UFC 246: Conor McGregor vs. Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone Preview Show | ESPN MMA
Ariel Helwani and Chael Sonnen get you ready for UFC 246 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, as Conor McGregor takes on Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in the main event.
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  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones

    Come on i love Steve-O but, you wouldn't see him getting interviewed ring side at a Canelo fight. Up your game ESPN.

  • emmanuel joseph
    emmanuel joseph

    Am a bit late to beat Conor grab him turn him into wrestling he doesn’t like to grab

  • Carter McMullan
    Carter McMullan

    Shut up dum dum

  • jeremiah adams
    jeremiah adams

    like if they should stop talking

  • ElJuanito


  • Hawkeyekj 1
    Hawkeyekj 1

    40 Seconds. WOW.

  • Chris Vinson
    Chris Vinson

    See all the haters out there hating on Conner he proved all you guys wrong

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith

    Who care why conor gained weight ... He is eating like a king and conor looked mighty good at 170 pound's.... I wouldn't be surprised if conor snatched the welter weight championship belt either... Conor is a super star..

  • abeeftec

    "For Butter or for warse"

  • Jeremiah DeLosSantos
    Jeremiah DeLosSantos

    Would love to see McGregor and Cerrone do a fight camp together. They obviously respect t each other which amazing for connor. Hes never come out and be so respectful to anyone. I really love this side of connor. Humble and respectful. That is growth and maturity. Love it.


    Let's see conner vs that elderly man he sucker punched in the head

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith

    This stream didn’t last long lol

  • over opinionated
    over opinionated

    Fake Fight Cowboy Was A Paid Actor

  • Tyler Colden
    Tyler Colden

    Riged Donald was retiring coner wants back in bc he blew his cash will never watch agian also coner saying at waigh in b4 fight u will see alot more of me...fixed man

  • Christian LIVE
    Christian LIVE

    I told you cerrone had a glass jaw, it was the easy victory for mcgregor

  • juntao11

    Look like COWBOY talk a fall. Didn't think he would go out like that 👊👊

  • 4thandinches

    Start time of fight, almost the same as the end time.

  • Barking Shark
    Barking Shark

    Pathetic performance by Cowboy.

  • Fred Quimby
    Fred Quimby

    Connor vS kaBob next . beT👊

  • Jay M
    Jay M

    Why do people doubt this man? DESTROYED

    • Jay M
      Jay M

      People love to hate. They say they don’t like his attitude when really they do. No they make up excuses as to why he won’t win.

    • WarlordRising

      People don't doubt him. They just don't like his ego and bravado. It sells tickets. Equally revered and despised. They make up excuses as to why he won.

  • Mike Lynch
    Mike Lynch

    Cowboy = embarrassment

  • WarlordRising

    Donald is a solid fighter that everyone respects, but he's a slow starter. You can't be like that with McGregor. Masvidal is the obvious next choice. We want a brutal fight that goes the distance.

  • James Herrera
    James Herrera

    Please less chael..! Please...

  • Chef A.m.
    Chef A.m.

    Fight was fixed

  • Matt Ford
    Matt Ford

    He took a dive lmao. UFC is trash nowadays. Lot of suckers paid to see this garbage 🤣🤣🤣

  • parker kriese
    parker kriese

    whos here after conors win?

  • Sam Flickinger
    Sam Flickinger

    Mcgregor smacks cowboy in 40 seconds

  • Morgan James
    Morgan James

    Connor put him to sleep too quick. Now he needs to fight again soon to get some rounds. But seriously, Connor is way too skilled for a guy like Cowboy.

  • Alexandria Maxilom-Bernales
    Alexandria Maxilom-Bernales

    I wonder how much money Cerrone got paid to pretend to get stunned by that headkick by the Irish guy🤔 or UFC just became WWE!! I guess money talks. Cerrone you lost my respect

  • Scott Lawhon
    Scott Lawhon

    I bet all the neck beards saying Conor would lose looking to see ppl comment on them saying he would lose lol

  • Michael Power
    Michael Power

    I thought Cowboy would have dropped MacGregor with a head kick , we’ll done Connor

  • Mikey C
    Mikey C

    Cerrone puts my last name to shame. Thank god it is pronounced different.

