unboxing Shane & Jeffree's PR BOX and crying/first reaction to the Tanacon shade
tana mongeau vlogs
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  • Noukey

    2:10 ur not funny

  • Trinity Hemmings
    Trinity Hemmings

    the way she screams after everything is a fat mood

  • Holly Tyler
    Holly Tyler

    OMFG HER SCREAMING SENT ME Tana you're so well spoken and I've truly felt this about you since day one. Despite everything, when you speak on your friends it's always so genuine and kind and just all around loving.

  • Demi

    I want to send you a dragon vaporizer.

  • Karen Luna
    Karen Luna

    the lipstick looks so good on her

  • Frabbo

    Ma quanto sei stupida per mettere a fuoco con la mano che tanto si mette a fuoco lo stesso

  • Zachary S
    Zachary S

    @t @t

  • Over Rated
    Over Rated

    Nobody: Tana: hits a bong during video

  • Eevee Quartz
    Eevee Quartz

    Nobody: Tana: 🤚🏼


    Tanner really likes that bong 😂

  • Onnalee Marie
    Onnalee Marie

    I really appreciate how this girl is over the top excited over this. Says alot about her being that its just makeup. I adore this girl. Swear its like watching my twin because im extra as f***!!!! Lol

  • Ana Hester
    Ana Hester

    Anyone every realize that Tanacon is literally Tana-Con lol ironic. Love you Tana

    • Eri

      Uhh yeah? Lol I think we all did.

  • Lindy410

    I've been bringing Shane's channel, then decided to watch one of her videos. Gurl, you seem addicted, and you can't get through a sentence without having to fix it. That electronic voice thing you do is soooooo *not funny* and if you think Shane is amazing and your idol, then take a cue from him. You are a caricature of yourself. When you become serious, your voice sounds like a one-note drone. The squealing is STOP IT. YOU COME OFF AS SUCH AN IDIOT. Take less Adderall. *Your dose of Adderall is WAY TOO HIGH*

  • Apoostasy

    What’s with her lashes

  • canna anna
    canna anna

    Taaaaaanaaaaaa. You’re amazing. The way you talk about Shane is so inspirational. And so sweet. Also. How’s the tattoo feeling lately? Because we love and support you, and want you to know that you can walk away and do what’s best for yourself at any time. Love you always Tana.

  • Sarah Cherry
    Sarah Cherry

    Annoying editing. Most obnoxious review I've seen wow

  • Elle Rose
    Elle Rose

    tana: *casually moves her bong the first 5 seconds of the video*🤣

  • William Riddick
    William Riddick

    i mean, at least you got ad revenue

  • Isabelle xxx
    Isabelle xxx

    Me -terns the volume down when parents enter the room

  • Isabelle xxx
    Isabelle xxx

    So deserving xoxo Shane

  • VM Rees
    VM Rees

    Nikita dragon F her

  • Brittaney Few
    Brittaney Few

    That would be so kool get a package from Shane dawson the makeup pallet imagines the next one a pig pallet. I dont wear makeup at all so probably after Christmas. He amazing

  • Alexia Dominguez
    Alexia Dominguez

    So extra.

  • ella

    Remember when she said the n word multiple times hahaha

  • May IDontCare
    May IDontCare

    When she said “welcome back to” demonetize


    Hi there new friend here

  • Danielle

    omg I love that lipstick on her actually haha

  • Lulu

    Tana girl.. ur lips are botched

  • Elliott S. P.
    Elliott S. P.

    "I want a Jeffree collab.. me next" "were good" LM

  • Tanisha Singh
    Tanisha Singh

    She definitely deserves this ps love you tana xoxo 😜😜

  • sophiab123

    LiKe hUh

  • edlover333

    Tana... I love you so much omg

  • Gabi Pierson
    Gabi Pierson

    Shane is a angel on earth!!

  • Nah Bruh
    Nah Bruh

    Rep er sen tate ive

  • Agrita Bernāne
    Agrita Bernāne

    i love you and jake the best couple jake+tana=jana

  • Marianne Irish
    Marianne Irish

    Tana just woke my dog up three times with her screams

  • Malcolm Handy
    Malcolm Handy

    I Just wanted to watch something to pass the time but now I just want to end my life slowly.

  • Makayla Wakester
    Makayla Wakester

    When she put her hand behind the pig box

  • X BL27
    X BL27

    Jajajajajsjss omg I love her

  • Jenna MARissa
    Jenna MARissa

    I can relate to her opening the pig mirror

  • Edward Webber
    Edward Webber

    Use shade Tanacon, to cover up the sunburns from Tanacon...

