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    I’m scared

    • Shannon Michelle
      Shannon Michelle

      LARRAY sameeeee

    • Keont'a Legree
      Keont'a Legree


    • Uggg : jk
      Uggg : jk

      Hey LARRAY if you see this please respond I need to know what video editor you use

    • Depressed Shit
      Depressed Shit

      Same 😂😂

    • Larri Llamas
      Larri Llamas

      LARRAY same

  • Shifter Combat
    Shifter Combat

    I Like Doggies They Fluffy and Cutiee

  • Shaista Barati
    Shaista Barati

    I need a bad b???? Uha Addison Rae

    • Shifter Combat
      Shifter Combat

      Where’s my marial

  • Isabel Napier
    Isabel Napier


    • Shifter Combat
      Shifter Combat

      Cause they need to acknowledge it

  • Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson

    The Hurt in his voice when he Said I Wear those Omg my heart

  • JoJo Collins
    JoJo Collins

    Me Wanting to be a teen and grown up me not :(

  • 《Emman 》
    《Emman 》

    The fact that my favorite TR-myr ever is born on the same date as me is crazy

  • Kelsey Brennan
    Kelsey Brennan

    Grayson has gotten a surprise.On a old TR-my vid Ethan made Grayson fall in a ditch and poured stuff on him in the cold

  • kylie west
    kylie west

    Hey where’s my L A RR I that’s me That’s my jam🙁

  • NotxSean

    Emma and James looks rrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyy different here

  • itskxmmy

    *larray: plays with addisons hair the whole time* 😂

  • zoey moats
    zoey moats

    Larray: “my biggest fear is drowning.” Me: “almost drowns 307437315953645475 times”

  • abigail jackson
    abigail jackson

    is it just me or does James and Emma look different

  • Sunshine Nursery:Sophia
    Sunshine Nursery:Sophia

    Larray my birthday is July 27th😎

  • Ezra Shirshac
    Ezra Shirshac

    nobody Addison: *fake laugh*

  • Alexa Mejia
    Alexa Mejia

    Larray: who are you Ethan: I aM BoSS baBy

  • Ava GARCIA
    Ava GARCIA

    I am dieing and u don’t care I literally just choked on water 🤮🥺🥺

  • Avery Lockwood
    Avery Lockwood

    squad g o a l s

  • Annoying Apple
    Annoying Apple

    16:02 same here buddy 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Darling Charming
    Darling Charming

    sister squad looks different here

  • brissia palencia
    brissia palencia

    Funny how I got an ad of Addison while watching

  • kylie hammond
    kylie hammond


  • kylie hammond
    kylie hammond


  • Monse Castro
    Monse Castro

    Addisons laugh is uglyyy

  • Kelly Hernandez
    Kelly Hernandez

    Next video u guys should go to Vegas lmao 😬😂

  • Alysia Johnson
    Alysia Johnson

    Ok um is it just me Or does the sound keep going out a few times

    • Bella


  • ISupermann 007
    ISupermann 007

    sister squad 2.0

  • Kylee Taylor
    Kylee Taylor

    lol i found my fav vid

  • StaarFromTheClouds

    Those 5.6k dislikes are from the people that wore the “inspiration from bacteria outfits” 😂 (I’m not funny) :,)

  • Ivy nguyen
    Ivy nguyen

    6:33 is it just me or is parts mute

    • Katie

      Yea mine was too I was so confused

  • Tia Ross
    Tia Ross

    no one: literally no one: larray and addison being the best friendship I have ever seen and being so obsessed wif eachother🥰

  • brad roers
    brad roers

    when the dolan twins find a new squad

  • jvicekth

    bruh at 2:23 i flinched omfg

  • _____Stich_____ Stuffix
    _____Stich_____ Stuffix

    “Get the girl a damn avocado” 🥺

  • Alyanna Pelayo
    Alyanna Pelayo

    omg i just realized that grayson kinda looks like thomas 🤭😂

  • Alyanna Pelayo
    Alyanna Pelayo

    bruh, its obvious that grayson likes laRrY

  • Lumen The Protogen
    Lumen The Protogen

    did anyone else have the audio cut out at points?

    • Lololololol Baby
      Lololololol Baby

      For copyright

  • Dumb._. Lily
    Dumb._. Lily

    When Addison was twerking it made me wonder how they act irl..