  • Benny Bronco
    Benny Bronco

    40 seconds bro. Cowboy got clapped

  • Wolf Racing
    Wolf Racing

    Dana giving Conor a tomato to hype him

    • Jerrol Hale
      Jerrol Hale

      Yup, easy payday

  • Owen Conner
    Owen Conner

    Wow, Conor with a 40sec TKO

  • William Jones
    William Jones

    connor won. I am happy for Cowboy got a great payday

  • Poppa WoLFF
    Poppa WoLFF

    Cowboy threw that fight

  • Erick Rojas
    Erick Rojas

    Lmao cowboy down 40 sec

  • Thomas Williamson
    Thomas Williamson

    Them SHOULDERS!!!!!

  • Angel Munoz
    Angel Munoz

    SPOILER ALERT McGregor stopped cowboy 40secs in the 1st round

  • UnkV_ Headshot
    UnkV_ Headshot

    Lol TKO in first round

  • xDestin

    Cowboy took a dive !!! No respect for you Cowboy. Retire !!!

  • Boo Is Gone
    Boo Is Gone

    Lol, and a 40 second fight is why I no longer pay for these ridiculous matchups.

  • Cameron Fulton
    Cameron Fulton

    Here after Conor ko cowboy

  • Nadiia Kadhem
    Nadiia Kadhem

    ....it was over that fast...I would be pissed...great win conner...champ is back

  • Dj Trill
    Dj Trill

    McGregor won just now by Tko 1st round. Donold threw a kick then Connor right after and caught the cowboy lol WHOOOOO!

  • Junior Esparza
    Junior Esparza

    Connor Mcgregor won in 40s 😂😂😂

  • Edgar Vasquez
    Edgar Vasquez

    Fight was sold

  • Savage Young Kidd
    Savage Young Kidd

    McGregor killed him 1st round tko

    • A Google User
      A Google User

      They let him win cuz hes a crybaby 😭

  • Clark Klent
    Clark Klent

    Who’s here after Conor destroyed Cowboy?

  • Chicken Leg Piece
    Chicken Leg Piece

    40 seconds

  • Objective Perspective
    Objective Perspective

    McGregor only had a few good aponants. And this cowboy is not one either. Connor is mostly hype and should have lost his last fight of it was scored correctly.

  • Joe S
    Joe S

    One minute round

  • Joe S
    Joe S

    Cowboy loss

  • Dylan Platt
    Dylan Platt

    Anyone have a link??

  • dan r
    dan r

    Where can we watch conor vs cowboy on internet?

    • Big Dawggg
      Big Dawggg

      Here on TR-my but tomorrow most likely😢. Maybe at 3 am

  • Capt'n Tread
    Capt'n Tread

    I love steve o

  • DeadGodFromMarz

    Soooooooo who got the link to the live stream????

    • Anthony Wavy
      Anthony Wavy

      Flexzilla TV the fight was only 40 seconds

  • Talon Slaton
    Talon Slaton

    STEVEE OOO 😱😱😱

  • John Klemba
    John Klemba

    Follow me on ig J_klembz

  • John Klemba
    John Klemba

    Follow j_klembz on og ufc246

  • Judah Martinez
    Judah Martinez

    Who won dis fight?

  • Daphane McConnell
    Daphane McConnell

    I hope Conor wins.

  • Ian Thorpe
    Ian Thorpe

    Why does Ariel have this job? Was he ever a fighter? Corner man? Amateur? He is literally the most fake, passive aggressive voice in sports commentary. Why does he have this huge position at ESPN? Someone tell me, I honestly don't know.

  • Kerry Wallum
    Kerry Wallum

    Cowboy will take McGregor!

    • Thomas Williamson
      Thomas Williamson


    • j drayton
      j drayton

      Really LOL

    • Kerry Wallum
      Kerry Wallum

      Dang!! Lol

    • efr b
      efr b


  • Tyler James
    Tyler James

    Ariel lowblows on point! He probably would be a goat if he trained with all his heart! Ariel for the title 2020!

  • T Dat
    T Dat

    I hate what the American Cowboy represents. So I’m going for the foreigner. At least he listens to Biggie

    • j drayton
      j drayton

      Silly humans


      You chose the fighters you like based upon the dead rapper to which they listen? OK there smokey.

  • shakeel marfani
    shakeel marfani

    When is the fight

  • Jason Kirby
    Jason Kirby

    Steve-O Former star, hahahaa

  • Learndaanswers

    That voice though...