  • Mohammad Mandviwalla
    Mohammad Mandviwalla

    Half of the vid is literally tana ranting

  • Lisa

    ok i neeeeeed to know where the shirt is from!!!!

  • the loona gaybirth
    the loona gaybirth

    Tanas pallete shane names: "That hits" "I've always hated you sharon" "Toothbrush" "Stalker update" "ShishtAr" "WTF do you mean" "The ciroc was water" "Storytime" "Missed my flight" "Nasty ass door" "Hair extensions" "Looked like Michael Jackson" "Pink hair"

    • whats up
      whats up

      Bleach and tone

    • Luna Milk
      Luna Milk

      You forgot “dizzy”

    • Aly Moczygemba
      Aly Moczygemba

      the loona gaybirth spirt airline

  • Herley John
    Herley John

    Omaygawd she's high bitches

  • Jestine Garneau
    Jestine Garneau

    8:35 literally *NO ONE* could’ve said it better than you just did, Tana. The amount of money being made is INSANE but, absolutely nobody on this entire fucking planet deserves it more than Shane does. Also he & Jeffree worked their asses off for an entire year making sure everything was perfect. It’s heartwarming to see you so emotional and genuinely happy over your friends success. We need more people like you in this world.. encourage progress and success instead of wishing others fail in life. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ P.S in my entire 28 years of life, I’ve been straight but I’m pretty sure I’ve got a girl crush 🤷🏻‍♀️ you seem like one of the coolest, most real and solid people on TR-my without a doubt. And I love every single video you make 😍 if you ever come to Ontrario, Canada I am most definitely going to do whatever I can to try to come and meet you! I freaking love you.

  • KYS driip
    KYS driip

    Your n word video is a joke😂

  • MK Harings
    MK Harings

    Tanacon is Jeffree’s favorite

  • Yuki

    7:08 that's some quality ASMR ♥

  • Kai Duncan
    Kai Duncan

    Seriously Shane Gave Tana the most BORING Color that’s in the pallet....wtf?? LOL “Confused” she deserves a crazy ass bitch color frfr📌💯

    • MK Harings
      MK Harings

      She is lucky to even have a color

  • ambiebambiboo

    We stan a mole rat lewk

  • juniper quaintrelle
    juniper quaintrelle

    So amazing, having something named after your failure.

  • juniper quaintrelle
    juniper quaintrelle

    Tana.... you look so rough always. The drugs are aging you. You look over 30. Turn off the camera and seek addiction therapy

  • J G
    J G

    Stop crying for fucks sake. Shits old and annoying. It’s a fucking makeup color, they didn’t give you a kidney

  • Crystal Rooker
    Crystal Rooker

    Good God who the hell is this immature crackhead ? Id hate to be shane right now and having this ignorant spaz reviewing my shit. I usually dont like to speak bad about someone but this female is so obnoxious. So trashy !!!! What happen to classy females. So vulgar and embarrassing

  • Ava Waterman
    Ava Waterman

    anyone realize she’s not wearing pants

    • Khadox Boo Augustine
      Khadox Boo Augustine

      Ava its a dress babe

  • Mackenzie Lande
    Mackenzie Lande

    Why am I drunk @ 2:30am watching your vids w my bestie. I love you :’)

  • R K
    R K

    10:52 is ME

  • Sarah McGrath
    Sarah McGrath

    Idk why this vid actually made me emo like I almost cried what

  • Mellzy 12 m
    Mellzy 12 m

    Love you

  • Chassity Gist
    Chassity Gist

    I love the fact that she didn’t want to take the shine away from Shane

  • Makenna Ramirez
    Makenna Ramirez

    Tana’s cleanliness is everything 🙌🏼😭

  • Ginger Carco
    Ginger Carco

    Tana Crazy Biatch and She is really intelligent I Love Her!!! 😍😂🤣

  • Jess Harnett
    Jess Harnett

    i like how first reaction comes after crying

  • Kamryn Smith
    Kamryn Smith

    I love how she is just casually holding a bong in the beginning of the video. And then not even five minutes in she says that she is “sober now”. Love that!

  • Emilly Naiane Blog
    Emilly Naiane Blog

    Quem veio pelo luba??😂😂😂

  • Basic

    does anyone know where her shirt is from?

  • Archie Whiting
    Archie Whiting

    Why did she think this wasn’t worthy of her main channel?😢

  • Jessica Sherwood
    Jessica Sherwood

    Tana stop saying you don’t suit the lipstick you look cute af

  • Dion Jones
    Dion Jones

    Why is no one talking about tana's scream It took me 5 minutes to collect myself to stop wheezing