • Steven Rempel
    Steven Rempel

    My brother looks like what he described

  • Edger A Poe
    Edger A Poe

    Dipping buttered popcorn in Ketchup 👌🏽 and also ketchup with scrambled eggs 🤤

  • Elyse Song
    Elyse Song

    I think its HOT CHEETOS and milk

  • Lauren Lowery
    Lauren Lowery

    Orange juice (OJ I think you call it?) Dip biscuit in orange juice. So good! My mum also thinks gravy and pasta is bad but I love it

  • Reese R
    Reese R

    Who’s watching in 2020🥰

  • Emma Turpin
    Emma Turpin

    they sould try pizza and TCBY

  • suzy sheep324
    suzy sheep324

    Apples with salt and chilli powder

  • Trent Bates
    Trent Bates


  • Gabby Carriere
    Gabby Carriere

    Is he from drake and josh

  • Gabby Carriere
    Gabby Carriere

    Yall should try pineapple and peanut butter also yall should try popcorn and chocolate

  • Falan Nichols
    Falan Nichols

    Please do one with Josh and Shane!!!!!!❤😂❤😂❤😂

  • Abbi Harmon
    Abbi Harmon

    hi alisha if your going to do another one of these vids i love putting salt and a LOT of pepper on cantaloupe just if u need ideas! i love it! ❤️❤️ thanks

  • Isabel Watts
    Isabel Watts

    sliced apples and mustard....

  • Zainab azam
    Zainab azam

    Alisha's jacket:10% off 2 seconds later Alisha's jacket:50% off 10 seconds later Alisha's jacket:all off

  • Truly_ Lola
    Truly_ Lola

    Josh is a mood this whole video

  • Alessia Pimentel
    Alessia Pimentel

    you should try almonds and ketchup

  • aleena sheikh
    aleena sheikh

    Alisha: it just tastes like Cheetos and milk josh: tell me more!!!!!! me : BAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHABABAHHAHAHHAHAAHHA Alisha: BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA josh: * chuckles* me: ........

  • Krystle Kernot
    Krystle Kernot

    Popcorn on a peanut butter sandwich is amazing

  • Krystle Kernot
    Krystle Kernot

    It is hot Cheetos and milk I've never tried this before

  • Joanna Sarber
    Joanna Sarber

    Do peppers and peanut butter

  • Daily Aly
    Daily Aly

    i might have to try some of these 😂

  • Ruben Velez
    Ruben Velez

    Love you both💛. Hope to see more collabs in the future.

  • Renuka

    Wtf I've been having apples with salt my whole life.

  • J D
    J D

    Try carrots and apple sauce

  • Dxppressed _izzy
    Dxppressed _izzy

    this might be weird but i eat french fries and Applesauce

  • ceridwen cooper
    ceridwen cooper

    mine is bannana and honey