unboxing Shane & Jeffree's PR BOX and crying/first reaction to the Tanacon shade
tana mongeau vlogs
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  • eagles are better than the vikings
    eagles are better than the vikings

    I’m sorry but 2020 Shane is canceled I know I’m watching this but just saying

  • matthejsjjsshanjsjs heuejshsjss
    matthejsjjsshanjsjs heuejshsjss

    ugh i hate jeffree and shane so im just watching this for tana

  • emalye daun
    emalye daun

    this didn’t age well

  • Indigo Sparkle
    Indigo Sparkle

    Ok but where the hell is Tana now? Nothing to say about Shane? Sad.

    • Indigo Sparkle
      Indigo Sparkle

      @Ra1n0x LOL, wait I'm the sad one for going "all the way back to this video?" WTF do you think you're doing? Not only did you come to the video, but you commented - TWICE. 😂 Look in the damn mirror before you try to insult someone else. =)

    • Ra1n0x

      And the fact that you went ALL the way to this old video just to say this LOL your life must be real sad man

    • Ra1n0x

      Stop starting drama we have enough of that already

  • Junior Hernandez
    Junior Hernandez

    Me next

  • Ava Luna
    Ava Luna

    This is the first and only tana video that I fully watched

  • Mohamad Salman
    Mohamad Salman

    6:56 killed me 😂😂 the screaming

  • Amanda Smarr
    Amanda Smarr

    i’ll cashapp anyone $50 who can find this dress for me

  • iiBurachi

    I just love the fact that,yes tanacon was a mess, but can we talk about that shade is AMAZING for contour AND eye shading? It's a universal colorrr

  • Morgan Schultz
    Morgan Schultz

    where’s her shirt from tho

  • peppa gangsta
    peppa gangsta

    tana mango 🥭

  • Theresa Fife
    Theresa Fife

    This whole video is me every single day 😂😂❤

  • Marlena thorvald
    Marlena thorvald

    If you skip through the video you just her "Shane" "like" and "to me" over and over

  • Kat Atonic
    Kat Atonic

    Voice like a 5 yr old mixed with a drunk line backer. Dont feel bad, she's not very nice.

  • Jazzaveli

    girl when she opened that pig mirror. I'm STILL Deaf. Lol! And your Ode to Shane is so cute. :)

  • trailer park queen
    trailer park queen

    Stop screaming it is annoying

    • Annayka

      trailer park queen and... that’s her personality

  • trailer park queen
    trailer park queen

    Your no beauty guru bitch get over yourself

  • audrey lane
    audrey lane

    psychic meds. available at a Dr. near you.................Hello Dr Phil can I get your input PLZ

    • audrey lane
      audrey lane


  • JackieMWAH

    I love how in the beginning she just pulls out her bong lol💕💕 Love you tana💕💕❤❤

  • Lucia Holguera Martinez
    Lucia Holguera Martinez

    That bong tho

  • Olivia Karr
    Olivia Karr

    When Tana screamed I thought My ears shattered like that mirror probably did LMAO

  • Anonimia Another
    Anonimia Another

    Why her screaming is so fucking annoying....

  • Kenzie

    my first and last tana mongeau video every only bc it was in the docuseries lmao

  • sclol707

    For fuck sake it's a make up box. No ones dead!

  • Heidi Townsend
    Heidi Townsend

    My sister got me the js mirror for my birthday and I SCREAMED and CRIEDDD with happiness

  • Lidya Samuel
    Lidya Samuel

    Ilysfm tana💫💓

  • Emineghirl Orak
    Emineghirl Orak

    Omg omg omg

  • quetzali hernandez
    quetzali hernandez

    why is nobody talking about how tana said “diNg!” IDK WHY THAT WAS SO FUNNY TO ME HAHAAH 13:03

  • Lapis_lazuli Emo
    Lapis_lazuli Emo

    Shane the dad “ reeeee” tana the baby “ oink”

  • Lexi Kaiser
    Lexi Kaiser

    I got the conspiracy palette last weekend and I use Tana-con on my crease and as my contour shade!!!

  • LA rose
    LA rose

    i am re watching all her vids during quarantine anyone else

  • Sam Ash
    Sam Ash

    6:56 RIP Headphone users.....