  • Samy GH
    Samy GH

    addison:WTF!!!IS GOING ON?!

  • Kensington Mao
    Kensington Mao

    Is it just me or do thy remind you of the sister squad

    • Lololololol Baby
      Lololololol Baby

      Dont ruin them like we did the sister squad

  • Shirley Carter
    Shirley Carter

    When Addison said I don’t like being alone me girllllllllllll I’m the same thing!!!!

  • strxwberrymilkkk

    i -want- *NEED* addison and larray’s friendship

  • Scorps Lov
    Scorps Lov

    3:22 that was sooo cute lmao Addison: really 🥺🥰 Grayson: yeah😋😄🥺

  • faerieCymone

    peak entertainment . 🥰🥰

  • TokyoSakura

    Tmw you try watching the video but the audio cuts out at like the best moments

  • i post random songs and videos
    i post random songs and videos

    6:31 i love how this part is muted but yes queen ethan ur speech is the bomb

  • Jordan Barker
    Jordan Barker

    The fact someone is gay but acts like a girl

    • Lololololol Baby
      Lololololol Baby


  • Satans Favorite child: Me, King Suga
    Satans Favorite child: Me, King Suga

    I legit was so confused on what they were saying when I noticed my speed was 1.25x and I was mad because I could've noticed it earlier but No- I had to notice at the end of the video-

  • Phunk

    Why did i accidentally hit the dislike

  • Mayra Villegas
    Mayra Villegas

    Lol larry has the same birthday as me jully 22

  • ice coffee
    ice coffee

    nobody: kids being petty when they lose in a game: 5:48

  • DoomDuck01


  • Liv C
    Liv C

    Do you want gum Grayson: I’d love to have a slice

  • Natalee

    Grayson+Addison=Gaddison Ethan+Emma=Ethma AND THAT'S ON PERIODT

  • Natalee

    this is the future sister squad

  • Lacey Crouch
    Lacey Crouch

    17:35 can we talk about how Grayson hugged Larry?

    • Lololololol Baby
      Lololololol Baby

      He felt bad bc he was yelling at larray for almost loosing the footage

  • Zipporah C-B
    Zipporah C-B

    *6:47* grayson *talking to addison: do yu have baby fever?* addison: *no i dont...* grayson: 😟😕

  • Samantha Garcia
    Samantha Garcia

    am i the only one who’s audio cut out every now and then

    • Lololololol Baby
      Lololololol Baby

      If you watched the video when it came out it didnt have audio cuts

    • Lololololol Baby
      Lololololol Baby

      For copyright

    • Chad

      me too

  • Mariama Diallo
    Mariama Diallo

    When Larry was playing with addison's hair the only thing i was thinking in my head was addison saying let my hair go bitch 🤣🤣

  • Elaine Wang
    Elaine Wang

    Larray: "We sticked to ourselves during the video" Also Larray: *hugging Addi bestie the whole time* (Honestly such a cute friendship)

  • DragonBlox

    LMAO 14:18 LMAO

  • Bib1027

    LARRAY u need to meet @levinhotho irl on tiktok my bae 🥰 hes german he’s cute he’s funny he’s tiktok famous he’s dope as frig hell make tiktoks wiht u whenever they y’all would be sum good friends ahaha🤪

  • Life with Nana
    Life with Nana

    the amount of times i watched this is not ok

    • Rl


  • VinPai !
    VinPai !

    I’m coming out today JAVABAUAVAWUW


    2:24 Am I the only one who saw those spit particles?!

  • Destiny Bartolo Rojas
    Destiny Bartolo Rojas

    Grayson does things to impress addison and and Ethan is very shy around her I think they both like her

    • Lololololol Baby
      Lololololol Baby

      No gray does and ethan confirmed on insta that he is dating kristina

  • Kyanneplayz

    I love larry💓💓

  • beth mcconkey
    beth mcconkey

    your edits are killing me

  • aesthetics 000
    aesthetics 000

    If I don’t meet you I will die and that’s on what...

    • Lololololol Baby
      Lololololol Baby


  • Kate Kremer
    Kate Kremer

    is the audio messed up of is that just me

    • Lololololol Baby
      Lololololol Baby

      He had to remove audio bc of copyright