  • Staci Carney
    Staci Carney

    Tana, you absolutely nailed why Shane deserves everything good that comes his way. He’s a beautiful soul. And so are you darling. 💚

  • dubfacts

    She's annoyingly loud


    Bruh if Shane hasn’t seen this yet he needs to like bruh she’s literally so emotional over it and so genuine with her reactions like bruh

  • Janice Avila
    Janice Avila

    Her screaming was my exact reaction getting the conspiracy pallete. I love everything about it and God damn does Shane deserve it!

  • Mieka Wolf
    Mieka Wolf


  • Mieka Wolf
    Mieka Wolf


  • Jojo candy
    Jojo candy

    This is so beautiful. The way you speak about Shane is so sweet.

  • Fibonacci Boi
    Fibonacci Boi

    Imagine Tana having a Palette and tge first shade would be “TOOTHBRUSH” KSKSKSKSKKS

  • Ashley Harrington
    Ashley Harrington

    *Puts up hand to show wrapping paper*

  • Cobain

    we caan see ur panties very beginning

  • Tya Ammar Churbagi
    Tya Ammar Churbagi

    3:17 and of crouse she did

  • Slugz

    Bro I was in the middle of watching this and yungblud, the real one, responded to my comment! so tana is now my lucky charm

  • Lady Luck
    Lady Luck

    Damn you're so annoying holy shit

  • Kalingga Hilal
    Kalingga Hilal

    Is this a review or a mental breakdown video?

  • katie b
    katie b

    24 year old me not being able to buy any of it.. ouch.

  • fabfaith fashion
    fabfaith fashion

    6:44 that scream is everything. I want to do that when I buy his stuff too. One day god willing

  • Ella canavan
    Ella canavan

    meee and im 12 and poor

  • Isabella la Cour Madsen 6A Haldum-Hinnerup Skolen
    Isabella la Cour Madsen 6A Haldum-Hinnerup Skolen

    Oh now i know why people hate her

  • Simon Boshkovski
    Simon Boshkovski

    No hate but why does she look like she ate the shitiest asshole ever

  • Xanthia Mcdermott
    Xanthia Mcdermott

    This is Tana the Shane fangirl I love

  • Farrell Everett
    Farrell Everett

    i screamed when she said 'imagine just ordering this because everything else sold out' about the chapstick...Tana thats what i had to do boo boo and it was 18 dollars well spent

  • Alaa Takach
    Alaa Takach

    She didnt notice tanacon shade in mini

  • Hari Dixit
    Hari Dixit

    Wow..... tana..... you are most likeable when you are talking about (fangirling over) Shane!🤣😅🤣😅

  • Sebastian Weber
    Sebastian Weber

    every second sounds like she's a second away from a breakdown

  • Julia S
    Julia S

    I love you Tana.

  • KrystalTea Diamond
    KrystalTea Diamond

    3:19 7:08 are asmr scenes

  • SAM l
    SAM l


  • James Cunningham
    James Cunningham

    plzzzz do a makeup tutorial....i’m on dads account

  • Mary-Jane Frugé
    Mary-Jane Frugé

    i need a palette from tana with jeffree right now

  • Katkat Hsiao
    Katkat Hsiao

    she‘S just so adorable..Love you tana

  • Katsnkittins

    Watching this ... me questioning if I’m on drugs

  • Nokami- Chan
    Nokami- Chan

    Tana is me when I got my mini Controversy for Christmas

  • tracie bolton
    tracie bolton

    Dylan you girl

  • Christler Legarda
    Christler Legarda

    Wait i thought dinosaurs are dead???

  • Casey J
    Casey J

    Hahahaha Tana this is exactly how I felt opening the Blood Sugar palette! It was my first Jeffree Star product purchase and I was SHOOK! I think your videos are hilarious, especially this one. Keep up the good work!

  • K C
    K C

    Why does Shane like the pig symbol so much?

  • nma .03
    nma .03

    You are so talented in being fucking annoying and pointless

  • Angela Lino
    Angela Lino

    What coffee you be sipping on though cuz that shit "hits" , obviously, and I need that immediately.